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Taken from the highest point at Scott Field, this picture 
captures campus in the early morning light; at the 

Mississippi State 

The Reveille 
Volume 96 


; * because Bully said SO! 

Bulldog: 1. **a short-haired 
dog of a oreed characteriezed 
by a large head , strong, 
square jaws, and a stocky 
body" (from the American 
Heritage Dictionary) or Z. 
any MSTT fan. 


All photos by Will Smith 








Student Life 


Photo by Randy Pargrnan 


Photo by Ru»s W 

Ladies representing vanuuo 
sororities on campus walk for 
''Take back the night/' to show 
that students are not afraid to be 
active in their community at 

Photo by Russ Ward 

esident of the 
Roadrunners, experiences " Candy 
Bar Friday" (a roadrunner 
tradition) in a unique way as he 
speaks at the 20 year Roadrunner 

4 Opening 



"The world is wide, 
friction when it coulc 
Frances Williard 

The theme of this ] 
Reveille is ''Horizons, 
we open not only a n 
also open a new chapi. 
us. The "momentum" that 
tomorrow's future - the He 

r f Where we have come from and 

S^OJUZlOHS: the traditions that we represent 

Above photos by Russ Ward 

Above: On November 29th and 30th, the 1999 Holiday Bazaar featured more than 150 arts and crafts 
vendors in the Colvard Union. Beginning at 8 a.m. each day, all three floors were filled with with 
handmade selections from artisans in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee. 

The bazaar, which was free to all and 
included the awarding of door prizes every 
hour, concluded at 9p.m. on the 29th and 6 
p.m. on the 30th. 

Taken from page three of the 
November 22, 1999 edition of Memo. 

The vendor featured above had a Kettle 
Korn, a sweetened version of porpcorn, 
stand outside the front doors of the Union. 

Left: The Bulter- Williams Alumni Center 
houses the Office of Development and the 
Alumni Association. The guest house 
featured on the inset picture was built with 
a donation from the late Eugene Butler, the 
founder of Southern Living. 

Photo by Will Smith 

Right: Tailgating has always been 
a favorite way for alumni to show 
their support for MSU. 

' 'Achievement is largely the product of steadily 
raising one's level of aspiration and expectation/' 
— Jack Nicklaus 

Photos by Stan._Orkin 

Left: What State fan would not 


Bulldogs sure know how to 

cook!(Don't try to eat the page; it 

is only a picture) 

'The highest reward for a man's toil is not what 
he gets for it, but what he becomes by it." 
— John Ruskin 

Left: While any student is proud 
to attend Mississippi State 
University, nothing can top the 
sense of accomplishment felt at 
commencement. Enthusiasm 
abounds at any graduation 
ceremonies as these students show 
at the commencement exercises 
last May (1999). 

"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best 
place for the next mement" 
— Oprah Winfrey 

Right: Will Carpenter, an alumnus of 
Mississippi State University, speaks to the 
graduating class of 1999 at commencement 
exercises last May (1999). 
'Tomorrow, virtually every one of you will 
be a freshman again as surely as if you were 
headed to freshman English, chemistry, or 
biology — and that's good!. . . We should 
do our best to become a perennial 
freshman. . . .There are only two 
requirements to becoming a successful 
perennial freshman. The first is that you 
need to recognize there is a never-ending 
need for the learning process. The second is 
developing a love of learning." — Taken 
from Will Carpenter's Commencement 
Address, Mav 13, 1999. 

All photos submitted by University Relations 

"A college education should equip one to entertain 3 
things: a friend, an idea, and oneself/' 
— Thomas Ehrlich 

8 Opening 

H^OJUZLOKo: Where we are going tomorrow 

Above: Graduating dawgs take a 
last look around before leaving 


Right: What better way to tell 
campus of your accomplishments 
This Lady Dawg can't think of 

H^OJtizOIAS: What we are doing now 

Photos by Will Smith 

Top: If you want to know what students are 
currently doing on campus, there is no need to 
look further than the entrances to the Colvard 
Student Union. Organizations wishing to 
advertise their event or activities are allowed to 
post these banners above entrances to the Union 
under the strict observations of the Union's 
Information Desk Staff. Reservations must be 
made and signs approved before being 
displayed. Entrances designated for signs 
include: the inside and outside of the front 
entrance (facing the Y.M.C.A. building/Post 
Office) and the inside and outside of the East 
entrance (facing Lee Hall and the Drill Field). 

Left: Physical fitness is a top priority for many 
students on campus. Some students prefer to jog 
on or off campus, but you can always find a 
student jogging (or be that running) to a class 

10 Opening 

Right: There is nothing worse than 
having to cheer your team on with fans 
for the opposition sitting just a few feet 
away. It didn't seem to bother these 
students as they cheered Mississippi 
State in Tuscaloosa against Alabama this 
year. Eventhough they traveled so far 
this year, Alabama prevailed and won 
the day — but they couldn't "dawg" our 

Photos by Will Smith 

"What is a vision? It is a compelling image of an 

achievable future/' 

— Laura Berman Fortgang 

Left: What's better to do on the 
weekend than just hang around? Well, 
that is one of the things that compel 
students to visit the Joe Frank Sanderson 
Center. Other activties and facilities of 
the center include: racquetball courts (8 
indoor), swimming pool, basketball 
courts, weight room, badminton nets, 
locker rooms, private aerobics rooms, 
and a small version of City Bagel for 


A window of opportunity won't open itself/' 
-Dave Weinbaum 

■ % I 

Left: When the Big Dawgs get to 
come out and play on game-days, 
so do they little ones. No one is 
sure if he got tagged in a game, 
but this little Dawg looks as if the 
game ended in his opponents 

"Success has always been easy to measure. It is the 
distance between one's origins and one's final 
— Michael Korda 

Right: Here chick, chick, chick. 
This young lady got up close and 
personal with the chickens in the 
petting zoo at the Golden Triangle 
Regional Fair. 

There is always a moment in childhood when the door 
opens and lets the future in. // 
— Graham Greene 


Where those to come will follow us; 
i 7ANQ the traditions that have yet to be 
l^^lAo: thought of 


con - mu. 



r-'r .'i yi 





Ml photos by Will Smith 

Top: At the Block and Bridle 
Stampede Rodeo last spring, these 
young Dawgs got to try their legs 
out in a calf chase. Several of the 
animals that they were chasing 
had red ribbons attached to their 
tails. Each child that got a red 
ribbon received a prize. 

Right: What's a little friendly 
competition between friends? At 
these they have good feelings of 

Opening 13 

^O/UZOHS: A new beginning 

All photos by Will Smith 

'Everyone is an explorer. How could you possibly live your 
life looking at a door and not open it." 
— Robert Ballard 

'The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle 
your problems, block your fears, and score your points when 
you get the opportunity/ 7 

— Lewis Grizzard 

It is almost impossible to watch the sunset and not dream/ 

— Bern Williams 

Photo submitted 

As we enter a new millennium it is up to us to 
take what we have learned in the past and apply it 
to our future. We are the future for tomorrow. It is 
what we do today, right now, that makes the 
difference. If we stand in the moment, we lose the 
opportunity. This is our heritage. This is our 

By Emilie Morrison-Ward 

Top: This composite of three 
photographs captures the Famous 
Maroon Band as it opens for every home 

Left: The United Way campaign recently 
surpassed its fundraising goal for the 
year. The UW thermometer at Five 
Points reflects the $108,630 contributed 
by faculty, staff, and students. The 
student campaign, which ends soon, 
should raise the total even more. 

Photo by Will Smith 

The most difficult job in any 
contest is judging. The finalists for 
the Miss Reveille and Miss MSU 
Pageants are chosen by a select 
panel of judges. 

Photo by Will Smith 

It is easy to understand why the 
students that represent Mississippi 
State in the Limelight Section 
wish to do so. By being at the best 
school in the South, it just comes 

Photo by Will Smith 

It is not hard to get tongue-tied 
while being an emcee at any 
university event. Here, Mike 
Richardson gets the job done at 
the 2000 Miss Reveille Pageant. 

Photo by Will Smith 

Photo by Emflie Morrison 

Callie Reeves, Section Editor 

The Limelight Section represents the 
outstanding students on campus who are 
recognized throughout the school year. 
These students include the Homecoming 
Court, Miss Reveille, Miss Mississippi 
State, Mr. and Miss MSU, and the Who's 
Who in Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges. 

c yyiiss/ ( Wlissi8sinm/ States 

Miss Mississippi 

n February 11, 1999, nine lovely ladies 
took the stage at Lee Hall Auditorium 
for the annual Miss Mississippi State 
Pageant, a preliminary to the Miss Mississippi 
Pageant. The contestants for the pageant included 
Amberly Dean, Tara Wood, Andrea Murray, 
Lorraine Walters, Keri Miller, Kersten Makda, Lori 
Winningham, Caleeah Jarrett, and Megan Young. 
The highlight of the evening came with the 
crowning of Lorraine Walters as Miss Mississippi 
State. Both Walters and Miller went on to 
participate in the Miss Mississippi Pageant. 

< ^jcmmw£/ < wakjen&/ 

Lorraine Walters displays her 
winning presence and composure. 

Playing the piano comes naturally for 
the talented Walters. 

Lorraine Walters dazzles both judges 

and audience alike as she takes the 


Photo by Will Smith 

Photo by Will Si } 

18 Limelight 

by Will Smith 

Photo by Will Smith 

First Alternate 

c K^ c mM^ 

Second Alternate 

Julia Patton, former Miss Mississippi State, captivates 
the audience's attention with her dance routine. 

Andrea Murray gracefully makes her way across the 

Photo by Will Smith 

§ *""* "■ 


W. „' 

* v 11 

Photo h\ Will Smith 

Caleeah Jarrett is 
ready for the 

Photo by Will 

Contestant Kersten Makda knows that talent and hardwork make a great 


Amberly Dean fearlessly responds to the challenging question she has been askei 

Photo bv Will Smith 




Olivia Irons 

Subnutled Photo 

Olivia Irons, Mississippi Miss Hospitality, enjoys the company and 
support of her parents. 

Katherine Wright, the first Miss Hospitality, congratulates Olivia 
Irons on winning the state title. 

o by Will Smith 

Olivia Irons represents the state by sharing Mississippi Southern 
hospitality with others. 

ivia Irons captured the local Miss Hospitality title before going on to 
state competition. 

Submitted Photo 


m W i y ississippi State University is proud to call Mississippi 
/ / v/ Miss Hospitality 1999, Olivia Irons, its own. Olivia 
is a senior graduating in December with a Bachelor 
of Science degree in Human Sciences with emphasis in Foods, 
Nutrition, and Dietetics. Olivia became Mississippi Miss 
Hospitality by scoring well in several areas including interview, 
speech, flag, black dress, and evening gown competitions. Olivia 
is very active at Mississippi State. She is a member of the MSU 
Dietetics Club, Golden Key National Honor Society, Kappa 
Omicron Nu, and is also a President's Scholar. Besides 
participating in these activities, Olivia will represent Mississippi 
at functions across the state and outside of the state as part of her 
year-long promotion of Mississippi Southern hospitality. 

nmed Photo 

Limelieht 21 

c YVU&sis&ipm/ State/ 


Senior ^Itcddsy 

^untoA/ Plaids; 

c YYIxmaj& kd nomas/ 

SapAamcvie ^llaiasy 


c YYla/ut/ c Kjatne?iwes 

Revile/ sAntv ^maslv 


lomecoming elections at Mississippi 
Jniversity saw many new changes this year 
In contrast to elections in the past, thi 
the Student Association relieved 1 1 
candidates from many of the labor ioi 
usually involved with seeking a place on t 
court. The SA worked to promote the 

k candidates by circulating flyers around 
campus, by advertising on the radio, and by 
hosting a "Meet the Candidates" reception. 
These amends to election policies allowed 
both students and court members to have 
enjovable Homecoming experience 

Photo by Stan Oi 

Photo by Randy Par 


n Saturday, October 23, 1999, 
during halftime of the MSU vs. 
LSU game, the lovely Lindsey 
Power received the honor of being 
crowned MSU's Homecoming Queen. 
Lindsey was escorted on the field by her 
father. Lindsey is a senior marketing major 
from Jackson, Mississippi, and she is also a 
busy member of the student body at State. 
She enjoys being a Roadrunner, serving as 
a Diamond Girl for the baseball team, and 
being a member of the Fashion Board. 
Lindsey's other honors include being 
crowned Miss Reveille her freshman year 
and representing her class on the 
Homecoming Court her sophomore year. 
Being an integral part of Phi Mu sorority 
and serving on various Student 
Association commitees round out 
Lindsey's numerous contributions to 
Mississippi State University. 

Vhile waiting on the field, sophomore maid Mary Katherine Guyton and her father 

share a secret. 

me McDonald is honored to represent the senior class and to be escorted by her dad. 

Photo by Will Smith 

<: ~Hxmi2xxmuna/ 

Marie Thomas displays the excitement she 

feels about both being on the Homecoming 

Court and cheering the Bulldogs on to 

another victory against LSU. 

Freshman maid Jerrie Ann Thrash gets a 

quick bite to eat as she eagerly awaits the 

start of Homecoming festivities at Scott 


Photo by Will Smith 

Homecoming activites would not be 

complete without photographs. Here, the 

members of the MSU Homecoming Court 

flash their brightest smiles for 

photographer Fred Faulk. 

Photo by Stan ( W 


Senior Sara Bailey treasures the time she shares with her father on the 
football field and thinks about the many memories she has made at 

Mississippi State. 

Lara St. John and her dad delight in the moment as they stand before 
the supportive home crowd. 

While at practice for the big night, Homecoming Queen Lindsey 
Power thinks of the past, relishes the present, and anxiously looks to 

the future. 

c ) / ?lissy ( ^ZeueiM^ 

n Thursday, October 7, 1999, eighty-eight of 
Mississippi State's finest beauties took the 
stage in Humphrey Coliseum for the 2000 
Miss Reveille Pageant. The annual pageant is presented 
by the Office of Student Life, the Fashion Board, The 
Reveille , the Student Association, and Mississippi State 
University. Scores from an interview with the judges as 
well as scores for poise and beauty on stage determined 
the four Reveille beauties and Miss Reveille 2000. Mike 
Richardson and Dana Burell, Miss Reveille 1999, were 
the emcees for the evening, while Alice Gill and Jason 
Miller provided entertainment for the audience. The 
highlight of the pageant came with the presentation of 
flowers and silver platter to Jennifer Nichols, the excited 
recipient of the Miss Reveille title. 

Photo by Will ! 

Dana Burell congratulates excited Reveille Beauty Candace Goff.i 

Contestants Ashley Crawford, Leisje Kuiper, and Kathryn Hooks 
eagerly await their turn in the spotlight. 

Photo by Will Smith 

Contestant Julie Howard charms the audience with her grace and 


Photo by Will f 


^he lovely Jennifer Nichols was 
honored with the prestigious title of 
Miss Reveille. Jennifer, a 
sophomore at Mississippi State, was 
sponsored by the ladies of Phi Mu. 
Jennifer enjoys golf, waterskiing, 
and aerobics. On campus, Jennifer 
is involved with Campus Crusade 
for Christ and is a member of Phi 
Mu sorority. In the future, Jennifer 
plans to obtain a degree in 
broadcast meteorology and to 
pursue a job with a television 
network. Jennifer is the daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. David Nichols and is 
a true representative of an MSU 

by Will Smith 

Limelight 27 

iR^imMe/ < ^eMAUe& 

Photo b\ VVr" i 1 ] Smilh 

Beauties Amberly Dean, Anna Gray, Candace Goff, and Robin Mitchell surround the lovely sophomore winner of the Miss 

Reveille Pageant, Jennifer Nichols. 


Beauty Amberly Dean is a junior from Starkville. 
Amberly was sponsored by Delta Gamma sorority. 

Beauty Candace Goff is a sophomore from Southaven 
Mississippi. Candace was sponsored by Phi Mu sororib 

Beauty Anna Gray is a senior from Tupelo, Mississippi. 
Anna was sponsored by Phi Mu sorority. 

c noiln / c muJieJll 

Beauty Robin Mitchell is a sophomore from Clevela 
Mississippi. Robin was sponsored by the MSU Fashjfl 
Board and Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. 

by Will Smith 

Jason Miller entertains with his crowd-pleasing country 

Photo by Will Smith 

I IiiiHIkIH >.V 

Mr. and Miss MSU 

rZusso/ and 


Photo by Slan Orkin 


Will Smith 

ird Russo is a friendly face around campus. Here, 
ichard enjoys spending time with his friends. 

Richard Russo 

Richard Russo, a senior from Burns- 
ville, was selected by his peers to re- 
ceive the prestigious honor of being 
named Mr. MSU. Richard's friendly 
personality and his involvement on 
campus make him well suited for this 
honor. Richard has served as Vice 
President of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, 
MSU Orientation Leader, MSU Alum- 
ni Delegate, Greek Council for Christ 
Co-Chair, and Vice President of Mem- 
bership for Order of Omega. Richard is 
also actively involved in the Student 
Association and Lambda Sigma. Rich- 
ard is the son of Richard Russo, Sr. and 
Denise Bain. 

Stan Orkin 

ed Photo 

ma Gray is an important part of many student 
dries around campus. Here, she shares time with 
nds while also working to promote Mississippi 

Anna Gray 

Anna Gray, a senior from Tupelo, 
was recognized as Miss MSU before a 
packed stadium on October 23, 1999. 
Anna's involvement on campus inclu- 
des her service as a Roadrunner, Ori- 
entation Leader, and Vice President of 
Phi Mu sorority. Anna was also chosen 
to be a 2000 Reveille Beauty. Anna is a 
member of Golden Key, Omicron Del- 
ta Kappa, and the Society for Human 
Resource Management. Anna's caring 
disposition and warm smile make her 
a true asset to the Mississippi State 
community. Anna is the daughter of 
Travis and Emily Gray. 

Photo by Will Smith 

Richard Russo cherishes his moment on 

the football field as he and Anna Gray are 

presented to the excited fans. 

Mr. and Miss MSU, Richard Russo and 

Anna Gray, share time together as they 

prepare to represent State at the upcoming 

Homecoming festivities. 

Anna Gray displays both her true bulldog 
spirit and her friendly personality. 

Submitted Photo 

c Mo/* c Wfa 

Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges 

q9 ongratulations to the recipients of the title 
^y 'Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- 
versities and Colleges/' Ninety-nine of Mississippi 
State University's finest students have been selected 
to represent MSU as outstanding leaders both on 
campus and nationally. Students were selected for 
this honor based on academic achievement, leader- 
ship in extracurricular activities, service to the com- 
munity, and potential for future achievement in the 
world of work. The students' applications were re- 
viewed by a selection committee composed of faculty, 
staff, and students, and the recipients were chosen 
based on their outstanding qualifications. These stu- 
dents join an elite group of college seniors from more 
than 1,900 other institutions of higher learning in all 
fifty states, the District of Columbia, and various 
foreign nations to make up the annual Who's Who 
Directory. The University is proud to present these 
students and honored that they have been a vital part 
of the continued tradition of success found at Missis- 
sippi State University. 


Jennifer s4dams- Ulahekj, stftien. 

randon, BSU, RUF, Psi Chi, 
SA Community Service 
'ommittee, Leaderstate, SA 
President's Cabinet. BSU 
■adership Council. Brickfire, 
/ery Special Arts, Student 
Support Services 

Houston, Kappa Delta, 

Panhellenic President, 

Leaderstate, Bulldog Belle, SA 

Athletic Support Committee, 

Order of Omega, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, 

Omicron Delta Kappa 


Jackson, Sigma Chi, SA 
President, Executive Council, 
SA Senator, Pre-Law Society, 

Society of Scholars, Elder 
Statesmen, Order of Omega, 

Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Sigma 

Alpha, Alumni Delegate 

9?W sAMnidqe, "flhtcmie rAlfetd 

West, SA Judicial Council, 

Roadrunner, Alumni Delegate, 

Mortar Board, Blue Key, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda 

Delta, Golden Key 

Louisville, Delta Gamma, 

Panhellenic Representative, 

SA Public Relations 

Committee, CAB, Leaderstate, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Golden Key, 

Public Relations Society of 


sAJHen, ^liendev 

lahatchie, American Society 
: Mechanical Engineers, SA 

Governmental Affairs 
Committee, Pi Tau Sigma, 
imma Beta Phi, Golden Key, 
'hi Kappa Phi, Community 

Relations Committee 


Lambert, Chi Omega, 

Engineering Ambassadors, 

Lambda Sigma, Order of 

Omega, Tau Beta Pi, BSU, 

Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda 

Delta, Homecoming Maid 

&miu4/vQate&/ wad&iweaucnamp/ v%ucm/nl%oundu> 

Caledonia, Delta Delta Delta, 

Panhellenic Council, SA 

Homecoming Elections Task 

Force, Golden Key, Kappa 

Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Project Goals, Campus Sweep 

Excelsior, MN, Phi Delta 

Theta, CAB, Reveille Staff, 

Interfraternity Council, 

Financial Management 

Association, Greek Council for 

Christ, Mortar Board, Order of 

Omega, Brickfire 

Metamora, IL, Delta Chi, SA 

Financial Student Services 

Director, Orientation Leader, 

Campus Crusade for Christ, 

Honors Program, SAY Youth 

Basketball Coach 



u%etMs C fhoutAMj/ < ^anesAa c $)teiue>i/ ^u>xke&&a> c fihtoiun/ (owv c $)Ufyatv 

ldwyn, Alpha Kappa Alpha, 

ociety of Women Engineers, 

'om Squad, RHA Delegate, 

Black Student Alliance, 

Institute of Industrial 

"igineers, National Society of 

Black Engineers, IMAGE 

h> Fred Faulk 

Columbus, Delta Sigma Theta, 
COBI Peer Ambassador, SA 

Academic Affairs Committee, 
Leaderstate, Residence Hall 
Council, Golden Key, Beta 

Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Alpha Lambda Delta 

Jackson, RHA, Holmes 

Cultural Diversity Center Peer 

Counselor, College of Arts 

and Sciences Ambassadors, 

Night Moves, SA 

Governmental Affairs 

Committee, Phi Alpha Theta 

Hattiesburg, Phi Gamma 

Delta, American Society of 

Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon, 

Omicron Delta Kappa, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Golden Key, 

Engineering Student Council 

Representative for ASCE 

Julie- sfdivuishde/ 

Pass Christian, SA Chief of 

Staff, Education Ambassadors, 

CSA, Leaderstate, Honors 

Program, Phi Eta Sigma, 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden 

Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa 

Delta Pi, Mortar Board 

Limelight 33 


f *"V , 





Starkville, MS Model Security 

Council, College Democrats, 

Leaderstate, SA Director of 

Governmental Affairs, Judicial 

Appeals Board, Phi Theta 

Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, 

Reflector Staff 

s4lli&an'XLmte& ^zes/^ieueland SflieMeij/ C €ie&siuell' ^oAn^^toss^ 

Kosciusko, Delta Gamma, 
Reflector Staff, Golden Key, 

Philosophy Club, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Census 2000 Media 

Campaign Intern 

Starkville, Sigma Chi, SA 

Senator, Roadrunner, Order of 

Omega, Elderstatesmen, 

Leaderstate, Blue Key, 

Campus Crusade, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Golden Key, Gamma Beta 

Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta 

Satartia, Zeta Tau Alpha, 
Leaderstate, Rush Counselor 

for Panhellenic Council, 

Kappa Delta Pi, Council for 

Exceptional Children, Habitat 

for Humanity 

Brandon, Kappa Sigma, 
Roadrunner, Mortar Board, 
Golden Key, Order of Omega, 
Interfraternity Council, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Rush Counselor 

Ocean Springs, Kappa Delta, 

Alumni Delegate, Greek 

Council for Christ, CSA, Rush 

Counselor, Cardinal Key, 

Golden Key, Omicron Delta 

Kappa, Crawfect Planning 

Committee, RH President 

C €zv. 



Jackson, Delta Delta Delta, 
RUF, Alumni Delegate, Mortar 

Board, Order of Omega, 
Cardinal Key, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, 
Kappa Delta Pi, Golden Key 

^iye&hci' Scums' 

Montgomery, AL, RAA, RHA, 

Education Ambassadors, Phi 

Beta Lambda, National 

Residence Hall Honorary, 

Alumni Delegate, SA Judicial 

Board, Black Student Council, 

Pi Omega Pi 

Columbus, Chi Omega, SA 

Cabinet, BSU Fisherman 
Ensemble, Fashion Board, JV 
Cheerleader, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Mortar Board, Order of 

Omega, Cardinal Key, Golden 

Key, Gamma Beta Phi 

Tupelo, Zeta Tau Alpha, 

Bulldog Hostess, Accounting 

Society, Rush Counselor, 

College of Business and 

Industry Ambassadors, 

Golden Key, Omicron Delta 

Kappa, Beta Alpha Psi 


Greenville, Kappa Sigma, 
Greek Council for Christ, SA 
Campus Safety Committee, 

BSU, Campus Crusade, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Golden 

Key, Order of Omega 

c }Ketu c C3zeK!/ c )flaUAeup c ^ai'iiu^ii/ ^foaylav^ezzell 

Anderson, AL, American 

Chemical Society, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, Golden 

Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Honors 
Program, CROP Walk for 
Hunger, Science Fair Judge 

Hattiesburg, Kappa Alpha, 

Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, 

Elderstatesmen, Golden Key, 

Dance Marathon, Kappa 

Sigma vs. Kappa Alpha 

Charity Bowl 

Jackson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
SA Senator, Jr. Interfraternity 
Council, SA Academic Affairs 

Committee, Society of 

Scholars, Elderstatesmen, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Lambda Sigma, 

Phi Kappa Phi 

%# Jost&v 

Brandon, Delta Gamma, 

Fashion Focus, Matchmates, 

Leaderstate, Campus Crusadt 

PR Student Society of 
America, Lambda Pi Eta, Ph 
Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi 

Photos In I'roi p 

^a&on> ^iampoiettl ^ZacAel- <= ^ i£<ffi 

rownsville, TN, Sigma Chi, 
SA Treasurer, SA Senator, 

Schillig Scholar, 
[derstatesmen, Gamma Beta 
'hi, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden 
;y, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta 
Alpha Psi 

Eads, TN, Zeta Tau Alpha, 
Wesley Foundation, Council 

for Exceptional Children, 
Davvg Paws, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Local Reading Council, Psalm 

151 Music Ministry Team 

Stacie S^alt* 

Northport, AL, Delta Delta 
Delta, RUF, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Orientation Leader, Mortar 
Board, Order of Omega, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda 

Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, 
Kappa Delta Pi, Golden Key 

lflicnelle; <: ?Lawii&' ^a^enfl^^haslin^ 

Columbus, Delta Delta Delta, 
Panhellenic Council, College 
Republicans, Matchmates, Pi 
Sigma Alpha, Jr. Panhellenic 
Advisor, Dance Marathon, 
AHA Heartwalk 

Baldwyn, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Golden Key, Black Student 
Alliance, Holmes Cultural 

Diversity Center Peer 

Ambassador, Gamma Beta 

Phi, RHA, Phi Alpha Theta, 

Phi Kappa Phi 

S^iudia c ^{xiuikins/ 'tootuuh SKeath 

Columbus, Kappa Delta, 
Campus Activities and 
)evelopment Committee, Pi 
gma Epsilon, Diamond Girl, 

Order of Omega, Rush 
Dunselor, Council of Student 

Vicksburg, Alpha Kappa 


Peer Counselor, RA, Psi Chi, 

United Way Volunteer, Big 

Brother/Big Sister Mentoring 


Nestles c Mewutg/ 

Jackson, Chi Omega, 
Roadrunner, Mortar Board, 

Order of Omega, Rush 

Counselor, Communication 

Association, SA University 

Service Committee, RH 

Associate Delegate, RUF 

wtoe- < ^{opp&iy S^^t^eia c ?LOuiuid 

Denmark, TN, Phi Delta 
Theta, SA Campus Safety 
Committee, Golden Key, 
Lambda Sigma, Omicron 

Delta Kappa, Gamma Sigma 
Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma 

Beta Phi, Mortar Board, CAB 

Yazoo City, Zeta Phi Beta, 

IMAGE Mentor, Holmes 

Cultural Diversity Center Peer 

Ambassador, Orientation 

Leader, Circle K, RA, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Beta Beta Beta 


c Y\%ail <: ^{umpivmj^ stfmy/^erJtin&t ^^ufon/^oAn&ton/ ^iizaiietA^ones/ e>mitf ^)anes< 

randon, Kappa Sigma, Alpha 
ambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, 
3amma Beta Phi, Phi Kappa 
hi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta 

Alpha Psi, Golden Key, 
oadrunner, Alumni Delegate, 

RUF, Campus Crusade 
h> Fred Faulk 

Starkville, Delta Gamma, 

Matchmates, Mortar Board, 

Mu Kappa Tau, Campus 

Crusade, RUF, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Golden Key, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda 

Delta, Service for Sight 

Vicksburg, Sigma Alpha 

Epsilon, SA Governmental 

Affairs, Order of Omega, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, 

Elderstatesmen, Tau Beta Pi, 

Golden Key, Phi Eta Sigma, 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Germantown, TN, Kappa 

Delta, Pom Squad, 

Educational Psychology Club, 

RUF, FCA, BSU, Cardinal 

Key, Golden Key, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Alpha Lambda Sigma, 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Senatobia, Delta Delta Delta, 

BSU, Dawg Paws, MS 
Association of Educators, MS 
Professional Educators, RUF, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Golden 

Limelight 35 



c i l 'dtad> c \)i 


Heidelberg, Engineering 

Ambassador^ IMAGE Mentor 

and Tutor, University Honors 

Council Delegate, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Mortar Board, Golden 


Northport, AL, Alpha Gamma 
Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Golden Key, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Symphonic Band, 

Majorette, Wind Ensemble, 

Flute Choir 

Shannon' t'CuntZ' X-Austafzfiiex/ c Kiis&v yonaiiian/ c £ee/ 

Philadelphia, Kappa Omicron 

Nu, Omicron Delta Kappa, 

Human Sciences Association, 

Student Dietetic Association, 

MS Dietetic Association, AHA 


Pike Road, AL, American 

Institute of Chemical 

Engineers, Intramurals, BSU, 

SA Community Service 

Council, Golden Key, Gamma 

Beta Phi, Brickfire, Mission 


Jackson, CAB, Roadrunner, 

SA Judicial Board, SA 

University Search Committee, 

Alumni Delegate, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Mortar Board, 

Omicron Delta Kappa, 

Presidential Search Committee 

Vardaman, Kappa Delta, BSU, 
Roadrunner, Golden Key, 

Gamma Phi Beta, Sanderson 
Aerobics Instructor, Day 
Student Senator, Tutor at 
Sallv Kate Winters Home 

^liltnl ^ang* 

Tupelo, Delta Gamma, 
Panhellenic Council, SA 

Senator, Leaderstate, Campus 
Crusade, Lambda Sigma, 
Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Cardinal Key, Mortar 
Board, Order of Omega 

c foudazt< c \'1'Wla>iL ^auien^JUEaiiimv ^landfVnd&eigAt 

Clinton, Chi Omega, 

Roadrunner, RUF, SA 

Activities Committee, 

Cardinal Key, Lambda Sigma, 

Golden Key, Homecoming 

Maid, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda 

Pi Eta, Orientation Leader 

Madison, Delta Gamma, 

Music Maker Productions, SA 

Senator, Volunteer Intern at 

Central Mississippi Medical 

Center, Dance Marathon 

Team Captain 

Pontotoc, Alumni Delegate, 
Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha 

Epsilon Delta, Gamma Beta 

Phi, Golden Key, Phi Kappa 
Phi, SA Student Activities 

Committee, Phi Eta Sigma, . 
Arts and Sciences Ambassado; 

*ete*Vn&tfiMw*ay> ^Itimmi^^rioXmant 9na^Jann*7n^emow Jason TtleaUew ^oU^JYlcmJUpmmj 

Demopolis, AL, Engineering 
Ambassadors, Traffic Appeals 
Board, American Society of 
Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon, 
RHA, Intramurals, Highway 
Clean-up, Toys for Tots 

Greenville, Delta Gamma, 

Rush Counselor, CSA, 

Campus Crusade, Child Life 

Council, Omicron Delta 

Kappa, Lambda Sigma, Kappa 

Omicron Nu, Golden Key, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi 

Corinth, Chi Omega, Mortar 

Board, Alumni Delegate, 

Order of Omega, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, Golden 

Key, Phi Eta Sigma, MECA, 

SECA, SA University 


Trussville, AL, FarmHouse, 
Orientation Leader, Education 
Ambassador, Order of Omega, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Kappa 

Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Dance Marathon 

Canton, Kappa Delta, 

Roadrunner, SA Cabinet, 

Alumni Delegate, Leaderstate 

RHA, Golden Key, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma 

Cardinal Key, Order of 
Omega, Project Goal Mentor 

Photos hy Frc 




'***"" ' fT 


c &mili& c YI'laiuson' ^lancy^Vmneq' S^ndwiu-^anawU' stitisaw < & c yieal ^SiizaietA ^^Imi 

ackson, TN, MSU Reveille 

Editor, Circle K, Wesley 

etreat/Ministrv Team, Pre- 

Vet Club, Society of 

Distinguished Collegians, 

Brickfire, Habitat for 


Pontotoc, American Institute 

of Architecture Students, 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Golden Key, Visual 

Arts League, Phi Kappa Phi, 

MS Collegiate Art Show, MSU 

Student Art Show 

Long Beach, Alpha Tau 

Omega, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi 

Alpha Theta, Interfraternity 

Council, Habitat for 

Humanity, Adopt-a-Highway, 

Pre-Law Society 

Lucedale, Delta Gamma, 
Order of Omega, Cardinal 
Key, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, SA 
Senator, Pi Sigma Alpha, 
Mortar Board, Leaderstate 

Madison, Chi Omega, Golden 

Key, Lambda Pi Eta, Alumni 

Delegate, RUF, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Order of Omega, SA Senator, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Cardinal 

Key, Mortar Board, SA Public 

Relations Committee 

^toaAieia- < @>wen&> 

Duisville, Delta Sigma Theta, 
RHA, SA Minority Student 

Affairs Committee, SA 
.cademic Affairs Committee, 
rientation Leader, College of 

Business and Industry 
Ambassador, Bulldog Belle 

Jolene 'Pooa 

Kiln, American Society for 
Mechanical Engineers, Kappa 

Kappa Psi, Society for 
Creative Anachronism, Band, 
Wind Ensemble. Golden Key, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Pi 

Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma 

^ieattiw 'Palme* 

Clinton, Kappa Delta, SA 

Finance Committee, 

Communication Association, 

Leaderstate, Cardinal Key, 

College Republicans, Order of 

Omega, SA Community 

Relations Committee 

Julia, ^attotv Mlicia ^eMeyuno 

Madison, Zeta Tau Alpha, 

Diamond Girl, SA Cabinet, 

Cardinal Key, Fashion Board, 

Order of Omega, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Miss Mississippi State 

University, Mortar Board, 

Golden Key, Sigma Delta Pi 

Biloxi, Kappa Delta, Alumni 

Delegate, Roadrunner, 
Orientation Leader, Order of 
Omega, Mortar Board, Schillig 

Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma, 

Society of Scholars, Cardinal 

Key, Project GOALS 

\olm/ { 


Memphis, TN, Institute of 
Electrical and Electronic 

Engineers, Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Tau Beta Phi, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Golden Key, 

iamma Beta Phi, Engineering 

Ambassador, Phi Eta Sigma 

b> Fred Faulk 

sA>Uison' ( Wouues c 3^indsew^aux&i/ ^fl^ies^Zamseij/ c ^)ulia c Kld<^uaij' 

Starkville, The Reflector 

Editor, Society of Professional 

Journalists, Lambda Pi Eta, 

Mississippi Press Association 

Intern, Golden Key, Phi 

Kappa Phi, SE Journalism 

Conference Delegate 

Jackson, Phi Mu, Roadrunner, 

Fashion Board, Diamond Girl, 

Homecoming Queen, Miss 

Reveille, SA Governmental 

Affairs Committee, 

Homecoming Maid, CAB, 

United Way Volunteer 

Duluth, GA, Alpha Gamma 

Rho, American Society of 

Agricultural Engineers, Greek 

Council for Christ, GAMMA, 

Jr. Interfraternity Council, 

Agriculture Ambassador, 


Jackson, Delta Delta Delta, 

Angel Flight Silver Wings, 

Vertical Club, MS Early 

Childhood Association, Kappa 

Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta 


Limelight 37 

Minnie c KoAinson' y(.atij / t^\ouet& ^dtandLvZits&eil jRlcAcwd/rZusso/, VV Stacie Selmatv 

Gastonia, NC, Zeta Tau 

Alpha, Panhellenic Council, 

SA Senator, Student American 

Institute of Floral Designers, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Golden Key, 

Cardinal Key, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Psi Chi 

Starkville, Band, Phi Mu 
Alpha Sinfonia, Association 
for Computing Machinery, 
Pep Band, Gamma Beta Phi, 
Golden Key, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Upsilon Pi 
Epsilon, Very Special Arts 

Corinth, Zeta Tau Alpha, 

Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Golden Key, Order of 

Omega, Rush Counselor, 

Financial Management 

Association, Habitat for 

Humanity, Race for the Cure 

Burnsville, Phi Delta Theta, 

SA Cabinet, Orientation 

Leader, Alumni Delegate, 

Greek Council for Christ, IFC, 

Leaderstate, BSU, Mr. MSU, 

Lambda Sigma, Omicron 

Delta Kappa, Mortar Board 

Kosciusko, Alpha Kappa 

Alpha, Davvg Paws, Holmes 

Cultural Diversity Center Pee: 

Counselor, PanHellenic 

Council, The Reflector Staff, 

RHA, IMAGE, Sigma Tau 

Delta, Black Student Alliance 

c €xmstanc& Seuo %a/ 'Skiw Shannon c €Ams/ Shaple^ c Rickwid/ Shapley/ Shea Si&Uunk> 

Greenville, CSA, Dancer in 
MSU Productions, UHP, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Psi Chi, Golden 
Key, Society of Scholars, Very 
Special Arts, Peer Advisor for 
the Psychology Department, 

Philadelphia, Alpha Kappa 

Alpha, Political Science 
Scholars Forum, Circle K, SA 

Governmental Affairs 

Committee, Model Security 

Council, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi 

Jackson, Kappa Sigma, SA 

Senator, CAB, Rush 

Counselor, Leaderstate, RUF, 

Greek Council for Christ, 

Golden Key, Mortar Board, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta 

Phi, Phi Kappa Phi 

Clinton, Kappa Sigma, 

Interfratemity Council, 

Roadrunner, Alumni Delegate, 

Leaderstate, Rush Counselor, 

Anderson Consulting 

Leadership Conference, 

Brickfire, Adopt-a-Highway 

Brandon, Chi Omega, 
Roadrunner, Order of Omege 
Mortar Board, RUF, Phi Kapp; 

Phi, Golden Key, Phi Eta 

Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 

Gamma Beta Phi, SA Campu 

Safety Committee, Brickfire 

Jill StoehtM 

Picayune, CAB, Bulldog 

Hostess, Mississippi 

Professional Educators, BSU 

Executive Council, 
Intramurals, UHP, Golden 
Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma 

Jason- Stnain 

German town, TN, College of 
Arts and Sciences 
Ambassador, SA, Pi Sigma 
Alpha, Wesley Foundation, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Mortar Board, Golden 
Key, Omicron Delta Kappa 

Shannon* ^foapp/ IfladAa Jane/ r %koma&' c Kjailiteen/ 'vhawwll 

Booneville, Delta Gamma, 

Panhellenic Delegate, 

Leaderstate, Rush Counselor, 

SA Public Relations 

Committee, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Kappa Delta Pi, Golden Key, 

Phi Kappa Phi 

New Albany, Chi Omega, 
BSU, Dawg Paws, Lambda 

Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Dance 

Marathon, Gamma Beta Phi, 

SA Campus Safety Committee 

Jackson, Zeta Tau Alpha, 
Golden Key, Omicron Delt? 
Kappa, Kappa Omicron Nu I 

Gamma Delta Sigma, 

American Society for Interic 

Designers, Rush Counselor 

SA, Bulldog Hostess 

Photos bv I'rc ?«" 


Starkville, Financial 
Management Association, 

Malaysian Student 

Association, International 

tudent Orientation Advisor, 

\i Gamma Sigma, Phi Theta 

Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi 



Ridgeland, Chi Omega, SA 

Secretary, SA Senator, Rush 

Counselor, GEAR, Golden 

Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, 

Commencement Standing 

Committee, Heart Walk 

vxcutdu (ouxfflw 

Lake Village, AR, AETB Club, 

Intramurals Referee, Lab 
Assistant for Agriculture and 

Biological Engineering 

Department, ASAE, Golden 

Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma 

Beta Phi 

Amanda iVaciey 

German town, TN, Delta Delta 

Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, 

GEAR, Economics Club, 

Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Lambda Sigma, Omicron 

Delta Kappa, Golden Key, 

Beta Gamma Sigma, UHP 

^sdaviame/ w/aJu&iS' 

Laurel, Chi Omega, Reveille, 

SA, Communication 
Association, Lambda Sigma, 
BSU, Order of Omega, Miss 
Mississippi State University, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, 
Matchmates, Bulldog Belle 

Germantown, TN, Delta 
Gamma, SA Senator, 
American Society of Interior 
Designers, Matchmates, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, 
Kappa Omicron Nu, Golden 
Key, Phi Kappa Phi 

Covington, LA, Chi Omega, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda 

Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, 

Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta 

Alpha Psi, Volunteer at UMC, 

Read Aloud 

c tttajicy c We£U 

Jackson, Chi Omega, SA 

Attorney General, Alumni 
Delegate, Matchmates, UHP, 

Order of Omega, Mortar 

Board, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Delta 

Phi, College of Arts and 

Sciences Ambassador 

^auid< c Wdey/ 

Jackson, Kappa Sigma, BSU, 
RUF, Roadrunner, Society of 
Scholars, Mortar Board, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Golden Key, 

Gamma Beta Phi, GAMMA, 

Rush Counselor, SA Academic 

Affairs Committee 

1 Fred Faulk 

Photo by Will Smith 


Photo by Fred Faulk 

Anticipating the day to begin these 
students axiously await the arrival of 
the bus to shuttle them to class. 

Its no suprise to see Dr. Portera at 
Scott Field when the Bulldogs are 
playing in town. 


Southern hospitality: Its easy to get 
deep into conversation around 
campus, as these students have 

Photo by Fred Faulk 

40 Academics 

Photo by Garland Carey 


Emily Fesmire, Section Editor 

Academics is home to all of the colleges 
and schools on the MSU campus and 
Meridian campus, as well as, the 
President, Executive Council, and Board 
of Trustees. 

Academics 4 1 

Ck. MaUiA rotfka, 


Photo By Stan Orkin: 

Photo By Stan Orkir 

Photo Submitted 

42 Academics 

Mississippi State in the New Millennium 

The university's goals for the next several years are outlined in the plan adopted in early 
999 called "Leadership for the 21st Century: Mississippi State University Priorities and 
\oals, 2000-2004/' 

Our top priority is to strengthen instruction to the point that Mississippi State is the 
rentier undergraduate teaching institution in the region including Mississippi and the 
djacent states. We'll do that by adding faculty positions, emphasizing academic achieve- 
lent, strengthening advising and counseling, and raising the academic profile of the 
tudent body as reflected in test scores and graduation rates. 

Mississippi State also will become more prominent as a national research university. We 
re working to a top 50 research university within a few years, and we hope to achieve 
vssociation of Research Libraries status. 

We are devoting a great deal of attention to enhancing the quality of campus residential 
fe for our students by improving housing and other facilities. The physical infrastructure 
f the campus as a whole, including streets and parking, will be significantly improved. 

The university will be in a better position to achieve all of those goals over the next few 
ears as a result of on-going efforts to strengthen our management systems. We will 
icrease the ratio of faculty to other staff, create a university motor pool, and reduce 
uplication in administration, for example, to ensure the most effective use of our resource. 

Mississippi State has great momentum as we enter the 21st century, and I am confident 
hat "The People's University " will continue to set new standards for quality and 

— Dr. Malcolm Portera, President 

Photos By Will Smith 

Academics 43 


Ptew L. TttbJtd 


£clwoi of ActowrfaHty 

JoU M. McRm 

School of A^cJiiMim 


SluUtkj W. f/aifouji 
ScJtooi of Humcuv Scimcei 

Cowye, of Atti aid Scienm 

WiMum R. Fox, 

Coccege, ofAgimfcw aid Life, 

Pholos By Matthew Thompson 

Academics 45 


Pholo Submitted 

WiMicm tf. Gm/ei 

Cootegb of Edu/wtim 

Cottegb of BuiUteu aid ludu$y 

A. WcujiM Bennett 


Coaegb of EugiMje&UMg 


46 Academics 





Bob Kawv 
CMge, of Fowt Reiowtm 

CJfaqb of l/etwitiafof MtohciKjb 





Photos By Matthew Thompson 

Tlub Executu/b Umcil 

Photo by Matthew Thompson 

The Mississippi State Executive Council is the group responsible for making 
decisions that will maximize the benefits that are received by students, faculty, and 
staff. The Council includes representatives from the Student Association, Faculty 
Advisory Council, Staff Advisory Council, and the athletic director. 

Seated (left to right): Matt Allen; SA President, Dr. Malcolm Portera; President, Susan Everett- 
Administrative Assistant/Office of Development, Dr. Robert Cooper; Chair of the Faculty Senate. 
Standing (left to right): Dr. Charles Lee; Vice President of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary 
Medicine, Dr. Roy Ruby; Vice President of Student Affairs, Dennis Prescott; Vice President of 
External Affairs, Dr. David Cole; Provost, Dr. Robert Althenkirch; Vice President for Research 

Tki, Bomd of TnuiUm 



j» "'■ "s:>« : 

: *f IP j , 

* 1' 

Photo by Fred Faulk 

The Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher 

Learning includes the following people: 

Ms. Ricki Garrett of Clinton Mississippi-President 

Mr. Carl Nicholson, Jr. of Hattiesburg Mississippi- Vice 


Ms. Nan McGahey Baker of Winona 

Mr. Thomas W. Colbert of Brandon 

Mr. William S. Crawford of Meridian 

Mr. Larry E. Homan of Fulton 

Mr. Martin Ivey of Kosciusko 

Mr. Roy Klumb of Gulfport 

Mr. James Luvene of Holly Springs 

Dr. D.E. Magee, Jr. of Jackson 

Ms. Virginia Shanteau Newton of Gulfport 

Dr. Cassie Pennington of Indianola 

Dr. Thomas D. Layzell of Jackson-Commissioner 

The Mississippi Board of 
Trustees of the Institutions of 
Higher Learning, commonly 
referred to as the College Board, 
was created to prohibit political 
interference in the administration 
of statewide institutions of higher 
educations. The members are 
appointed by the Governor and 
they serve staggered twelve-year 
terms in order to prevent any one 
appointee from gaining control of 
the board. 

Academics 49 

£ctum of Accoimtmcu 

The School of Accountancy was established in 1979 to prepare 
students for a career in accounting. The school is accredited by 
the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. This 
program allows students to gain meaningful information, do 
essential research, and have a hands-on concept in accounting 
as the demand for accountants continues to rise in govern- 
ment, public, and private accounting companies. 

How will MSU influence you in the new millenium? 

"It will help in 
my career." 

Cynthia Loyd, Jr. 
Columbus, Ms. 

"Because of the 
outstanding professors 

in the school of 

accountancy, I feel that I 

am better prepared for 

the technological 

advances of the year 


Ryan Paulk, Jr. 
Tupelo, Ms. 



Business and Industry 

Photos by Will Smith 

Below: Lttcb CkeAu&j a Jtwioi 
fium Uttwtt, MS, tahl a auidc 
bwalc pwwj Im acmuttuu} uionlc. 

Above,: £e*doU Kim 

Bmum fiuM TaJpyfo and 

Ned) Wifbtm fium 

S&tla/iffle, monk ott a 


CtMtojb ofAgticuiim aid Life, Scimtt 

How will MSU prepare 

you for the new 


Josh Hamman, 


Grand Saline, TX. 

Animal Science 

"Hopefully in the 

millennium, I will be 

applying for vet. 


Bill Rogers, 


Sikeston, MO. 

Animal Science 

"I hope to get a 
high paying job.' 

Agriculture has been a very 
important part of Mississippi's 
history, and continues today as a 
vital part of the state's economy. 
The College of Agriculture and Life 
Sciences was originally created in 
1902 to further this trade by 
teaching students better techniques 
and methods. Today, the college 
continues this tradition by being 
one of the best agricultural colleges 
in the nation. 

Photos By Will Smith 

Academics 53 

£duod of AwIuMim 

As technology increases, builders need 
well trained, up to date architects to 
design new structures. The School of 
Architecture strives to provide such 
people. Created in 1973, the school has 
been accredited by the National Archi- 
tectural Board. The excellent faculty en- 
sures that the graduates of this school 
are some of the best in the profession. 

How will MSU help you into the new millenium? 

"We hope to 

learn more about 

computer based 

technology and 

applying it to our 

everyday work." 

Micheal Boerner 

Brookhaven, Ms. 

Accelerated Studies 

Amy Catherine Cox 

Greenville, Ms. 
Acccelerated Studies 

Photos by Will Smith 

Photos by Will Smith 

GMge, of Aiti & £cimceA 

One of Mississippi State University's largest colleges is the College fo Arts and 
Sciences. Degrees range from Fine Art and Graphic Design to Microbiology. Graduates 
go on to a wide range of careers in many different fields. This college upholds that 
tradition of historic majors, while keeping up with the pace of today's society. 

Photos by Will Smith 

How will MSU prepare you in the new millenium? 

Robin Felder 
Long Beach, Ms. 

Graduate Student 

"MSU has 

prepared me 

for the future 

and my 


Todd French 

Greenville, MS. 


Graduate Student 

Lewis R. Brown 
gives us a big 
start over other 
When I leave 
I'll have all the 
info of a post 

56 Academics 

Photos By Will Smith 

Academics 57 

Coaeqb of BuiiKeii cud litdu$uj 

In today's growing economy, the business world seeks talented 
individuals wlio can keep up with, changing trends, yet still 
uphold a certain integrity. The College of Buisiness and Indus- 
try strives to produce such people. Since its beginning in 1915, 
the college has and will continue to provide intellectual, cul- 
tural, and professional development for the people enrolled in 
its programs. It also provides an effective application of knowl- 
edge in business and economic development of the state, re- 
gion, and nation through service activities. 

"How will MSTJ influence you in the millenium? ,, 

(right) Neely Branner,Sr. 

Tupelo, Ms. 


"I think MSU has done a great job preparing me 

for the year 2000, but also the future. The 
knowledge I've gained will set me a step above." 

Photos by Will Smith 

Carl Crawford, Sr. 

Houston, MS. 
Information Systems 

it has provided me with skills to be effective and 
operate effectively in the job market." 

58 Academics 


V * * - mm mm 










Kary Baker a Senior from Brandon, MS, is 
working on a marketing management project. 

Chad Timbes a Junior from Corinth is 
busy with buisness work. 

Photos by Will Smith 

Academics 59 

Coocegb of Education 

The College of Education was established in 1963 and is responsible for 
the education of teachers at Mississippi State University. All students 
who qualify to teach must be admitted to the teacher education pro- 
gram. The departments in the college cover many different areas inclu- 
ding Recreation Education, Music Education, and Counselor Education. 

How will MSU prepare you for the new Millenium? 

Karen Hancock, Sr. 

Memphis, TN. 

Speech Education 

and her teacher (left) 

"I think the College of Education 

needs to take a closer look at the 

knowledge required to pass the 

PRAXIS exam and base their 

curriculum for each subject on this. 

Allison Bell, Jr. 

Vicksburg, MS. 

Special Education 

"I think being able to take what 

I've learned in the classroom and 

applying it to the primary education 

student has not only prepared me 

for the year 2000, but also for my 

future in Special Education." 

60 Academics 

Below: Kristen Goode and DeAnna 
Robinson look on as Sherry Burks 

explains Piaget's Stages of 

Development in their Exceptional 

Child class. 

Photo by Will Smith 

Senior Education student Julia Ridgway assists Polly 
Noughon draw an animal. 

Photo by Emily Fesmire 

Photo by Will Smith 

Academics 61 

Cowyb of EttguteMuig 

Since 1963, the College of Engineering has been serving Mississippi and 
the nation by developing some of the best educated engineers in the 
country. It has grown over the years from a small part of Mississippi State 
to a prominent position in the University. It now includes ten operating 
departments and centers from which students may choose. They teach the 
students to function with great accuracy in their chosen fields, and to be i 
leading part of society. The college has received much recognition over the 
years for its excellence in education. 

How has MSU prepared you for the new Millenium? 

Photo By Stan Orkin 

Jason Brister, Sr. 

Jackson, MS. 

Mechanical Engineering 

"I feel that 

having a degree 

from one the 

nations top 


insitutions is the 

best way to 
prepare for the 
21st century." 

"I'll still be 

here letting 

MSU prepare 


Photo By Will Smith 

Chad Tierce, Soph. 

Ocean Springs, MS. 

Computer Science 

Photos By Stan Orkin 

Academics 63 

CoUge, of Fowt Reiowtcel 

Established in 1968, the College of Forest Resources is the new found horn 
of those looking to expand their horizons in the fields of Forestry, Wildlif 
and Fisheries, and Forest Products. A definite liking of nature is a must ani 
those students who venture into the world of Forest Resources learn ways t 
protect our beautiful forests and wildlife. Getting in sync with nature 
habitats and appreciating those animals and other wildlife, students wh 
step into this world are greeted with the challenge of preserving Mis 
sissippi's, as well as, America's beautiful natural wonders. The College c 
Forest Resources offers a rewarding experience. 

How do you think your experience at MSU will help you in the new 


Scotty Bridges, Sr. 

Florence, Ms. 
Forest Management 

Eric "Krash" Clark, Sr. 

Laurel, Ms. 

Forest Management 

Pholos By Eric Bryant 

'I feel Mississippi State is preparing me 

as well, if not better than any other 

school in the South-East." 

'Mississippi State has provided me with 

the oppotunity to prepare myself to 

reach all of my goals." 

64 Academics 

All photos by Will Smith 

•Cciooi of Hi 



In 1996, the Home Economics division under the 
College of Agriculture officially changed its name 
to the School of Human Sciences. Diversity is the 
key word for this school "because it offers many 
different majors. Students interested in this school 
are sure to find something appealing to them 
whether they major in human development, family 
studies, childlife, interior design, or corporate 
childcare. The school's work in the field of child 
development has "been proven outstanding and the 
school is steadily on the rise. With so many popular 
studies this school has expanded its services and is 
eager to welcome any prospective students to join 
the team at the School of Human Sciences. 

66 Academics 




How do you think MSTJ will 

influence you in the new 


Rachel Gamblin,Sr. 

Jackson, Ms. 

Human Development & Family 


'I think MSU has prepared me for the 21st century 

by allowing me opportunities to grow, not only 

academically, but also socially, emotionally, and 


Photos By Will Smith 

Emily Blackwelljr. 
Madison, MS. 
Food Nutrition 

"MSU has prepared me for many things that I may 

encounter in the next millennium. Socially, I have 

made many new friends whose relationships will last 

a lifetime. I have attained an education second to 

none. I have been priviledged to experience a one in a 

lifetime experience of the dawg pound." 

Academics 67 

Comae, of VetMuauj MedUAuA 

Established in 1974, the College ol 
Veterinary Medicine is one of the 
most competive and selective col- 
leges at Mississippi State Universi- 
ty. Admission into this college ij 
highly selective, aiming at admit 
ting only serious students, as wel 
as, other criteria to meet before ad 
mittance is granted. Students who 
enter into this college have an ob 
vious love of animals and go on 1 
pursue promising, fulfilling career 
in Veterinary Medicine. The CoL 
lege of Veterinary Medicine is H 
wonderful college and offers em 
joyment and is an exciting careej 

Photos by Will 

68 Academics 

Photos by Will Smith 

How do you think MSU will 

influence you in the new 


Barry Strickland, Jr. 

Richton, Ms. 
Veterinary Medicine 

Danielle Paglia, Jr. 

Briarcliff Manor, New York 

Veterinary Medicine 

"It will prepare 

me with the 

knowledge 1 need 

to be a great 

veterinarian for 

the new 


"It will prepare 

me with its 

development of 

new technology. 

(The up-to-date 

diagnostic tools at 

the vet. school)." 

Academics 69 


' ♦„ ~_ ^. 

MiUCUippC State, UiMmfy-Menukm CaMpuA U a tegtimai, upp&v-diVttuM, degm-gtrntlty ccuupui 
MiuU&ippt State, Utuvwify. ft wal utab&i/ted tit 1 972 tiy pwtik ediaujthmi opponlluullei h 
iMjib/uhwk tii mt-mifot£ MiUCUippC u)lw am mabk tiy attend neiuk^Loi (umpiuei. Tlowugk t 
fteyibiMij of day, evemuj, oueeJomd dauei, and di^mm hommq, bo% mdkcditlo^ m 

tkoudSlmai (wXeqb-aqb tfucteriti am aim tiy cotitum mpwy Merit, uicddcm impontad 'torn tit ramty til 
todkibufo tiy ttueVi couwtmtfei, aid ffM ohtatit a qua&fij MiUCUippC StaU Unlvmi% edu/totwH,. 

Photos submitted 

70 Academics 

MiMluippC St^'Mmldlm iwei ai a ptoud lywtbol of tie, 
uMlvm^l twtiage, ai " ptopUk (juw/mtfg" aid U cotmutted 
1? pwukug Itiglm education, tinmqli tie, mUwtti (/leading, 
meauJt, cudkw'a&. 

Walking around 
campus.... watch out on the 
crosswalks. While it is an 
unusual occurrence for a 
student to be hit by a vehicle, 
the safest bet is to use the 
crosswalks whenever and 
wherever possible. 

One of the many good things 
on campus is the possibility of 
finding an empty nook or 
cranny for studying. Choices 
range from the 3rd floor 
lounge in the Union, many 
individual desks in the 
library, as well as, empty 
classrooms, and meeting 
rooms around campus. 

One thing that you have to 
say for the 

Bulldogs someone is 

ALWAYS smiling. 

Photos by Will Smith 

All photos by Will Smith 

SiUdbtf ii\jt 

Jessica Dupont, Section Editor 

The Student Life Section of the 
Mississippi State University Reveille is a 
representation of campus events that 
occur during the year. Section stories are 
the ideas of the Section Editor and the 
section staff. 

Student Life 73 

Gwk Week 

Each year the Greek community at 
Mississippi State University holds 
a friendly competition among fra- 
ternities and sororities. Greek 
Week, as it is formally called, is a 
fundraiser for various charities. 
This money-earning project is a 
way for each Greek organization 
to show off its stuff. There are 
several competitions they can 
participate in, such as various 
sports, games, races, and a toga 
contest. On Friday, a Greek God 
and Goddess are "voted" on by 
the Greeks cheering for their fa- 
vorite candidate. Then, all of the 
participants meet at Rick's to find 
out the winners. 

Photos by Will 

Greek God and Goddess watch their royal subjects participate in the Greek Olympics. 


Teamwork pulls it all together for these girls during tug-of-war. 

74 Student life 

^appa Delta cheers for their teammates during Greek Week. 

This Greek will go to the extremes to win points for her team. 

MPhi Mu raisies her team's morale with her encouraging smile. 

The Kappa Sigma fraternity shows spirit in the Greek Olympics. 

Student Life 75 

Photos by Will 

Walmart offers satisfaction... GUARANTEED! 

$ 7 88 - 

There are aisles and aisles of sales and savings to choose from at Something is fishy about the pet section at Walmart. ..maybe i « 

Walmart. smell. 

3V Will Smith 

art has a large assortment of sporting goods for the game lovers. 

■** *3i iS£ **■ 

"Wally World", also known as Walmart, is a life-saver to 
many Mississippi State students. Walmart stays open 
twenty-four hours seven days a week. At odd hours of 
the day/night, where else can students find necessities 
for living quarters, desperately needed school supplies, 
food, and, above all else, lots of endless fun! There are so 
many ways to have an enjoyable time at Walmart. Test 
sports equipment out, play with the toys, listen to songs 
on CD's, or sample cosmetics. Plus, displays of freebies 
are continuously popping up around the store, and in 
college, nothing is better than free things! 

The lines are never long at Wally World 

At Walmart, the music selections are endless. 

Student Life 77 


Parking has been a constant prob- 
lem on the Mississippi State Uni- 
versity campus for many years. Or 
has it? Is the problem really the 
lack of parking spaces and lots or 
the inflation of the number of ve- 
hicles? Whatever the cause, it is 
very difficult to find a place to 
park any time of the day, especial- 
ly for students who drive to 
school. To make matters worse, 
this year the parking ticket 
amounts increased. For example, 
instead of a $15.00 ticket for "out 
of area" parking, the fine is now 
$20.00. Until a solution is reached, 
the parking problem will remain a 
hindrance on campus. 

Photo by Randy Pa 

This officer issues a ticket to an illegally parked vehicle. 

Photo by JesskW 

There are hundreds of parking spaces on the MSU campus, but if ya snooze... ya lose! 

78 Student Life 

y Jessica Dupont 

wner of this vehicle is not going to be too happy when he sees 
heel lock on his car. 

Photo by Jessica Dupont 

A view such as this is seen often around the university. 

cy Randy Pargman 

Photo by Randy Pargman 

fty student parking lot beside the Sawyer tennis courts is always 
i^up very quickly. 

Police officer Akins carefully places a citation on a student's vehicle. 

Student Life 79 

hiPtauiWccd Sbotili 

*$Mi®m : . . ,.diM 

Photo by Jessica ! 

The Sanderson Center is home to many intramural sports. 

Phi Delta Theta runs the ball in flag football. 

80 Student Life 

Photo by Will Smith 

Photo by i 

Jeremy White chases after opponent/fraternity brother Scott 
in the FarmHouse vs. FarmHouse flag football game. 


by Jessica Dupont 

een games, the FarmHouse fraternity's volleyball team, "The 
Zurtain", expresses its winning strategy... Teamwork. 

A popular past time at Mississippi State University 
is Intramural sports. MSU offers a wide variety of 
sports that students can participate in such as flag 
football, volleyball, basketball, and Softball. Not 
only does the school offer those events, but it also 
has some unusual and highly competitive recrea- 
tional fun. For example, several teams get together 
to play games such as water tube polo, ultimate 
frisbee, horseshoes, and more. Each sport has 
three divisions: women, men, and co-rec. The di- 
versity of intramurals allows every student at MSU 
to have the opportunity to participate in this extra- 
curricular activity. Because of the large number of 
people who take part in the sports, Mississippi 
State University has one of the stronger and more 
active Intramural Recreation programs in the 
Southeastern Conference. 

by Will Smith 

Photo by Will Smith 

e guys practice for their upcoming game. 

Students demonstrate their techniques in basketball intramurals. 

Student Life 81 

Everyone knows that there is 
not much to do in the Starkville 
area. Many Mississippi State 
students, in order to fill the en- 
tertainment void, are avid hun- 
ters. There are many areas 
where the students are able to 
hunt in Mississippi. Plus, stu- 
dents take road trips to places all 
over the country for weekend 
hunting excursions. During the 
primary hunting season, Octo- 
ber through March, students 
hunt squirrel, deer, turkey, and 
several other animals. This sport 
is very active and takes a great 
deal of patience as well as prac- 

The buck stops here. 

Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes... you don't. 

82 Student Life 

> ■ V*: 

ayground is filled with the bt 

Student Life 83 

84 Student Life 

i . 

In the fall semester of the 1999-2000 
school year, more than 16,000 students 
took classes at Mississippi State Universi- 
ty. This marks the fourth consecutive en- 
rollment record year. Over the past four 
years, Starkville's campus enrollment has 
grown by about 1,700 students. The fall's 
freshmen class is the second largest in 
Mississippi State University's history. 

Student Life 85 

Mississippi State University has a 
new mascot this year. Bully XVIII 
is an English Bulldog named Don- 
tae. Lucky, MSU's most recent 
Bully, stepped down as mascot 
and passed the honor on to Don- 
tae during the Middle Tennessee 
State football game Saturday, Sep- 
tember 4. Dontae's former owner, 
Greg Daly, a 1987 Mississippi Sta- 
te business graduate, was at the 
game to share Dontae's fame. 


After a busy day of mascoting, Dontae is dog-tired. 

Photo bv Will Smith 

Dontae rehearses his game face. 

'This celebrity stuff is tough work! I need a break! 

86 Student Life 

Photo by Wiil Snvi 

Dontae stands tall as Mississippi State's new mascot. 

Bully XVIII flattens Kentucky's Wildcat. 

Dontae, Bully XVIII, is Mississippi State's SuperDawg! 

hoto sho 

Student Life 87 

Kelvin Love dives into the end zone to score another point for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. 


Former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz graced Mississippi State University MSU player Kelvin Love takes his name literally as r 

with his presence at the South Carolina football game. shows a little "love" to the LSU Tigers. 


8 Student Life i 

On Thursday, November 4, 1999, the Mississippi 
State University Bulldogs set the MSU football 
record. For the first time in the football team's 
history, the Bulldogs went 8 and 0. The Dawgs 
played long and hard to acheive this record. To 
kick off the season, MSU played Middle Tennessee 
State and won 40-7. They went on to play Mem- 
phis, Oklahoma State, and South Carolina, win- 
ning consistently. At Vanderbilt the Dawgs went 
in and stole the win and at Auburn, they won in 
the last five minutes of the game. To tie the preex- 
isiting record, the Bulldogs played Louisiana State 
University. The next game that the Bulldogs play- 
ed determined whether the 1999 MSU Bulldogs 
would make history. That game was against Ken- 
tucky University. The Dawgs won the game in the 
last few seconds, setting the new record at 8-0! 
What a season! - 

fhe opposition can only look on with fear as the "Fourth Quarter Dawg 
Soldiers" take the field! 

mmm ~m 

' ^^^^'Hfc 



State Bulldogs can not always be perfect. 

If you can't run with the big Dawgs, stay on the porch! 

Student Life 89 

During the fall semester at Mississippi 
State, the Bulldogs ("Dawgs" as the 
fans say) football games are very popu- 
lar events for students, alumni, par- 
ents, and others. People come from far 
and wide to the campus to see the 
Bulldogs perform. These football 
games provide on-going entertainment 
for four quarters. Fans cheer on State's 
team and the team helps the fans get 
pumped by doing the "Dog Pound 
Rock", a dance that the football players 
do to psyche themselves and the fans 
up for kick-offs. 

Terrell Grindle, #15, and Kelvin Love, #8, do the Dog Pound Rock to celebrate 
Bulldogs' eighth victory. 

Loyal State fans support the Dawgs even in the middle of a freezing cold night. 

90 Student Life 

"We're not worthy, we're not worthy!" chant the guys in the orange 

"Oh my goodness, we won AGAIN!' 

'Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?" 

MSU cheerleaders make a "V" for victory! 

Student Life 41 


Coach Jackie Sherrill an 

ESPN t vp« • MSI s !,),,.• Pound in Ml.tNta 

Matt Allen 
Middle fe 

dent A' 


nil President siets a little toe 

92 Student Life 

On Thursday, November 4, the Mississippi State Bull- 
dogs played the Kentucky Wildcats at Scott Field with 
the hopes of winning their eighth consecutive game of 
the season. ESPN was there to cover the game. To get 
the team and fans motivated, a midnight pep rally was 
held at the amphitheater. During this gathering, several 
MS'U students dressed up in the colors of all the op- 
posing teams that State played earlier in the season. 
Then Bully went through and killed each one. This 
represented each win State had. At the game, the 
Bulldogs fought long and hard for three quarters. In the 
final quarter, the Dawgs took control with a field goal 
bv Scott Westerfield during the last few seconds of the 

game. State won 23 to 22. 

MSU loves its 

d and die-hard fan:- 

■hows excessive cc 

on after the Kentucky game. The Pom Squad d( 

le dance.. .shows a little lovt 

Student Life 93 

Each year, the Campus 
Activity Board at Missis- 
sippi State holds a Hal- 
loween Carnival at the 
Amphitheater. Starkville 
citizens, both young and 
old, along with the Uni- 
versity's students attend 
the carnival. This year 
the Fashion Board put on 
a ScaryHair show, and 
there was also a costume 
contest for the kids. 

All is hallow on Hallow's Eve. 

tor the different de 

its on Hallow 

Photo by Will Smith 

How do you like having spiders in your hair? 

oto by Stan Orkin 

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout but no water 
washed this spider out. 

hoto by Stan Orkii 

Jason Medders, Kellie Blair, and Chance DeBarge wait This Costume Contest contestant waits eagerly for the winner's 

for the trick-or-treaters to come to Sorority Row. name to be announced. 

Student Life 95 


MSU students get down with the Goo Goo Dolls at the Hump on 
Monday, November S. 

Johnny Rzeznik performs for hundreds of State fans. 

i <on*» rr« 

Goo Polls lead singer johnny Rzeznik kicks off the concert with 
ig from their album "Dizzy Up the Girl." 

After 13 years with the band, the only thing that has change 
co-founder Robby Takac is his hair. 

4 ent Life 


wm : 


l-A$ .. '■ ■ ;• 


,1 J-S ? ..^je 

A j tit" 


Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Noah Hunt harmonize. 

Wayne Shepherd, a rock n' roll and blues artist, rocked Rick's 

aturday night, October 30. 

' . , * / , • ■ 1 1 1 . n 

>i »' .11 mi i, 

• /. / 'V.i 1 1 

U'l ''Ml ) 


' 1 ' * » . 

* i t ' 



# < 




- # 'ft,' 

t #i 




I i I.J I 

Kenny Wayne Shepherd rocks n' rolls. 

Kenny Wayne Shepherd is one of the most astounding guitarists of 
his generation. 

Student Life 97- 


Each year in the spring, Missis- 
sippi State hosts an event spon- 
sored by the Children's Miracle 
Network called Dance Mara- 
thon. This event take place over 
a period of twenty-four hours. 
During these twenty-four 
hours, MSU students enjoy var- 
ious bands, dancing, games, and 
other forms of entertainment. 
Dance Marathon is a charity 
event for the Le Bonheur Chil- 
dren's Hospital. This year's goal 
was to raise $40,000.00. Not 
only do the students engage in 
these festivities, but also the 
kids and families from Le Bon- 
heur participate. Dance Mara- 
thon is an event that all MSU's 
students and faculty can enjoy. 


Since this child is a little too small to participate in some of the activities, he enjoys color 

The Dance Marathon participants form a huge D.M. in commemoration of the event. 

98 Student Life 

MSU Pom Squad gathers with the Le Bonheur children for a 
; pic. 

Dance Marathon participants are getting pumped for the twenty-four 
hours ahead. 

i submitted 

e Le Bonheur children examine the toys that are handed out. 

Jason Medders is still dancing after hours of continuous activity. 

Student Life 99 

Photo bv Randv Pargman 

During Watermelon Fest, sororities go all out to show their support for 
their teams. 

Photo byVB 

Delta Gamma and Phi Gamma Delta reach new heights at ' 

Photo by Randy Pargman 

Mississippi State students "Take Back the Night". 

Photo by Jess >P 

Mississippi State can be seen throughout the city of Start l' e 

100 Student Life 

e at Mississippi State University, as 
i most other universities, there is a 
ety of choices as to where a student 
s. Some students choose to become a 
ek, some decide to live in an off cam- 
apartment or house, and others like to 
' right here on campus. Whether a stu- 
t lives in a dorm, off-campus, or in a 
ek house, there is always something in 
ch to participate. 

Photo by Jessica Dupont 

FarmHouse is one of the three fraternity houses on Sorority Row. 

essica Dupont 

■ I 


•«• 222 

•TTlflTF"*-' 11 

)ff-campus life is not all fun and games for this student. 

Photo by Randy Pargman 

This student and his father move furniture into a residence hall at the 
beginning of the school year. 

Student Life 101 

About 15% of Mississippi State's 
students are in Greek organiza- 
tions. Although this is a small per- 
centage of the student population 
at MSU, the Greek world is still 
evident throughout the university. 
Fraternities and sororities alike 
hold a number of activities and 
philanthropies that are recognized 
nationwide. In order to belong to 
the Greek system, a student must 
attend Rush. During this six day 
period, each fraternity and soror- 
ity meet with students interested 
in joining the Greek organizations. 
By the end of the week, each fra- 
ternity and sorority choose the 
students they have selected as 
pledges. Greek life is a fun and 
active part of Mississippi State 

Gwk Life, 

Photos by Jessica D 11 

Dave Whitfield studies for his upcoming test. 



Many Delta Gamma girls choose to live in the house during their years at Mississippi State. 

102 Student Life 

ssica Dupont 

uty houses such as the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house are home to 
male students at MSU. 

Photo by Jessica Dupont 

The Chi Omegas cheer on their Bulldog football team by displaying 
this "6-0" banner at their house. 

Randy Pargman 

Greek ladies show their enthusiasm during the Watermelon 

:l -,JS:-#1 J I 
Photo by Jessica Dupont 

Loft beds are a prime example of the living quarters in a fraternity 

O/F-Cauful Life, 

All photos by Jessica 

This sign outside Canterbury welcomes one and all to the apartment complex. 

The University Commons have the luxuries of condominiums with 
the atmosphere of a college dormitory. 

The Canterbury Apartments are a terrific location for social g 
ings and exciting times. 




\ts also take a liking to the town houses available in Starkville. 

'I by Jessica Dupont 

Many students at Mississippi State University live off- 
campus. Day students make up a substantial number of 
the student body. Students that live off-campus have the 
luxury of living in apartments and houses that do not 
have the same rules and restrictions that exist in the 
university dormitories. Due to this, living off-campus 
comes with an enormous amount of responsability. Stu- 
dents have to furnish their homes with electricity, online 
services, and cable. Rent also is a concern. But, all-in-all, 
the off-campus lifestyle is a great experience for MSU 

>hed apartment complexes are within walking distance from 

Canterbury is a home away from home for many college students. 

Student life 105 


Residence hall life is an adventure 
that all college students should ex- 
perience. Living in a dorm allows 
students to meet people that will 
become life-long friends. The indi- 
vidual dormitories have activities 
that helps this bonding take place. 
There are several female dorms 
and male dorms. In addition to 
these dorms, MSU offers an Hon- 
ors dorm for freshmen and up- 
perclassmen. Both of the Honors 
dormitories, Hightower Hall and 
Duggar Hall, are co-ed. In a dorm 
there is almost always someone 
with whom to study, go out, or 
just talk. 

Photo by Jessicai 

Rice is a popular dorm for female Freshmen at Mississippi State University. 

A mom and her daughter move into a dormitory after the summer break. 

Photo by Jessica Dupont 

Freshmen gather in Hightower's lobby to hang out. 

ssica Dupont 

■oup of friends gets together to take a study break and play a 
of cards. 

?ssica Dupont 


Photo by Jessica Dupont 

a co-ed upperclassmen dorm, is located on the Nothern side of 

A favorite among some is Suttle, an all male dorm. 

Student Life 107 

The first few days of pictures 
were not very busy. However, 
toward the end of the second week 
a line formed and students began to 
wonder if they would ever make it 
inside to have their picture taken. 
The first stop they had to make once 
inside the main doors was the 
information desk, where students 
filled out envelopes with their name, 
address, and other pertinent 

Once students were finished at 
the information desk, it was time to 
stand in line once again, but at least 
this time they could see other people 
having their pictures taken and 
knew that their wait would soon be 

Danny, from Thornton Studios, 
prepares to take yet another student 
picture. MSU students set a record 
this year in comparison to the 
number of students who have had 
their pictures made in the past. 
Using statistics from 1998 and 1999 
yearbooks, about 300 more students 
came in for the first round of 
pictures this year! 

All photos by Will Smith 

108 People 

Photo submitted 

Russ Ward, Section Editor 

The People Section represents the 
students on the MSU campus that came 
and had their pictures made for the 2000 
MSU Reveille. Pictures were taken by 
Thornton Photography Studios in New 
York. Picture dates were September 7th 
through the 1 7th and October 1 8th 
through the 22nd. 

People 109 

Graduate Students 

Abemathy, Ty, Cartersville 


Anderico, Carmen, 

Starkville MS 

Anderson, George, MSU 

Andol, Anastasia, West 

Point MS 

Arnizaut, Ana, Starkville 


Barry, Kenya, Columbus MS 

Bass, Stephen, Starkvile MS 

Baum, Else, Biloxi MS 

Beddhu, Karthik, Starkville 


Bhupatiraju, Subba, 

Starkville MS 

Boone, Jeanie, Laurel MS 

Bradford, David, Memphis 


Brown, Shaundra, MSU 

Bryant, Lesia, Okolona MS 

Bryant, Richard, Starkville 


Burkes, Robin, Meridian MS 

Burnham, Matthew, Collins 


Byrd, Dean Edward, 

Starkville MS 

Camenisch, Andrew, Powder 

Springs GA 

Carlisle, Megan, Batesville 


Case, Leigh, Wesson MS 
Chan, Siew-Loong, Malaysia 
Chandler, Sophia, Barbados 
Chaney, Don, Starkville MS 
Chestnut, Jacqueline, 
Starkville MS 

Cockrell, Amanda, Nettleton 


Curto, Laura, Starkville MS 

Dean, Gwendolyn, 

Starkville MS 

Duke, Emily, Tupelo MS 

Easley, John, Boyle MS 

110 People 

Graduate Students: Abernathy Easley 


Eichelberger, Taneha, 

Louisville MS 

Ellis, Kristy, Starkville MS 

Estes, Charles, Louisville 


Farooqi, Imran, Starkville 


Fatima, Aizzah, Starkville 


Felder, Robin, Long Beach 


Freeman, Leanne, Starkville 


French, William, Starkville 


Freudenthal, John, 

Portland TN 

Gandica, Isabel, Maracaibo 


Gareau, Stephen, Brampton 


Garrison, Shanna, 

Starkville MS 

Gaskin, Amanda, Fulton MS 

Gatlin, William, Madison MS 

Grady, William, Southaven 


Graham, Melissa, Oakley KS 

Grantham, Billy, Starkville 


Grantham, LeaAnn, 

Starkville MS 

Graves, Peter, Starkville MS 

Guerreiro, Miguel, Beja- 


Hidalgo, Pablo, Biruaca 


Hussey, Steven, Starkville 


Izekor, Ehiorobo, Little 

Rock AR 

Jones, Alan, Starkville MS 

Jones, Ford, Louisville MS 

Karaca, Ayse, Turkey 

Ki, Chong-thye, Malyasia 

Kilmek, Lee, N. Royalton OH 

Ladner, Monte, Carthage GA 

Lee, Chien-Chih, Starkville 


Li, Zheng, Starkville MS 

Liew, Yu-Loong, Kl 


Loh, Chee-Leong, Selangor 


Manuel, Skip, Starkville MS 

Matthews, Karen, Florence 


Graduate Students : Eichelberger Matthews 

People 1 1 1 

McDonald, Heather, 

Starkville MS 

Miley, Wallace, MSU 

Miller, Tonya, Gulfport MS 

Mishra, Ritwik, Starkville 


Moore, Gemma, Brandon MS 

Murphy, Tim, Canton MS 
Nail, Jana, Raymond MS 
Oaks, Lashona, Saltillo MS 
Owen, Sean, Tylertown MS 
Page, Jennifer, MSU 

Park, Joon, Seong MSU 
Pope, Margaret, Aberdeen 

Quernemoen, Patrick, 
Marshalltown IA 
Ramsey, Victoria, 
Starkville MS 
Rattananakin, Pornpun, 

Rawlings, Leonard, 

Starkville MS 

Rice, Lakezia, Starkville MS 

Riekert, Meredith, 

Starkville MS 

Robinson, Corie, Rienzi MS 

Rodrigues, Alan, Goa India 

Rushing, Brannon, Magnolia 


Rushing, Braxton, 

Starkville MS 

Sanders, Stephanie, Corinth 


Shaffer, Jennifer, Sallis MS 

Shelton, Bac, Ocean Springs 


Shumaker, Brad, Brandon 


Sindoni, Maria, Barcelona 


Smith, Cam, Cleveland MS 

Smith, Jonathan, DeKalb 


Smitherman, Emily, 

Starkville MS 

Souza, Charlie, Brazil 

Stephens, David, Meridian 


Supriya, Satwah, New Delhi 


Swindell, James, High Point 


Takeuchi, Yu, MSU 

Graduate Students: McDonald Takeuchi 


Tang, Bo, Starkville MS 

Tang, Soon, Seng Malaysia 

Taylor, Emmie, Amory MS 

Taylor, Stephanie, Forest 


Trejo, Carlos, Starkville MS 

Tung, Mun Wai Kuala, 

Lumper KL 

Uharriet, Bart, Starkville 


Vandevere, Phillip, Yazoo 

City MS 

Walsh, Lisa, Clinton MS 

Washington, Keysha, MSU 

Watson, LaQuanta, 

Hazelhurst MS 

Wheeler, LaToya, Grenada 


White, Karen, Jackson MS 

Wilkerson, April, Ripley MS 

Willoughby, Charles, 

Hattiesburg MS 

Wilson, David, Meridian MS 

Wong, Wai-Tat, O.XJ.G. 


York, Devon, MSU 

Zakaria, Muhammad, 


State Snaps 

_ . _ 

by Will Smith 

Photo by Russ Ward 

Graduate Students: Tang Zakaria 

People 113 


Abbott, Leslie, Starkville 


Adams, Amanda, Santa 

Anna TX 

Adams, Brandon, Sulligent 


Adams, Jennifer, Brandon 


Adams, Jennifer, Starkville 


Adcock, Velvet, McCool MS 

Albrecht, Whitney, Vero 

Beach FL 

Aldridge, Benjamin, West 


Alewine, Rhonda, Louisville 


Alexander, Janet, 

Starkville MS 

Alexander, Patrick, 

Southaven MS 

Alexander, Sidney, Rolling 

Fork MS 

Alexander, Tomeka, Vaiden 


Alford, Melanie, Louisville 


Allen, Matt, MSU 

Anderson, Autumn, 

Farmington NM 

Anderson, Ted, Gulfport MS 

Archer, Rashunda, 

Lexington MS 

Arender, Allen, Starkville 


Ariyaratne, Diyath, Sri 


Armijos, Bernardo, Quito 


Arps, Celeste, Starkville MS 

Atkinson, Donnie, 

Philadelphia MS 

Atkinson, Karen, 

Enterprise MS 

Aultman, Kasie, Sumrall MS 

Ausborn, Jennifer, Biloxi 


Austin, Charity, Starkville 


Avent, Christy, Eupora MS 

Averett, Jeffrey, Starkville 


Baggett, Aimee, Tupelo MS 

114 People 

Seniors: Abbott Baggett 

Baggett, Trinity, Rienzi MS 

Bailey, Calvin, Cleveland 


Bailey, Carmen, Crystal 

Springs MS 

Bailey, Joseph, Louise MS 

Bailey, Joseph, Saltillo MS 

Bailey, Mary, Senatobia MS 

Bailey, Sara, Lambert MS 

Balash, Erica, Starkville MS 

Ball, David, Long Beach MS 

Ball, Melissa, Long Beach 


Ball, Randy, Berlin NH 

Ballard, Brooke, Gulfport 


Banes, Leslie, Delahatchie 


Banks, Tara, Brandon MS 

Barefoot, Tracy, Clinton MS 

Barnes, Courtney, Iuka MS 

Barnes, Richard, St. 

Francisville LA 

Barnett, David, Starkville 


Barron, Jason, Starkville 


Barron, Stephanie, 

Hattiesburg MS 

Bartlam, Scarlett, Brandon 


Basenko, Evelina, Kherson 


Bass, Stanley, Starkville MS 

Bates, Martha, Church Hill 


Bauer, Gavin, Gillett AR 

Beach, Todd, Jackson MS 

Beasnett, Christa, 

Vicksburg MS 

Beason, Mark, Philadelphia 


Bedwell, Robert, Starkville 


Behel, Daryl, Florence AL 

Belk, Jimmy, Ellisville MS 

Bell, Adam, Kosciusko MS 

Bell, Percy, Biloxi MS 

Benson, Tracy, Houston MS 

Bercaw, Jennifer, Slidell LA 

Seniors: Baggett Bercaw 

People 115 

Berry, Sarah, West Point MS 

Berry, Wade, Seminary MS 

Berry, Wesley, Seminary MS 

Berteau, Ben, Hattiesburg 


Bester, Crystal, Hattiesburg 


Bishop, Kristi, Clinton MS 

Black, Elissa, Hattiesburg 


Blackburn, Orlando, Pope 


Blackmon, Ethel, Jackson 


Bledsoe, Justin, Wetumpka 


Bledsoe, LaKitha, 
Philadelphia MS 
Bledsoe, Latoya, 
Philadelphia MS 
Bogard, Corey, Holly 
Springs MS 

Bombich, Mark, Clinton MS 
Boone, Greg, Laurel MS 

Boroujerdi, Ommid, 

Starkville MS 

Bounds, Eric, MSU 

Boundy, Brian, Metamora IL 

Bourne, Kenisha, Jackson 


Bowdry, Metra, Baldwyn MS 

Boxx, Susan, Mendenhall 


Boyd, Ben, Greenwood 

Springs MS 

Boyd, Garry, Golden MS 

Braddock, Melissa, Falkner 


Braddock, Ryan, Walnut MS 

Brammer, William, Pass 

Christian MS 

Brandon, Eugene, Houston 


Brewer, John, Meridian MS 

Bridges, Chad, Starkville 


Bridwell, Bonnie, Starkville 


Bright, Shane, Starkville 


Brister, Jason, Crystal 

Springs MS 

Brown, Karyn, Clinton MS 

Brown, LaTasha, Jackson 


Brown, Sonya, Water Valley 



116 People 

Seniors : Berry Brown 


Brown, Turkessa, Jackson 
Brownell, Audra, Slidell LA 
Bruntlett, Sean, Raleigh MS 
Bryan, Allen, Columbus MS 
Bryan, Tim, Hattiesburg MS 

Bryant, Amanda, Hernando 

Bryant, Clarence, Starville 


Bryant, Eric, Germantown 


Bryant, Jeff, Starkville MS 

Bryant, Jenn, Kennedy AL 

Buchanan, Matthew, 

Jackson MS 

Buckhaults, Jennifer, 

Ellisville MS 

Buford, Melissa, Vicksburg 


Bullock, Amie, Jackson MS 

Bumpus, Sterlin, Olive 

Branch MS 

Burge, Charles, Gulfport MS 

Burkett, Joseph, Hannibal 


Burkett, Kim, Vaiden MS 

Burns, Thomas, 

Summerville SC 

Burnside, Bonnie, Treeport 


Burnside, Julia, Starkville 


Burton, Lamarcus, Holly 

Springs MS 

Burton, Rusty, West Point 


Busby, Christy, Eupora MS 

Buse, Jeff, Shannon MS 

Butler, Debra, Columbus MS 

Butner, Angela, Alexandria 


Bynum, Kevin, Lauderdale 


Byrd, Melanie, Richton MS 

Byrne, Daniel, Biloxi MS 

Caldwell, Dontrae, Biloxi 


Caldwell Jr., Darrell, Paris 


Call, Jonathan, Starkville 


Calvin, LaKimbie, Jackson 


Campbell, Chelsy, Picayune 



Seniors: Brown Campbell 

People 117 

Campbell, Emily, Madison 


Campbell, John, Ocala FL 

Campbell, Maxine, 

Greenville MS 

Campbell, Ray, Columbus 


Campbell, Victoria, 

Greenville MS 

Cannada, Scott, Edwards MS 

Cannon, Stephen, Starkville 


Cannon, Stewart, Starkville 


Cappleman, Chris, Ripley 


Carroll, Phil, Germantown 


Carter, Allison, Kosciusko 


Carter, Geoffrey, Meridian 


Carter, Teisha, Jackson MS 

Cai iwright, Jeffrey, 

Booneville MS 

Caruso, Shannon, Picayune 


Carver, Amy, Pope MS 

Casano, Justin, Indianola 


Casey, Rachel, New Orleans 


Cassell, Andy, Port Gibson 


Castile, Daniel, Iuka MS 

Chambers, Torrie, Courtland 


Chan Hauw, Ki, MSU 

Chandler, Kelly, Mantee MS 

Chassanioc, Mary, Winona 


Chavers, Cody, Lucedale MS 

Cheah, Voon-Pin, MSTJ 

Chen, Sophie, Slidell LA 

Childers, Brandi, Myrtle MS 

Childress, Leslie, Madison 


Childs, Brian, Ripley MS 

Childs, Marie, Macon MS 

Chin, Fuh Taur, Kuala 


Chrestman, Jennifer, 

Tupelo MS 

Chrislip, Bryan, Brandon 


Christiansen, Jason, 

Gulfport MS 

118 People 

Seniors: Campbell Christiansen 

Clampit, Brandie, Brandon 


Clark, Amanda, Aberdeen 


Clark, Tracy, Valencia CA 

Clayton, Joscylyn, 

Lauderdale MS 

Cline, Keith, Starkville MS 

Clynch, Barney, Starkville 


Coats, Twyla, Laurel MS 

Cole, David, Fulton MS 

Cole, Kimberly, Greenville 


Coleman, Carol, Vicksburg 


Collins, Christy, Bentonia 


Collins, Christy, Southaven 


Collins, Lance, West Point 


Colston, Deirdre, Meridian 


Connell, Matt, Ruleville MS 

Cook, Jessica, Ocean Springs 


Cook, John, Holly Springs 


Cook, Mistie, Starkville MS 

Cook, Vanessa, Vicksburg 


Cooke, Shawn, Memphis TN 

Coppenbarger, Clare, 

Jackson MS 

Cork, Rhoshunda, Ackerman 


Crayton, Maria, Lorman MS 

Crear, Malina, Moss Point 


Cresswell, Shelley, Satartia 


Crocker, Nicole, Tupelo MS 

Cross, John, Brandon MS 

Crowe, Michelle, Starkville 


Crum, Jennifer, Corinth MS 

Crump, Tony, Pelham AR 

Crusoe, Doris, West Point 


Cruthird, Allison, Wiggins 


Cullinane, John, Clinton MS 

Culpepper, Rachelle, Pass 

Christian MS 

Cummings, Scott, Memphis 


Seniors: Clampit Cummings 

People 119 

Cummings, Zachary. 
Russellville AL 
Cummins, Brett, 
Waynesboro MS 
Cunningham, Laura, Rome 

Cunningham, Perneatha, 
West Point MS 
Cunningham, William, Enid 

Cuny, Kimberly, Kosciusko 


Curtis, Trent, Starkville MS 

Daho, John, Clarksdale MS 

Darwin, Melissa, Bolton MS 

Davenport, Joshua, 

Louisville MS 

Davidson, Kerri, Aberdeen 


Davis, Angela, MSU 

Davis, Carey, Jackson MS 

Davis, Felder, Indianola MS 

Davis, Jason, Ecru MS 

Davis, Jill, Columbus MS 

Davis, Jonathan, MSU 

Davis, Lashonda, Crawford 


Davis, Myesha, Greenwood 


Day, Christopher, 

Shelbyville KY 

Dear, Carolyn, MSU 

Deese, Farrah, Columbus MS 

Dendy, Heather, Starkville 


Denham, Shellie, Meridian 


Dennett, Matthew, 

Homewood IL 

Dent, Alison, Saltillo MS 

Dent, Alissa, Saltillo MS 

Dewberry, Deirdre, Maben 


Diamond, Joelle, Starkville 


Diaz, Hector, Bayamon 

Puerto Rico 

Dillavou, Elizabeth, Olive 

Branch MS 

Dillenkoffer, Beth, 

Starkville MS 

Dilworth, Geoffrey, 

Starkville MS 

Dimick, James, Nashville 


Dite, Chris, Starkville MS 

Seniors : Cummings Dite 

Dixon, Paul, Vickstmrg MS 

Dochety, John, Kingsport 


Dowdle, Annan, Mary 

Senatotoia MS 

Duckworth, Leah, Petal MS 

Dukes, Kiley, Brandon MS 

Duncan, Marcie, West Point 


Dye, Jenny, Ocean Springs 


Dykes, Michael, Waynesboro 


Earles, Shawn, Starkville 


Earnest, Jamie, Amory MS 

Easterling, Jathaniel, 

Foxworth MS 

Easterling, Jefferson, 

Starkville MS 

Eddins, Mary, Coldwater MS 

Edmondson, Stephanie, 

Columbus MS 

Elliott, Aldon, Brandon MS 

Elliott, Jamie, Gulfport MS 

Ellis, Archie, Goodman MS 

Elmore Chris, Fort Payne 


Ely, Kelley, Clarksdale MS 

English, Phillip, Chelsea AL 

Enzor, Jonathon, Ripley MS 

Epting, Brooks, West Point 


Ervin, Jason, Indianola MS 

Ethridge, Alison, Cherokee 


Evans, Sharronda, 

Starkville MS 

Ewing, Natasha, Prairie MS 

Ezell, Kerri, Anderson AL 

Fairley, Coesha, Collins MS 

Farbman, Joel, Huntsville 


Farren, Kevin, Vicksburg 


Ferguson, Chad, Mantachie 


Ferrell, Cecil, West Point MS 

Fisher, Ryan, Hessmer LA 

Flemming, James, Michigan 

City MS 

Floyd, Daniel, Madison AL 

Seniors: Dixon Floyd 

People 121 

Fogarty, Kyle, Collierville 


Folk, Carla, Greenville MS 

Fones, Don, Starkville MS 

Ford, Anna, Vicksburg MS 

Ford, Shelley, Newton MS 

Foster, Johnathan, Natchez 


Foster, Kimberly, Brandon 


Fouche, Brad, Calhoun City 


Fowler, Chad, Corinth MS 

Fowler, Shaunda, Tremont 


Fox, Carl, Jackson MS 
Fraiser, Tommy, Booneville 

Franks, Maggie, Tupelo MS 
Fraser, Matthew, 
Jacksonville FL 
Frederiksen, Mattew, 
Watkinsville GA 

Frisby, Robert, Hattiesburg 


Frith, Jason, Morton MS 

Fulgham, David, Tupelo MS 

Fulgham, Patrice, 

Ackerman MS 

Fulton, Rob, Philadelphia 


Gammel, Steven, Eupora MS 
Ganaway, Mary Lynn, 
Fulton MS 

Gardiner, Mary, MSU 
Garlington, Jamie, 
Middleburg FL 
Garner, Samuel, Magnolia 

Garrett, Amanda, Tupelo MS 

Garrett, Clinton, Muscle 

Shoals AL 

Garvey, Michael, 

Hattiesburg MS 

Geno, Laurie, Rienzi MS 

George, Dave, Lima OH 

Georgen, Stanford, Madison 


Gholston, Robert, MSU 

Gill, Christal, West Point 


Gillom, Gina, Holly Springs 


Gilmore, Brynia, Perkinston 


122 People 

Seniors: Fogarty Gilmore 

Given, Ryan, Potts Camp MS 

Glass, Thomas, Gallion AL 

Godwin, Michael, 

Huntsville AL 

Goldman, Brandie, Dekalb 


Goldsmith, Connie, 

Poplarville MS 

Goodin, Josh, Louisville MS 

Goodwin, Summer, 

Louisville MS 

Grafton, William, Natchez 


Graham, Ben, Laurel MS 

Graham, Stephen, Belmont 


Granger, George, MSU 

Graves, Sylvia, MSU 

Gray, Anna, Tupelo MS 

Gray, Crashana, New 

Albany MS 

Gray, James, Starkville MS 

Gray, Michael, Eupora MS 

Grayson, Anthony, Brandon 


Green, Aimee, Holly Springs 


Green, Kimberly, Flora MS 

Green, Toroski, Jackson MS 

Greer, Michael, Abbeville 


Gregg, Rachel, Eads TN 

Gregory, Melinda, Houston 


Griffin, Mandy, Myrtle MS 

Griffin, Roy, Cleveland MS 

Griffin, Sherell, West Point 


Griffin, Thomas, Meadville 


Guha, Arundhuti, MSU 

Guimbellot, Jennifer, 

Vicksburg MS 

Gunter, Matthew, Brandon 


Hairston, Teresa, Columbus 


Hairston, Tolita, Crawford 


Hall, Stacie, Northport AL 

Hansen, Marina, Shalimar 


Harbin, Seth, Athens AL 

Seniors: Given Harbin 

Hardy, Arkisha, Starkville 


Harmon, Shannon, Tupelo 


Harner, Jennifer, Long 

Beach MS 

Harper, Lakisha, Athens AL 

Harrell, Cheryl, Carthage 


Harrington, Gary, Ripley 


Harris, Deborah, Guin AL 

Harris, Latrina, West Point 


Harris, Marray, Clarksdale 


Harris, Mechelle, Starkville 


Harris, Melissa, Greenville 


Harris, Ruth, Jackson TN 

Hartfield, Cora Beth, 

Clinton MS 

Hataway, Rob, Brandon MS 

Hathcock, Lee, Stewart MS 

Hatton, Samuel, Tchula MS 

Hawkins, Delita, Water 

Valley MS 

Hayes, Beverly, Columbus 


Heard, Mills, Lexington MS 

Hearn, Melinda, Jackson TN 

Heath, Erin, Jackson MS 

Heath, Jonathan, 

Hattiesburg MS 

Heblon, Ashley, Meridian 


Henderson, Omar, Batesville 


Heng, Boon Liang, MSU 

Henley, Wanda, Brooksville 


Hernandez, Ema, Trujillo 

Alto PR 

Herndon, Brian, Aberdeen 


Herring, Leslie, Jackson MS 

Herron, Matthew, Batesville 


Hester, Heather, New 

Orleans LA 

Hickman, Riann, Perkinston 


Hiebert, Alicia, Starkville 


Hilburn, Wendy, Corinth MS 

Hill, Cecily, Meridian MS 

1 24 People 

Seniors: Hardy Hill 

Hill, John, Amory MS 

Hill, Trisha, Cedar Bluff MS 

Hindman, Gene, Starkville 


Hodge, Brandy, Greenwood 


Hodges, Avis, Vaiden MS 

Hodges, Stephanie, Lena MS 

Holcomb, Michael, Pontotoc 


Holifield, Janey, Vaneleave 


Holland, Kristie, Dawn 

Germantown TN 

Holland, Michele, Starkville 


Holland, Nicholas, 

Birmingham AL 

Holley, Rebecca, Fulton MS 

Hollingsworth, Stacy, 

Laurel MS 

Holman, Annette, Okolona 


Holmes, VerLena, Courtland 


Honea, Courtney, Omaha NE 
Hopkins, Bryce, Brandon MS 
Hopkins, Shelley, Starkville 

Hopper, Tigrett, Denmark 

Home, Kelly, Greenwood MS 

Hosford, Rebecca, Madison 


Hoskins, Renisa, Olive 

Branch MS 

Hough, Chris, Ruston LA 

Houston, Rhonda, Cedar 

Bluff MS 

Howard, Angela, Yazoo City 


Howard, Jeanne, West MS 

Howell, George, Madison MS 

Hudson, Brian, Ripley MS 

Huffman, Wendy, Houlka 


Hughes, Karen, Beaverton 


Hughes, Sylvia, Kilmichael 


Hughey, Tameka, Coldwater 


Humphreys, Jimmy, 

Lawerence MS 

Humphries, Alicia, 

Vardaman MS 

Hussey, Amanda, Mooreville 


Seniors: Hill Hussey 

People 125 

Ingram, Chris, Brandon MS 

Ingram, Rockell, MSU 

Irons, Olivia, Philadelphia 


Isaacks, Melanie, Starkville 


Iseminger, William, Fulton 


Ismail, Muhammad, MSU 

Ivey, Melody, Pascagoula 


Ivy, John, Starkville MS 

Jackson, Meredith, Athens 


Jackson, Phillip, Starkville 


Jacob, Shannon, 

Lawrenceville GA 

Jacobs, Yamashita, 

Hermanville MS 

Jaggers, Michael, Pontotoc 


James, Pat, Houlka MS 

James, Ramondo, Clinton 


January, Andrea, Natchez 


Jarrett, Ilisha, Starkville 


Jenkins, Amy, Starkville 


Jenkins, Anita, Starkville 


Jenkins, Jennifer, Benton 


Jennings, Yolanda, 

Greenville MS 

Johnson, Adria, Carthage 


Johnson, Adrian, Moss 

Point MS 

Johnson, Adrianne, 

Starkville MS 

Johnson, Amber, Hatton AL 

Johnson, Brad, Mendenhall 


Johnson, Daniel, Madison 


Johnson, Harishma, 

Starkville MS 

Johnson, James, Sidon MS 

Johnson, Jill, Starkville MS 

Johnson, Joey, MSU 
Johnson, Joji, Pickens MS 
Johnson, Kywanna, West 
Point MS 

Johnson, LaShay, Vina AL 
Johnson, Leroy, Winona MS 

1 26 People 

Seniors : Ingram Johnson 

Johnson, Michelle, Eupora 


Johnson, Nicholas, 

Tuscaloosa AL 

Johnson, Stephanie, 

Corinth MS 

Johnson, Tonoral, 

Starkville MS 

Johnson, Whitney, Tanner 


Johnston, Catherine, 

Cordova TN 

Johnston, Monica, 

Starkville MS 

Joiner, Ray, Meridian MS 

Jones, Anna, Germantown 


Jones, Bradley, Jackson MS 

Jones, Bryan, Starkville MS 

Jones, Elizabeth, 

Germantown TN 

Jones, Emily, Senatobia MS 

Jones, Jeffery, West Point 


Jones, Keith, Long Beach 


Jones, Kelly, Starkville MS 

Jones, Kyle, Gulfport MS 

Jones, Lasandra, Jackson 


Jones, Martie, Oxford MS 

Jones, Sarah, West Point MS 

Jones, Tawana, Amory MS 

Jones, Trudy, Starkville MS 

Jones, Warren, Senatobia 


Jones, William, Mayfield 


Jones, Willie, Heidelberg 

Jordan, Jamie, Friendship 


Josefsson, Pia, Starkville 


Karr, Sterling, Starkville 


Kayes, Timothy, Long Beach 


Kelley, Lynn, Northport AL 

Kelly, Kimberly, Louisville 


Khong, Siew Woh, Bidor 


Kieronski, Justin, Meridian 


Kilgore, Tonya, Holcomb MS 

Killen, Jonathan, Florence 


Seniors : Johnson Killen 

Kilpatrick, Joshua, Ocean 

Springs MS 

Kimbrough, Kendell, 

Saltillo MS 

Kimes, Christopher, 

Starkville MS 

King, Kanitra, Ellisville MS 

King, Kevin, Robertsdale AL 

Klos, Katie, Folsom LA 

Knox, Crystal, Houlka MS 

Koonce, Omega, Columbus 


Kroner, Mark, Foxworth MS 

Kuhl, Corey, Cordova TN 

Kwok, Hing, Tremont MS 

Kyser, Christopher, Pike 

Road AL 

Ladner, Nathan, Starkville 


Ladner, Wendell, MSU 

Lamb, Jason, Hattiesburg 


Lancaster, Cory, Ripley MS 

Lancaster, Jada, Bentonia 


Lancaster, Lea Alice, 

Columbus MS 

Lang, Adrian, Bay Springs 


Langford, Andrew, 

Columbus MS 

Lauderdale, Leigh Ann, 

Meridian MS 

Laughlin, Justin, Starkville 


Lee, Jia-Erh, MSU 

Lee, Jonathan, Jackson MS 

Lee, Justin, MSU 

Lee, Lian, Hwa MSU 
Lentz, Scott, Verona MS 
LeSueur, Travis, Amory MS 
Lewis, Charisa, Sallis MS 
Lewis, John, Starkville MS 

Liaw, Judy, Miri Malaysia 

Liaw, Wai Kit, Starkville 


Liddell, Kaiya, Drew MS 

Littell, Todd, Madison MS 

Lloyd, Allyson,Vardaman 


128 People 

Seniors: Kilpatrick Lloyd 

Loftin, Bradley, Chelsea AL 

Long, Christopher, Maben 


Long, Natalie Bogue, Chitto 


Long, William, Saltillo MS 

Longino, Jamaal, Brandon 


Lopez, Giselle, Starkville 


Louviere, David, Terrytown 


Lovejoy, William, Starkville 


Lovelace, Beyonka, 

Mathiston MS 

Lubiani, Leigh Anne, 

Greenwood MS 

Luker, Elizabeth, Clinton 

Luker, Malcolm, Starkville 

Lumpkin, Brian, Picayune 

Luter, Matthew, Annadale 

Luttrell, Bejamin, Iuka MS 

Mader, John, Starkville MS 

Maffett, Cory, Pontotoc MS 

Maldonado, Alex, Ripley MS 

Mann, Leslie, Ripley MS 

Marble, Rob, Jackson MS 

Marlar, Matthew, Iuka MS 

Marshall, Jason, Columbia 


Martin, Heather, Starkville 


Martin, Karen, Steens MS 

Martin, Laura, Vicksburg 


Martin, Tamela, Waterford 


Martin, Travis, Carthage MS 

Martin-Haney, Maureen, 

Starkville MS 

Maskill, Michael, Kansas 

City MO 

Massey, Heidi, Pass 

Christian MS 

Massey, Kelley, 

Montgomery AL 

Mathews, Jennifer, 

Meridian MS 

Mathis, Lonnie, Lucedale 


Matthews, John, Starkville 


Maxwell, Shannon, 

Starkville MS 

Seniors : Loftin Maxwell 

People 129 

McAlpin, Sherrill, 

Starkville MS 

McAnally, Adam, Vicksburg 


McCall, Clayton, Vancleave 


McCann, Rick, Shuqualak 


McClain, Chris, West Point 


McCoy, Brian, Starkville MS 

McCoy, Laura, Beaufort SC 

McCoy, Michael, Kilmichael 


McCreight, Brandy, 

Pontotoc MS 

McDade, Tyler, Ridgeland 


McDaniel, Donna, Louisville 


McDonald, Jamie, Gulfport 


McDonald, Mitch, Starkville 


McElhaney, Richard, Mobile 


McGill, Sara, Oxford MS 

McGilliuray, Peter, 

Demopolis AL 

McGlothin, Virginia, 

Ackerman MS 

McGowan, Terrence, 

Seminary MS 

McGrath, Joshua, Slidell LA 

Mclnnis, Robert, Jackson 


McKay, Jenny, Canton MS 
McKenzie, Mauricka, 
Shubuta MS 
McKercher, William, 
Starkville MS 
McKey, Laura, Jackson MS 
McLaughlin, Richard, 
Pontotoc MS 

McLellan, Kimberly, Bruce 


McLemore, Mary Johns, 

Corinth MS 

McNeece, Carrie, Mooreville 


McNinch, Jeremy, Pearl MS 

McWhirter, Christy, 

Pontotoc MS 

McWhorter, Audrey, 

Greenville MS 

McWillie, Anastasia, 

Aberdeen MS 

Meadows, Joanna, Madison 


Medders, Jason, Trussville 


Meek, Allyson, Brandon MS 

'" ita 

130 People 

Seniors: McAlpin Meek 

Melton, Kelly, Enterprise 


Miller, Hilary, Picayune MS 

Miller, Kim, MSU 

Mills, James, Starkville MS 

Ming, Charles, Louisville 


Mitchell, David, Sidon MS 

Mitchell, Jennifer, Corinth 


Mitchell, Michael, Picayune 


Moncada, Gloria, New 

Orleans LA 

Monroy, Cesar, Starkville 


Montgomery, Elizabeth, 

Madison MS 

Montgomery, Frank, 

Madison MS 

Moore, Alex Jackson, MS 

Moore, Amanda, Carthage 


Moore, Bryan, Philadelphia 


Moore, Catherine, 

Collierville TN 

Moore, Jennifer, Clinton MS 

Moore, Mandolyn, Laurel 


Moore, Tiki, Columbus MS 

Moore, Watteesha, Columbus 


Moran, Micki, Ocean Springs 


Moree, Leslie, Starkville MS 

Morris, Stephanie, Madison 


Morrison-Ward, Emilie, 

Jackson TN 

Morton, Timothy, Pearl 

River LA 

Mosley, Brooks, Clinton MS 

Murphree, Bethany, Spruce 

Pine AL 

Murphree, Justin, 

Clarksdale MS 

Murray, Michael, Pheba MS 

Mustiful, Adrienne, 

Zachary LA 

Mwaura, Samuel, Thika 


Myers, Lindsay, Grenada MS 

Nabors, Aisha, Columbus 


Nail, Misty, Columbus MS 

Nanney, Carmen, Corinth 


Seniors : Melton Nanney 

People 131 

Necaise, Jena, Laurel MS 

Needham, Benjamin, Laurel 


Neely, Tammy, Fascagoula 


Neely, Turkesha, West Point 


Neill, Catherine, Leland MS 

Newell, Jeffrey, Tupelo MS 

Newman, Casey, Starkville 


Newman, Leslie, Rolling 

Fork MS 

Nicholis, Terrence, 

Louisville MS 

Nichols, Anna, Houston MS 

Nitcavic, Joey, Biloxi MS 

Noble, Jon, MSU 

Noble, Phillip, Southaven 


Norman, Takesha, 

Greenville MS 

Norman, Tyler, Newton MS 

Norris, Patrick, Starkville 


Norris, Toni, Starkville MS 

Novarini, Andrew, Long 

Beach MS 

Nowell, Caroline, Greenville 


Null, Tom, Meridian MS 

Oakes, Marissa, MSU 

Obrien, Michael, Starkville 


Odom, Dean, Clinton MS 

Oliver, Celena, Holly 

Springs MS 

Oliver, William, Huntsville 


Ong, Dillon, Starkville MS 

Orange, Victoria, Senatobia 


Owens, Brock, Rogersville 


Owens, Emily, Mt. Joliet TN 

Owens, Jenny, McHenry MS 

Owens, Takiela, Louisville 


Oyler, Charlie, Tupelo MS 

ONeal, Alison, Lucedale MS 

Pace, Kevin, Marietta GA 

Page, Jolene, Kiln MS 

32 People 

Seniors: NeCaise Page 

Paisley, James, Enterprise 


Palmer, Nathaniel, Olive 

Branch MS 

Papisan, Johnny, Kosciusko 


Pare, Jeremie, Birmingham 


Park, Jae-Heung, MSU 

Parker, Amy, Ocean Springs 


Parker, Jessica, Centralia 


Parker, Timothy, Bruce MS 

Parker, William, Brandon 


Parkerson, Jason, 

Greenville MS 

Parks, John, Starkville MS 

Parrott, Wade, Alabaster AL 

Partee, Shelton, Sardis MS 

Partridge, Jennifer, 

Meridian MS 

Patel, Vimal, Starkville MS 

Patton, Julia, Madison MS 

Payton, Latasha, Clinton MS 

Peairs, Stephen, Starkville 


Pearson, Alison, Amory MS 

Pedroli, Maryann, 

Germantown TN 

Peiris, Haishan, Ratmalana 


Penny, Ed, Hattiesburg MS 

Penrose, Tim, Memphis TN 

Perdue, Adrienne, Columbus 


Perera, Emil, Jonesboro GA 

Perkins, John, Clinton MS 

Perry, Peslie, Starkville MS 

Perry, Troy, Starkville MS 

Peterson, Jason, Monticello 


Peterson, Valencia, 

Greenville MS 

Phillips, Allison, Balwyn 


Phillips, Jimmi, Starkville 


Phillips, Kelly, Petal MS 

Phillips, Sarah, French 

Camp MS 

Phipps, Nikki, Tupelo MS 

Seniors: Paisley...... Phipps 

People 133 

Pickett, Leslie, Toomsiiba 


Pickett, Robert, Toomsiiba 


Pigg, Gail, Carthage MS 

Pigman, Eric, Harrodsburg 


Pltchford, Josh, Bowling 

Green KY 

Pitt, Claire, Fayetteville NC 

Pittman, Dale, Monticello 


Plunkett, Erica, Benton MS 

Pohl, Kristin, Greenville MS 

Poole, Amanda, Huntsville 


Poole, Cameron, Centre AL 

Poppell, Joy, North Pole AK 

Porter, Meredith, Tupelo MS 

Posadas, Benedict Kit, 

Pascagoula MS 

Powe, Allison, Starkville 


Powell, Lucille, Jackson MS 

Powell, Robert, Ridgeland 


Pratt, Derrick, Ackerman 


Prescott, Toni, Starkville 


Presley, Lance, Tupelo MS 

Price, Robert, Coldwater AL 

Price, Thomas, Jackson MS 

Prisock, Charissa, 

Starkville MS 

Prude, Shelenia, Columbus 


Purvis, Deborah, Jackson 


Purvis, Liston, Raymond MS 
Quave, Jason, Vancleave MS 
Rahim, Mohammed, 
Starkville MS 
Rambus, Arteria, West 
Point MS 

Ramsey, Anna, Lexington 

Ray, Patrick, Starkville MS 

Ray, Trip, Kendallville IN 

Reeves, Audrey, Columbus 


Regala, Shane, Gulfport MS 

Regalado, Gerda, Starkville 


Seniors: Pickett Regaldo 

Regan, Joel, Kosciusko MS 

Reid, John, Starkville MS 

Renaud, WiUiam, Vicksburg 


Reves, Thomas, Starkville 


Reynolds, Angela, 

Noxapater MS 

Reynolds, Robert, Colombus 


Rhodes, Scott, Madison MS 

Rice, Christyna, Tucson AZ 

Richards, David, Starkville 


Richey, Drew, New Albany 


Richey, Kristen, New 

Albany MS 

Rickles, Mary, Birmingham 


Rigby, Zachary, Brooklyn 


Rigdon, John, Flowood MS 

Riley, Kenyetta, MSU 

Risher, Krisan, Sebastopol 


Robbins, Nathan, Pontotoc 


Roberson, Chloe, New 

Albany MS 

Roberson, Terri, Mathiston 


Roberts, David, Aberdeen 


Roberts, James, Gulfport MS 

Roberts, Latoya, Winona MS 

Roberts, Victoria, 

Starkville MS 

Robertson, Carey, Starkville 


Robinson, Amy, Quitman MS 

Robinson, Ann, Belden MS 

Robinson, Clifton, 

Fascagoula MS 

Robinson, Linda, Yazoo City 


Robinson, Roshonda, 

Vicksburg MS 

Robinson, Shalisha, 

Starkville MS 

Rogan, Ashley, Starkville 


Rogers, Ana, Troy AL 

Rogers, Anthony, 

Pelahatchie MS 

Rogers, Jason, Pearl MS 

Rogers, Joe, Guntown MS 

Seniors : Regan Rogers 

People 135 

Rogers, Kary, Hattiesburg 


Rogers, Shana, Morton MS 

Rogers, Tracey, Canton NC 

Rowell, Rita, Starkville MS 

Rowzee, James, Ray 

Starkville MS 

Rudolphi, Adam, Scottslooro 


Russell, Brandi, Corinth. MS 

Russo, Richard, Burnsville 


Ruth, Dawn, Columbus MS 

Saenz, Carlos, Clinton MS 

Sanders, Michelle, Long 

Beach MS 

Sanders, Tabitha, Vicksburg 


Sanford, Michael, Raymond 


Santmyer, Jeana, Brandon 


Schmerge, Samantha, 

Starkville MS 

Schmerge, Scott, Starkville 


Schuhmann, Michael, 

Campbellsville MS 

Schulte, Russell, Fenton MO 

Scianna, Steve, Picayune MS 

Scioneaux, Damian, 

Starkville MS 

Scott, Gary, Nettleton MS 

Scott, Heather, Starkville 


Seal, Leo, Bay St. Louis MS 

Seal, Wallace, Bay St. Louis 


Seeley, Misty, Decatur MS 

Selmon, Stacie, Koscinsko 


Senter, Michelle, Fulton MS 

Serio, Nicki, Greenville MS 

Shaikh, Noaman, Karachi 


Shannon, TaShia, 

Philadelphia MS 

Shapley, Richard, Clinton 


Sharp, Breckin, Marion MS 

Shaw, Brian, Forest MS 

Sherwood, Jason, MSU 

Shields, Keysha, Shuqualak 


i V 

136 People 

Seniors: Rogers Shields 

Shires, Justin, Starkville 


Shive, Michael, Cleveland 


Shivers, Chris, Tylertown 


Shumaker, Samantha, 

Columbus MS 

Shumpert, Chaka, Fulton 


Sikes, Rebecca, Carthage MS 

Simpson, Angela, Corinth 


Simpson, Arundel, Jackson 


Simpson, Beth, Vancleave 


Simpson, Clinton, Columbus 


Simpson, Jason, Newbern 


Sistrunk, Shea, Jackson MS 

Sivasingam, Siva, MSU 

Skelton, Nancy, Houston MS 

Skipper, Clay, Starkville MS 

Smart, Brandi, Starkville 


Smith, Ann-Margaret, 

Memphis TN 

Smith, Cassandra, 

Starkville MS 

Smith, Cedric, Starkville MS 

Smith, Clay, Hattiesburg MS 

Smith, David, Ethel MS 

Smith, David, MSU 

Smith, Jeanne, 

Plantersville MS 

Smith, Jessica, Coldwater 


Smith, Jondrea, Lexington 


Smith, Kirk, Ocean Springs 


Smith, Michael, Clinton MS 

Smith, Steven, Keller TX 

Smith, Tony, Macon MS 

Smizer, Beth, Birmingham 


Sollie, Dana, Meridian MS 

Sorrell, John, Gulfport MS 

Spencer, Brandy, 

Philadelphia MS 

Spencer, Melissa, Houston 


Spurlin, Jeff, Millbrook AL 

Seniors: Shires Spurlin 

People 137 

Stamper, Adria, Decatur MS 

Steadman, Christy, Maben 


Stephens, Dudley, Benoit 


Stephens, Jeffrey, Sumrall 


Stephens, LaToya, Laurel 


Stephenson, Candace, 

Ackerman MS 

Stewart, Anna, Pascagoula 


Stewart, Leonard, 

Pascagoula MS 

Stockstill, Jill, Picayune MS 

Stone, Laura, Mantee MS 

Storment, Jamie, Golden MS 

Storment, Michael, Golden 


Strain, Jason, Germantown 


Strawn, Mandy, Port Gibson 


Street, Bryan, Portland TN 

Stringer, Todd, Taylorsville 


Stuart, Mitchell, Morton MS 

Stults, Tim, Saltillo MS 

Sullivan, Sonja, Brandon MS 

Swain, Bradley, Starkville 


Sweitzer, Emily, Rome GA 

Szymanski, Sheila, Long 

Beach MS 

Tabb, Caleb, Houston MS 

Tadlock, Laura, Lake MS 

Tahai, Mariam, Starkville 


Tan, Meng-onn, Malaysia 

Tan, Wei, MSU 

Tapp, Shannon, Booneville 


Taquino, Karen, Long Beach 


Tarazona, Juan, MSU 

Tarpley, Lissa, Haughton 


Tate, Yashica, Macon MS 

Taulbee, Ashley, Long Beach 


Taylor, Allyson, Laurel MS 

Taylor, Bradley, Booneville 


138 People 

Seniors: Stamper Taylor 

Taylor, Jeremy, Grenada MS 

Taylor, Jonathan, Meridian 


Teh, Chong Meng, Starkville 


Temple, Jessie, Petal MS 

Terry, Lindsey, West Point 


Thorn, Colin, Austin TX 

Thomas, Charlotte, 

Meridian MS 

Thomas, Martha Jane, New 

Albany MS 

Thompson, Joshua, Pulaski 


Thornell, Kathleen, 

Shreveport LA 

Thornton, Kendra, 

Greenville MS 

Thumann, Joshua, Utica WE 

Thurston, Shannon, 

Columbus MS 

Tillery, George, York AL 

Tillman, Joyce, Brookhaven 


Ting, Audrey, Starkville MS 

Trauth, Ryan, Jonesboro AR 

Travis, James, Ocean 

Springs MS 

Trice, Katrinka, Verona MS 

Trimble, Michelle, Corinth 


Trimble, Myra, Corinth MS 

Tuggle, Randol, Lake Village 


Turner, Chris, Corinth MS 

Turner, Karla, Raymond MS 

Turner, Thomas, Starkville 


Umfress, Jeff, Mantachie 


Umfress, Tracy, Fulton MS 

Underwood, Beth, Newbern 


Velcek, Carolyn, Stewart MS 

Vickery, John, Raymond MS 

Vise, Michael, Oneonta AL 

Voon, Seng Loong, 

Starkville MS 

Vowell, Bustin, Kosciusko 


Wade, Amanda, Germantown 


Wade, Franky, Biloxi MS 

Seniors: Taylor Wade 

People 139 

Walker, Matthew, Gulfport 


Walker, William, Pheba MS 

Wallace, Jason, Brandon MS 

Wallace, Lawanda, Fayette 


Wallis, Brandon, Ocean 

Springs MS 

Walters, Russell, Brooklyn 


Walton, John, Athens AL 

Wamsley, Elizabeth, Glen 


Ward, Leigh, Brownsville 


Ward, Robert, Madison MS 

Ward, Thiquita, Starkville 


Warren, James, Stone 

Mountain GA 

Warren, Reggie, Tupelo MS 

Washington, Rynetta, MSU 

Watkins, Jennifer, Union 

City TN 

Watson, Paige, Eupora MS 

Weaver, Angela, Starkville 


Webb, Amy, Raleigh MS 

Webb, Emmett, Brandon MS 

Weeks, Claire, Union 

Church MS 

Weeks, Danny, Kilmichael 


Weeks, Holley, Clinton MS 

Wells, Laurie, DeRidder LA 

Westerfield, Scott, Brandon 


Wheelock, Alex, Covington 


Whipple, Holly, Tupelo MS 

Whipple, Josh, Tupelo MS 

Whisenhunt, Mary, Moody 


Whitaker, Emily, Starkville 


White, Allison, Starkville 


White, George, Jackson MS 

White, James, Starkville MS 

Wicks, Candice, Crawford 


Wiggins, Scott, Porterville 


Wigginton, Sandy, Golden 


140 People 

Seniors: Walker Wigginton 

Wigley, Amanda, Moss Point 


Wijeratne, Ranil, Starkville 


Wiley, David, Jackson MS 

Wilkins, Kevin, Olive 

Branch MS 

Wilkinson, Kimberly, 

Starkville MS 

Willard, Karen, Pontotoc MS 

Williams, Angel, MSU 

Williams, Betty, Jackson MS 

Williams, Brent, Starkville 


Williams, Dischedia, 

Starkville MS 

Williams, Janet, Starkville 


Williams, Kallie, Starkville 


Williams, Lance, Madison 


Williams, Mark, Goodman 


Williamson, Richard, 

Memphis TN 

Willis, Kevin, Toomsuba MS 

Wilson, David, Crowder MS 

Wilson, Jacqulyn, Columbus 


Wimberly, Jacob, Florence 


Wimmer, Jessica, Columbus 


Winter, Joshua, Walnut MS 
Winters, Marion, Kosciusko 

Wise, Donny, N. Little Rock 

Wiseman, Roy, Southaven 

Witt, Jeffrey, Olive Branch 


Witty, Shannon, Kilmichael 


Wolfe, Melissa, Starkville 


Wong, Jeffrey, Starkville 


Wood, Kelly, Ellisville MS 

Wood, Keshia, Booneville 


Wood, Kristy, Athens AL 

Woods, Andrea, MSU 

Wooley, Steven, Ripley MS 

Wootem, Will, West Point 


Wooten, Eric, Germantown 


Seniors: Wigley Wooten 

People 141 

Wright, Adam, Coledonia MS 

Wu, Xiaolai, MSU 

Wynn, Ann, Ridgeland MS 

Yeatman, Cherri, Stewart 


Yeow, Shah-Ching, Malaysia 

Young, Deborah, Kosciusko 


Young, Margaret, Starkville 


Zender, William, Pascagonla 


Zeno, Arthur, New Orleans 


Zuniga, Roger, Managua 


State Snaps 

Candid photos aby Will Smith 

142 People 

Seniors: Wright Zuniga 


Acallister, Katie, Tupelo MS 

Adams, Brooke, Macon MS 

Aldridge, Heather, Natchez MS 

Aired, Casey, Nettleton MS 

Anderson, Narshunda, Fayette MS 

Anderson, Shalonda, Fayette MS 

Anderson, Tiffany, Gulfport MS 

Andrews, Antoinette, Tylertown MS 

Angelo, Jamie, Clinton MS 

Armstrong, Christopher, Kosciusko 


Arnoult, Cameron, Metairie LA 

Atkinson, Curtis, Starkville MS 

Aultman, Shellie, Starkville MS 

Autry, John, Sallis MS 

Aziz, Maryam, Vicksburg MS 

Bailey, Eris, Cordona TN 

Bailey, Kyra, Clarksdale MS 

Baker, Rita, Canton MS 

Ballard, Jennifer, Clinton MS 

Balmut, Matthew, Alabaster AL 

Bankhead, Autumn, Okolona MS 

Banks, Sandy, Belzoni MS 

Barden, Alicia, Brownsville TN 

Barnes, Blair, Jackson MS 

Barron, Melissa, Liberty MS 

Barry, Tabatha, Columbus MS 

Battaya, Alicia, Biloxi MS 

Beazley, Allison, Crystal Springs MS 

Beck, Lee, Huston LA 

Beith, Danielle, Southaven MS 

Juniors: Acallister Beith 

People 143 

Bell, Mark, Starkville MS 
Bell, Tremon, Aberdeen MS 
Benjamin, Katherine, Pontotoc MS 
Bennett, Jonathan, New Albany MS 
Benton, Brad, Amory MS 

Bergin, Patrick, Madison MS 
Berry, Erin, Hattiesburg MS 
Berry, Ryan, New Hebron MS 
Biggers, Michelle, Vicksburg MS 
Biggs, Stephen, Decatur AL 

Biley, Crystel, Vardaman MS 
Bishop, Tanya, Booneville MS 
Blackwell, Beau, Terry MS 
Blackwell, Emily, Ridgeland MS 
Blair, Kelli, Birmingham AL 

Blake, Elizabeth, Starkville MS 
Blakely, Jeff, Memphis TN 
Bloodworth, Ashley, Scobey MS 
Bonds, Rick, Olive Branch MS 
Boone, Amanda, Poplarville MS 

Boothe, Kristen, Fairhope AL 
Bowers, Alicia, Purvis MS 
Bowlin, WiU, Hickory Flat MS 
Brady, JhaNae, Grenada MS 
Brand, Ashley, Birmingham AL 

Briscoe, Pam, Eupora MS 

Brizzolara, Jennifer, New Orleans 


Brock, Tera, Corinth MS 

Bryant, Elizabeth, Ripley MS 

Buckhalter, Deidre, Columbus MS 

Bufkin, Gregory, Hattiesburg MS 
Buhner, Pamela, Jackson MS 
Buie, Shemeca, Brookhaven MS 
Burnett, Marquis, Aberdeen MS 
Burt, Allison, Louisville MS 

Burt, Jason, Houlka MS 
Butler, Brooke, Hattiesburg MS 
Butler, Clementine, Porterville MS 
Butler, Craig, Starkville MS 
Call, Jennifer, Starkville MS 

Juniors: Bell Call 

Cannon, Jana, Starkville MS 

Carr, Catherine, Columbus MS 

Carr, Eushekia, Clinton MS 

Carr, Reginald, Ridgeland MS 

Carr, Tamikia, Clinton MS 

Carroll, Julia, Brinkley AR 

Carter, Lakesha, Jackson MS 

Carver, Beth, Pope MS 

Cash, Jeremy, Panama City FL 

Castile, Tara, Iuka MS 

Castillo, Emilio, Starkville MS 

Catt, Jimmy, Sturgis MS 

Cavin, Jonathon, Slaughter LA 

Cayson, Candice, Tupelo MS 

Charles, Cole, Southaven MS 

Chesney, Lisa, Union MS 

Childs, David, Huntsville AL 

Clark, Jennifer, Olive Branch MS 

Clayton, Sean, Meridian MS 

Cleveland, Brit, Union MS 

Coates, Andy, Columbia TN 

Coker, Adam, Laurel MS 

Cole, Leigh, Corinth MS 

Coleman, Allen, Fulton MS 

Coleman, Kelly, Jackson MS 

Coleman, Sheila, Shuqualak MS 

Collier, Amy, Jackson MS 

Collins, Antoine, Jackson MS 

Conn, April, Philadelphia MS 

Cook, William, Vicksburg MS 

Cope, Elizabeth, Clinton MS 

Counce, Kristi, Corinth MS 

Covington, Casey, Enterprise MS 

Cowart, Kristi, Lucedale MS 

Craig, Ashley, Olive Branch MS 

Craven, Anthony, Clinton MS 

Crawford, Nikki, Louisville MS 

Crawford, Ramona, Okolona MS 

Crenshaw, Joli, Starkville MS 

Crigler, Ellie, St. Joseph LA 

Juniors: Cannon Crigler 

People 145 

Crosby, Barry, Greenville MS 
Culwell, Cassandra, Starkville MS 
Cutrer, Carla, Hattiesburg MS 
Cyr, Melissa, Vicksburg MS 
Dabbs, Trent, Stuttgart AR 

Daniel, William, Florence MS 
Darby, Marlena, New Orleans LA 
Darnell, Ashley, Athens AL 
Darnell, Laura, Coldwater MS 
Davidson, Matthew, Tupelo MS 

Davis, Latonya, Houston MS 
Davis, Robin, Ellisville MS 
Davis, Valerie, Hernando MS 
DeBarge, Derek, Pearl MS 
DeLoach, Seth, Hendersonville NC 

Dempsey, Angela, Louisville MS 
Dennery, Nicole, Jackson MS 
Derden, Leighann, MSXJ 
DeVille, Chris, Ridgeland MS 
Diaz, Andres, Maturin Venezuela 

Dickerson, Kadie, Ripley MS 
Dion, Paul, Covington LA 
Dixon, Lawrence, Yazoo City MS 
Dollar, Daniel, Pearl MS 
Dollar, Leslie, Nathcez MS 

Dongarra, Vincent, Starkville MS 
Dotson, Kimberly, Big Creek MS 
Dunnam, Rob, Blue Mountain MS 
Dyer, Ryan, Ridgeland MS 
Dykes, Melody, Tupelo MS 

Easley, Jake, Dundee MS 
Easterling, Crystal, Jackson MS 
Edwards, Jill, Quitman MS 
Elam, Lashundra, N. Carrollton MS 
Ellis, Almon, Starkville MS 

Ellis, Anthony, Natchez MS 
Ellis, Jonathan, Starkville MS 
Ellison, John, Woodland MS 
English, Brock, Booneville MS 
Ervin, Natheon, Sontag MS 

146 People 

Juniors: Crosby Ervin 

Everitt, Ed, Jackson MS 

Fahrner, Matt, Jackson MS 

Farmer, Kelly, Meridian MS 

Faulkner, Josh, Canton MS 

Fazel, Robert, Meridian MS 

Nm mm ft „ m '-* 

Fields, Loni, Starkville MS 

Fillingim, Todd, Cantonment FL 

Fisher, Matt, Indianolia MS 

Flores, Angel, Lyon MS 

Flores, Nicolas, Starkville MS 

Flowers, Brian, Tupelo MS 

Flowers, Cuwanda, Greenwood MS 

Floyd, Kennetra, Papillion WE 

Foxworth, Russell, Picayune MS 

Fraser, Eric, Colorado Springs CO 

Frederick, Richard, Tremont MS 

Ganas, Gretchen, Lumberton MS 

Gaskin, Ashley, Verona MS 

Gaston, Detrick, Calhoun City MS 

Genin, John, Bay St Louis MS 

George, Gabriel, Biloxi MS 

Gholston, Alisha, Fulton MS 

Gianakos, Krilecia, Meridian MS 

Giarrusso, Olivia, Mandeville LA 

Gitter, Mindy, Coldwater MS 

Glover, Chris, Pontotoc MS 

Goldman, Justin, DeKalb MS 

Goldsmith, Tina, Vicksburg MS 

Goode, Kristen, Olive Branch MS 

Goree, Telisha, MSU 

Goss, Vivian, Union MS 

Goudelock, Jason, Amory MS 

Graham, Reginald, Maben MS 

Graham, Zack, Pleasant View TN 

Green, Leslie, Vicksburg MS 

Green, Steven, Gautier MS 

Greenwood, Dana, Coldwater MS 

Greer, Jeff, Starkville MS 

Griffin, Emily, Cleveland MS 

Griffin, Spencer, Cleveland MS 

Juniors: Everitt Griffin 

Grimes, Jamie, Mantachie MS 
G-rims, Toshunda, Shelby MS 
Grisham, Amanda, Starkville MS 
Grisham, David, Ripley MS 
Grisham, Rocco, Starkville MS 

Guth, Brad, Tremont MS 
Guyton, Cozette, Drew MS 
Hamby, Karen, Olive Branch MS 
Hamilton, Jason, Ecru MS 
Hammond, Brian, Tupelo MS 

Hardy, John, Columbus MS 
Harkins, Daniel, Jackson MS 
Harmon, Dietrich, Koscuisko MS 
Harrigill, Amanda, Jackson MS 
Hart, Benjamin, Madison MS 

Hastings, Melissa, Huntsville AL 
Hathcock, Levi, Stewart MS 
Havard, Ann, Lucedale MS 
Havens, Mary, Yazoo City MS 
Hawks, April, Senatobia MS 

Hayes, Joshua, Gunnison CO 
Hayes, Natalie, Goodman MS 
Haynes, Denise, Gulfport MS 
Hays, Angela, Starkville MS 
Henderson, Robert, Greenwood MS 

Henderson, Tiffany, Brookhaven MS 
Hendrix, Shelley, Marietta MS 
Henry, Neely, Kosciusko MS 
Hentz, Telena, Tupelo MS 
Hernandez, Krystal, Aberdeen MS 

Hickman, Amanda, Columbus MS 
Hicks, Robin, Starkville MS 
Hill, Amy, Tiplersville MS 
Hill, Jana, Cedar Bluff MS 
Hinton, Erica, Starkville MS 

Hodo, Julia, Selma AL 
Hoff, Angela, Oakland MS 
Hogan, Inger, Starkville MS 
Holliman, Kate, Hattiesburg MS 
Holloway, Kerri, Indianola MS 

148 People 

Juniors: Grimes Holloway 

Holzaepfel, Kristian, Saraland AL 

Holzhauer, Jared, Starkville MS 

Hopkins, LeAnne, Winona MS 

Houpt, Damon, Ridgeland MS 

House, Jeni, Jackson MS 

Howard, Henry, West Point MS 

Huffman, Heidi, Woodland MS 

Huffman, Madeline, Starkville MS 

Hughes, Kodi, Grenada MS 

Hull, Casey, Meridian MS 

Hunter, Kate, Sturgis MS 
Hursey, Katherine, Pass Christian 


Hussey, Chris, Tupelo MS 

Imparato, Aimee, Kissimmee FL 

Ingram, Sharlee, Carthage MS 

Irtoy, David, Sandhill MS 

Ishee, John, Quitman MS 

James, Erica, Vicksburg MS 

Jamieson, Lori, Tupelo MS 

Jarrell, Joseph, Muscle Shoals AL 

Jefcoat, Rebecca, Laurel MS 

Jennings, James, Eupora MS 

Jernigan, Chawan, Louisville MS 

Johnson, Bradley, Taylorsville MS 

Johnson, Hope, Starkville MS 

Johnson, Rodney, Starkville MS 

Johnson, Tiffany, Starkville MS 

Johnson, Willie, Jackson MS 

Johnston, Michael, Vicksburg MS 

Johnston, Sharon, Brandon MS 

Jolley, Matt, Starkville MS 

Jones, Adam, Brandon MS 

Jones, DeMarcus, Lauderdale MS 

Jones, Jameesa, Columbus MS 

Jones, Kelly, Birmingham AL 

Juniors : Holzapf el Jones 

Jones, Lauren, Greenville MS 

Jones, Maxine, Roxie MS 

Jones, Sherry, Aliceville AL 

Jones, Tamara, Columbus MS 

Jones, Timothy, Starkville MS 

People 149 

Jordan, Derrick, Jackson MS 
Jordan, Haley, Kosciusko MS 
Jordan, Jeff, Madison MS 
Joyce, Melissa, Southaven MS 
Jue, Jeffrey, Jackson MS 

Juneau, Jim-Slade, Kansas City MO 
Kalb, Brent, Galion OH 
Kaminski, Matt, Starkville MS 
Karr, Alex, Starkville MS 
Kaye, Kristofer, Grand Bay AL 

Keith, Heather, Madison MS 
Kelley, Danny, Florence AL 
Kemp, Edward, Starkville MS 
Kennedy, Karen, Savannah TN 
King, Dana, Carthage MS 

Kirk, Zackory, DeKalb MS 
Kirkland, Patrick, Philadelphia MS 
Knighten, Cordell, MSU 
Kosko, John, Greenwood MS 
Kua, Yeow Choon, Starkville MS 

Land, Amy, Hattiesburg MS 
Lane, Catoria, West Point MS 
Lawrence, Mark, StarkviFa MS 
Lay, Amanda, Birmingham AL 
Lee, David, Greenville MS 

Lee, Eric, Ackerman MS 
Lee, Eunsuh, Starkville MS 
Lee, James, Starkville MS 
LeGoff, Jennifer, Corinth MS 
Lehman, Keri, Starkville MS 

Lemly, Jennifer, Brandon MS 
Leonard, Alan, Columbus MS 
Leonard, Julie, Corinth MS 
Lesley, Tara, Fulton MS 
Lewis, William, Greenville MS 

Lindsey, Michelle, Cruger MS 
Linson, Hillary, Jackson MS 
Livingston, Terri, Russellville AL 
Logan, Scott, Germantown TN 
Loman, Ali, Slidell LA 


Juniors : Jordan Loman 

Long, Ginger, Baldwyn MS 

Lopez, Gil, Hattiesburg MS 

Lott, Chantel, Grenada MS 

Lowrey, Adam, Louisville MS 

Lusk, Mandy, Biloxi MS 

Manuel, Molly Jackson MS 

Marasca, Jeff Gautier MS 

Markham, Justin Greenwood Spring 


Martin, Kevin Lumberton MS 

Mason, Chad Brandon MS 

Mayes, Temyche, Holly Springs MS 

Mayo, Steven, MSU 

Mcafee, Stacy, Jackson MS 

McCotry, Keisha, West Point MS 

McCurdy, Chris, Greenwood MS 

McDonald, Brian, Pearl MS 

Mclntyre, Marcus, Starkville MS 

McKenzie, Brad, Starkville MS 

McLaughlin, Caragh, Starkville MS 

McLeod, Katie, Senatobia MS 

McMahon, Allison, Brandon MS 

McMillan, Amanda, Forest MS 

McQuirter, Jamie, Starkville MS 

Meador, Daniel, Vicksburg MS 

Meadows, Brandy, Cordova TN 

Meeks, Raegan, Cleveland MS 

Melton, Lorie, Trussville AL 

Midcalf, Ebony, Gulfport MS 

Miles, Amanda, Union MS 

Milevsky, Alex, Madison MS 

Miller, Jessica, Weik MS 

Miller, Rashanna, Weir MS 

Mills, Amanda, Nettleton MS 

Millwee, Allyson, Decatur AL 

Ming, Laura, Starkville MS 

Juniors: Long Moody 

Minor, Jared, Starkville MS 

Mitchell, Amanda, Eupora MS 

Mitchell, Matt, Eupora MS 

Moeschle, Kimberly, Bartlett TN 

Moody, Antonio, Milwaukee WI 

People 151 

Moore, Anne, Marie Corinth MS 
Moore, Charles, Roanoke VA 
Moore, Dana, Franklin TN 
Moore, David, Vicksburg MS 
Moore, Jennifer, Okolona MS 

Moore, Maryann, Brooksville MS 
Morant, LaManda, Macon MS 
Morant, Lapari, Macon MS 
Morant, Laura, Macon MS 
Morgan, Jennifer, Starkville MS 

Morrison, Leslie, Madison MS 
Morse, Winston, Mobile AL 
Mosley, Cat.rina, Pheba MS 
Moss, Sherry, Lena MS 
Mulhern, Marissa, Memphis TN 

Murphy, Terrell, Clinton MS 
Myers, Anne Nicole, Huntsville AL 
Myles, Megan, Jackson MS 
Nation, Joy, Gore Springs MS 
Nelson, Cedric, Oxford MS 

New, Kris, GUen Allan MS 
Newsom, Bobby, Starkville MS 
Nguyen, Nghia, Starkville MS 
Nichols, Frank, Starkville MS 
Nixon, Sally, Moulton AL 

Noel, Brad, Laurel MS 
Nordquist, Andrew, Yazoo City MS 
Nored, Elizabeth, Olive Branch MS 
Norris, Adele, Bay Springs MS 
Norton, Tracy, Brandon MS 

Null, Kapree, Meridian MS 

Nunez-Rogers, Lorena, Maturin 


Nuzzolo, Abby, Hortense GA 

Nuzzolo, Alfred, Hortense GA 

Oakley, Daniel, Starkville MS 

Ormon, Margaret, Hickory Flat MS 
Oswalt, Chandler, Monroe LA 
Ourage, Verneka, MSU 
Outlaw, Brenecia, Starkville MS 
Overby, Kimberly, Meridian MS 

152 People 

Juniors: Moore Overby 

Ozbirn, Elisha, Rienzi MS 

Pace, David, Tupelo MS 

Pagan, Melonie, Starkville MS 

Papisan, Mary, Kosciusko MS 

Pargman, Randy, Starkville MS 

Parish, Jessica, McComb MS 

Park, Chris, Belden MS 

Parker, Phillip, Moss Point MS 

Parkinson, Jennifer, Durant MS 

Patton, Dexter, Red Banks MS 

Paulk, John, Belden MS 

Paulk, Rodney, Belden MS 

Payne, David, Vicksberg MS 

Payne, Johnna, Vicksburg MS 

Pegg, Laura, Grenada MS 

Perozo, Erik, Lake MS 

Perteet, Igina, Sallis MS 

Peterson, Arquela, Starkville MS 

Pettiegrew, Arnetra, Greenville MS 

Phelps, Ashley, Germantown TK 

Pierce, Melissa, Hoover AL 

Pingul, Kevin, Long Beach MS 

Pittman, Maci, Gore Springs MS 

Pittman, Natasha, Clarksdale MS 

Pitts, Eddie, Hernando MS 

Pitts, Heather, Brandon MS 

Piatt, Mary Ann, Memphis TN 

Porter, Avery, Jackson MS 

Posadas, Loraine, Pascagoula MS 

Potson, Demetrice, Grenada MS 

Pounders, Brian, Golden MS 

Powell, Laurie, Gulfport MS 

Powell, Marsha, Starkville MS 

Powell, Mike, Starkville MS 

Prather, Luther, Falkner MS 

Presley, Marques, Sledge MS 

Price, Carrie, Moss Point MS 

Queen, Adrew, Baton Rouge LA 

Quinn, Alshunda, Drew MS 

Rainer, Brian, Toomsuba MS 

Juniors : Ozbirn Rainer 

Raley, Matthew, MSTJ 
Rapert, McGee, Indianola MS 
Rawson, James, Meridian MS 
Redwine, Tonya, Mooreville MS 
Reed, Scott, West Point MS 

Reeves, Brad, Jackson MS 

Reeves, Jenny, Oxford MS 

Reynolds, Alicia, Noxapater MS 

Richardson, Annitra, Brookhaven 


Richardson, Kim, Brandon MS 

Rigby, Quinn, Diamondhead MS 
Riley, Sheri, Hattiesburg MS 
Robbins, Dayna, Daleville MS 
Roberson, Laura, Sturgis MS 
Robertson, Bradley, Columbus MS 

Robertson, Nathan, Ripley MS 
Robinson, Jasmine, Starkville MS 
Robinson, Lithonya, Starkville MS 
Robinson, Sheriece, Greenville MS 
Rodgers, Tracy, Columbia MS 

Rogers, Aaron, Meadville MS 
Rousseau, Brandon, Paducah KY 
Rowland, William, Corinth MS 
Rudolphi, Ben, Scottsboro AL 
Russell, Joshua, Southaven MS 

Ruth, Lara, Huntsville AL 
Salcedo, Francisco, Caripe Venezuela 
Sallie, Ayesha, Drew MS 
Santos, Robert, Columbus MS 
Saunders, Ryan, Rideland MS 

Sayle, Bob, Lake Cormornat MS 
Scales, Latesha, Starkville MS 
Schultz, Nathaniel, Huntsville AL 
Scott, Janna, Starkville MS 
Scott, Stephanie, Columbus MS 

Scott, Yakieshal, Greenville MS 
Seals, Ryan, Poplarville MS 
Segars, Suzanne, Saltillo MS 
Sessums, Robert, Jackson MS 
Seymer, Jennifer, Starkville MS 

154 People 

Juniors : Raley Seymer 

Shamburger, Kathryn, Brandon MS 

Shaw, Missy, Slidell LA 

Sheehan, Jill, Hickman KY 

Sheffield, Mariana, Fulton MS 

Sholes, Eric, Huntsville AL 

Short, Chara, Germantown TN 

Shumpert, Kamelia, Oxford MS 

Shumpert, Susan, Tupelo MS 

Sidney, Laura, Prattville AL 

Simmons, Hannah, MSU 

Simmons, Jennifer, Athens AL 

Singleterry, Steven, Pearl MS 

Sithole, Farai, Harare Zimbabwe 

Skinner, Kelly, Vardaman MS 

Slaton, Ashley, Starkville MS 

Slonaker, Kimberly, Laurel MS 

Smith, Art, Starkville MS 

Smith, Brandie, Marks MS 

Smith, Daniel, Clarksdale MS 

Smith, Elizabeth, Pope MS 

Smith, Khristy, Brooksville MS 

Smith, Laterry, Shuqualak MS 

Smith, Phillip, Houston MS 

Smith, Shernika, Bronx NY 

Smith, Will, Hazlehurst MS 

Soliz, Kandi, Cleveland MS 

Somers, Nathan, Starkville MS 

Southard, Kathleen, Caledonia MS 

Sparks, Darrell, Collierville TN 

Spence, Rodman, Southaven MS 

Spencer, Jeremy, Starkville MS 

Spradling, Melanie, West Point MS 

Spring, Christy, Meadville MS 

St. John, Lara, Shalimar FL 

Stallings, Hunter, Canton MS 

Stanton, Stephanie, Fulton MS 

Starnes, Ramona, Grenada MS 

Stephens, Ernie, Delmar AL 

Stevens, Hailey, Mantee MS 

Stewart, Amy, Gulfport MS 

Juniors: Shamburger Stewart 

People 155 

Stewart, NaKenya, Reform AL 
Stidham, Holly, Mathiston MS 
Still, Jamie, Starkville MS 
Stockdale, Jason, Collierville TN 
Stone, Stephanie, Tremont MS 

Storey, Keith, MSU 
Street, Fredrick, Yazoo City MS 
Street, Kari, Ridgeland MS 
Sullivan, Paige, Brownsville TN 
Sullivan, Rachel, Yazoo City MS 

Summers, Andrew, Medford OR 
Swain, Jason, Louisville MS 
Swett, Rachael, Germantown TN 
Swinney, Adrianne, Jackson MS 
Sylvester, Sara, Florence MS 

Tackitt, Kevin, Pontotoc MS 
Talley, Bradley, Corinth MS 
Tan, Ellen, Manhasset NY 
Tate, Jennifer, Vicksburg MS 
Tate, LaToria, Macon MS 

Temple, Terrance, Daleville MS 
Tew, Jeremy, Meridian MS 
Thomas, Kenneth, Toomsaba MS 
Thomas, LaKenya, Carroll MS 
Thomas, Marie, Jackson MS 

Thompson, Amber, Kosciusko MS 
Thompson, William, Madison MS 
Tiep, Christine, Ridgeland MS 
Till, Melissa, Senatobia MS 
Tillman, Elizabeth, Brookhaven MS 

Tolon, Erica, Crawford MS 
Tomlinson, Kristen, Starkville MS 
Townsend, Leslie, Brandon MS 
Trawick, Jonathan, Hickory NC 
Trenkle, Peter, Huntsville AL 

Tribble, Mary Austin, Money MS 
Triplett, Deyon, Macon MS 
Tubbs, Ganell, Little Rock AR 
Turnage, Katie, Utica MS 
Umfress, Kimberley, Fulton MS 

Juniors: Stewart Umfress 

Vassgal, Adam, Eranklin TN 

Vice, Shain, Louin MS 

Voitier, Matthew, Lavencro LA 

Wade, Kelly, Ripley TN 

Waggoner, Cameron, Long Beach MS 

Walker, Jamanda, Lawrence MS 

Walker, Nancy, Kosciusko MS 

Walley, Michael, Brandon MS 

Walters, Lorraine, Laurel MS 

Wardlaw, Woodman, Batesville MS 

Warren, Bonnie, Hattiesburg MS 

Wasyluka, Timothy, MSU 

Waterbury, Jenny, Clinton MS 

Watkins, Tosha, Calhoun City MS 

Watson, Tracy, Ackerman MS 

Weatherford, Amanda, Magee MS 

Webster, Marcus, Yazoo City MS 

Welch, Jason, Collierville TN 

Welch, Shawn, Meridian MS 

Wells, Gena, Jackson MS 

Wells, Patrick, DeRidder LA 

West, Shandre, MSU 

Whetstone, Emily, Woodville MS 

Whitaker, Chris, Eupora MS 

White, Kenneth, Jackson MS 

White, Rachel, Newton MS 

Whitfield, David, Hamilton MS 

Whitfield, David, Starkville MS 

Widner, Kenneth, Starkville MS 

Wiegel, Kathryn, Yazoo City MS 

Williams, Amanda, Saltillo MS 
Williams, Lawrence, Holly Springs 


Williams, Tarah, Meridian MS 

Williams, Terra, Newton MS 

Willis, Dwight, Meridian MS 

Wills, Laterran, Eupora MS 

Wilson, Cindy, Maben MS 

Wilson, Erica, Hernando MS 

Wilson, Jaron, Nettleton MS 

Wilson, Yola, N. Carrollton MS 

Juniors: Vassgal Wilson 

People 157 

Withers, Tom, Tunica MS 
Wood, J.D., Vicksburg MS 
Woodard, Kanisha, Weir MS 
Woodard, Kim, Starkville MS 
Wooten, Christy, Carthage MS 

Wooten, Joshua, Florence MS 
Yarbrough, Jennifer, Columbus MS 
Yarnell, David, Dumas MS 
Yielding, Matt, Mantachie MS 
Young, Russell, Columbus MS 

Stats Snaps 

Photo by Will Smith 

158 People 

Juniors: Withers Young 


Abrams, Brandone, Hattiesburg MS 

Adams, Jennifer, Madison MS 

Alford, Jarrod, Clinton MS 

Allen, Matthew, Waveland MS 

Alsworth, Joseph, Waynesboro MS 

Anderson, Erica, Jackson MS 

Anderson, Jennifer, Jackson MS 

April, Carmen, Canton MS 

Arafat, Dalia, Oxford MS 

Arentson, Kristen, Jackson MS 

Arriola, Rina, Fulton MS 

Atchley, Joshua, Taft TN 

Atkinson, Melissa, Weir MS 

Aust, Mindy, Scooba MS 

Austin, Elizabeth, Diamondhead MS 

Ayers, Kendrick, Lamar MS 

Baddley, Lindsey, Starkville MS 

Baker, Mandy, Russellville AL 

Barksdale, Joyce, Pascagoula MS 

Barnett, Christy, Jackson MS 

Barnett, Laura, Brandon MS 

Baskin, Marcus, Okolona MS 

Bates, Cynthia, Forest MS 

Beach, Chris, Jackson MS 

Bealer, Tamara, Jackson MS 

Beard, Jennifer, Jackson MS 

Bearden, Sabrina, Southaven MS 

Beckham, Miranda, Union MS 

Beede, Annemarie, Long Beach MS 

Bell, Felicia, Tiplersville MS 

Sophomores : Abrams Bell 

People 159 

Bercaw, Daniel, Slidell LA 
Bergin, Karen, Madison MS 
Berry, Windy, Seminary MS 
Betts, Lashanda, Jackson MS 
Black, Betsy, Tupelo MS 

Black, Jason, Auburn AL 
Black, Leigh Ann, Water Valley MS 
Blanks, Kimberly, New Orleans LA 
Booker, Nasheba, Prairie MS 
Bowers, Bonnie, Selma AL 

Bowling, Kathryn, Ridgeland MS 
Bradley, Kristen, Pascagoula MS 
Brannon, Elizabeth, Huntsville AL 
Brashier, Andy, Starkville MS 
Brimer, Amanda, Birmingham AL 

Brogdon, Joe, Starkville MS 
Broom, Amanda, Jackson MS 
Brown, Cecelia, Vaiden MS 
Brown, Kassi, Golden MS 
Brown, Mary Ellen, MSU 

Brown, Melissa, Charleston MS 
Brown, Sheila, Vaiden MS 
Brown, Wesley, Southaven MS 
Brugmann, Bonnie, Covington LA 
Buchanan, Lamar, Greenwood MS 

Bufford, Tiffany, Birmingham AL 
Buie, Andrea, Hoover AL 
Bullard, Rebecca, Corinth MS 
Burney, Lindsey, Coffeeville MS 
Burt, Ashley, Philadelphia MS 

Burton, Tamara, Holly Springs MS 
Bush, Amy, Jackson TN 
Butler, Lakesha, Columbus MS 
Butler, Marie, Collierville TN 
Butler, Veronica, Starkville MS 

Carraro, Katie, Louisville KY 
Carter, Telischa, Jackson MS 
Carter, Thomas, Columbus MS 
Chapman, Daniel, Waynesboro MS 
Chappelear, Cameron, Madison MS 

160 People 

Sophomores: Bercaw Chappelear 

Chase, Candace, Merigold MS 

Childress, Julia, Dyersburg TN 

Childs, Hope, Starkville MS 

Clark, Amy, Louisville MS 

Clemmer, Chelcie, MSU 

Cleveland, April, Clinton MS 

Coker, Chad, Magnolia MS 

Cole, Natalie, Starkville MS 

Coleman, Lena, Ridgeland MS 

Coleman, Sarah, Starkville MS 

Conerly, Cori, Starkville MS 

Conger, Elisabeth, Northport AL 

Conner, Dorothy, Starkville MS 

Connor, Audrey, Memphis TN 

Cook, Kimberly, Columbus MS 

Cooper, Cely, Slidell LA 

Corley, Stephen, Vicksburg MS 

Cosby, Sean, Aliceville AL 

Couch, David, Southaven MS 

Cox, Colby, Aberdeen MS 

Crain, Aimee, Jackson MS 

Craven, Andrea, Lexington NC 

Creagh, Mavis, Hattiesburg MS 

Crenshaw, Maria, Pontotoc MS 

Crosby, Caree, Long Beach MS 

Culpepper, James, Bartlett TN 
Culpepper, Vanessa, Pass Christian 


Cummings, John, Columbus MS 

Curtis, Craig, Hattiesburg MS 

Daniels, Lametrius, Holly Springs 


Daniels, Rosann, MSU 

Davidson, Delbrina, West Point MS 

Davis, Audrey, West Point MS 

Davis, Brenetta, Mound Bayou MS 

Davis, Bridget, Greenville MS 

Sophomores: Chase Dew 

Davis, Henry, Madison MS 

Dawson, Dana, Gulfport MS 

DeLoach, Yolanda, Starkville MS 

Denson, Jonathan, Walnut Grove MS 

Dew, Christopher, Houston TX 

People 161 

DeWeese, David, Starkville MS 
Dill, Erin, Port Gibson MS 
Dillard, Angela, MSU 
Dixon, Steven, Corinth MS 
Dooley, Vera, Macon MS 

Drake, Lashaunda, MSU 
Drane, Walt, Pearl MS 
Dunbar, Nonquette, Fayette MS 
Dyess, Leah, Meridian MS 
Easley, Christopher, Magnolia MS 

Eason, Amanda, Meridian MS 
Edwards, Jenny, Brandon MS 
Ellis, Donna, Columbus MS 
Elton, Mark, Auburn AL 
Engberg, Brad, Olive Branch MS 

Eskridge, LaMeeka, Grenada MS 
Esters, Meranda, Brookhaven MS 
Eubanks, Eric, Ocean Springs MS 
Evans, Sara, Madison MS 
Ezekwe, Ifem, Disputanta VA 

Fairchild, Jason, Lucedalc MS 
Farooqi, Mohammad, Starkville MS 
Fesmire, Emily, Natchez MS 
Fields, Christy, Corinth MS 
Fields, Rex, Starkville MS 

Fitts, Marni, Oxford MS 
Foster, Melanie, Natchez MS 
Fowler, Lewis, Hattiesburg MS 
Franke, Sarah, Long Beach MS 
Freeman, Thea, Jackson MS 

Friley, Latresa, Gautier MS 
Fulton, Julie, Yazoo City MS 
Galjour, Chris, Starkville MS 
Gamblin, Jeff, Jackson MS 
Gandy, April, Potts Camp MS 

Gantz, Julia, Inverness MS 
Gillis, Matt, Milton FL 
Glenn, Darla, Clinton MS 
Gong, Scott, Greenwood MS 
Goolsby, Jason, Crystal Springs MS 



Sophomores: DeWeese Goolsby 

Goskowski, Garey, Wayne NJ 

Goss, Robert, Starkville MS 

Grau, Amanda, Marion KY 

Graves, Mary Evelyn, Columbus MS 

Greer, Kristen, El Dorado AR 

Guckert, Natalie, Jackson MS 

Guest, Tasha, Marks MS 

Guyton, Mary, Jackson MS 

Hale, Kristen, Hattiesburg MS 

Hamilton, Hymiar, Sontag MS 

Hammer, Joshua, Madison MS 

Hankins, Kimberly, Tupelo MS 

Hanks, Sally, Courtland MS 

Harden, John, Vicksburg MS 

Harper, Camille, Clinton MS 

Harper, Jodie, Laurel MS 

Harrell, Martin, Tupelo MS 

Harried, Dexter, Fayette MS 

Harris, Anika, Belzoni MS 

Harris, Kristen, Cordova TN 

Harris, Sara, Inverness MS 

Harrison, Dawn, Vicksburg MS 

Harrison, Lori, Eupora MS 

Harrison, Sebron, Prentiss MS 

Harrison, Tavita, West Point MS 

Hartley, Olivia, Ridgeland MS 

Harwell, Angel, MSU 

Hatcher, Nathan, Hermanville MS 

Hatfield, Jeremy, Starkville MS 

Hazelbaker, Andy, Waterloo AL 

Heafner, Ryan, Jackson MS 

Heard, Jacob, Vicksburg MS 

Henderson, Jennifer, Madison MS 

Hendrix, April, Brandon MS 

Hendrix, Devonia, Starkville MS 

Herren, Kathrine, Utica MS 

Herrod, Naronda, Calhoun City MS 

Hicks, Michelle, Starkville MS 

Hight, Susanne, Leakesville MS 

Hilbun, Anne Howard, Starkville MS 

Sophomores: Goskowski Hilbun 

People 163 

Hill, Kimberly, Starkville MS 
Hill, Lorenzo, Starkville MS 
Hinton, Alissa, Utica MS 
Hoag, Brian, Collierville TN 
Hobart, Marlee, Greenville MS 

Hodges, Floyd, Magnolia MS 
Hollingsworth, Nikoya, Laurel MS 
Holman, Isaac, Oxford MS 
Holter, Sarah, Port Gibson MS 
Hopkins, Kameta, Greenville MS 

Horton, Courtney, Tuscumbia AL 
Horton, Jennifer, Decatur MS 
Housholder, John, Germantown TN 
Howard, Julie, Jackson MS 
Howard, Paula, West Point MS 

Huffman, Gill, Decatur AL 
Hufnagel, Sean, Little Rock AR 
Hughes, Diajarta, Fayette MS 
Hughes, Jennifer, Enterprise AL 
Hughes, Kristan, Grenada MS 

Huguley, Jessica, Hattiesburg MS 
Hulett, Hollis, Jackson MS 
Hurt, Jessica, Ocean Springs MS 
Hutcheson, Wes, Starkville MS 
Hutchins, Kristy, Calhoun City MS 

Ingram, Amy, Madison MS 
Ivey, Craig, Clinton MS 
Jackson, Anna, Brownsboro AL 
James, Moses, Columbus MS 
Jeffreys, William, Starkville MS 

Jennings, Laura, Ripley TN 
Johnson, Aliesha, Starkville MS 
Johnson, Kendrick, Columbus MS 
Johnson, Leslie, Biloxi MS 
Johnson, Meyona, West Point MS 

Johnson, Shuckizney, Kosciusko MS 
Johnston, Jennifer, Brandon MS 
Johnston, Stephen, Brandon MS 
Jones, Britton, Brandon MS 
Jones, Courtney, Bluefield WV 

J64 People 

Sophomores: Hill Jones 

Jones, Diane, Grenada LIS 

Jones, Jeremy, Starkville MS 

Jones, Kevin, Southaven MS 

Jones, Leigh, Hattiesburg MS 

Jones, Matthew, Meridian MS 

Jones, Tamia, Decatur MS 

Kehres, Jacob, New Washington OH 

Kelly, Sean, Starkville MS 

Kemp, Angie, Starkville MS 

Kent, Emily, Hattiesburg MS 

Kessler, Kimberly, Anniston AL 

Key, Jennifer, Tupelo MS 

Kimble, Jennifer, Hattiesburg MS 

Kindelan, Jennifer, Germantown TN 

Kynerd, Emily, Clinton MS 

Lacey, Tiffany, Fayette AL 

Lacy, Hugh, MSU 

Lampton, Amy, Jackson MS 

Langston, Lorin, Starkville MS 

Lawhorn, Mecca, Corinth MS 

Lee, Kenny, Ackerman MS 

Lee, Tyson, Ackerman MS 

Lenoir, Dereck, Magnolia MS 

Lewis, Courtney, Overland Park KS 

Lincoln, Kara, Tupelo MS 

Lloyd, Anissa, Jackson MS 

Lockhart, Josh, Moss Point MS 

Lokits, Jeremy, Murfreesboro TN 

Longoria, Ritchie, Germantown TN 

Lovelace, Alan, Long Beach MS 

Lucius, Bart, Starkville MS 

Lucka, Eric, Starkville MS 

Lusby, Whitney, Aberdeen MS 

Lusk, Kelli, Biloxi MS 

Macias, Cesar, Commerce CA 

Sophomores: Jones Marshall 

Malatesta, Jami, Clarksdale MS 

Malone, Sarah, Olive Branch MS 

Mann, Betsy, Fulton MS 

Marr, Misti, Starkville MS 

Marshall, Kristy, Natchez MS 

People 165 

Martin, James, Emporia VA 
Matthews, Trey, Clinton MS 
Maxwell, Angela, MSU 
Mayo, Lauren, Little Rock AR 
McCandless, William, Lillian AL 

McCary, Cecelia, Montgomery AL 
McCaskill, Coronda, Greenwood MS 
McCaulla, Candace, Winona MS 
McClure, Lauren, Collierville TN 
McDonough, Maureen, Kingsport TN 

McDuffey, Veroncia, Jackson MS 
McGee, Lou, Macon MS 
McGonagill, Jenny, Oxford MS 
McGrew, Robert, Collinsville MS 
McGuire, Joshua, Jackson MS 

McLain, Nina, Richton MS 
Meigs, Lizbeth, Clinton MS 
Miller, Brandon, Florence AL 
Miller, Kendra, New Iberia LA 
Miller, Matthew, Felahatchie MS 

Miller, Myra, Caledonia MS 
Miller, Valarie, Meridian MS 
Mitchell, Robin, Cleveland MS 
Moffett, Laranda, Bay Springs MS 
Montgomery, Lakicha, Woodland MS 

Morgan, Ashley, McCool MS 
Morris, Mathew, Collierville TN 
Mulkana, Adnan, Ocean Springs MS 
Mullins, Zach, Henderson TN 
Murphree, Brandie, Tupelo MS 

Nash, Benny, Clinton MS 
Neely, Kristi, Starkville MS 
Neely, Melissa, Tupelo MS 
Nelson, Angela, Tupelo MS 
Nelson, Jonathan, Benton MS 

Newbold, Katherine, New Berlin NY 
Newman, Chantel, Harvey LA 
Nixon, Mark, Yazoo City MS 
Norwood, Leslie, MSU 
Ogg, Garrett, MSU 

166 People 

Sophomores: Martin Ogg 

Oneal, Sandi, Canton MS 

Osborne, Ariel, Jackson MS 

Overstreet, Kyle, Pace FL 

Owen, Catherine, Moblie AL 

Owen, Michelle, Greenville MS 

Owens, Sarah, Grace Ridgeland MS 

OBrien, Brad, Brandon MS 

ODonnell, Peter, Germantown TN 

Padgett, Koby, Lexington MS 

Palmer, Michael, Eupora MS 

Pape, Sheri, Jackson MS 

Parker, Brian, Meridian MS 

Parker, Jennifer, Shreveport LA 

Peavey, Laura, Brookhaven MS 

Peterson, LaShe, Greenville MS 

Peterson, Lisa, Benton AR 

Phillips, Adrienne, Holly Springs MS 

Phillips, Arthretta, Byhalia MS 

Phillips, Blair, Clarksdale MS 

Platten, Laura, Collierville TN 

Poole, Brian, Brandon MS 

Pope, Priscilla, Columbia MS 

Pounders, Melissa, Tishomingo MS 

Powell, Jason, Laurel MS 

Price, Eric, Jackson MS 

Prosser, Andy, Starkville MS 

Ragsdale, Amanda, Philadelphia MS 

Randolph, Melissa, Hattiesburg MS 

Ray, Janice, Charleston MS 

Ray, Robbie, Southaven MS 

Rayburn, Andrea, Starkville MS 

Reece, Jennifer, Macon MS 

Reed, Amy, Philadelphia MS 

Reeves, Roger, Meridian MS 

Reynolds, Jonathan, Columbus MS 

Rice, Ashley, Gulfport MS 

Richardson, Monique, Verona MS 

Rigdon, Anna, Starkville MS 

Riley, Alicia, Kosciusko MS 

Robertson, Ryan, Greenwood MS 

l*»***¥&ni2.*l!Hfc. ■& 

Sophomores: Oneal Robertson 

People 167 

Ross, Denton, Greenwood MS 
Roush, Donald, Florence AL 
Rowan, Lynn, Starkville MS 
Rowell, Kristen, Nesbit MS 
Rubiano, Amanda, Colllersville TN 

Rubin, Kathryn, Huntsville AL 
Rucker, Sarah, Southaven MS 
Ruff, Charles, Fulton MS 
Runge, Paula Jean, Perkinston MS 
Russell, Jamelle, Brookhaven MS 

Ruvlnsky, Monica, Jackson MS 
Sage, Stephanie, Madison MS 
Salley, Laura, Boyle MS 
Sanders, Willie, Columbus MS 
Sanderson, Katherine, Huntsville 

Sandidge, Jack, Ocean Springs MS 
Sandroni, Deva, Clinton MS 
Saucier, Sara, Brandon MS 
Scott, Meagan, Meridian MS 
Sewell, Jamie, Montgomery AL 

Shackelford, Robert, St. Simons Isl 


Shafer, Harris, El Dorado Spring MO 

Shannon, Terrence, Lyon MS 

Shaw, Angela, Germantown TN 

Shearer, Kristi, Jackson MS 

Shelby, Allison, Madison MS 
Shelstad, Brett, MSU 
Short, Christina, Columbus MS 
Shumaker, Jason, Ecru MS 
Sims, Russell, Roswell GA 

Skinner, Lashonda, Vicksburg MS 
Skinner, Latasha, Vicksburg MS 
Smith, Alicia, Hattiesburg MS 
Smith, Ashley, Vossburg MS 
Smith, Heather, Madison MS 

Smith, Josh, Holly Springs MS 
Smith, Kellie, Brookhaven MS 
Smith, Mariah, Artesia MS 
Smith, Michelle, Ruleville MS 
Smitherman, Katie, Starkville MS 

Sophomores : Ross Smitherman 

Smitherman, Suzanne, Long Beach 


Speed, Holley, Meridian MS 

Sprouse, Alicia, Water Valley MS 

Stacks, Jessica, Blue Springs MS 

Staten, Mean, Starkville MS 

Steinwinder, Freddie, Gulfport MS 

Stevens, Blair, Laurel MS 

Steward, Kimberly, Arlington VA 

Stewart, Joanna, Jackson MS 

Stewart, Susan, McCalla AL 

Stokes, Leslie, Columbus MS 

Storey, Lindsey, Gulfport MS 

Strayham, Stephanie, Biloxi MS 

Street, Vikki, Holly Springs MS 

Stroud, Bethany, Nesbit MS 

Stroup, Jennifer, Houston MS 

Stuart, Beth, Picayune MS 

Stuart, Karly, Picayune MS 

Sutton, Shara, Mandeville LA 

Tadlock, Nathan, Lake MS 

Taylor, Jeremy, Stonewall MS 

Taylor, Jill, Mantee MS 

Taylor, Teresa, Eupora MS 

Templeton, Trey, Starkville MS 

Thomas, Jonathan, Waterloo AL 

Thomas, Phillip, Cleveland MS 

Thompson, Courtney, Pulaski TN 

Thornton, Brandon, Starkville MS 

Thrash, Michael, Laurel MS 

Thrasher, Tara, Koscivsko MS 

Todd, Donyetta, Coldwater MS 

Tolbert, Andrea, Leakesville MS 

Trenor, Jennifer, West Point MS 

Triplett, Shalonda, Louisville MS 

Tseu, Jessica, Starkville MS 

Tullos, James, Natchez MS 

Turner, Jessica, Marks MS 

Turner, Martina, Vicksburg MS 

Uptagrafft, David, Huntsville AL 

Vance, Eric, Forest MS 

Sophomores : Smitherman Vance 

Vanderlogt, Jeffrey, Stevens Point 


Vinson, Alyson, Ridgeland MS 

Walker, Jennifer, Olive Branch MS 

Walrod, Heather, ColumbusMS 

Warren, Matthew, West Point MS 

Warren, Sidney, Holly Springs MS 
Watkins, Kevin, Collinsville MS 
Weathersby, Troy, Jackson MS 
Weeks, Emily, Weir MS 
Weir, Jason, Ripley TN 

West, Jennifer, Brandon MS 
West, Terrance, Lauderdale MS 
Whitaker, Jonathan, Woodbridge VA 
White, Elizabeth, Columbus MS 
White, Henry, MSU 

White, Liz, Eupora MS 
White, Matthew, Wesson MS 
Wilbourn, Christy, Water Valley MS 
Wilkes, Wes, Cleveland MS 
Williams, Danisha, Greenville MS 

Williams, Gray, Madison MS 
Williams, Katie, Olive Branch MS 
Williams, Lazerick, Midnight MS 
Williams, Bicardo, Grenada MS 
Williams, Sharon, Greenville MS 

Williams, William, Germantown TN 
Williers, Daniel, Maben MS 
Williford, Robin, Memphis TN 
Wilson, Donna Marie, Louisville MS 
Wilson, Jason, Moss Point MS 

Wilson, Tammie, Greenwood MS 
Wise, Josh, Pontotoc MS 
Young, Margaret, Grenada MS 
Young, Shawna, Starkville MS 
Zellner, Eric, Tacuma WA 

Zuber, Brandi, Starkville MS 

1.70 People 

Sophomores: Vanderlogt Zuber 


Agee, Jereme, Laurel MS 

Alexander, Mandi, Starkville MS 

Allen, Ebonye-Rosa, Jackson MS 

Allen, Hank, Marietta GA 

Allen, Lashawdna, MSU 

Anderson, David, Madison MS 

Anderson, Laura, Starkville MS 

Anderson, Tanekia, Bude MS 

Andrews, Angie, Greenville MS 

Armstrong, Douglas, Hattiesburg MS 

Armstrong, Matt, Jackson MS 

Arnold, Todd, Grenada MS 

Arrington, Antonio, Shubata MS 

Ashcom, Holly, Montgomery AL 

Ashford, Machanta, Coldwater MS 

Ashley, Jonathan, Jacksonville FL 

Ashmore, Cortney, MSU 

Athow, Rebecca, Vicksburg MS 

Atkinson, Pamela, Philadelphia MS 

Avent, Julie, Eupora MS 

Bailey, Reta, Durant MS 

Baker, Stephen, Ridgeland MS 

Baker, Tiphany, Jackson MS 

Balducci, Alan, Shelby MS 

Baldwin, Beth, Brandon MS 

Ballard, Drew, Merigold MS 

Barnaby-Pope, Lekisha, Clinton MD 

Barnes, Brian, Clarksdale MS 

Barnes, Stephanie, Gulfport MS 

Baugh, Joseph, Mendenhall MS 

Freshmen: Agee Baugh 

People 171 

Baxter, John, Kennesaw GA 
Bean, William, Lagrange KY 
Bell, Leslie, Starkville MS 
Benson, Jason, Olive Branch MS 
Bevis, Kristy, Florence AL 

Bialas, Kristin, Gulfport MS 
Biffle, Brook, Thaxton MS 
Binion, Nicholas, Pascagoula MS 
Bishop, Matthew, Starkville MS 
Black, Detrick, Macon MS 

Black, Lauren, Vernon AL 
Blake, Elise, Hattiesburg MS 
Boackle, Mark, Jackson MS 
Bolden, Denyette, Amory MS 
Boone, Thomas, Wiggins MS 

Boswell, Julie, Lyon MS 
Bradberry, Kim, Clinton MS 
Branch, Kellye, Madison MS 
Brewer, Leroy, Brandon MS 
Brewer, Melissa, Clinton MS 

Bridges, Ellelean, Tylertown MS 
Bright, LaTrisha, Vicksburg MS 
Britain, Sandra, Duncanville AL 
Brmuchi, Matt, Madison MS 
Brooks, Adam, Bentonia MS 

Brooks, David, Clinton MS 
Brooks, Kristie, Lexington MS 
Broome, Kate, Clinton MS 
Brown, Chanikki, Lexington MS 
Brown, Evelyn, Perkinston MS 

Brown, Kathryn, Memphis TN 
Brown, Krystalyn, Jackson MS 
Brown, Lakeisha, Okolona MS 
Brown, Sandra, Memphis TIT 
Burkett, Richard, Kosciusko MS 

Burks, Stephen, Columbus MS 
Burns, Callie, Clarksdale MS 
Burton, Charlean, Coldwater MS 
Burton, Kathedra, Holly Springs MS 
Butler, Tiffany, Columbus MS 

Freshmen: Baxter Butler 

Cadle, Catherine, Jackson MS 

Caldwell, Bryce, Madison MS 

Calvert, Marcus, Tupelo MS 

Cameron, Kristy, Hattiesburg MS 

Campbell, Michael, Columbus MS 

Campbell, Shannon, Florence AL 

Cappleman, Cortney, Falkner MS 

Carimi, Bobby, Cordova TN 

Carnathan, Lauren, Mobile AL 

Carter, Anna, Ripley MS 

Carter, Raina, Hamilton MS 

Carter, Rhonda, Forest MS 

Cash, Taaka, MSU 

Cathey, Torhonda, Senatobia MS 

Catledge, Tyrone, Houston MS 

Christian, Seth, Jackson MS 

Clay, Derek, Brandon MS 

Clemmer, Kathryn, Milan TN 

Cleveland, Cedric, Vaiden MS 

Cleveland, Charles, Decatur MS 

Cobb, Amanda, Memphis TN 

Cole, Alicia, Greenville MS 

Cole, Wendy, Potts Camp MS 

Collins, Christina, Starkville MS 

Conerly, Pamela, Jayess MS 

Conner, Nacole, Starkville MS 

Cooper, Tammie, Moss Point MS 

Copeland, Trena, Coldwater MS 

Cork, Doncelli, Ackerman MS 

Cortez, Lacey, Birmingham AL 

Coward, Lindsey, Brandon MS 

Craig, Haaga, MSU 

Crawford, Ashley, Starkville MS 

Cresswell, James, Satartia MS 

Crump, LeKreshia, Tupelo MS 

Culotta, Sarah, Moulton AL 

Curbo, Carl, Olive Branch MS 

Daho, Joseph, Clarksdale MS 

Dalrymple, Sarah, Brunswick TN 

Daly, Josh, Grenada MS 

Freshmen: Cadle Daly 

People 173 

Dane, Matthew, Collierville TN 
Daniels, Marcus, Jackson MS 
Davidson, Jennifer, Verona MS 
Davis, Cassie, Shaw MS 
Davis, Jeffery, Merigold MS 

Davis, Latosha, Kosciusko MS 
Davis, Micah, Daleville MS 
Daxton, Allen, Starkville MS 
Dean, Latoya, Hattiesburg MS 
Del Santo, Jenny, Long Beach MS 

Dixon, Jennifer, Vicksburg MS 
Dodd, Matt, Poplar Bluff MO 
Dufour, Catherine, Meridian MS 
Dupont, Jessica, Long Beach MS 
Durr, Joshua, Pensacola PL 

Eakes, Laura, Dekalb MS 
Easley, Benjamin, Bellefontaine MS 
Eddleman, Amy, Greenville MS 
Edwards, Brandt, Byhalia MS 
Egerson, Teresha, Water Valley MS 

Eison, James, Olive Branch MS 
Ellison, Charlotte, Acworth GA 
Eubanks, Phillip, Lucedale MS 
Exten, Leah, Gray TN 
Farrell, Maureen, Jackson MS 

Featherston, Jessica, Brandon MS 
Fesmire, Kristin, Starkville MS 
Finn, Heather, Greenville MS 
Fisackerly, Will, Winona MS 
Fleming, Kristy, Jackson MS 

Flowers, Christin, Vicksburg MS 
Flowers, Sophia, Hattiesburg MS 
Floyd, Henry, Gulfport MS 
Forrest, Leanne, Vicksburg MS 
Fortner, Billy, Lucedale MS 

Fox, Michelle, Olive Branch MS 
Frawley, Courtney-Danielle, 
Florence AL 

Frawner, Wayne, Southaven MS 
Frayser, Brittney, Memphis TN 
Frazier, Melanie, Phil Campbell MS 

Freshmen: Dane Frazier 

Free, Elizabeth, Saltillo MS 

Fuqua, Lisa, Ethelsville AL 

Garner, Matt, Millport AL 

Gates, Latrice, Greenville MS 

Gee, Lanier, Carrollton MS 

Gertig, Andrew, Clinton MS 

Ghoeris, Stephanie, Charlotte NC 

Gibbons, Katherine, Saltillo MS 

Gibson, Kyle, Houston TX 

Gilleylen, Crystal, Aberdeen MS 

Glasscock, Dorinne, Huntsville AL 

Godbold, Kate, Grenada MS 

Goodwin, Nicky, Noxapater MS 

Gordon, Stephanie, Brentwood TN 

Grace, Courtnay, Porterville MS 

Green, Claire, Jackson MS 

Green, Jenny, Jackson MS 

Green, Melissa, Clinton MS 

Greenwood, Marion, Kosciusko MS 

Gremmels, Dustin, Adamsville TN 

Haber, Karin, Port Washington WI 

Haley, Roderick, Pinola MS 

Hall, Candace, Glen Allan MS 

Hall, Emily, Tupelo MS 

Hall, Hollie, Olive Branch MS 

Hall, Kristen, Poplar Bluff MO 

Hancock, Heather, Germantown TN 

Hand, Melanie, Brandon MS 

Hankins, Hank, MSU 

Hanks, Matthew, Grenada MS 

Hannaford, Leigh Anne, Southaven 


Hannah, Ashley, Trussville AL 

Hanser, Jennifer, Gulfport MS 

Hanser, Jessica, Gulfport MS 

Harden, Toni, Nesbit MS 

Harder, Wade, Lynchburg TN 

Harper, Bonna, Forest MS 

Harrell, Joseph, Arlington TN 

Harris, Alexa, MSU 

Harris, Andrew, Hartselle AL 

& •/•'*•. ■■',. '".'^ '- *.. -■ 

Freshmen: Free Harris 

Harris, James, Jackson MS 
Harris, Kelvin, Natchez MS 
Harrison, Bradley, Eupora MS 
Haskins, David, Vicksburg MS 
Hayden, Paige, Grenada MS 

Hazard, Matt, Jackson MS 
Hedberg, Brent, Elk River MN 
Hemphill, Jennifer, Carrollton MS 
Hendricks, Amy, Crawford MS 
Herman, Brandon, G-ermantown TN 

Hibbler, Rachanta, Senatobia MS 
Hicks, Connie, Marks MS 
Hill, Kathryn, Potts Camp MS 
Hill, Maranda, Laurel MS 
Hill, Michael, Walnut MS 

Hodges, Mary Lee, Aberdeen MS 
Hoffman, Kirk, Talladega AL 
Holeman, Candy, Carrollton MS 
Holley, Andy, Olive Branch MS 
Holliday, Jennifer, Gulfport MS 

Hollimon, Philip, Petal MS 
Holmes, Melanie, Conyers GA 
Holmes, Walter, Clarkston GA 
Hough, Amanda, Columbia MS 
Housholder, Ragan, Memphis TN 

Hudson, Calley, Hattiesburg MS 
Hudson, Hilute, Louisville MS 
Hudson, Jephreda, Pascagoula MS 
Hudson, Margaret, Hoover AL 
Huff, Timothy, Vicksburg MS 

Isonhood, Julie, Brandon MS 
Ivy, LaKeisha, Okolona MS 
Jackson, Edward, Jackson TN 
Jankoski, Jason, Meridianville AL 
Jefcoat, Debralee, Tupelo MS 

Jenkins, James, Hendersonville TN 
Jenkins, Tocarra, Jackson MS 
Jennings, Miller, Corinth MS 
Jernigan, Jacob, Clinton MS 
Johnson, Christen, Columbus MS 

Freshmen: Harris Johnson 

Johnson, Cleveland, Canton MS 

Johnson, Janice, IttaBena MS 

Johnson, Jasmine, New Orleans LA 

Johnson, Lance, Nesbit MS 

Johnston, Kimberly, Eupora MS 

Jones, Darin, Madison MS 

Jones, Devin, Batesville MS 

Jones, Emily, Germantown TN 

Jones, Lillian, Meadville MS 

Jones, Wikita, Grenada MS 

Jones, Sonya, Okolona MS 

Jones, Steve, Starkville MS 

Jones, Tiffany, Jackson MS 

Jones, Tramarcus, Columbus MS 

Joseph, Jasmin, Durant MS 

Jue, Cheryl, Jackson MS 

Justice, Michael, Madison MS 

Kaczmarek, Amanda, Northport AL 

Kalberkamp, Allyson, Jackson MS 

Kays, Adrian, Collierville TN 

Kazery, Christen, Jackson MS 

Kelly, Hillary, Birmingham AL 

Kelly, Janet, Starkville MS 

Kelly, Tanisha, Louisville MS 

Key, Tasha, Pontotoc MS 

Kimbrough, Robert, Lexington MS 

King, Lauren, Atoka TN 

Kinnard, Denita, Vicksburg MS 

Kirk, Kelly, Canton MS 

Knizley, Jennifer, Chickasaw AL 

Komm, Daniel, Jackson TN 

Kyles, Jason, Jackson MS 

Lambert, Amy, Collierville TN 

Lamberth, Emily, Hendersonville TN 

Lampkin, Tiffany, Clarksdale MS 

Langton, Lauren, Hattiesburg MS 

Larke, Brandi, Greenville MS 

Lea, Jason, Holcomb MS 

Lee, Eun Oh, Starkville MS 

Lee, Robert, Meridian MS 

Freshmen: Johnson Lee 

People 177 

Lefoldt, Andrea, Canton MS 
Levy, Geresia, Jackson MS 
Levy, Lacey, Brookhaven MS 
Lindsey, Tuesday, Vicksburg MS 
Lipsey, Autumn, Pontotoc MS 

Livingston, Clint, Starkville MS 
Lizana, Latresa, Pass Christian MS 
Lott, Sean, Vicksburg MS 
Love, Amanda, Sallis MS 
Lovell, Frank, Clinton MS 

Loving, Tameka, Louisville MS 
Mabile, Caitlin, New Orleans LA 
MacDonald, Michelle, Jackson MS 
Madden, Katie, Laurel MS 
Magness, Yancy, Huntsville AL 

Manning, Jenny, Columbus MS 
Mansell, Marti, Canton MS 
Marbut, Stephen, Citronelle AL 
Marshall, Emily, Olive Branch MS 
Marshall, Karen, Greenville MS 

Martin, Shawn, Florence MT 
Martino, Geoffrey, Long Beach MS 
Mathies, Brittny, New Orleans LA 
Matthews, Will, Greenwood MS 
McAllister, Carlos, Tupelo MS 

McCarson, Emily, Demopolis AL 
McCarty, John, Collierville TN 
McClain, Maris, Starkville MS 
McCloud, Stephen, Chattanooga TN 
McCottrell, Jennifer, Columbus MS 

McGee, Lauren, Ripley MS 
McGuire, Kristen, Memphis TN 
McKinney, Jonathan, Maben MS 
McKinnis, Deyonda, Greenwood MS 
McRae, Lacey, MSU 

Melder, Daniel, MSU 
Merlos, R, Gautier MS 
Miller, Jason, Southaven MS 
Miller, Jonathan, Eupora MS 
Miller, Lauren, Moss Point MS 

Freshmen: Lefoldt Miller 

Motley, Scharlette, MSU 

Montague, Mackenzie, Sallis MS 

Montgomery, George, Round Rock TX 

Moore, Heather, Muscle Shoals AL 

Moore, Marcee, Tougaloo MS 

Moore, Sakondra, Starkville MS 

Morgan, Brooke, Meridian MS 

Morgan, Candice, Starkville MS 

Morris, Blake, Madison MS 

Morris, Veronica, Mobile AL 

Morrow, David, Brandon MS 

Morse, Taylor, Jackson MS 

Morton, Scott, Olive Branch MS 

Mosal, Summer, Jackson MS 

Mosley, Sharon, Crawford MS 

Moure, Kerry, Okolona MS 

Mucci, Andria, Anderson AL 

Muchenje, Lovejoy, Harare 


Mullins, Katie, Milton FL 

Mumbower, Ryan, Clinton MS 

Murphy, Joy, Birmingham AL 

Murphy, Ryan, Brandon MS 

Muselwhite, Julie, Grenada MS 

Muzquiz Jr, Robert, Long Beach MS 

Necaise, Stacey, Ocean Springs MS 

Nelson, Nicole, Memphis TN 

Newcomb, Lyndsey, Corinth MS 

Nichols, Alison, Houston MS 

Nolen, Kimberly, Hernando MS 

Norman, Laura, Memphis TN 

Norman, Roderick, Byhalia MS 

Nutt, April, Flora MS 

Ogletree, Krissy, Tuscumbia AL 

Olson, Ashley, Mobile AL 

Overbagh, Sara, Olive Branch MS 

OBanner, Marquis, Jackson MS 

Face, Lynsey, Natchez MS 

Pacher, Jason, Gulfport MS 

Paczak, Brad, Brandon MS 

Parker, Greer, Memphis TN 

Freshmen: Mobley Parker 

People 179 

Patrick, Jason, Byhalia MS 
Patterson, Bethany, Tupelo MS 
Peebles, Benjamin, Philadelphia MS 
Penny, Doug, Tupelo MS 
Perkins, Lauren, Clinton MS 

Peters, Craig, Clarksville TN 
Peterson, Adrienne, Arlington TN 
Peterson, Dexter, Starkville MS 
Petty, Cherquantas, Calhoun City MS 
Peyton, Cameron, MSU 

Phillips, Nia, Decatur AL 
Pitts, John, Picayune MS 
Pointe, Chauncey, Woodville MS 
Ponder, Buddy, Gautier MS 
Poole, Joshua, Bidgeland MS 

Powe, Alexis, Starkville MS 
Powell, Ashley, Crossett AR 
Powers, Benjamin, Biloxi MS 
Powers, Stephan, Paragould AR 
Pruitt, Marlon, Columbus MS 

Pvillalta, Jose, Horn Lake MS 
Raby, Jason, Olive Branch MS 
Rainey, William, Clinton MS 
Randall, Margaret, Milton FL 
Ratliff, Brianne, Brandon MS 

Ratliff, Marcie, Greenville MS 
Ratliff, Ryan, Collinsville MS 
Ray, Matonya, Pontotoc MS 
Reed, Christian, Sheffield AL 
Reed, Matthew, Starkville MS 

Reeves, Callie, Starkville MS 
Regan, Fantessa, Vicksburg MS 
Rhoads, Matthew, Germantown TN 
Riddell, Shaw, Grenada MS 
Riley, Robert, Hattiesburg MS 

Rimmer, Sherika, Starkville MS 
Rivera, Celina, Gulfport MS 
Robertson, Susan, Brandon MS 
Robinson, Brian, Millport AL 
Robinson, Vicki, Newton MS 

Freshmen: Patrick Robinson 

Rone, Jamie, Ethel MS 

Rose, Christina, Ridgeland MS 

Royston, Chad, Clinton MS 

Rucker, Justin, Columbus MS 

Rushing, Lakesha, Carthage MS 

Rutter, Will, Millington TN 

Sanford, Emily, Starkville MS 

Savage, Matt, Germantown TN 

Schultz, Kevin, Gulfport MS 

Scott, Rahshundra, Greenville MS 

Scott, Sewindia, Fayette MS 

Scott, Veronica, Hattiesburg MS 

Seawright, Christy, Greenwood MS 

Seitz, Marc, Franklin TN 

Sentell, Sandra, Jackson MS 

Shearer, Kandi, Jackson MS 

Shogren, Gordon, MSTJ 

Shuff, Jason, Raymond MS 

Signa, Mary Katherine, Greenville 

Simmons, Latoya, Holly Springs MS 

Simons, Laura, Brandon MS 

Sinclair, Stacey, Louisville MS 

Sistrunk, Lindsey, Brandon MS 

Smith, Leah, Biloxi MS 

Smith, Marques, Columbus MS 

Smith, Rebecca, Hattiesburg MS 

Smith, Rebecca Ann, Vicksburg MS 

Smith, Schelerria, Jackson MS 

Smith, Stephen, Cordova TN 

Smith, Tammie, MSU 

Solomon, Steven, Germantown TN 

Sones, Laurence, MSU 

Spencer, Devonda, Greenville MS 

Stallworth, Christopher, Chicago IL 

Starnes, Sarah, Cleveland MS 

Stauble, Emily, Vicksburg MS 

Stelzer, Amanda, Pope AFB NC 

Stenmark, John, Madison MS 

Steuber, Katie, Germantown TN 

Stewart, Charlie, Laurel MS 

Freshmen: Rone Stewart 

Stewart, Daniel, Pascagoula MS 
Stockdale, Dawson, Collierville TN 
Stockton, Sara Beth., Corinth MS 
Storm, Marcia, Brandon MS 
Stover, Kahili, Greenwood MS 

Strawn, Julie, Port Gibson MS 
Strickland, William, Kilmichael MS 
Strong, Emily, Forest MS 
Stroud, Allen, Louisville MS 
Stroud, Stephen, Huntsville AL 

Stubbs, Nathan, Florence MS 
Studdard, Charles, Columbus MS 
Sumrall, Christie, Pascagoula MS 
Swims, Jennifer, Jackson MS 
Swindoll, Bruce, Collierville TN 

Sylvester, Melissa, Florence MS 
Tallie, Andrea, West Point MS 
Tanner, Kimberly, Lucedale MS 
Taylor, Jennifer, Gulfport MS 
Taylor, Melissa, Brandon MS 

Taylor, Sean, Brandon MS 
Tedder, Jamie, Vardaman MS 
Thomas, James, Philadelr Ma MS 
Thomas, Melanie, West MS 
Thomas, Tiffany, Madison MS 

Thomas, Tomeka, Metcalfe MS 
Thompson, Angela, Crawford MS 
Thompson, Chris, Oxford MS 
Thompson, Gracie, Booneville MS 
Thompson, Harold, Decatur AL 

Thrash, Jerrie Ann, Clinton MS 
Todd, Markeith, Lorman MS 
Toleston, Aubrey, Montgomery AL 
Tomlinson, Laura, Starkville MS 
Torgersen, Kory, Ocean Springs MS 

Torres, Michael, Gautier MS 
Townsend, Latasha, Kilmichael MS 
Treadwell, Hunt, Arlington TN 
Trobough, Chris, Jasper AL 
Trusler, Kimberly, Hurley MS 

Freshmen: Stewart Trusler 

Tryman, Nyerere, Jackson MS 

Tucker, Matthew, Biloxi MS 

Tucker, Matthew, Louisville MS 

Tullos, Sarahbeth, Clinton MS 

Turner, Monnie, Greenville MS 

Vandevender, Emily, Yazoo City MS 

Waguespack, Amber, Brandon MS 

Walden, Michelle, Starkville MS 

Walker, Chandrea, Bruce MS 

Walker, Donesha, Weir MS 

Walker, Samantha, Louisville MS 

Walsh, Courtney, Columbus GA 

Walton, Hannah, Memphis TN 

Walton, Sarah, Germantown TN 

Ward, Bryan, Natalia TX 

Ward, Russ, Hot Springs AH. 

Webre, Richard, Cantonment FL 

Weddington, Ignatius, Clarksdale MS 

Weems, Lawrence, Overland Park KS 

Welch, Tashawndra, Weir MS 

West, Jade, Hamilton MS 

West, Sarah, Hamilton MS 

Whisenhunt, Lauren, Moody AL 

Whitehead, Shaveeta, Greenwood MS 

Wilborn, Margaret, Coldwater MS 

Wiley, Betsy, Jackson MS 

Wiley, Julie, Jackson MS 

Wilkins, Mike, Brandon MS 

Williams, Anthony, Darling MS 

Williams, Kashicki, Greenville MS 

Williams, Laderious, Pace MS 

Williams, Michael, Olive Branch MS 

Williams, Nathan, Alcoa TN 

Williamson, Walter, Jackson MS 

Wilson, Cari, Indianola MS 

Freshmen: Tryman Winters 

Winegarden, Layne, Raymond MS 

Wingo, Daryl, Russellville AL 

Winter, Kevin, Starkville MS 

Winters, Elisha, Durant MS 

Winters, Lavern, Moorhead MS 

People 183 

Wiseman, Parker, Starkville MS 
Wiseman, Redekah, New Albany MS 
Wong, Brent, Greenville MS 
Wong, Stacey, Jackson MS 
Wood, Miranda, Tupelo MS 

Wood, Sarah, Clinton TN 
Woodfield, Jennifer, Birmingham AL 
Woods, Trevino, Indianola MS 
Woodward, Amy, Meridian MS 
Worlds, Qieta, Moss Point MS 

Wright, Anna, Clinton MS 
Wyatt, Wesley, Tupelo MS 
Wynne, Alan, MSU 
Young, Kimberly, Okolona MS 
Young, Oscar, Chicago IL 

Young, Russell, Brandon MS 
Young, Yvonne, Huntsville AL 

State Snaps 

Photo by Emilie Morrison 

Photo by Eric Bryant 

184 People 

Freshmen: Wiseman Young 

Meridian Campus 

Alexander, Melanie 

Anderson, Erin 

Anderson, Lasherish 

Beal, Anetia 

Beddingfield, Allen 

Bennamon, Brenda 

Bennamon, Shirley 

Berry, Kathy 

Biedlefeld, Gloria 

Bishop, Randy 

Blackledge, Marilyn 

Blackwell, Cody 

Bounds, Marsha 

Bowen, Vonda 

Bradshaw, Shelley 

Brantley, Erick 

Bridges, Janice 

Britt, Tiffany 

Brooks, Tikisha 

Brow, Deborah 

Buchann, Jimmy 

Bullard, Neal 

Bunn, Keri 

Cafferata, Jeannie 

Calderon, Isa 

Cambs, Karen 

Carroll, Kenneth 

Carruth, Bill 

Carter, Trena 

Caton, Joel 

Meridian Campus: Alexander Caton 

People 185 

Chancellor, Johnny 
Chaney, Ruth 
Clay, Stephan 
Clayton, Joy 
Clem, Kelli 

Coleman, Charles 
Coleman, Gene 
Coleman, Leroy 
Conrad, Jason 
Cook, Ricky 

Cooksey, Steven 
Cox, Marlina 
Cox, Shemeeka 
Craft, Leah 
Crenshaw, Jonas 

Crumpton, John 
Cumberland, Rusty 
Dale, Maggie 
Davidson, Barbara 
Davidson, Delena 

Davis, LaTonya 
Davis, Shirley 
Dearing, Tommy 
Dement, Pamela 
DeWeese, Nichole 

Driscoll, John 
Droese, Scott 
Eakes, Matt 
Elam, Emily 
Ethridge, Jason 

Evans, Romonica 
Evans, Rosalind 
Fairchild, E. 
Faulkner, Patricia 
Ferguson, Eustace 

Forehand, Sherri 
Frazier, Alisha 
Furnace, Miranda 
Gaddie, Mark 
Gaines, Lisa 


Meridian Campus: Chancellor Gaines 

Gant, Beaver 

Gardner, James 

Germany, Crystal 

Ghafoor, Shahvad 

Gibbs, Natalie 

Gillis, Rita 

Goines, Fay 

Graff re, Kenneth 

Graham, Richard 

Grayson, Judy 

Gressett, Ray 

Griffin, Sharon 

Grimes, Randy 

Hall, Hollis 

Hall, Sara 

Harris, Brian 

Hearns, Thelma 

Hedgpeth, Kevin 

Hill, Quanta 

Hodgins, Amy 

Holdiness, Sam 

Hollingsworth, Vanessa 

Hopkins, Linda 

Howell, Trinette 

Hubert, Scott 

Hudson, Mary 

Huggins, Dennis 

Hunt, Tonya 

Hutcherson, Nicole 

Irby, Marcus 

Isikalu, Yewande 

Jackson, Brandy 

Jackson, Jennifer 

Jacob, Amy 

James, Felicia 

James, Marilyn 

Jenkins, Edna 

Johnson, Jon 

Johnson, Joy 

Johnson, Pranati 

Meridian Campus: Gant Johnson 

Johnson, Sandra 
Jones, Sonya 
Kanagy, Robert 
Killens, John 
Kirby, Meredith 

Ladnier, Theresa 
Lawson, Robbie 
Leggetta, Jackie 
Lewis, Jan 
Lilly, Tony 

Little, Tina 
Love, Thelma 
Luke, Tom 
Madden, Benita 
Mallette, Kenny 

Manuel, Rodney 
Maskew, Bridgett 
Massey, Christina 
Mathis, Clemmie 
Mathis, Natasha 

Matteson, Rosalind 
Mazingo, Dennis 
McAdory, Michael 
McCall, Karen 
McCann, Angelia 

McCarty, Kashona 
McCary, Nicole 
McDade, Benjamin 
McDonald, Jerry 
McDonald, Sonya 

Mcllwain, Emily 
McKay, Danny 
McKenzie, Scott 
McLain, Scott 
McMillan, Phyllis 

McPhearson, Karen 
McRaney, Len 
McWhorter, Deborah 
Miller, Kasie 
Monie, Jennifer 

188 People 

Meridian Campus: Johnson Monie 

Monk, Arlene 

Montgomery, Jill 

Montgomery, K. 

Moorhouse, Kim 

Morgan, Lorrie 

Mosley, Derek 

Mosley, Theresa 

Mott, Angel 

Murray, Bridgett 

Murray, Michael 

Murray, Tim 

Neal, Emily 

Neal, Mike 

Necaise, John 

Newell, Donna 

Nicholson, Kim 

Norman, Bryan 

Nowell, Ricky 

Nunnery, Rosanne 

Orozov, Boris 

Pace, Kristy 

Parker, Detanya 

Parker, Gary 

Patrick, Shronda 

Pearson, April 

Pennington, Michelle 

Phillips, Shane 

Pickard, Angela 

Pickett, Paula 

Pierman, Peter 

Poore, Sharon 

Pope, LeeAnna 

Powe, Wanda 

Randies, Theresa 

Rasco, Debbie 

Rascoe, Stephanie 

Ray, Lisa 

Reed, Mary 

Reeves, Kimberly 

Reynolds, Bernito 

Meridian Campus: Monk Reynolds 

People 189 

Richardson, Frankie 
Ricksgers, Tom 
Risher, Brian 
Robinson, Rita 

Rosamond, Lomax 

Ruffin, Jamilah 
Rush, Deanna 
Sanders, Leslie 
Savell, Amanda 
Scarbrough, Louis 

Seales, Denise 
Shields, Lawanda 
Sims, Marjorie 
Sinay, Lenito 
Smith, Kimberly 

Smith, Monika 
Smith, Terry 
Sparks, Sonny 
Staten, Oya 
Stevens, Taffy 

Stockman, Tammy 
Stovall, Natalie 
Stuart, Charles 
SwindoU, Alan 
Sykes, Glenn 

Talbert, Judy 
Talley, Ruthie 
Temple, Gretchen 
Terry, Jimmy 
Thomas, Melissa 

Thomas, Ralph 
Thomas, Regina 
Thrash, Marjory 
Todd, Lynn 
Trest, Patricia 

Triplett, Holly 
Truelove, Sharron 
Tucker, Donna 
Tullos, Tanya 
Turner, Mike 

Meridian Campus: Richardson Turner 

Turner, Shronda 

Wade, William 

Wadsworth, Jack 

Walker, Marcell 

Walters, Christie 

Wasson, Meleade 

Watkins, Ginny 

Watson, Mia 

West, Jennifer 

White, Lindy 

White, Michelle 

Whittington, Kent 

Wilkes, Tammy 

Williams, Diane 

Williams, Jessie 

Williams, Michael 

Wilson, Betsy 

Winston, Brandy 

Wood, Jason 

Yates, Keith 

Meridian Campus: Turner Young 

People 191 

College of 
Veterinary Medicine 

Acierno, Mark 2000 
Adams, Tracy 3001 
Adler, Jennifer 2002 
Anderson, Kevin 2003 
Aviles, Kim 2000 

Baddley, Harper 2002 
Bain, Andy 2003 
Baravik, Jeff 2003 
Barton, Clayton 2002 
Bates, Corrie 2000 

Baughman, Brittany 2003 
Beasley, Brian 2001 
Berry, Renee 2001 
Bertasi, Frances 2003 
Betbeze, Caroline 2002 

Blair, Julia 2002 
Boehner, Amanda 2002 
Bostick, Brandy 2002 
Brinkman, Erin 2002 
Buisson, Cherie 2000 

Burdick, Heather 2003 
Butler, Stephanie 2000 
Calloway, Charity 2003 
Cameron, Rachel 2002 
Capaldo, Chris 2000 

Carpenter, Dewey 2000 
Carter, Brandon 2001 
Case, Ryan 2000 
Chan, Ruby 2002 
Chapman, Belinda 2002 

College of Veterinary Medicine: Acierno Chapman; 

Chapman, Sara 2000 

Cheropovich, Zane 2003 

Chin-Kleine, Lauren 2003 

Clopton, Kristy 2002 

Concannon, Angela 2001 

Conley, Kay 2001 

Craft, Stephanie 2001 

Cunningham, Jacob 2000 

Cunningham, Rachel 2002 

Dickerson, Jonathan 2003 

Dooley, Drew 2001 

Dunaway, Danah 2000 

Epperson, Michael 2003 

Farmer, Janet 2001 

Fisher, Cory 2003 

Foster, Shannon 2002 

Foy, Jenny 2002 

Fulton, Marcia 2001 

Garrett, Pat 2000 

Geater, Lauri 2000 

Gough, Paige 2001 

Graham, Kathleen 2002 

Greene, Kimberly 2001 

Hagood, Amber 2003 

Halbach, Erik 2003 

Hammond, Tim 2001 

Hancock, Bob 2001 

Hanson, Jody 2000 

Harper, Sha 2002 

Hatchett, Amy 2001 

Heinsch, April 2000 

Herndon, Bill 2000 

Herren, Amanda 2000 

Herrera, Melissa 2003 

Herrington, Jennifer 2001 

Hester, Wes 2001 

Hicks, Brian 2002 

Hobbs, Sara 2003 

Hoben, Beth 2002 

Hornak, Tammy 2000 

College of Veterinary Medicine: Chapman Hornak 

Horton, Mamie 3002 
Huffman, Andrew 3001 
Huggins, Brian 2001 
Hutchinson, Johnna 3001 
James, Jonathan 3003 

Johnson, Kim 3003 
Jordan, Gregg 3000 
Joyner, Anthea 3003 
Karnes, Jennifer 3003 
Kelly, Kimberly 3000 

Kennedy, Scott 3000 
Kergosien, David 3000 
King, Daryl 3003 
Kohn, Carolyn 3001 
Kumm, Deann 3003 

LaGarde, Clare 3000 
Lark, Ellen 3003 
Lee, Christie 3003 
Levine, Emily 3000 
List, Rebekah 3001 

Little, Reggie 3003 
Loper, Tony 3001 
Lyon, Sally 3003 
Mace, Sacha 3000 
Mangum, Claudia 2002 

Martin, Jana 2003 
McCloskey, Gordon 2002 
McCrory, John 2002 
McDowell, Angie 2001 
McHale, Jennifer 2000 

Mclntyre, Heather 2000 
McLendon, Melisa 2002 
Meadows, Michael 2002 
Melton, Keri 2001 
Michler, Jon 2000 

Miranov-Bridges, Marci 2000 
Mitchell, Casey 2003 
Mitchell, Jonathan 2003 
Mitchell, Pat 2000 
Mobley, Stephen 2003 

College of Veterinary Medicine: Horton Mobley 

Moore, Alison 8000 
Moore, Amy 2002 

Morgan, Mary 2002 

Morris, Jim 2003 

Morris, William 2000 

Murphree, Angelique 2000 

Myers, Debby 2001 

Myers, Kraig 2000 

Nelson, Rudd 2000 

Newman, Jaimie 2003 

Noblin, Lena 2003 

Odom, Blythe 2003 

Paglia, Danielle 2001 

Panksy, Tomas 2003 

Parker, Daryl 2002 

Parvin, Steven 2001 

Patterson, Adam 2001 

Patterson, Sara 2001 

Pavur, Janelle 2002 

Payne, Doug 2001 

Payne, Lee 2000 

Perkins, Katie 2001 

Perry, Donna 2000 

Peterman, Ashley 2001 

Pittman, Holt 2001 

Polk, Valle 2001 

Porter, Brooke 2003 

Radde, Matt 2002 

Raines, Shelle 2000 

Randall, Michael 2003 

Reddin-Parker, Suzanne 


Rhodus, Lorrie 2003 

Ricks, Christopher 2002 

Riggan, Lauren 2002 

Roberts, Brittany 2002 

Robertson, Bonnie 2000 

Rocconi, Tony 2003 

Rushing, Raina 2002 

Russell, Alan 2003 

Russell, Sarah 2000 

College of Veterinary Medicine: Moore Russell 

Rutter, Alan 2003 
Rutter, Chrissie 2003 
Schoknecht, Monica 2000 
Sexton, Cary 2003 
Shannon, Meghan 2000 

Shapiro, Trudy 2001 
Shepherd, Heather 2000 
Shumpert, Kirk 2001 
Simmons, Jeffery 2000 
Simmons, Jennifer 2002 

Simmons, Karen 2002 
Singletary, Morgan 2003 
Skocelas, Eric 2002 
Smith, Amy 2002 
Smith, Nancy 2001 

Snipes, Nikki 2002 
Spinazzola, Joe 2000 
Strickland, Barry 2001 
Sturdivant, Clint 2003 
Sullivan, Jill 2000 

Sykes, Beckey 2003 
Tanner, Parrish 2001 
Terry, Courtney 2001 
Timmermans, Heather 2001 
Tracy, Ban 2001 

Ulmer, April 2001 
Vaughn, Bridget 2001 
Vineyard, Kathy 2003 
Wallace, Bavid 2000 
Walters, Kevin 2003 

Warren, Amy 2002 
Watkins, Erica 2003 
Watson, Bavid 2003 
West, Stephanie 2002 
Wilder, Leanna 2003 

Wilkerson, Shane 


Williams, Kendall 


Williams, Leslie 


Williams, Shawn 


Wright, Kathryn 


Zickus, Chuck 2000 

196 People 

College of Veterinary Medicine: Rutter Zickus 


oto by Will Smith 

Photo by Eric Bryant 

State Snaps 

Photo by Eric Bryant 


Photo by Will Smith 

Photo by Will Smith 

Photo by Eric Bryant 

Peeple 197 

Photo by Will Smith 

Sigma Chi's Bid Day 
At the end of Rush week (the day 
before school starts), students accept 
the bids of various fraternities or 
sororities and decide for which they 
would like to pledge. 

Photo by Will Smith 

The MSU Varsity Cheerleaders pose 
for this shot in the late afternoon 
sun. This picture made front page 
news in the Friday, October 8, 1999, 
issue of the MSU Reflector. 

Photo submitted 

Religious organizations are a major 
part of student activities. At the 
Baptist Student Union, students 
keep God's beat with the drums. 

198 Organizations 

Photo by Emilie Morrison 


Eric Bryant, Section Co-Editor 
Matt Savage, Section Co-Editor 

The Organizations Section is comprised 
of organizations on the MSU campus that 
wish to have their groups represented in 
the Reveille. 

Organizations 199 

The Accounting Society 

vl A? I* \.*9 * < <M.*J n^T" IH Wm* \ 

f the Institute of 
Management Accoun- 
tants. The puflkose of 


is to prom| 
ties in account 
provide accountmg' stM- 
dent^with a sociaKjIi- 

t»iHU>iiTwi>':iMgiT ijEkI 

L±±&m to interact** with 
other < 
dents. j 

Accounting Society 

Photo By: Will S 

Emily Duke. President; Kim Branner, Vice President; Mary Briggs. Secretary/ Treasurer; Marlena Darby. Programs Director; Zachary Rigby. Publicit 
Publication; Dr. Frances McNair. Advisor; John Abrams, Thomas Arthur. Sayler Ault. Emily Barksdale. Naomi Bennet. Shavon Bradford. Kristie 
Brooks, Christopher Brunlett, Lesia Bryant, Kelly Bunyard. Charlean Byrton. Heath Castile, Torhonda Cathey, Lisa Chesney. Michelle Crowe. Melissi 
Darwin, Beth Dillavou, Patrick Donald. Ryan Dyer, Anna Ford, Lori Gray, Aimee Greene, Monica Jenkins. Jill Johnson, Hope Johnson, Jennifer 
Johnston, Crystal Lewis, Kathy Locke, Jennifer Mathews, Katie McLeod. Terrell Murphy, William Payne, Jimmi Phillips, Eddie Pitts, Krisan Risher. 
Shakethia Shaw, Ron Shurden, Stephanie Stanton, Laura Stone. Brad Tisdale. Tracy Watson. Bret Wonson. Brandi Love Zuber 

AIM Peer Counselors 


Aim Peer Counselors 
are volunteer students 
who display leadership 
skills and presentation 
skills to the MSU com- 
munity. Their purpose 
ist© present preventive 
outrtach programs to 
the MSU community. 
We are a group .that is 
accepting of all mdivi- 
duals and promotes a 
holistic living among 
college students. 

Photo By: Will [lit! 

Maylen Aldana, Advisor; Teneisha Carter, Torey Magee, Roshunda Cork, Betsy Hungerford, j 
Milaine Bost, Rachel Doroh, Mary Beth Sledge, Angela Banks, Deanne Parke, Nadia Sara Hale 
Allison Dietz, Kathryn Blanche 

>0 Organizations 

Air Force ROTC 

Will Smith 

jr Force ROTC is a group of students training to be Air Force Officers 
'hile earning their college degrees. Cadets are involved in community 
srvice, along with a wide variety of on-campus organizations under the 
ipervision of Officer personnel, AFROTC is cadet run- ensuring that 
ach student knows how to be the leader of tomorrow. 

Organizations 201 

Alternative Spring Break 
seeks to establish an ongo- 
ing tradition of positively 
impajetrng students and 
compiunities through inex- 
• ydtt&fe, educational vol- 
unteer opportunities. We 
wish to be well-l||own on 

riety of issu 

students, fai 

the CQmmunity. 3 

pie, through their livblvj^ 

mentkwith Alternative 

Licuiumiy.-and provide ac- 
cess to resourcjre: We will 
attempt tomaMde enlight- 
ening experiences for all in- 
"terested individuals. 

Alternative Spring Break 

Photo By: Will S 

Leadership Board: Back (L to R): Evlondo Cooper, Tim Parker, James Nixon, Joel Tillery Front (L to Rl 
Erin Dill, Stacie Weaver, Igina Perteet 


The August Raspet stu- 
dent branch of the 
American Institute of 
Aeronautics and As- 
tronautics is an organ- 
ization for Mississippi 
StAte students who hold 
an'mterest in aviation 
and aerospace 'stiidies. 
Activities include field 
trips, speakers, regional 
conference, student/ fac- 
ulty athletic events and 
social get togethers. 

American Institute of Aeronautics and 


Members (L to R): Mr. Thomas Hannigan, Advisor; Michael Cancienne, Jonathan Davis, Jos 
Thumann, Michael Hazelwood, D.J. Caldwell, Vice President; Shaunda Fawler, Secretary; 
Allison Cruthird, President; Shane Brown, Aaron Harcrow, Faculty; Bryan Gossaway 

202 Organizations 

Afiumni Defecates 

) Submitted 

it Row: Ashley Bloodworth. Monica Johnston, Marcy Wells, Brandy Patterson, Polly Montgomery, Alicia 
Jgrino Second Row: Melinda Hearn, Amberly Dean, Liz O'Neal, Jenny Reeves, Kim Green, Stephanie 
londson, Mary Johns McLemore Third Row: Ryan Farrell, Zerick Williams, Carey Davis, Nadia Haque, Mary 
ley Mauldin, Lauren Demoran, Roshan Patel, Libba Andrews, Advisor; Fourth Row: Matt Allen, Ryan Saunders, 
cer England, Andrew Martin, Ben Aldridge. John David Hardy, Richard Russo, Jason Giompoletti Fifth Row: 
id Moore. Robby Holditch, Tres Maley, Andy Prosser, Matt Humphreys, Jeffrey Hudson, Johnathan Lee, Richard 
pley, Brad Reeves, Ryan Roper Not Pictured: John Bryant, Myesha Davis, Brooks Donald, Austin Monroe, Tasha 

The Alumni Delegates are comprised of forty-four members all striving 
together to serve as a liaison between MSU alumni and students. The 
purpose of our organization is to improve understanding of the role of the 
alumni association by educating and involving students in activities and 
events of the association. Students involvement will help foster lifelong 
relationships while continuing to maintain the Alumni Association's 
mission to generate support for MSU through the development and 
implementation of programs, activities, and events for its alumni and 
friends. Alumni Delegates are today's student leaders preparing to be 
tomorrow's alumni leaders. 

Organizations 203 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers 

ie American Institute of 
Chemical Engineers Stu- 
dent Chapter is S^jrrgan- 
ization desiffliaEktoT^tro- 
duce slu &h0^Hp the^ 
chemical ehgmts^ng inl 
dustries. Chaptef 1JtJ|'itiaf 
include, plant trips, indiJ- 
trial '^tiest speakers, f"^ -*" 

- service everil&s. •» 

Photo By: Will 


The American Society of 
Interior Designers strives 
to educate students about 
various areas of interior 
design and related fields. 
This group also promotes 
networking and unity be- 
tween students and profes- 
sions and prepares stu- 
dents to assume 
responsibility in a profes- 
sional organization*. Mem- 
bership is open to**all stu- 
dents of Interior Design by 
contacting the faculty ad- 
visor or the president of 

American Institute of Interior Designers 

Photo By: Will .' '* 

Row 1 (L to R): Rebecca Hughey. Jennifer Brizzolara, Kathleen Thornell, Maggie Franks, Vice President; Sarah McCollum, Erin Walton, Publicitv j 
Diana Punzo Row 2: Corey Kuril. Treasurer; Heather Townsend. Historian; Becky Hollingsworth. Secretary; Beth Miller. Faculity Advisor; Alicia I 
Johnson. Misty Seeley, Joy Barnes, Newsletter Assistant; Row 3: Mclanie Hartley, Isaac Holman, Mary Bailey, President; Laruel Garrison Row 4: p> 
W, Jamie McQuirter, Mary Katherine Butler, Membership Chairman; Jennifer Ausborn, Robbie Ray, Robin Gonzalez, Christy Collins Row 5: Cii j 
Ward. Amy Ford. Lacey McRay. Kelley Robison, Maggien Wilson, Historian; Bonnie Warren, Nichelle Broussard, Suzanna Davidson Row 6: Mol 
Poole. Madelyn Pomphrey. Publicity; Amber Wasuespac, Jennifer Overstreel, Kelly Flowers, Courtney Walsh, Kacie Flemming. Natalie Guckert j 


American Medical Student Association 

o Submitted 

p (L to R): Bobby Newson, Chapter Develpoment; Keith Jones, President; Jonathan 
3tt, Treasurer; Bottom (L ot R): Christine Tiep, Vice President; Alyssa Boswell, 
isident-elect; Ralene Simpkins, Secretary 

ie MSU Chapter of the American 
edical Student Association or AMSA 
is created this year in order to serve the 
mmunity and aid students as they 
epare for a career in medicine. In less 
an a year, AMSA has established a 
tysician-student mentoring network 
th MSU Alumni, hosted presentations 
physicians and other professionals, 
lined its members in CPR and First 
D, and arranged trips to medical 
tiools in the area. Our students attended 
e ASMA National Convention in 
licago and interacted with students and 
edical specialists from across the U.S. 
eluding the U.S. Surgeon General and 
itch Adams. 

Organizations 205 

_^ _ 

The American .Society 
of Landscape j^hitects 

encourage" " 1 

and pra| 
phases of lands 
chitecture on clrnpjfls 
and throughout MfcJs- 

American Society of Landscape Architect 

Officers: Chad Watkins, President; Ali Loman, President- elect; Jason Buckley, Secret; 
Meri Starks, Treasurer; Mary Johns McLemore, Public Relations 

Associated Landscape Contractors of Amerit 


The Associated Land- 
scape Contractors of 
America is the official 
trade association for 
landscape contracting 
industry. The members 
are involved in all as- 
pects of the landscape 
inchj^try such as land- 
scape contracting, land- 
scape maintenance; ero- 
sion control, irrigation, 
and interior land- 
scaping. The club has a 
community service pro- 
ject twice a semester and 
a plant sale twice a year. 

Army ROTC 

HI c^ 


i By: Will Smith 



ow 1 (L to R): Ashley Mills Row 
oR): Matt Jollit, Lee 
re-n Britt Manor, S. Pittman, 
lan, Nowell Agent, 
ig Row 3 (L to R): 
forth, Doug 
raid Ferguson, 
Ore, Jonna Thomas, 
, /allie Row 4 (L to R): 
:o Webber, Clayton Wood, 
ence Johnson, Shawn Taylor, 
Hq Carter Row 5 (L to R): 
, <« , «, Jason Weir. Brian 

fee Row 6 (L 

teven I ones, 1 
ime Welch. Joe 
Christy Rose Row 7 (L 
Eim Powell, Jay 
Did, Ryan DonaIs,jJames 
, Bob Sayi&Row 8 (L to R): 
~baldanoi Matt Morgan, Tim' 

d' ■ "' y - ■''$"' ■$' ,";"''' 'h 1 ' C 

ivis. Trey 

cox :• 

to R): Nowell . 
landa Carter, 
[erring, Matt Jollit, 
:er Row 2 (L to R): 
mgsworth, Ashley 
iray Tallie 

/jee Rangers 

to R): Jason Weir, 
aid, Derrick Coleman 
to R): Jamie Welch, 
c, Nowell Agent, Brian 
Easley, Andrew Moore, Michael 
herring Row 3 (L to R): Shane 
Ice, Gerald Ferguson, JUSe *»*- 
1 ildano, Ashley MilW 


P* Kb 


Organizations 207 


Row 1 (L to R): Mrj 

Gwen Mills, V 

wKut w&T\?~i(ifil*mwf$ 

Croft Row 2 (L to R): 
SFC lie, SGT Wilson, 
CPT ffzelvsniak, LT 

Row 1 (L to Rl^^cftodl 
Herring, Ashiey Miffls 
" *■», (L to R): Jf J 

^oCemaiyi An- 
^ B0"Sayfc 
Row 3 (L 1#R): Joe 
Zabaidatwf Shane Vice, 
Jason Weir, Brian Easfey* 

cow 1 (L to R): Bob 
^f Sayle, Britt Manor, An- 
drew Moore, Michael 
Herring Row 2 (L to R): 
Trey Waterson, Brian 
Easley, Dave Cox, Ryan 
Donald, Bo Irby, Jason 
Weir, Lee Lundgren 


Row 1 (L to R): Andrew 
Moore, Tim Farrar, 
Da*ve Cox, Ryan 
Donald, Lawrence John- 
son Row 2 (l! to R): 
Mike Hodges^Jason 
Weir, Bob SayleT'Shawn 
Taylor, Jamie Welch 
Row 3 (L to R): SFC 
Lee, Derrick Coleman, 
Clayton Wood, Lee 
Lundgren, Joe Zabalda- 
no, Trey Waterson 

208 Organizations 

Ranger Challenge Team 

Buttdog Battery 

Association of Black Business Professionals 

By: Will Smith 

t Row (L to R): Marco Williams, Internal Affairs; Tasha Berry, Director of Marketing; Nicole Smith, 
:tary; Abundel Simpson, President; Phillip Terrell, Vice President; Lamar Mister, Historian; Tiersha 
nan. Treasurer; Back Row: Victoria Orange, Barbara Thomas, Shuckizney Johnson, Maurice Johnson, 
inka Trice, Leence Collins 

association for Computing Machinery 

By: Will Smith 

Organizations 209 


■ = ■ ' ' ■ . ■ ■ . ■■'■ 

■ w "nie purpose of the 
Baptist Student Un- 


and makejfcjp^.] 


Mississippi Stall \ji 
versky. The BSU p w 

purely academic disci- 
plines ofthe uni ver- 
ity - a ministry spon-' 
red ajid' directed by 
liptists, but most 
* , cordially open to all 
\Jmissippi State Uni- 
versity students who 
f*J! wish to participate. 

Baptist Student Union 

Photo By: Will 1 

Photo By: Will Smith 

Photo By: Will 

2 1 Organizations 

Photo By: Wi M 

By: Will Smith 

Beta A(pha Psi 

Beta Beta Beta 

By: Will Smith 

cers: Manda Burnett, President; Christy Vowell, Vice President; Mirae Cade, 
"etary / Treasurer; Eric Fraser, Historian 

fhe Uni- 

and Puerto 

Organizations 21 1 


Black Student Affiance 

e^ col&ctive r body, 
_ oe a catalyst* uf effange 
by develof^pg a posjajve re- 
lationship with administra- 
tors, faculty, sdfF, and oth- 
er MS^t?" student 
constituents that we serve. . 


Photo By: Will • 



The Bulldog Belles is an 
organization that assists 
in game day recruiting 
and in official visit 
weekends for football 
prospects. In general, 
the organization's, pur- 
pose is to promote MSU 
Athletics withfn the 


Sponsors: David Wilson, Coach; Byron McCall, 
Susan Simmons Members: Blakely Allen. Tiffany 
Anderson. Mandy Bailey. Erin Berry, Jennifer 
Bishop, Amanda Bleakney, Kristen Boothe, Nikki 
Boyd, Mandy Branch. Mirae Cade, Telischa 
Carter, Teneisha Carter. Michelle Cassagne, 
Jermell Christian, Chloe Crater. Sandy Dillon. 
Angie Earhart, March Gates, Carissa Goslin, 
Quia Gray. Becky Green. Kimberly Green, 
LaRosa Harris, Verlena Holmes. Martie Jones, 
Shanae King, Lorin Langston, Christina Lee, 
Latrease Lee. Vanelle Matthews, Robin May, 
Andrea Murray, Takiela Owens, Meredith Porter. 
Capri Posey, Anna Ramsey, Mesha Scott, 
DeAnna Smith. Juanita Smith. Schermonique 
Taylor. Carol Thompson, Kristen Tomlinson. 
Tina Westbrooks, Allison White, Danisha 
Williams, Shimeka Winters. Kimberly Wyatt. 
Nekka Yates 

Photo By: W >i"it 

12 Organizations 

Biack Voices of MSU 

5y: Will Smith 

le Abrams, Dorian Black, Erica Brown, Eulis Brown III, Quincy Butts, Tyrone Catledge, Torrie Chambers, Orynda Collier, Teresha Egerson, Laken 
Mapricia Flowers, Kennetra Floyd, Kwayera Franklin, Jason Goree, Brian Hammond, LaRosa Harris, Tavita Harrison, Angel, Harwell, Floyd Hodgi 
utchins, Erica James, Chawan Jernigan, Kendrick Johnson, Kenzaki Jones, Daniel Kennebrew, Kaile' King, Latrease Lee, Monica Lucas, David 
r\, Maurica Marion, Nardaka McNeill, Sam Miller, Jason Minor, Cheryl Moore, Ariel Osborne, Adrienne Phillips, Marche' Phillips, Alicia Riley, Cr 
Yontikka Roundtree, Willie Sanders, Miranda Selmon, LaShonda Skinner, LaTasha Skinner, Jamee Smith, Kimberly Smith, James Strong, Lavern 
lire, Markeith Todd, Regina Tunstall, Tracy Walker, Melanie Weary, Elisha Williams, LaZerick Wiliams 

ded in 1971. The pur- 
pose of the organization 
is to minister to indivi- 
duals through song. 
Black Voices is an or- 

:,-,„+: on p en tO all 

who are in- 


raise a: 

form; To exalt 

io entertain; For 

id not f 



iy. Will Smith 

In Loving Memory of: 

Ms. ArieC L. Osborne 

Organizations 2 1 3 


CAB isf composed of seven 
imaginative, educational, 
and entertaining commit- 
tees pat bring fun and ex- 
"''jjjg^&vents to Mississippi 
ate University. CAB 
committees includ.e Enter- 
tainment, FashiotL Board, 

rum, Publicp^iteWeatioiu 
and SpeciaFEVf^ CAJEJ 
enlivens the Mi^t^ipgf 
State University 'camp|Fs 
andtAe Starkville conar*i- 
njty through such actij 

verse spackci'-. -itfd the 
major f«b* seriei. and 

events: Halloween Car- 
nival, Madrigal Dinner, 
Holiday Bazar, College^ 
>wl, and Bridal Fair. 
roaghT involvement in 
\ of jtne seven commit- 
tees, you will make lifelong 
h% friendships, develop skills 
yafull use for the rest of 
/four life, help plan enter- 
taining and educational 
^^ events, and, most of all, 
have tons of fun in the pro- 

Campus Activites Board 

Photo By: Will Si 

Erin Dill, President/ Student Director; Shellye Palmer, Special Events Division Head; Jennifer Walker, Recereation 
Division Head; Andrew Locke, Entertainment Division Head; Ellis Grubbs, Publicity Division Head; Marguerite 
Knight, Fashion Board President; George Roundtrec, Fashion Board Vice-President; Kevin Ventunni, Speakers Fom 
division Head; Dee Pitts, Film and Video Division Head; Allison Mayo, Graduate Assistant; Shaundra Brown, 
Graduate Assistant 

Campus Activities Board- Special Events 


Photo By: Will 

Ebonye Allen. Staccy Anger, Page Austin, Alyssa Boswell, Martha Clair Carpenter, Lauren Clayton, Amy Clement, 
Darnell, Kristcn Ellis, Leah Exten, Krilicia Gianakos, Jason Goolsby, Ashley Hannah, Arin Howe, Britton Heilbro 
Christen Kazery, Kelly Kirk, Michelle Macdonald, Bethany Nelms, Hillary Phillips, Celina Rivera, Angela Rone, P» jsy 
Shaw, Jessica Singleton, Alii Skelton, Leslie Smith, Shea Stewart, Rachael Sullivan, Shara Sutton, Kristen TomlinS' 
Rachel Virgess, Miranda Wood, Lacey Moore 

2 1 4 Organizations 

Catho&c Student Association 



*•■•■<;*'• •>;.; 



The Catholic Student 
Association provides 
opportunities for fel- 
lowship, service, and 
spiritual growth. The 
CSA is sponsored jbj 
St. Joseph (ftitholic 
Church and is open to* 
all students at Missis- 
sippi State University. 

Organizations 215 

Circle K International 

Circle K International is a 
club |najt contributes , to 
volunteering our services 
in oi 

else.Wg'are a community 
W 1 ■JWrfPWce club that allows 
anyone to join regardless of 
their major. Soqj|.of the 
jects that wejtojJL^Hlroitat 
for Humafl!a#JSPrkvill 

Manqr, Library |8N| 
vatioh Army, Boy*S 
of America, and Hum 
Society just to name i 
pjjiyorie just- wants j 

(Xmrmufiitv^sprvirp jC'irplp. 

K is th 

great experience You get 
to meet newjmd interes- 
ting peoplland have fun 
doing it. 

Photo By: Will S j 


The College Democrats are 
dedicated to promoting 
poitical involvement and 
awareness on campus and 
in the community. We at- 
tempt to accomplish this 
by hosting numerous ap- 
pearances and debates with 
local and state public ser- 
vants as well as forums on 
important issues. Although 
we promote marfy of the 
ideas synonymous with the 
Democratic PartyyJVe also 
value opinions and people 
whom differ from us and 
hope to reach out to the 
community as a whole in 
our efforts to increase poli- 
tical activism. 

CoQeae Democrats 

Photo By: Will «* 

Front Row (L to R): Terrance James, Treasurer; Leslie Norwood, Secretary; Zachory Kirk, Tim 
Wasyluka, President; Jeanne Marszalek, Chair of Oktibbeha County Democrats; Second Row 
to R): Lawrence Robinson, VP of Activities; Daniel Melder, VP of Publicity; Marcus Daniels, 
Eric Wright, Inter-Organization Liason; Not Pictured: Angela Maxwell, David James 

216 Organizations 

Cottege of Agricutture and Life Sciences 


By: Will Smith 

i Asterman, Jennifer Ausborn. Mindy Aust, Ana Bertasi, David Brand, Jake Easley, Derek Emerine, 
chen Ganas, Jennifer Guimbellot. Melanie Hartley, Kathrine Herren, Corey Kuhl, Marissa Mulhern, 
y Prichett, Myles Ramsey. Bob Sayle, Paige Sullivan, Bonny Tindoll 

Dawcj Paws 


>" .<"',:■* ;»r ,-f- ,/* .,"<'■ ,«'' '■')"" ,4' 

: V>''^W'.'.>'-:^:>->";^:>^.'; . 

tion booths 
at va 
such as 
The Ambassadors strive to 
inform students and alum- 
ni of the' quality and diver- 
sity oi' educ 

By: Will Smith 


pose is to 

College of education. 
Dawg Paws travels to 2 or 
3 junior colleges and I high 
school in MS to reeruit stu- 
dents. We partigjfpate*in j 
numerous events^througn^J 
out the year. Some of these*? 
events are Discovery Day, 
Minority Day, and Sum- 
med Orientation. We also 
writ<L|etters to those' who 
arWaferested in MSU. * 

icers: Heather Martin, President; Jeramy Turner, Vice President; Teresa Howell, 
retary / Treasurer; Kevin Cunningham, Webmaster; Dr. Diane Greene, Advisor 

Organizations 2 1 7 

The MMSissippi State Uni- 
versity Diamond Girls 
have Seen a vital part of 
the BaseJ&all Bulldog family 
at NfSU. since the group 

_jyMgj/Ka.te(l in 1976. The 
^22 -member group capably 
handles a wide array of 
tasks in support oftee Mis- 
sissippi State* b^§£bar||pro- 
gram thrjJkjmbyt the 

I school year. 1 

" with the on-c2n 
cruitment of stude. 

. w -DeMent Stadium on 
game daj^handhjfg pre- 
game field preparation, the 
batgirl duties, and the op- 
eration of tfhe MSU base- 
ball souvenir and novelty, 


Diamond Girts 

^» &mm 


x M m*m 'mm^- { P^3k 

' vV 

Photo Submi ' 

Front Row: (L to R) Michelle Cassagne, Clare Coppenbarger, Alii Skelton, Brooke Ballard (co-captain), Rene' Oakes 
(captain, Aimee Crain (co-captain), Maci Pittman (co-captain), Jada Easterling Middle Row: (L to R) Marie Thomas 
Aimee Richardson, Jade West, Sarah Beth Tullos, Mary Quinn Templcton, Lindsey Power, Jennifer Dykes, Leanne j 
Scruggs Back Row: (L to R) Meg Young, Heather Noble, Becky Whitehead, Cathy Carr, Audra Hawkins Not Pictures 
Julia Patton 

Education Ambassadors 


The College of Education 
Ambassadors is an organ- 
ization that serves as a liai- 
son for the College of Ed- 
ucation faculty and staff to 
students, prospective stu- 
dents, alumni, and bene- 
factors of the college. The 
purposes of the organ- 
ization are (1) to represent 
the # college in recruiting 
and development activities 
which foster lifelong rela- 
tionships with alumni and 
friends and (2) to^advise 
the Deans on raJRters af- 
fecting the College of Edu- 
cation. The College of Edu- 
cation Ambassadors are 
today's pre-service student 
leaders preparing to be to- 
morrow's education lead- 

2 1 8 Organizations 





desnt Council was foun- § 

ded in 1972 with three I 

" objectives: repre- 

and promote the 

'ollege of Engineering. 

ct as a liasdjn between 

le students and the fac- 



arious en- 

„.„fing societies. The 

SC achieves these 


-ities such 
icmcs, the funda- 

.ntals of engineering 
iyiew sessions, a new 

ni ^" a *- + ation, and 

€r ,. 

Photo By: Will Smith 

Eta Kappa Nu 

By: W 

ndy Follet, Faculty Advisor. Janna Hamaker, President; Thomas Schattner, Vice-President; John Daho, Treasurer; Jason Goar, Recording Secretary; Tonya Miller, 
ponding Secretary; Robert Hataway, Bridge Correspondent; Eyad Abu-AI-Feilat, Jay Allison, Issac Alphonso, Ted L, Anderson, Richard Barnes, Austin Bolen, Geoffrey E. 
, Rachel Casey, Angela Card, Siew-I^oong Chan, Neeraj Deshmukh, Ryan Duke, Richard Duncan, Bryan Fry, Laura J. Fuller, Aravind Ganapathiraju, Guangzhong Gao, 
Mien Goar. Jonathan Hamaker. Dane McArthur Howell, Paul Ivy, Jr., Gary G. Krupp, See-Kit Lam, Stephen Leong, Yu-Loong Liew, Chin Yee Lim, Zhiling Long, William 
iy, Arindam Maitra, Vishwanath Mantha, Will McRee, Jr., Jason Melton, Thomas C. Hull, III, Telge Haishan Peiris, Liston Keith Purvis, Drew Jackson Richey, Jeffrey 
Sam Sundararaman. John Vickery, Yufeng Wu. Sean Ziegeler 

i Kappa Nuis the Interna- 
nal Honor Society for elec- 
il and computer engineers, 
le one of its purposes is 
stimulation and reward of 
.iiokuship. Eta Kappa Nu has 
a far broader purpose than to 
merely award a badge of dis- 
t; nction to its scholars. As con- 
ved by its founders and car- 
d forward by more than two 
generations, another aim is to 
assist its members throughout 
their lives in becoming bettS 
professionals and citizens. An- 
other purpose of the organ- 
1 is that its members be a 
ructive force in helping 

f iduals to improve the 

stjyi<ii|ds of the profession, 
the courses of instruction, and 
the institutions where its chap- 
es are established, -i 

Fashion Focus 

Fashfcn^Focus, a chapter 
of thj? International Textile 
V^'flifl^'^pparel Association, 
promotes an awareness 
and appreciatio^for ca-> 
reers in appar£l,W|^iles^ 
and merchaJhMai^ Mem- 
bers learn ^aBroi lj ghe fas| 

design, merchandi£n_ 

guest spea 
hands-on workshops 

Photo By: Will Sr 

First Row: Dr. Julianne Trautmann. Kate Newbold, Robin Burdine, President; Kathryn Thomas, Jacqui Davis, Dr. 
Phyllis Bell Miller, Advisor; Second Row: Carrie Sink, Special Projects Chair; Brandy Meadows, Publicity Co-Chair; j 
Jessica Guilzon, Kathryn Zitnik, Amanda Poole; Third Row: Mandi Jefferies, Sara S. Saucer, Raven Campbell, Enjoii 
Ward Fourth Row: Anna-Hayes Ellis, Co-Treasureer; Teisha Carter, Secretary; Katye Pinkerton, Publicity Co-Chair; 
Linda O. Clark, Aliesha Johnson, Valarie Williams 


The, Forest Products Society (FPS) 
was established in 1947 to provide 
an information network for all di- 
visions of the forest products in- 
dustry. The Mississippi State 
Chapter of FPS introduces indivi- 
duals from industry and academia 
to its members in order to discuss 
pertinent issues in the forest pro- 
ducts field. In addition, we have 
developed an important schedule 
of events that bring faculty mem- 
bers and students together, as well 
as recognizing those that have ac- 
tivefy*upported our chapter. Such 
events are Fall Fling aid Crawfish 
Boil. We conduct our business 
meetings on the first Thursday of 
each month and out guwfspeakers 
participate on the third Thursday 
of each month. Every year we are 
heavily involved with the Wood 
Magic Science Fair. The Forest 
Products Society student members 
are the majority of the volunteers 
that help educate third and fourth 
graders on the value of wood and 
wood products. 

220 Organizations 

Forest Products Society 

Photo By: Will i h 

Front Row: GanLi, Mary Love Mortimer, Anastasia Andol, Ywanna Nabors, No Young Second Row: 
Sandy Stewart, Dr. Cynthia West, Dr. Terry Sellers, Kyle Fogarty Third Row: Wan Hui, Dr. Susan Die! 
Steve Janzen, Kei Shiohara Not Pictured: Matt Vrazel 


trs: Amanda 
:, President; 
Adams, Vice 
ient; Ashley 

tary; Tara 
y, Point 
tary; Jennifer 
;s, Treasurer; 
a Smith, 

3 By: Will Smith 

i Hodo, President; Audrey Reeves, Vice-President; Amanda Wade, Secretary; Bret Wonson, Treasurer; Clay 
on, Advisor; Chance DeBarge, Alfred Aranas, Parker Rhett, Collins Cochet, Anna Martin, Jason Prather, Corey 
ies, Kersten Wheeler, Bobby Marshall, Nikki Stewart, Josh Harris, Brad Winterberger, Amanda Rubiano, Jill 
imis, Amanda Eason, Pam Pucheu, Casey Hesser, Matt Kaminski, Lee Beck, Elizabeth Jones, Sarah Hobter, Nancy 
3r, Ed Everitt 

Greeks Educating About 
Responsibility is an organ- 
ization o\' Grec k < r dents 
at Mississippi State. We 
arc a nationally recognized 
GAMMA (Greeks Advo- 
cating the Mature Manage- 
ment of Alcohol) chapter. 
Our purpose is to promote 
interfraternity cdQaboxah, 
tion regarding tl|f mature 
management of alcoholilj 
beverages. The organiza- " 
tion also focuses on assis- 
ting, the Greek system in 
pro-active arill progressive 

pming regasdmg re- 

ble behavi<$. 


Graduate Student Association 

Photo By: Will D 

222 Organizations 

Holmes Cultural Diversity Center 
Peer Counselors and Peer Ambassadors 


By: Will Smith 

it Row: (L to R) Zachory Kirk, Kimberly Lathan, LaRosa Harris, Annette Holmen, LaKenji Hastings 
5 Row: Sylvia Graves, Robin Mitchell, Rynetta Washington, Jamelle Russell, Marcus Baker, January 
rea, Karen McCoy, Turkessa Brown, Kimberly Green, Ayesha Sallie, Shinnarachia Redden, Stacy 
erson. Program Coordinator 

The peer counselors of the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center 
are a select group of individuals dedicated to helping incoming 
freshmen make a successful transition to Mississippi State 
University. Peer counselors plan programs, host events and 
develop a rapport with their counselees. These individuals are 
chosen through a selection process based on leadership abili- 
ties, campus involvement, grade point average, and enthusi- 
asm for helping others. 

Organizations 223 

The jftqrposes of this 
organi^tion are to 
propde for and 
f w tyrjftf rv \ the 
development <3^ 
Human SdeTisesii 
students, <j^6rjvide 

develop leadership 
amo^rnembers, | 
fc^fcsterthe^ J 
understanding ofthe 
interrelated np^yors/ 
options imtfle field of 
Human Sciences, tk 

Human Sciences Association 

Photo Sub 

Officers (L to R): Melanie Hartley, Heather Townsend, Muffin Meek, Robin Burdine, 
Rhonda Alewine 

The Institute of 
Electrical and 
Electronics Engineers 
was founded in 1884 
with Alexander Graham 
Bell and Thomas 
Edison among its 
charter members. From 
thq g^rly beginning, 
IEEE has grown* and 
evolved. Today IEEE 
>ver 300,00©? 
ibers worldwide, 
laking it the largest 
echnical professional 
:ngineering society in 
the world. 


Row 1 (L to R): Kenny Regnolds, Rachel Casey, Amanda Wilcox, Cedric George, Alez Moore, Yuzhong Shen, Xiaoyong Li. Jia jen 
Wang Row 2: Charlie Souza. Robert Lewis. Colin Thorn, Ted Anderson, Dale Pittman, Craig Ivey, Pat Donohoe Row 3: Rand) ] 
Follctt. Apollos Royal, Roger King, Dontrae Coldwell. Samuel Jefferson, Peray Bell 

224 Organizations 

Institute of Industrial Engineers 

By: Will Smith 

rs: Amy Morgan. President; Bryan Moore. Vice President; Amanda Boone. Secretary; Dennis Busby, Treasurer; Johnathan Foster, Student/ 
;r Development; Hal Ramsey, Engineering Student Council Representative; Tyson Mooore, Public Relations; Steve Orman, Social Chairman; 
i Sloan, Newsletter Editor; Sharon Bergin. Publicity; Dr. Larry Brown, P.E., Advisor; Members: Bryan Armstrong. Jason Barron. Katie Brandon, 
:line Chestnut. Jennifer Beth Dreher. Julie Dyess McDonald. John Easley, Patrick Easley. Jeffrey Fuller, Andrea Gasser. Karl Granholm, Quintrelle 
. Jason Hamilton, Amy Hill. Jason Holmes. Brad Jones. Frank Lee. Judy Liaw, Joanna Meadows, Jeffery Miller, Ricky Miller, Joy Nunnally, Chris 
an. Jeff Rohman. Milady Schier. Johnathan Sharp. Isao Takahashi. Jose G. Vasquez 


Founded in 1 94&* The 
Institute of Industrial 
EJigirieers (HE) is the 
ty dedicated tdy ^ 
n« the professional 
ticyial needs of 
ngineers (IE), 
of LE. and all 
lis involved with 
-ving quality and 
uductivity. Mississippi 
ate"s student chapter : " 
/verned by the studeri 
ithin the IE depart m< 
us is to prov' ' 

iti with out 


'■•■■ •■ ,.. : , .-'•■ •' - 



industrial Wgk 
ineering students can 
' • "^r»w each other 
.te classroom. 

The Jabberwock Review 

By: Will Smith 

my Jones, Editor: Kris Sisson, Assistant Editor: Eric Smith. Fiction Editor; Hank Jones. Fiction Editor; Susan Bailey, Poetry Editor; Francis Corby, 
setry editor: Michelle Gates, Copy Editor: Angelina Montgomery. Copy Editor; Elizabeth Calhoun, Copy Editor; Rachel Strauch, Copy Editor; Tara 
ann, Layout and Design: Katrina Black, Layout and Design; Heather Seratt, Promotions and Marketing; Carol Coleman, Promotions and 
arketing: Nikki Rogers, Promotions and Marketing: Janna Scott, Art Director; Anthony Worley, Web Designer; Photo (L to R): Janna Scott, Tony 
'ooley. Carol Coleman. Amy Jones, Heather Seratt, Rachael Rogers, Susan Bailey 


"he Jabberwock 
jview" is MSU's 
vn creative 
writing publicatio. 

letion, and mt 
rom all over the 

Kappa Delta Pi 

KappA JDelta Pi, an In- 
ternational Honor So- 
ciety in Education, was 

y^SpWed March 8, 1911, 
at the University of II- 
" :d to 

reconize excellelfig in 
education:dkjK$»a Delta 

■ 1 Pi elects tfoseff 
bersriip who exh 
ideals of scholarsh' 

encoui^es .rriipro- 
vcment, disti J 
achievement//and con- 
tributes t<J educaiton. 

Kappa Omicron Nu is a 
national honor society ded- 
icated to recognizing and 
encouraging scholarship , 
leadership, and research in 
Home Economics. Kappa 
Omicron Nu consists of 
120 campus chapters, 
more than 100,000 mem- 
bers worldwide and is a 
me'rfiber of the Association 
Allege Honorary So- 
s. Kappa Pmicron 
as founded in ' 1 990 
»h the consolidation 
nicron Nu (founded 
in 1912) and Kappa Omi- 
cron Phi (founded in 
1 922). The mission of Kap- 
pa Omicron Nu is em- 
power leaders in Home 

Photo By: Will 

Seated: Dr. Vince McGrath, Counselor; First Row (L toR): Missy Shaw, Haley Jodan, Amanda Harrigill, Rachel Gr 
President; Shelly Cresswell, Historian; Kimbcrly Dotson, Kristen Goode, Secretary; Samantha Shumaker, Linda N. 
Couvillion, Community Educator; Second Row: Adricnne Perdue. Ginger Long, Clint Jordan, Foundations; Calvin 
Bailey, Margaret Pope, Co- Counselor; Mindy Jo Gitter, Keith Hopkins, Visiting ProfessonThird Row: Suzanne Seji 
Alicia Reynolds, Laura Roberson. McGee Rapert 

Kappa Omicron Nu 

226 Organizations 

Kappa Kappa Psi 





Row L-R: Carrie Davis, Travis Smith, Todd Newkirk, Jeff Cartwright, Orlando Ratliff, Gena Wells, Amanda Wigley. 
id Row: Johnny Papisan. Eric Perry, Ronnie Morales, Nathon Morris. Stephanie Boykin, Andre' Denman, B.J. Harrison, 
laid Carr. Brad Carter. Third Row: Funishia Young. Karyn Brown, Connie Borowski, Caroline Nowell, Jolene Page, Menya 
son, NaKenya Stewart. NOT PICTURED: Jonathan Killen, Shellie Aultman, Stephanie Butler, eri Ann Clark, Dr. Rod M. 

|:: : \:S: ; ; : S : ri; 

i Submitted 

ers: First Row (L to R): Carrie Davis, Historian; Tracy Smith, Vice President; Jeff Cartwright, President; Amanda 
ey, Corresponding Secretary; Gena Wells, Treasurer; Orlando Ratliff, Alumni Secretary; Not Pictured: Dr. Rod M. 
■nutt, Sponser; Jonathan Killen, Chaplain 

Organizations 227 


Photo By: Will S ; 
LeaderState 2000: 

Melanie Alford, Blakely Allen, Jennifer Ballard, Emily Barksdale, Hayley Barnes, Daniel Bauer, Simine Bazyari, 
Patrick Bergin, Kristen Boothe, Kenisha Bourne, Mary Briggs, Greg Bufkin, Elizabeth Carr, Nancy Mae Chang, 
JasonT. Christiansen, Lacey L. Clark, Allison Cruthird, Ellen Douglas Daniels, Jay Darnell, Michelle J. Dicharry, 
Lauren Drake, Leah Duckworth, Robert Wesley Dunnam, Jada Easterling, Ed Everitt, Kim Foster, Anthony Gatta, 
Jennifer S. Graves, Stacy N. Greene, Meade Hartfield, Cecily Hill, VerLena Holmes, Tawana JOnes, Patrick James 
Kirkland, Mary Marquerite Knight, Emily Koerber, Amy Land, Cassie M. Lee, Becca Lindsey, Alex Maldonado, 
Elizabeth McCarty, Charles Ming, Lydia Lacey Moore, Nancy Catherine Naughter, Benjamin Needham, Heather 
Palmer, Melissa Pierce, Maci Pittman, Lori Redding, Brad Reeves, Lawrence Robinson, Lateia Scott, Chris Shapley 
Missy Shaw, Brian Shelton, Candice Shindala, Tommy Skelton, Rachel Smith, Shernika Smith, Mary Frances 
Stallings, Paige Sullivan, Yashica Tate, Marie Thomas, Brad Tisdale, Kristen Tomlinson, John David Vickery, Regc 
Warren, Jaqulyn D. Ailson, Kevin D. Wilkins 
Dr. Eddie Keith, Rosanne Hilbun, Paula Rappo 

LeaderState is composed of upper level students interested in further 
developing their leadership skills. Each member contributes 20 hours of 
community service. LeaderState is jointly sponsored by State Farm Insurance 
and Mississippi State University. 

228 Organizations 

W ttfs fM 

Organizations 229 

Mortar Board 

r-JBoard is a ser- 
vice 'organization to the 
v .^uunity and college. 
Members of this organ- 
ization must b&*Q. least 
juniors ii 
and with« 

and members must al 
shov^ leadership qujl 




Photo Submit 


Officers: John Cross, President; Robby Holditeh, Vice President; Betsey Mathews. Secretary; Joel Tucker, Treasurer; Rachel Gamblin, Chair Selection 
Committe; Laura St. John, Historian; Tamikia Carr. PR; Members: Ben Aldridge, Todd Beuehamp. Eushekia Carr. Tamikia Carr, John Cross, John 
Daho, Carey Davis, Farrah Deese, Rachel Gamblin, Jennifer Guimbellot, Stacie Hall, Leslie Herring, Robby Holditeh, Tige Hopper, Matt Humphreys 
Merideth Jackson, Amy Jenkins, Brian Johnston, Barbie Jones, Jonathan Lee, Mimi Long, Betsey Mathews, Mary Johns McLemore, Alison O'Neal, Li 
O'Neal. Julia Patton. Alicia Pellegrino. Lance Presley, Brett Rivers, Richard Russo, Chris Shapley, Shea Sistrunk, Laura St. JOhn, Jason Srain. Mand 
Strawn. Joel Tucker. Amanda Wade. Ethan Watson. Marcv Wells. 


2000 Dance Marathon 

MSU Making Dreams 

Come True 

•Dance Marathon is a fun- 
draising event to raise 
money for Le Bonheur 
Children's Medical Center 
in 'Memphis, TN. Dance 
Marathon will be held Feb- 
ruary 26-27, 2000. There 
are many activities t<5 keep 
everyone entertained the 
entire time. Dance Mara- 
thon is sponsered through 
the Office of Student Life 
at Mississippi State Uni- 

MSU Dance Marathon 

Kenny Bctts, Overall Chair: Ryan Paulk, Catering; Jennifer Henderson, Entertainment: Kim Steward, Family 
Relations; Stephanie Edmondson, Family Relations; Eric Paulk, Financial; Nichole Myers, Logistics; Carrie 
McCormick, Morale; Lauryn Landry, Public Relations; Daniel Tillman. Rules and Regulations; Jami Trochessett, 


MSU Btock and Bridie C(ub 

By: Will Smith 


Harrell Evens, President; Dusty Dettor, Vice President; Brandi Jessee, Secretary; Shelli Bowers, 

Treasurer; Kirsten Holt, Social Chairman; Amanda Bryant, Yearbook; Toni Norris, Horseshow 

director; Amber King, Pledge Marshall; Bryant Anderson, Pledge Marshall; Dr. Mike Boyd, Advisor; 

Dr. Wayne Frank, Advisor 


Heather Aldridge, Mindy Aust, Paxton Austin, Kiley Barnes, Anna Blessitt, J.W. Bradley, Tracey 

Breithaupt, Jody Buchanan, Jason Burt, Heather Carden, T.J. Can, Kim Carson, Mary Rae 

Chassaniol, Chelcie Clemmer, Misty Coghlan, Hilarie Davis, Ray Duncan, Jessica Dutton, Brian 

idwards, Cecil Ferrell, Brandy Fletcher, Brandon Fowler, Josh Gardner, Jamie Garrett, Britt Gibson, 

Rick Goldberg, Dawson Haas, Kevin Hand, Allison Hardy, Chris Henley, Amber Herring, Susanne 

Hight, Amy Hill, Kevin Hollingsworth, Margaret Hudson, Les Hunter, Pat James, Karen Kennedy, 

Jeni Knizley, Tekla Lee, Jessica Lindsey, Katy Lowe, Warren Martin, Gene Moulding, Ike Melton, 

Joshua Melton, Elizabeth Miller, Sarah Miller, Katie Mullins, Lance Musgrove, Jana Nail,, Kristi 

Neely, Jessica Parish, Chuck Patrick, Priscilla Pope, Brianna Rtliff, Colt Rati iff, HuAlan Riddell, 

-hris Robbins, Charlie Robinette, Tommy Rodden, Jamie Rone, Lynn Rowan, Jeremy Rushing, Paul 

Russell, Bert Sharp, Jason Shumaker, Elizabeth Smith, Shaeffer Steward, Katie Stokes, Jamie 

Storment, Paul Storment, Jermey Sullivan, Will Sweet, Derrick Teufel, Brad Tilghman, Monette 

Upshaw, BubbaVandevere, Jamie Vetzel, Sarah Wallace, Nate Welborn, Katie Weselius, Jermey 

White, John White, William White, Wes Wilkes, Cari Jane Wilson, Wendell Wilson. 

Organizations 231 

The Hprestry Club is a so- 
cial organization that pro- 
rnotqjs professionalism and 
feygjyhip among students 
m the College of Forest Re- 
sources. As a me^ber^s^ 
the Association of Sout 
ern Forestry -JCt 
tend Conc^ 
hosted each ye» 

Conclave, students co 

« - N&flb <pd 

have an dgfbrtunity to i. 
teract with studMMDOl| 

<rofpi;'annnl'; frnt 

a^fOf the South. 

MSU Forestry C(u6 


The Mississippi State Hor- 
ticulture Club offers stu* 
dents the opportunities to 
further their horticulture 
education in an informal, 
fun, and competitive man- 
ner. Club activities include 
community service pro- 
ject*, plant sales, trade 
shews, and competitions at 
regional and national meet- 
ings. Through identi- 
fication and judging of 
plant materials, students 
have the opportunity to 
travel and bring recogni- 
tion to themselves, the uni- 
versity and the state. 

MSU Horticulture C(u6 

Photo By: Will Sn| 

(L to R): Allyson Millwee, Scott Reed, Brandie Smith, Ann Rice, B.J. Fortner, Daniel Ashworth Jr., Ton>| 
Kilgone, Leslie Moree, Andrea Woods, Martin Dare, Wade Johnson Not Pictured: Scott Kuntz, Doug 
Stone, Scott Penny, Michael Vice, Sara Catherine Gibson, Ashley Grogan, Shelly Miller. 

232 Organizations 

MSU Orientation Leaders 


) Orientation Leader Staff includes: Kelli Blair, Bry Boundy, Andrea Bullock, Kellie Burnham, And] 
.ell, Ellie Crigler. Ryan Ferrell, Jessica Ghoston, Anna Gray, Rachel Groom, Muffin Meek, Matt 
:hell. Laura Platten. Derron Radcliff. Jessica Singleton. Kari Street, Marie Thomas. 

MSU Pre-Law Society 

By: Will Smith 

The Mississippi State Pre- 

I ju SnrjietV is ? n <^«"oani7a- 

n to £ 

formation about law 
school, careers in law, and 
related areas. Each 
he Pie-Law Society 
wv-^.v. numerous special 
events such as guest spea^ 
r -~»m law school and 
'd, LSAT prcpera 
non seminars, trips to law 
forums, and Distinguished 
Jurist Day, on which we 
award a jurist who has 
uite succesful in 
career witjithe Dis- 
tinguished Jurist Award. 

Organizations 233 

MSU Hoadrunner Reunion 

MSU Road Runners 

:npus tours, and 
erv: MSU and 



» . 

,'ts and serve as 
iosts and hostesses for 
? °"^"s university func- 

I ' sJiS'Bi 

it has ueveiopeu 
into a positive informa- 
tion source for the uni- 
: ty. This year the 


hoto By: Russ Houston 

Fall Semester Road Runners 

n Annison, Kristen Arentson, Jennifer Ballard, Hayley Barnes. David Branch, Andy Brashier, Laura Bratley, Kassi Brown, 
ssa Bunford. Robin Burrdine, Nancy Chang, Tres Cleveland, Elizabeth Cope. John Cross, Catherine Dolcac, Parker England, Ed 
itt, John Allen Ferguson, Tyler Finklea. Brian Flowers, Melanie Forster, Sam Gnetry, Anna Gray, Chasity Green, Melissa Harris, 
on Harrison, Melissa Hastings, Melinda Hear, Leslie Herring, Cecily Hill, Robby Holditch, Hollis Hulett, Meredith Jackson, 
y Johnson, Tawana Jones, Larkin Kennedy, Emily Kent, Zack Kirk, John Kolsko, Kate Langley, Jonathan Lee, Tara Lesley, 
>on Lloyd, Ali Loman, Spencer Manning, Molly Manuel, Rob Marble, Kcva Martin, Betsey Mathews, Katie McAllister, Bridget 
'art, Elizabeth McCarty, Kathryn McCaskill, Eric McCully, Jaime McDonald, Amy McKee, Lorie Melton, Polly Montgomery, 
gan Moore. Phillip Noble. Trey Pavy, Alicia Pellegrino, Capri Posey, Lindsey Power, Brad Reeves, Lara Ruth, Stephen Sansing, 
ard Shapley, Brian Shelton. Katrena Silas, Hannah Simmons, Shea Sistrunk, Art Smith, Mandy Strawn. Brad Tisdale, Grady 
ier. Rynetta Washington. Sarah Wax. Meghan Welden, David Wiley, Claire Williams. 



Organizations 235 

Goals oflhis club include pro- 
viding pe opportunity for its 
members fb interact with pro- 
fessiorails ^within wildlife and 
fisheries, 4"his is accomplished 
by various ' activities that the 
^~4jb|h4gjflSvolved with through- 
, ! out the year. One annual event 
that the club helps wjth is the 
youth waterfowl hi» ^pM *t 
Noxubee Nati< 
The club alsevcripf)teers''with 
regional and^JwSraM^wildlifi 
f related confe^enc^f ,, ' 
'T held rh Starkville. ' 

also attends the annual st 

. that is held afra different 
. TUSs year 
the club hasThe hop^r of host- 
ing the 2000 Southeastern 
Wildlife Condav'^ at our cam- 
pus that wilfbring over 15 col- 
leges to our campus for one 1 

MSU Student Chapter of the WMMfe 


Photo By: Will Sm 

Matthew Burnham, Kris Mallard. Corey Miller, Matt Rohmson, Miehele Williams. Ralph BouretT, Jenni Lough, Leslie Ray, Kevin Nickels, Marc Measells, Vahid Motamedi, 
Melanie Jones, Damon Ladner. Horacio Buscaglia, Marie Groves. Amy Gonzales. Marc Poole. Becky Fiorillo, Yawanna Nabors, M. Young. Olivia Rahaim. Sharolyn Gales, 
Wahnee Sherman, Ayse Gumus, Jason Yarrough, Brooks Blanche, Carrie Weaver, Harold Dunsford. Judy Wingert, Ming-Hsu Chang, Yi-Chen Chen, Charlie Souza, Tramer 
Prasserpakdi, Anawat Supatanont, Tockie V. Hemphill, Bailey Mecks, Derek Young, Amy Young, Josh Yates, William Amos, R. Coughlin, R. Holden, Rachel Chang. Not 
Pictured: Sam Gross, Jing Liu, Ricky Todd, Jeff Howell, Matthew Whiteside, Laura Cook, Stcvie Watson, Keesla Moulton, April Wilkerson, John Fredenthal, Ty JOnes, Allen 
Ethendge, Jeanetta Tankson, Allen Shack. Mark Riggs, Gensheng Shi. Brian Lahert, Katerine Stone, and Dr. Bill Person, Advisor; 


MSU Wtid&fe Law Enforcement Ciub 


The goals of the club are to 
enhance skills learned in 
the classroom, to develop a 
sense of professionalism in 
the members, and to pro- 
vide opportunities for stu- 
dents to communicate and 
interact with practitioners 
in conservation law enfor- 
cement. Some of the agen- 
cies' that the club will be 
interacting with include the 
Mississippi Department of 
Wildlife, Fisheries,' and 
Parks, the United? States 
Fish and Wildlife Service, 
and the United States For- 
est Service. Some of the 
outings planned this year 
include a trip to the Police 
Academy in Jackson and a 
Lab in Forensic Science. 

Photo By: Will Si 

Andrew Arrington. Brad Benton, Will Bowlin. Secretary; Chad Coker, Randy Cooly, Chad Dacus, President; Walt Drane, Micheal 
Dunaway. Scott Edwards, Scott Foster, Jermy Grantham. Nate Hein. VP: Sandee Odom, Mike Rhea, Jason Rickman, Ben 
Vanasselberg. Paul Vincent, Robert Weeks. William Watts. Chet Willis, Jim Willcutt, Profesional Advisor; Donna Minnis, Faculty 


MSU Turf C(u6 

By: Will Smith 

The turf club of Mississippi State University 
serves students enrolled in th Golf and Sports 
Management program. The Turf Club recruits 

new students through school sponsored 

activities and conducts fund raisers and alumni 

events so that members will have the 

opportunity to attend regional and national 

conventions that will provide career 

employment opportunities 


Organizations 237 

MSU Varsity Cheerleaders 

Photo by Will Sri 


$ ■" 

$ w 

238 Organizations 


MSU Womens Soccer C(u6 

— i — i 

By: Will Smith 

ey Beck, Amanda Bleakney, Kristen Bradley, Kim Branner, Katie Cole, Ashley Craig, Carla Cutrer, 
/ Gattas, Amie Geary, Jennifer Graves, Jennifer Gray, Laura Harper, Katie Jouben, Jeni Knizley, 
I Lawrence, Erin Loper, Heather McDonald, Allison McMahon, Amy Murphy, Angela Nelson, Sheri 
% Heather Smith, Tawnya Smith, Marcia Storm, Mary Tahai, Leslie Townsend, Sarah Wood 

Music Maker Productions 

By: Will Smith 

Organizations 239 

The Natiohal Association of In- 
dustrial Technology is recog- 
^^rrijpjj|Rrthe premiere profes- 
\~ slonal association responsible 
for: ^ 

— The promotion ^Industrial 
technology in 4u5i^ss^Tpdus- 
try, educatijAJphcfygaverrK 

trial technology programs Jn 

3jpal institutes; arjd 
^|rhe certif icationtof insustn- 
al technoldltfs and the, recog- 
nition of their coafimied pro- 
fessional development 

National Association of 
Industrial Tecnnofoi 

Photo Subm 

Front Row: Stan Lightner, Anthony Robinson, Jessica Buck, Steven Wooley, Patrick Shannon, Alex 
Maldonado, Trentt Curtis, Omer Henderson Second Row: Ramond Adams, J.J. Johnson, Rodney Caine; 
Mark Rawls, Cedric Smith, Rodney Lincoln Back Row: Jeremy Thorne, Russell Winston, Jimmy 
Humphreys, Bubba Deard, George Davis, Clay Shires. John Drenman 

National Society of Black Engineers 



The National Society of Black 
Engineers is a 501{c}3 non- 
profit organization owned and 
managed by its members. The 
organization is dedicated to the 
academic and professional suc- 
cess of African-American engi- 
neering students and profes- 
sionals. NSBE offers its 
student and professional mem- 
bers leadership training, pro- 
fessionally and positively im- 
pact the community. 

Photo By: Will 

240 Organizations 

Order of Omega 


:ers: Shea Sistrunk. President: Richard Russo. VP of Membership; Mary Johns McLemore, VP of 
rams: Christy McWhirter, Secretary: Marcy Wells, Treasurer; Jami Trochessett, Sponsor and Assistant 
:tor of Student Life 

Pentecostal Campus Fellowship 


it Row (L-R): Shawn Prescott, Kelly Childers, Secretary/ Treasurer; Tammy Prather, Dawn Prescott, 
ia Singleton, Angie Harden, Stephanie Hall Top Row: Johnny Martin, Adam Johnson, President; Don 
is, Kenny Childers, Pastor; Phillip Smith, George R. Carmeans III, Vice President; Patrick Kikland, 
neth Vickers 

based on character, schplar- 
a&ac&J service and 



\r iP : 

se of t' 
d Cam 
lip is to: 
grow in fellowship. 
^'p strengthen our 

.urage others . 
lop a relationship with 

Organizations 24 1 

PGM C(u6 

Photo Subm 


President: Joel Waters, Vice President: Ashley Cox, Tournament Director: Ryan Orcutt, Assistant Tournament Director: Mark 
Van Roekel, Treasurer/ Secretary: Matt Monnan, Alumni Director: Shay Smart. 


Photo Sub: 

m I 

Phi Beta Lambda 

By: Will Smith 

: Abbott. Miranda Beckham. Melissa Braddock. Mary Briggs. Ashley Burt. Kyle Chumbly, Kerri Russel Davidson, Myesha 
5, Rob Dunnam, Meranda Estes. Mary Gardiner. Melinda Gregory. Gina Gillom. Adrian Johnson. Shuckinzney Johnson, Crai§ 
m. Vicki Keel. Ellen Mullis. Victoria Orange. Sylvia Page. David Peacock. Ben Peebles, Shane Presley, Zachary Rigby, Tara 
ipson. Gina Tindall. Betty Williams 

Pi Sigma Epstfon 

> By: Will Smith 

t Row L-R: David George, VP of Marketing; David Louviere, VP of Administraition; Amy Robinson, President; Emily Koerber, 
if Finance; Tony Ellis, VP of Personnel. Second Row: Dr. Bruce Alford, Advisor; Rita Whittington, Tiersha Freeman, Adam 
;ht, Lance Collins. Chrisa Lewis. Audra Hawkins, Dr. Charile Wood, Advisor. 
: PICTURED: Karen Miller 

success as leaders in 
business, government, 
and communities. Our 

# 38b£2*? ) brin9 i$L 

ness and education to- 
gether in a positive 
working relationship 

* wfPEM ff"-' , innova P*|^l 
leadership develop- 

*?..-,•• "^r'^r^uf— ' ; 

ment, open to all majors, PSE 
is the nation's only coliegiate 

al, Education, and Undergrad- 
uate. Through sales projects, 
seminars, guest speakers, and 

and Marketing Executive Inter- 
national, PSE provides sound 
practical business and leader- 
ship 'training. The Alpha Eta 
Chanter was founded here in 
d has the distinction of 
being ^thS largest founding 
chapter in \PSE history. 


Organizations 243 

Pfti Mu Atpha Sinfonia 

Photo Subnr 

Front Row L-R: Todd Stringer. Heath Fowler, Billy Reed. Guy Strong. Brice Stubbs. Brian Walden. Andrew Delongchamp, Chris j 
Wardlaw, Brad Shackleford. Second Row: Scott Griffin. Fraternity Education Officer: Daniel Bercaw, Ryan Trauth, Joey NitcavicJ 
Warden; Tim Cullinane, Roger Sierra, Joey Quick, Vice President; George Roundtree, Joey Abar, Matt White, Matt MOrgan, 
Julian Mingo. Music Director. Third Row: Jim Gassaway. Secretary; Brad Loftin, James Bell. Jason Woods. President; Kenny 
Langley, Sam Garner, Joe Bearden, Micheal Gray. Fourth Row: Stewart Collins. Treasurer: Mark Parker, Dustin Polk, Windham 
Vance, Richard Hosch. Matt James, Kary Rogers, Stephen Fields. 

NOT PICTURED: Jeff Bryant, Brian Hawkins 

Alumni Secretary; Jerry Pickering. Alan Rutter. Clint Scrivner. Clay Seale, Jared 

Founded in 1898, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is professional music fraternity boasting more than 
4,400 active members in 201 chapters nationwide. Mississippi State's Lambda Phi chapter draws 
together men from a variety of majors ranging from music education to chemical engineering. The 
purposes of the fraternity are: 

— To encourage and actively promote the highest standards of creativity, performance, educatioi 
and research in music in America; 

— To develop loyalty to the alma mater; 

— To foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music; 

— To develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members; and 

— To instill in all people an awareness of music's important role in the enrichment of the human ! 

Lambda Phi's members take these purposes to heart, sponsoring numerous musical and social 
activities and service projects. 

4 Organizations 

PofiticaC Science Scholars 


) Submitted 

t Row L-R: Stennis Scholars: Jenny Reeves. Tamikia Carr, Lacey Clark, Sara Peters, Barbour Scholar; Eushekia Carr, Collins 
lar; Ta' Shia Shannon. Stennis Scholar; Alison O'Neal. Back Row: Stennis Scholars, Parker Wiseman Brad Noel, Brandon Jolly, 
> Puckett and Jason Dedwvlder. 

Psi Chi Honor Society 

o By: Will Smith 

■stf'sy/x-.. :B 

for 41 

Psi Chi is the Natii 
Honor Society in Psy- 
chology, established in 
•1 at MSU for the 

urpose of encourag- 
ing, stimulating, and 
ining excelle 
..olarship and 
vancmg the science qjf 
psychology. Membe^ 
'lave a minim 
of 3.0, a 3.E 
Psychology and rank in 
oer 35% of their 

Organizations 245 

Pre Veterniory Medicine Ciub 


Members: Eris Bailey, Abby Blair, Joanna Booker. Shelli Bowers, Mike Bradburn, Steve Britt, Bonnie Brugmann, Christine Bryan, Amanda Bryant, 
Candice Cayson, Hilarie Davis, Jessica Dutton, Matt Everett. Angie Ferguson. Brandy Fletcher, Emily Fulper. Josh Gardener, Gretchen Ganas, Heat' 
Graddy. Kristen Hale, Karen Hauer. Susanne Flight, Heidi Huffman. Genie Kimmel, Jeni Knizley, Allison Latimer. Tekla Lee. Jessica Lindsey, Ritcl 
Longoric, Christy Lucius, Kelli Lusk, Warren Martin, Courtney McDonals, Jared Mitchell, Katie Mullins. Laura Peavey, Ashley Phelps. Colt Ratliff. [ 
Metta Renschler. Christina Romano, Risa Sabbatini, Stephanie Schmidt, Chara Short, Jason Shumaker, Jennifer Smith, Kellie Smith, Lindsey Smith 
Ellen Tan, Wendy Tullos, Marcus Webster, Allison Weems, Claire Weeks, Kelly Robinson. Andrew Vital. Stephanie Ghoens, Charlotte Ellison. Brew 
Blessitt. Anna Blessitt 

The MSU Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine 
Club is an organization 
that allows pre- 
veterinary students the 
opportunity to learn and 
experience the diverse 
atmosphere of veteri- 
nary medicine. During 
the year, students attend 
various lectures, and 
clinics involvinga. varie- 
ty of veterinary medical 
topics. The club provi- 
des an opportunity for 
students to interact with 
each other and faculty 

'46 Organizations 

Photo By: Will 

Officers: Michael Holifield, President; Erica Wilson, Vice President; Tara Lesley, 
Secretary; Anna Bertasi, Treasurer; Candace Swafford, Social Chairman 

Quebec Study Abroad 

By: Will Smith 

y Soloman, VP: Jamie Sewell. President: Tim Murphy. Alumni Rep; Jennifer Lewis, Secretary: Melanie Spradling, Treasurer 

Resident Assistant Association 

By: Will Smith 

t Row: (L to R): Adrienne Fairbanks. VP of Communications; Andrea Murray, Myesha Davis. President; Igma Perteet, Karen 
by, Molly Manuel. Greg Durrell Back Row: (L to R): Kermit Evans. Brock Owens, VP of Finance; Verlena Holmes. Matt 
hell, John Summerlot. VP of Activities; Cindy Slaughter Not Pictured: Kenyetta Riley, Steven Bragg, Mareshia Cole, Courtney 
on, April Terry, Shawn Collins. Annemarie Beede. Dr. Ann Bailey, Advisor; Nikki Moore, Co-Advisor 

The Quebec Sti 

>sed of students w u - 
b£ graduated^* 
the Three Week Study 

Suebec City-^ K ^g^p 

Week Abroad Program 
at Laval University in 

The Resident Assistant 
Association of the MSU 
Dept of Housing and 
Residence Life was for- 
med in order to provide 
a representative voi&e 
for all MSU Resident 
Assistants and to enhan- 
ce departmental unity. 

Organizations 247 


Housing and Residence Life 

Photo Submil 1 

Housing and Residence Life 



(f Area 
Staff : 


Photo Subn ^ 

Housing and Residence Life 


Housing and Residence Life 

a Submitted 

Organizations 249 

: - ; k , 


Housing and Residence Life 

Residence Had Association 


The Residence Hall Associa- 
tion (RHA) is the second larg- 
est organization on campus. It 
is comprised of everyone liv- 
ing within one of the univer- 
sity's residence halls or apart- 
ments. The purpose of RHA is 
to enhance and promote res- 
idence life. Each residence hall 
elects its own leaders that are 
gove/ned by the RHA. Those 
leadership positions include: 
President, VP of Activities, 
VP of communications,, VP of 
External Affairs, and VP of Fi- 
nance. The RHA seiE carpet 
and linens to residents, spon- 
sors the orientation dance, 
provides welcome kits and ex- 
am kits to residents, provides 
various programs on campus, 
and hears judicial cases con- 
cerning the residence halls. 

Photo By: Will "th 

Officers: Turkessa Brown, President; Brian McDaniel, VP of Activities; Temyche Ma)> 
VP of Communications; Molly Cuicchi, VP of External Affairs; Takiela Owens, VP of 

'50 Organizations 


Mississippi State University's Newspaper 

1999-2000 Volume 112 

o By: Will Smith 

ce 1884, "Reflector" has served Mississippi State University and the surrounding community, 
he Reflector" is published twice a week during the fall and spring academic year excluding 
idays and final exams. 12,000 broadsheet (6 columns x 21.5 inches) newspapers are circulated 
3ver 75 locations on campus and to various businesses off campus, including Starkville and 
Golden Triangle area. "The Reflector" is also sent to co-op students across the United States. 
ih year, the Reflector recieves high honors from the Mississippi Press Association for the 
3rts of the editorial and advertising staff, including awards for General Excellence and best 
/out and Design. Information provided by: Denise Kellum. 

T5 "§ 

g *§: «# 

b v 

5 cc 




O 0) 

^ CO 

c © 
£P o 

X3 "O 




0. S 





j£ "5 « is 

0) CO CO 

X E 

.. j 


By: Will Smith 

> By: Will Smith 

Organizations 253 

t \> A\\i 

: : 


Photo By: Will ,i' h 


254 Organizations 



By: Will Smith 

r Chandler, Ashley Heblon, Brian Hamff, sports editor (fall semester); Not Pictured: Bo Bounds, sports 
or (spring semester); Patrick Bergin, Jerrod Jones, David Childs, Chuck Grafton 

Organizations 255 


Bulldos life 



3y: Will Smith 

R): Katie Sanderson, Greg Chila, Seth Stewart, Phil Trasatti, Ad Manager; Nathan Crocker Not 
red: Ben Sanford. Krissie Hill, Jody Martindale 


By: Will Smith 

g Bantz, circulation manager; Emmett Web, Greg Chila, Michael Goldberg 

Organizations 257 


Photo Sub 11 

Mississippi State University's Newspaper 

Sigma A(pha Iota 

Sigma Alpha Iota is the professional women's music 
aternity whose membership is made up of both music and 
>n-music majors. Our members share a love for music and 
icourage each other musically, professionally, and 

The Epsilon Chi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota has been 
tive in promoting the importance that music holds in 
r eryday life by taking an active role in the Department of 
usic Education. Our members participate in band, chorus, 
)noraries, and many other organizations and causes across 
e Mississippi State campus. 

Society of American Foresters 


By: Will Smith 

:k Robertson, Chair; Braxton Rushing, Vice Chair; Caree Crosby, Secretary; William 
)well, Treasurer; Dr. Stephen Grado, Faculty Advisor 

Organizations 259 

Society for Human Resources Management 

iU chapter of 
SHRNf is part of an inter- 
national organization of 
students and professionals 
'V^ 'Offll^field of human re- 
sources management. The 

r\roQnivjtir\nal ona\< are tO 

students up 
vide learnt 
ities, .and to pro. 

1 i , Til 

ueveiopiuciii ui ldc 



The Society of Women En- 
gineers is a nonprofit servi- 
ce organization with the 
primary goal of promoting 
engineering. This society is 
concerned with encoura- 
ging women to pursue a ca- 
reer in engineering and re- 
lated fields. Majors other 
thart engineering that are 
eli JiWe for membership in- 
clude mathematics, chem- 
istry, industrial technology, 
and architecture. Activities 
for the society include 
working with local Girl 
Scout troops and a summer 
camp for junior high girls 
to teach them about engi- 

; Organizations 

Photo By: Will 

Officers: Tip Johnston, President; Anne Donald, Vice President; Melissa Wolfe, Secretary; Susan Bradley 
Treasurer; Stephanie Chiniche, Publications; Scott Clark, Recruitment; Melissa McLellan, Merit Award 
Chairman; Richard Williamson, Public Relations; Dr. Matthew Stollak, Advisor 

Society for Women Engineers 

Photo By: Will 

Carta Cutrer Luci Puryear. Beth. Turner. Shimeka Winters, Maryam Aziz, Stacy Battaya, Lauren Becnel, Knsty Bevis, Knsten 
Bradley Kori Brasham. Kathedra Burton, Melissa Deer, Marshalia Green, Kristy Harden, Lutrisha Johnson. Melissa Knight la 
Magee Lateria Magee, Betsy Mann. Misti Marr, Tasha Maupin. Margie Morgan, Christine Morrison, President; Koy Nunnally, 
Ashley Parker Ashley Powell, Paula Jean Runge, Emily Sanford, Emma Seiler, LaTasha Skinner, LaShonda Skinner, Secretary/ 
Treasurer Wendv Sloan Elizabeth Thiac, Martina Turner. Erin Wahlers, Maya White, Katy Wright, Charity Austin, Vice Presi 

Stennis Maroon Association 

By: Will Smith 

> By: Will Smith 

Farbman, Chair; Mary Ellen Brown, VC of Administration; Kristen Hale, VC of Activities; Adam Smitherman, 
of Finance; Jennifer Lemly, VC of Communication; Shawn Cooke, Ex-Oficio; Chris Heller, Graduate Assistant; 
:gates: Dana Adams, Allison, Gallaher, Julia Gantz, Jennifer Graves, Ashley Hannah, Jacob Jernigan, Ben Ladner, 
helle Lindsey, Lynn Parker, Niles D. Puckett, Chad Royston, Sara Sylvester 


The Stennis Maroon As- 
sociation is a non par- 
tisan organizatioraHpffli 
open to all majors and is 
dedicated to 

;t„ XI-, 

lty. In 

networking, i 
Maroon jtf 
helps to pn 
dents at Mississippi Sta- 
te University the oppor- 
tunity to get lnvolveafng 
the political process on 
the state and national 
levels'.' v - 

University Honors Council 

p:' s im t 'tm;rt: 


cil is 
elected tc 

honors students.. fln rece 
years, the council has created 
the statewide Jack H. White 
Literary Competition, won 
first place in a national contest 
for hronors newsletters with the 
i THPU^enix, and created the 
(handbook iot students 
and faculty. 

Student Association 


* Senate 

Lisa Bryant! Aiken Village; Matt Haz- 
ard, Cresswll; Jonathan Foster, Dug- 
gar; Ramqp Smith, Evans; Parker Wise- 
man, Hphoin; Shannon Campbell, 
Hightow|r; Eushekia Carr, Hull; Kelly 
FlowersJRicJ; Natalie Jones, Sessums; 
Melissa/Harris, Smith; Chris Bass, Siit- 

*ft tie; St|phej3' Fulton, Fraternity Row; 

If! ^aAri9%Mr\ee, Sorority Row; Anna Mar- 
tin, Alan Stuckey, Accountancy; 
Courtney Burris, Mary Austin Tribble, 
AG & Life Sciences: ASfcerly Dean. 

Craig Curtis, Jo 
-Business and 
. Crestmen, Ellen Dbugl 
j ' ucation;.Chrisrine Morrison-, 

Runge, Engineering; Austin 'UarroU, 
Penny, jForrest Resources; Da 

L -rombie, 4™son Baird, Steve, 

m Dietz, Jeremy flutto jpFoster 
Kennedy, AHyfiaAloyd, Chasl Malouf , 
Brad McKenHf Chad Mps, Brad 
Reeves, Andrew Seagcjlrrachel Smith, 
Bo Zimmerman OfficajG: (Front Row: L 
to R) Tamikia C*w, Secretary; Stephen 
Sansing, Vice ^President; Matt Allen, 
"President; Marcy Wells, Attorney Gen-* 
'; Not Pictured, Jason Giompoletti, 


officers and 

First Row L-R; Stephen Sansing, 
Vice President; Brandt Galloway, 
Executive Assistant; Jenny 
Reeves, Cheif of Staff; Candace^ 
Stephenson, Matt Allen, Presi- 
dent; Tamikia Carr, Secretary; 
Marcy Wells, Attorney General; 
Jason Gionepoletti, Treasurer. 
Second Row: David Louvieerre, 
Lacey Clark, Jeni House, Cooper 
Long, Laurie Powell, Marie Thom- 
as, Lauren Jones, Jennifer Adams. 
Third Row: Jason Dedwlyder, 
John David Hardy, Richard Russo, 
Emily Blackwell, Mary Ellen 
Brown, Kelly Pritchett, Mary Ash- 
ley Mauldin, Bernadette Amos. 
Fourth Row: Sebron Harrison, 
Jennifer Bishop, Blake Macon, Er- 
ic Sholes, Nicholas Lee, Bryan 
Boundy, Jason Maykowski, Rob- 
bie Holditch, Roshan Patel. 


Kelly Pritchett, Wes Crawley, 
Heather Parker, Beth Collins, 
Merideth Morris 

Established in 1916, the Student Asso- 
ciation has been an active voice rep- 
resenting the student body of Missis- 
sippi State for over 80 years. The SA is 
the official student government for Mis- 
sissippi State University and serves in 
other areas that go far beyond the defin- 
ition of a student government. The Stu- 
dent Association is responsible for pro- 
viding a vast array of services and 
activities to the students throughout the 
academic year. From Homecoming to 
the United Way Fundraising Cam- 
paign, the students serving the SA strive 
to keep as many students as possible 
involved. Through events such as Cele- 
brate Diversity Week, the SA is able to 
bring the students of MSU together as 
one solid body. 

Photo By: Will Smith 


• Bowlings, Eric 
illy, John David 
. tardy, BiMSPtoT- Gena 
Wells, Chris Holloway, 
Brandon Jolly, David 
George. Barby Jones. 
Tashia Shannon, Jessica 
Clark, Lauren Jones; 
Yvvanna Nabors, Evely 
~" w id Red 


1 t 7in\ 


.„ble, Meagan 
vvi-. tony Crump. 
Allison Lorenlz, Laura 
Buehtel, Brian Hoag. 
Melisssa Randolph. 
Willie Johnson, Joy* » 
Murphy, Lena Purvis. 
Eric Boone. Marie 
Butler. Sebron 
'Harrison, Director 


• "'. 





otos By: Will Smith 

tephen Thomas. 

randon Brown. Lanier 
Gee. Hunter Butler, 
Brad Noel, Page Austin, 
Chris Davis, Corey 
Barnes, Brad Paezak, 
Rebecca Wade. Park 
Wiseman, Alex Karr, 9, 
William Perrin, Niles 
Puckett, Andrew Labas, 
Savior Ault. Delana 
' , Chad Royston, 
Clark, Defector; 
Jason DeduseMler, 

Organizations 263 


Kristy Cameron, 

Rnhf*rt Mii7rmi7 Tti 

Shanppnj*mjp~ krtchie 
LongoHc, Brooke Bliss, 
D.TDaws Waters, 
Maureai McDonough, 
Sara Sjtvester, Chad 
Martin, Joshua Pettit, 
I KarajServov, Marni 

Fitts^Erin Dill, 
h M ai f jrew Paul Dane, 
TKate Harper, Lacey 

Director; Maia. 
Brown, DgpcJWV 


nna Scott, Sp;phanie 
Morris, Sjfdtt 'Rhodes, 
Katie Madden, Jodie 
~"arper, Michelle 
acDonald, Blair 
Stevens, Missy Shaw, 
^Ijj Amanda Buchannan, 
filbert Hardy, Bradley 
Richardson, Keva 
f Martin, Kim Bradberry. 
Kate Broome, Rebecca 
Athow, Michelle 
Biggers, Stephanie 
Edmondson, Christy 
Wilbourn, Jennifer 
Adams, Director 




Vest Baker, Rebecca 
Bullard, Julia Gantz, 
AMdrew Gertig, Kristen 
Hale; Anna Jackson, 
Anna McDaniei, 
Michael Meggs, Sara 
Overbaugh, Molly 
Shaw, Kerrie Smith, 
Kim Steward, Candace 
Stevenson, Director; 
Jeni House, Director 

All Photos By: Will 

Will ith 

264 Organizations 

otos By: Will Smith 

Organizations 265 


Brad Tisdale, Spencer 
Manning, Amy [ 
Ingrain, Robb^L 
Roland, Kristen 


i Ductwprth, Sally 

Gallow/ay, Emily Kent, 
CathJ Qadle, 
Courtney Cappleman, 
'V"Trf5&r7ie Foster, Adam 
Blankenship, John 
Sergent, Whiti 
Lusby, cJtfC*?. 


Blair Barnes. B' 

Jennifer Kjndelan. Tony 
Giaehelli, Shelley Lee. 

elton, Jessica Singleto 
...elanieSpradling. Mar 
Kathetine Guy ton. Cut 
*ormick. Joanic 

i r%x _ i_ . 1__ All 

'.Brock Herron. Mel 
'Shelton. Rebecca J< 
Rob Marble, Clare 
Agostinelli. Anthony 
Sherman, Randy Hoern 
Anthony Thomas. Laur 
Platten, Hossein Razzaj 
Kelly Jones, Jason 
Maykowski, Director; 
Marie Thomas, Directo 


Mary Rickles, Leanne 
Scruggs, Connie Hicks, 
Kimberly Hankins, 
Ginger Stewart, Kristen 
Boothe, Swayze+Fisher, 
Frankie Stallings-Anna 
Oerting, Tawana 7ones, 
Amber Brady, Kim 
Mackey, Ashley 
Hannah, Jennifer 
Bishop, Director 

All Photos By: Will W 

6 Organizations 

All Photos By: Will Smith 

S Research 


. ason StoSfct&le. Billy 
Payne, Emily Griffin, 
Jennifer Beard, Russell 
Young, Ken York, Kristen 
Ellis, Nancy Katherine 
Naughter, Sonja Sullivan, 
Travis Hogan. Betsy 
Allison. Matt Fahrner. 
Ben Dixson, Matt 
Grandone. Eric Sholes, 

m ■ ; 

Mike O'Brein, Karen 
arshall. Ginger Link, 
?lly Famularo, John 


Lee Beck, Bonnie 
Brugmann, Laura 
Jennings, Jeffrey 
Jue, Sterling Kan- 
David Lyon, Jaso: 
Prather, James 
Simpson, Jason 
Williams, Greg 
Whitehead, Blake 
Maepn, Director 

Organizations 267 




> e 


3 s 

CD & 

/3 > 

CO t-H 


3 <_T 







CD -C 

■a 5 

<D — 

C , 
P 6 

— o 

C_ OX) 

o — 

bS d 

.<§ i 

CO u- 

._ >, 



C <D 

B a 


GO O * 

> JB S 

CD M *0 

h- l£ to 

MSU - Meridian Campus 

Photo Subm |( 


Association of Student Socia 

Workers (ASSW) 

MSU - Meridian Campus 

L to R: Joy Clayton Rhonda G. Carr, Faculty Advisor, Trinette Howell, Stephen Clay, Tresurer; Mia Watson, Lori Bielefeld, Secretary; Ginny Wat 
Sharon Griffen-Cohen, Gene Coleman, President Elect; Robbie Lawson, President (not pictured). 

Members of the Association of Student Social Workers are students 
currently enrolled in the MSU-Meridian Campus Social Work Program. 
The association promotes interest in and keeps members current in Social 
Work trends and education; encourages involvement in community 
service programs; strive to promote awareness of and responsibility for 
the social and economic justice; and promotes information regarding 
scholarships, fellowships, and employment opportunities in social work 

MSll-Meridian Campus 

3 Submitted 

MSU - Meridian Student 

Seated L to R: 
Jan Lewis, Treasurer; Karen Combs, President; Crystal Germany, Vice President 
Standing L to R: 
obbie Lawson. Arts and Sciences Senator; Bridgette Murray, Business Senator; Stephen Clay, Arts and Sciences Senator; Elisa Mayo, Business 

Senator; Regena Clark, Advisor. 

Not Pictured 

Rusty Cumberland. Educaiton Senator; Leslie Sanders, Education Senator; Ginny Watkins, Attorney General; Miranda Furnace, Secretary. 

The Mississippi State University-Meridian Student Association, of 
which each student is a member, is the principal organization of the 
student body. The SA serves as the student body's representative to the 
.acuity, administration, and community. The organization works to 
promote and improve the quality of life of the Meridian Campus. Such 
urograms as Career Fair, Fall Fest, Organizational Matching Grants, Tutor 
Referral, 'Top Dawg" Society, and the "The Bullytin" help the group 
Tieet this objective. 

Organizations 271 

i . 

Photo By: Eric Bn 

k h j? 



Duggar Hall is the 

upperclass honors 

dorm at Mississippi 

State. Duggar Hall 

was named after Dr. 

Benjamin Minge 

Duggar and current- 

Duses ovir 2i 
v - 
?ed residents. 

j i, 

Organizations 273 

Evans Had RHA 



Evans Hall opened 
in 1965 to over 250 
male students. 
Named after the late 
Dean William J. Ev- 
ans, the Hall still 
houses well over 
250 upperclass 
males. Evans Hall, 
unlike other resi- 
dence halls at MSU, 
is located further 
from the main cam- 
pujsjmaking it a qui- 
et and desirable 

place to live. 




♦ . 


r m " 



Photos By: Will 


McKee Hott 

o submitted 

Hathorn Haft 

Organization 275 

Hull Hall is named 
after the sixth pres- 
ident of Mississippi 
State University, 
the late David Car- 
lisle Hull. Hull Hall 
is currently home to 
more than 250 up- 
perclass women. Its 
central location 
makes it a very con- 
venient place to live 
on, campus. 

Photos By: Will i h 

> Organizations 






A A 


4 A 

•*■* v ^^^L. 




il /> 








1 C r- 

I w .c 

1 <D<+- 

1 ^C 

I <D <L 


1 w to 


"^ rt >4 

-t-» C3 -t; 

U V{*S\':.:M"H-;s 

B-^ R 

■J™lfK"H fcl 

5j in Q & a f 


di3 co 



*&i J : ■& 




*m m 

J ffi » 


m - 



* #, 









"+*' J 



:::,:*::! ^iPf 

Cfti Ome£ja Sorority 

All Photos Submi 

nickname: chi-o 

msu chapter founded: 1936 

symbol: owl 

flower: white carnation 
colors: cardinal and straw 
philanthropy: read-a-loud 

'84 Organizations 

Delta Delia Delta 

' 1 


msu chapter founded: 


y: childrens 
cancer research 

Organizations 287 


tf Organizations 

DeCta Sigma Theta Sorority 


'hoto Submitted 

Front Row L to R: 
Lawanda Fairman, Financial Secretary; Nikki Cox, Vice President; Raymonda Delaware, 
President; Takiela Owens, Recording Secretary; Tawana Jones, Corresponding Secretary 

Second Row: 

Vanelle Matthews, Atoya Collins, Sandy Dillon, Rosalind Hachett, Melaniw Williams, Juanita 

Smith, De Anna Robinson, Mareshia Cole, Tresurer 

Third Row 

Kimberly Calmes, Gabrielle Larkin, Raquel Duck, Taaka Scott, Shimeka Winters, Shamara 

Brown, Lasandra Jones 

Organizations 289 

The Interfraternity 
Council at Mississippi 
State University 

— governs the Frater- 
nity system 

— provides programs 
foif fraternities 

— oversees an# imple- 
ment recruitment 

— provide leadership, 
community outreach, 
and social growth 

Photo By: Will S. 

Reed Nelson, President; Nick Giallourakis, VP; Larkin Kennedy, Secretary; Brian Shelton, Treasurer; Brock Herron Rush Chairn 
Ryan Saunders, Activities Chariamn; David Pace, Attorney General; Russell Reed, Community Service Chairman; Brandt Gallov 
Public Relations; Trey Ward, Corinthian Editor; John David Hardy, Scholarship Chairma; Will Draper, Technology Chairman, L 
Bolton, Assistant Director of Student Life 

290 Organizations 

realizations 291 

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. 



Photo By: Will | 

Greg Durrell. Polaris; James Eatmon, Vice Polaris; Eric Bounds, Secretary; Aaron Rogers, Treasurer; Raphael Terry, Intake 
Coordinator; Terrell Murphy, Derico Dabney, Charles James Jr., Jermaine Chandler, Elmer Durrell III. Simone Ware. Aaron Dar; 
Sentray McKnuckle, Jeff Brice Jr. Advisor 

Iota Phi Theta was 
founded in 1963 at 
Morgan State College. 
Iota Phi Theta is a soci- 
al service fraternity de- 
signed to promote the 
development and per- 
petuation of scho- 
larship, leadership, fi- 
delity, citizenship and 
brotherhood among 
m4n. Iota Phi Theta is 
the "fifth largest pre- 
dominately Afrfcan- 
American fratelPwity in 
the world. 

Photo By: Will » 

Iota Phi Theta Sweethearts 

292 Organizations 

[999 Panhcttcnic Executive Council 

Blakely Allen 

Kappa Delta 

Michelle Harris 

Vice President 

Delta Delta Delta 

Lauren Drake 

Rush Chairman 

Chi Omega 

Melissa Pierce 

Community Service 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

my Clement 

Carmen Nanney 



Phi Mu 

Delta Gamma 

Jennifer Bishop 
Public Relations 
Zeta Tau Alpha 

; n 

«*i% 4S&1 

^r**~"T^ fl 


Kristen Van Kirk 


Chi Omega 

Audrey Reeves 


Alpha Gamma Delta 

Jenny Reeves 

Corinthian Editor 

Chi Omega 

e Panhellenic Council at Mississippi State University is the unifying, governing 
py of seven NPC, two NPHC, and one multi-cultural sorority on campus. The 
uncil is composed of women from each sorority, who use their special talents and 
His to successfully run the Panhellenic system. Panhellenic is responsible for the 
»motion of scholarship, service, leadership, and safety for each soroity, as well as the 
-ire Greek community. 

Organizations 293 

Panneuvnic Council Delegates and 


Photo By: Will I 

Front Row (L to R): Tamara Thomas, Alpha Gamma Delta; Debra Nugent, Delta Delta Delta; Crystal Bester, Alpha Kappa Alph 
Kattie Zizak, Phi Mu: Jada Easterling, Zeta Tau Alpha; Second Row (L to R): Anna Ford, Delta Delta Delta; Katie Wilkinson, Z 
Tau Alpha; Elizabeth Tullos, Phi Mu; Amanda Ragsdale, Delta Xi Phi; Third Row: (L to R): Tina Goldsmith, Alpha Gamma De 
Elizabeth Cope. Chi Omega; Fourth Row (L to R): Ginger Link, Delta Gamma; Betsy Matthews, Delta Gamma; Emily Harris, CI 
Omega; Fifth Row (L to R): Catherine Doleac, Kappa Delta; Alshunda Quinn. Alpha Kappa Alpha 

he Junior Panhellenic 
Council at Mississippi 
State University is an 
organization for new so- 
rority members, com-/ 
posed of two representa- 
tives from each NPC 
chapter on campus. The 
organization exists to 
promote interfraternity 
friendships, to foster ap- 
preciation for Greek 
ideals, and to act as a 
forum for the discussion 
of issues concerning the 
University and Greek 
community. Sponsored 
by the MSU Panhellenic 
Council, Junior Panhel- 
lerpc, provides the op- 
portunity for now mem- 
bers to become 
Panhellenic concepts, 
fraternity ideals, and na- 
tional Panhellenic con- 

Junior Panneuvnic Council 


Photo Sd 1 

Front Row (L to R): Michelle Harris, Panhellenic Vice President; Jenny Ruth Green, Community Service Chair; Megan Anders) I 
Secretary; Kelly Flowers, Delta Gamma; Second Row (L to R): Jami Trochessett. Advisor; Cayce Barrom, Fund Raising Chair; | 
Row (L to R): Alicia Dance, Historian; Meshell Senter, Delta Delta Delta; Becky Smith, Vice President; Candice Tankersley, Al I 
Gamma Delta; Sandra Sentell, Chi Omega; Fourth Row (L to R): Ashley Hannah, Zeta Tau Alpha; Laura Tomlinson, Kappa Dw, 
Lindsey Sistrunk. President; Taylor Rhea, Phi Mu; Adricnne Peterson, Treasurer 

294 Organizations 






















CF3 C^2 


€P^ ; C^J 





3 S 

♦ ♦—* rs 




G "3 ! C^i ©"2 



C^j C^j <?^ ^3 * p ^ f ^3 *H 





Organizations '. 

NotionaC Pan-Hettenic Council 

Organizations 299 

302 Organizations 



I "% 

\ 1 



r r i 


MMm M 

• mm 'J 


- ■ 


* \ 

«te § 





\\ ^ 

iani/ations 30: 









f£ fefi fefl 

c € 






304 Organizations 

e£ c£ c ^ *sjji C^' te£ 

Sigma Gamma Rfio Sorority Inc. 

Photo By: Will Smith 

Members: Monica Brumfield, Marco Williams, Turkesha Neely. 

Advisor: Tilda Neal 

iraa Kho 5o- 
...c. was foun- 
ded on November 12, 
it Butler Univer- 
Indianapolis, Tn- 
The ladies of 
^amma Rho 

d for 75 

ir slogan is 

■ service, 

te« progress" and 

olors are royal 

I gold. - 

Organizations 305 

Zcta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. I 

Photo By: Will Smi 

Members: Debra Butler, Cynthia Gayden, Jessica Ghoston, Angela Harris, Yolandria Henderson, Angela Howard, 
Catina James, Carla Kelly, Omega Koonce, Ebony Love, Peslie Perry, Marcia Simpson, Yolanda Stevenson, Vikki 
Street, LaKenya Thomas, Gena Wells, Yola Wilson, Mary L. Vaughn, Advisor 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, 
Inc. was founded at 
Howard University in 
Washington, D.C. on 
January 16, 1920. The 
Epsilon Theta Chapter 
was founded on October 
8, 1977 at Mississippi 
State. Zeta's colors are 
royal blue and white, 
and their philanthropy 
is the Stork's Nest. Ac- 
tivities that Zetas are in- 
volved in include Resi- 
dent Assistants, Circle 
K, Orientation feSaders, 
Student Association 
Committees, CAB, and 
Beta Beta Beta. Zetas 
are proud to be co- 
sponsors of the annual 
Blue and White Week 

306 Organizations 

Organizations 307 


A signature move of the 
Mississippi State receiving unit is 
to "shake it up" with the "Dawg 
Pound Rock" just before the 
opposing team kicks off! It really 
gets the crowd on its feet; just 
shows the other team that you 
can't keep the Bulldogs down. 

Not the exact definition of 
"football." But when the Lady 
Bulldogs put it together, that is 
EXACTLY what you get! 


Where would we be without 
the "Famous Maroon Band?" 
Thanks to the color guard and the 
band, MSU delivers an awesome 
half-time performance at home 

308 Sports 

All photos by Will Smith 


Jonathan Sobley, Section Co-Editor 
Marcus Jones, Section Co-Editor 

The Sports Section includes all recognized 
collegiate level sports at Mississippi State 
University. Fall of 1999 pictures are used 
wherever possible, however, due to deadline 
scheduling, at times it is necessary to use 
Spring of 1999 photographs as well. The 
arrangement of sports within the section is up 
to the Section Co-Editors and the section staff. 

Men's Golf 





G. Gunby Jordan 

Callaway Gardens 


Columbus GA 



Kiawah Island 

Kiawah Island CC 

Carpet Capital 

Charleston SC \ 



The Farm 

Collegiate Classic 

Dalton, GA. 



TN Tournament 

Holston Hills CC 

of Champions 

Knoxville, TN 



Brazilian Open 

Sao Paulo CC 
Sao Paulo, Brazil 



Gator Invitational 

University of 
Florida CC 
Gainesville, FL 



Mercedes Benz 

Sawgrass CC 


Ponte Verda 


Beach, FL 



Seminole Classic 

Killeam CC 
Tallahassee, FL 



Univ of Alabama 

Lagoon Park GC 

Spring Invitational 

Montogomery, AL 



Billy Hitchcock 

Saugahatchee CC 


Auburn, AL 



SEC Champions 

University of 
Oxford, MS 



The Maxwell 

Dornick Hills CC 
Ardmore, OK 



NCAA East 

Glen Maura 


National CC 
Scranton, PA 

May 31 

June 3 

NCAA Division I 

Grand National 


Auburn, AL 

Photos by Sun Or! 

Left: Even when they hit 
in the rough, Bulldog 
golfers can still chip it 

Photos by Will Smith 

Sports 311 

Women's Golf 


Kelli McClarren 

Courtesy Photo By Media Ri- 

Courtesy Photo By Media Relations 

Pia Josefsson 


Who says that a little sand isn't good for you? 

Even in a sand trap, Pia Josefsson does not give in, we could 

not say give up, because she did get the ball up. 

April de Vries 

Courtesy Photo By Media Relations I 

Lina Thoren 


YES! That is all can be said 
in behalf of Lina Thoren. 
Another hole completed, 
another job well done. 

Team Information 

Home Course: MSU 
Golf Course (6,930, par 
Letterman Returning: 5 
April de Vries 
Pia Josefsson 
Bela Lodygensky 
Sue Phillips 
Newcomers: 2 

Madeleine Gjerling 
Lina Thoren 

Courtesy Photo by Medis Relations 

Back Row: Head Coach Chrisii Sanders, Sue Phillips, Pia Josefsson, Madeleine Gjerling, Lina Thoren 
Front Row: April de Vries, Cela Lodygensky, Kelli McClarren 

Women's Tennis 

Right: This Bulldog tennis player makes 
an effort to return a shot along the 

Below: Lady Bulldog tennis players take 
pride in being able to place their shots 
just out of the reach of their opponent's 

Bottom Right: This MSU netter snaps the 
shot back over the net with power. 

Photo bv Will Sri 

Photo by ' 

314 Sports 

Left: This Lady Bulldog tennis 
player catches this ball in mid 
bounce with a blistering 
forehand volley. 

a bv Will Smith 

(Hutted by Athletic Department 



Men's Tennis 

Senior Mason Greene 

Courtscy Photo By Media Relations 

Senior Jeremy Bayon 

Sophomore Marco Baron 

Courtscy Photo By Media Rcla 

Courtscy Photo By Media Re ;J 

Senior Matthieu Ballay 

Courtsey Photo By Media Relations 

>nt row (L-R): Chris McDonald, Jeremy Bayon, Marco Baron, Pierre Nicolas, Conrad Hurter, Volunteer 
ach Michael Metz. 

:ond Row (L-R): Head Coach Andy Jackson, Strength Coach Paul Lacoste, Mason Greene, Mathieu Soto, 
vid Ruiz, Matthieu Ballay, Daniel Healey, Manager Craig Bullock, Assistant Coach Sylvain Guichard. 

Sports 317 

Track & 


"After an inconsistent 1998 campaign, this year's 

Bulldog contingent returns with several productive 

upperclassmen and some key newcomers looking to 

challenge the upper echelon of the SEC." 

Courtesy Media Guide 

Below: MSU runner Natasha Coleman is seen here 
perfecting her strides in the 1 00 meter hurdles. 

Above Right: Assistant Coach Reynaud Alexander in- 
stincts a group of athletes about technique during 
afternoon practice. 


Photo by Stan Oi 

. ...,-.._ 

Left: Former MSU track athlete Fred Collier 
tempts to add distance to his long jump duri 
competition. Collier may come back as a fifth yr 
team student coaching assistant this season. 

Photo By Stan Orkin 


nitted by Athletic Department 

Left: An MStJ track athlete puts all he has into his 
javelin throw. 

pate by Will Smith 

tlight: An MSU hurdler runs down the track with 
oower. i f . 

Photo by Stan Orkin 

Sports 319 

Submitted by Athletic Dcpartm 

Front Row(L-R)Katie McVie, Lynda Henry, Becky Garland Lauren Hall, Samantha Corker, Lee Goodman, 
Kate Saulters, Melanie Langley. Second Roe(L-R) Manager Claire Strachan, Kristin Olson, Stephanie Lyon, 
Jessica Kauffman, Christy Russell, Katie York, Beth Dreher, Laura Fawley, 

Sarah Roberts, Manager Krissa Dobbins. Back Row(L-R) Asst. Coach Tony Tommasi, Student Trainer Dav: 
Fulton, Asst. Coach Katie Anderson, Charleston Piatt, Megan Bay, Casey Newman, Amy Mann, Annemaria 
Pimentel, Brandi White, Jessica Wells, Manager Nathan Hall, Manager Ginnie Bain, Head Coach Bill 
Findlev. _ _ , 


Submitted by Athletic Department 

Right: MSU Foward Samantha Corker blazes 
up the field with the ball during a scoring 
opportunity versus Alabama. 
Above: Goalkeeper Kirstin Olson smirks 
confidently as she anticipates her opponent's 
next -shot. 

Submitted by Athletic Departmen I 

320 Sports 



Aug. 27 


Aug. 29 


Sept. 1 


Sept. 3 

Drury College 

Sept. 5 

SW Missouri State 

Sept. 10 
Sept. 12 

LSU *SEC match 

Arkansas *SEC match 

Sept. 19. 


Sept. 22 


Sept. 24 

Alabams * SEC match 

Sept. 26 

Auburn *SEC match 

Oct. 7 

Jacksonville State 

Oct. 8 

Vanderbilt *SEC 

Oct. 10 

Oct. 15 


Oct. 17 

Kentucky *SEC match 

Oct. 22 

Georgia *SEC match 

Oct. 24 

Tennessee *SEC 


Oct. 29 


Nov. 4-7 

SEC Tournament 

Dec. 3-5 

NCAA Final Four 

Photo by Will Smith 

Top Left: MSU Forward Katie McVie focuses on the 
ball as she lines up her shot on goal. 
Bottom Left; Lynda Henry, MSU Midfielder, 
intimidates the competition as she steals the ball. 

Pght: Freshman Forward Melanie Langley fiercely 
Mends the ball from an Auburn defender as she 
oks for an opening. 

Sports 321 

"We've got a lot of people returing and several 
that have been in our program for three years. 
They have a familiarity with our system and 
what it takes to compete successfully in the 
Sotheastern Conference. They'll be counted on 
to provide leadership. " 

Coach Brencla Bowlin 
Courtesy Media Guide 

Below: As her teammate sets the ball, Brianne 
Smedley fakes a quick tip. 

Photos by Wright Gri 

Top: MSU Bulldog Jennifer Shupe 
sucessfully hammers a spike attempt back 
into the opposition's face. 

Submitted by Media Relations 

ont Row (L-R) Katie Carrato, Jennifer Shupe, Misty Hubenthal. 

cond Row (L-R) Emily Mounger, Melanie DiMuzio, Jenny Hazelwood, Brianne Smedley. 

lird Row (L-R) Dawn Steinhauser, Michael Gordon, Stacey Westfall, Christine Owen, 

Left: LSU is denied by the tough MSU 


ht: #9, Christine Owen, rings up another 

Photo by Wright Grtffts 

Sports 323 

Todd Myles gazes deeply 

in concentration as he 

plays straitjacket defense 

against the Belmont 



Photo By Will Smith 

MA Sports 


Arkansas Express 

Foreign Team 


Arkansas- Pine Bluff 


Murray State 


S.E. Louisiana 

Western Kentucky 

South Carlonia State 




Montana State 






Jacksonville State 






South Carlonia 






SEC Tournamen 


MSU Bulldog Bart Hyche 
attempts to strip the ball 
from the unsuspecting 

Photo By Will Smith 







Photos by Will Smi 

Above: New to The Hump this year, the 
Bully Blimp flies high above the action. A favorit 
activity of many fans that come to the games is 
to attempt to grab the prize balls that the blimp 
drops at halftime. 

Left and Inset: While Tang Hamilton elevates 
over the competition, these fans show just what 
they think about their favorite Dawg. 

1 % „ 

.,\y , 





k t* 


fl M Y MO R E 

** i » 

• a el _ 

Left: Who says that our Dawgs don't care? 
Bully gives this Bullpup a rest and buffs the 
floor for him during a timeout. 

326 Sports 


Photos by Will Smith 

Above: Head coach Rick Stansbury always keeps 
a watchful eye over the ref's shoulder to make 
sure he's calling the game fairly. 

Left; MSU Bulldog Antonio Jackson shows that 
he has the open floor skills to be trusted with the 
rock during a drive to the hoop. 


«!!!Si*: :: if 

Above: Soaring above everyone, 
Bulldog F/G Marckell Patterson 
stretches out to lay a kiss plf the 

Above: Sometimes the play is just so 
pretty, you can't help but lose your 
head over it! 

Sports 327 


Right: During timeouts, many Bulldog 
basketball fans are mesmerized by the MSU 
Pom Squad as they perform their high 
energy dance routines at half court. By ^ 

pumping up the crowd while the Dawgs get 
their plays, the Pom Squad can truly say that 
they help MSU Rock The Hump! 

Above: MSU Guard Todd Myles displays a few 
of his New York playground moves and 
awesome speed by blowing by the defense. 

Left: Bulldog Foward Tyrus Boswell goes in 
hard for a well earned bucket versus South 
Carolina State. 


Photos by Will Smith 

Right: Bulldog F/C Lincoln Smith rises to new 
heights as he shoots quickly over the surprised 
Arkansas Express. 

Bottom: Tang Hamilton: Everyday college 
student by day, professional ankle breaker and 
rim shaker by night. 

Left: As Tyrus Bos well 
looks on, Freshman 
sensation Derrick 
Zimmerman has his* sights 
on not only stealing the 
ball, but going back the 
other way for the duece. 
Zimmerman is only one of 
the many young Bulldogs 
who hope to have a 
breakout season and get 
the Dawgs back into the 
NCAA Tournament. 

Hail State! 

Sports 329 




LaToya Graham, number 

twenty-five, takes a break 

after a hard day on the 


Pholo By Will Smith 

330 Sports 















Photo By Will Smith 

O pponent 


New Orleans 
Louisiana Tech 
Alabama A&M 

SW Louisian 
Georgia Tech 





South Carlonia 
















O pponent 








SEC Tournament 

Photo By Will Smith 

Photo Bv Will Smith 

It's non stop basketball for 
number eleven Angela 

Harris as one of the 

"Gator Girls" tries to get 

the ball. 

Sports 33 1 

Lady Bulldogs 

r : * 

Top: Head coach Sharon 
Fanning waits on a call by the 


Left: Number thirty-five makes 

it down the court to score for 

the Bulldogs. 

Right: Shoot and Score are the 

only two things that Sharon 

Fanning teachers her Bulldogs. 

Photo By Will Smith 

332 Sports 

Top: This bulldog knows how to get the job 

Right Inside: It's time to break through that Ole 
Miss defense. 




Left Outside: There is nothing but open court 
for Mississippi State player eleven. 

Photo By 'Will Smith 

Sports 333 

Who Rocks the 

Hump???. ... 

334 Sports 

rtos by Will Smith 

• • 

the DAWGS 


"We have instructed them from the first day we 
recruited them the value of an education and why 
they come to Mississippi State. What they do in 
the classroom is just as important as what do on 

the field.'* 

Head Coach Kathy Arendsen 
(Courtesy Media Guide) 

Photo By Wright Griffis 

Sitting (L-R)Tracy Clark, Karrie Rider, Nichole Henry, Kendell Kimbrough, Jenny Hehnke, Kellie 

Wilkerson, Leigh Ann Gibson. 

On One Knee: Kayla Calvert, Autumn Anderson, A.J. Lott. 

Standing: Chris Bushby, Courtney Frank, Jamie Smith, Cheri Smith, Keri McCallum, Michelle Gates, Rot 

Schlagheck, Connie Goldsmith. 

336 Sports 



f V 

\o Bv Will.Smith 

Left: The Lady Bulldogs get pumped up before they storm onto the 

Below: MSU shortstopKarrie Rider stops a hard line drive before it 
makes it to the outfield. 

Photo B\ Will Smith 

Photo By Wright Griffis 

Above: MSU outfielder Chris Bushby 
concentrates on the game as she awaits her turn 
at bat 

'3ove: Outfielder/Pitcher Kellie Wilkerson trots 
frig the basepaths after hitting a game saving 
$me run. 

' ^ '" 

Sports 337 


*ite.V \ 3-» 

Once again, a MSU player 

makes it around the field 

to score for the Dawgs. 

Photo By Will Smith 

Photo By Will Smith 

338 Sports 







Alabama or Mercer 


SE louisiana 




Jackson State 



Cal Fullerton 











Alcorn State 




f||s< v ■ ■■««$*$$ 






South Alabama 


South Carlonia 









New Orleans 


Louisana State 














SEC Tournament 


NCAA Regionals 



NCAA Super 



NCAA College 

World Series 


The bench looks a little 

crowded from the angle of 

this photo. 

Photo By Will Smith 

Sports 339 


Top: First baseman Cliff Wren steps in 
front of a hard hit groundball that was 
destined for the outfield. 

Middle: MSU pitcher Matt Ginter 
intimidates the opposition with serious 
heat. ^ 

Bottom: Talent + Superior Speed = Yet 
another throw beaten by the Bulldogs! 

Photo By Stan Ork 

Photo By Stan Or 

340 Sports 

M> By Will Smith 

Left: Bulldog Coach Pat McMahon 
is not afraid to give the umpire a 
piece of his mind when it comes to 
bad calls. 

ted by Athletic Department 

font Row (L-R)Jim Abraham, Kevin Donovan, Jamie Rock, Justin Estel, Ryan McGarth, Scott Clark, Cager 

Jamer, Lee Parks, Jason Wilcutt. 

Jcond Row (L-R) Joe Dier, Brandon Barnes, Jay Logan, Matt Ishee, Asst. Coach Jim Case, Head Coach Pat 

jcMahon, Asst Coach Charlie Anderson, Asst Coach Tommy Raffo, Matt Walker, Alan Leonard, Will Jackson. 

Jiird Row (L-R)Chris Lotterhos, Cliff Wren, Scott Polk, Hank Thorns, Brian Compton, Brian Wiese, Lake 


tmrth Row(L-R) Adam Larson, Enrico Jones, Tanner Brock, Michael Taquino, Joey Collums, Ryan Caroll, 

in Knott, Mark Freed, Lance Lamberthcjason Burkley, Matt Ginter. 

jjjfth Row(L-R) Steven Dowe, Phillip Willingham, Chris Curry, Daron Wright, Travis Chapman, Ty Martin, 

Han Terry, Jeff Dillard, Shane Kelly, Josh West. JSM 


Photo b\ Will Smil I 

Above: Tanner Brock puts hisj 
weight into it. 


Top Left: Cliff Wren, MSB 
first baseman, prepares to 
unload his gun. 

Left: Ty Martin rings up 
another stolen base 
compliments of a University 
of Southern Mississippi 

Photo b\ Will Smith 

Photo Bv Will Smith 



Photo B\ Will Smith 

Top: As usual, the Diamond 
^Dawgs celebrate yet another 

Middle: MSU outfielder Brian 
Weise takes a trot around the 
bases after another blast into 
Leftfield Lounge. 

&-- "' 


Bottom: Shortstop Trayis * 
Chapman makes easy work of 
those hard hit grounders. 

Photo By Stan Orkin 

: JS4^.. 

Homecoming '99 will be one that many Bulldog fans will 
remember for a long time! On October 23rd, in front of a 
packed house at Scott Field and a nationally televised audience, 
the Bulldogs shook the seven year long "Bayou Curse" with an 
exciting 17-16 win over the LSU Tigers. At one point in the 
game, the Bulldogs looked down and out and it seemed that 
this would be yet another LSU victory over the Dawgs that 
ESPN cameras would be able to catch for posterity. But last 
second heroics from Matt Wyatt, Rod Gibson, and an assorted 
cast of characters sent the LSU "puddytats" back to the swamp 
with their tails tucked between their legs. With this victory, not 
only did the Bulldogs keep their record spotless with a 7 and 
mark, but they also got a No. 8 ranking in the polls and made 
themselves one of the ten teams in the nation with a perfect 

Photo by Will Smith 

Photo by Will Smith 

Photo by Will Smij 
Top Right: Some Dawgs show their love even before the team takes the! 
Tliis loyal fan greets his Bulldogs as they enter the fieldhouse for halftinj 
Above: Bulldog QB Wayne Madkin gets the ball out of his own endzontl 
before the Tiger defense can reach him. 
Left: The opposition's frontline is no match for two fired up Bulldogs 01 j 

.'4 Sports 

Homecoming 1999 

Photo by Will Smith 

Above: Bulldog fullback Kenny Williamson puts a little 
extra into the block on the LSU attacker as he plugs up 
the hole in the frontline. 

Left: MSU head basketball coach Rick Stansbury 
immediately congratulates Coach Jackie Sherrill 
following the Bulldog's win over LSU. 

M> by Will Smith 

Top Right: Kentucky did 
not realize that number 

four, Chris Rainey 

recovered the ball for the 


Botton Center: Chris 

Rainey makes for a break 

through Oklahoma State. 

Photo By Will Smith 

346 Sports 


Middle Tennessee 


Oklahoma State 

South Carlonia 



Louisiana State 





Photo By Will Smith 


Top Right: .Instead of 

running for a first down, 

Dicenzo Miller decides to 

step on Oklahoma State's 

number 15. 

Bottom Center: Griffith 

goes over the top of the 

Wild Cat defense to better 

the MSU record to 8 - 0. 

Photo By Will Smith 

Sports 347 


Photos bv Will Smith 


Top: The nationally ranked Bulldog defense overpower 
the opposition and claim yet another unlucky victim. 

Left: This OSU player is in the process of being rudely 
introduced to the turf by Dorsett Davis. 

Below: Defensive Coordinator Joe Lee Dunn shows 
Kenzaki Jones and Robert Bean the proper way to 
penetrate the offense. 

348 Sports 

Vbove: Thanks to exceptional blocking, 
vISU tailback Dontae Walker has no 
rouble finding the holes that suddenly 
ippear in the South Carolina defense. 

w « r 

Photo fey Will Smith 

Above: Cornell Menafee and the rest of the Bulldog 
wrecking crew take extra care to dislodge the 
pigskin before they slam the Oklahoma State 
ballcarrier to the ground. 

Left: Dicenzo Miller narrowly escapes the 
desperate grasp of a would-be tackier and lunges 
for extra yards 

Photo by Will Smith 

Right: With this run, Bulldog fullback Rod Gibson 
proves that he is the personal definition of staying 
one step ahead of the competition. 


Photo by Will Smith 

The 1999 Egg Bowl was one filled with rumors, backstories, and 
excitement. After the Bulldogs started off the season with a shining 8 and 
start, they fell in consecutive weeks to Alabama and Arkansas. With 
those losses, all talks of a perfect record, a national championship bid, or 
even a Top 10 ranking were traded in for feelings of doubt and 
disappointment. Many Bulldog fans started to buy into the negativity 
critics spread around and there was even talk on the MSU campus that 
the Dawgs would end the season on a sour note. But on Thanksgiving 
night, a brave group of Dawgs decided to put the naysayers to rest once 
and for all. In front of the watchful eyes of ESPN and a sold out crowd at 
Scott Field who braved the cold wind and the drizzle that lasted 
throughout most of the game, the Bulldogs and the Rebels tangled for the 
Golden Egg one last time this century. The Rebels had the Bulldogs on 
the brink of defeat several times during the game but the Never Say Die 
Bulldogs, led by the arm of Wayne Madkin and the shoulders of "D-Phi- 
D", tied the game late in the fourth quarter. With the Rebels last 
possession, QB Romaro Miller tossed a bullet toward a wide open Rebel 
but the pass was deflected by Robert Bean, who then kicked it into the 
waiting hands of Eugene Clinton. The ensuing runback set up a beautiful 
game winning field goal by Scott Westerfield and as time expired paper, 
plastic cups, pom-poms, and homemade signs rained down from the 
stands as the student body flooded the field and triumphantly ripped 
down the goalposts. With this victory, Mississippi State earned a berth in 
the Peach Bowl and memories as recent as the Rebel's fake extra point in 
1997 or as distant as the ''Hand of God" wind blocked kick at Jackson in 
1983"s'eemed to dim in the minds of every hardcore State fan in 
/ attendance. But more important than payback, a bowl game, or even j 
beating those dirty Rebels, MSU placed a cap on a near perfect season' 
and RESPECT finally came to StarkVegas. — By Marcus Jones 

""•--: t. 

•4* H 


Above: Hmmph, and they have 
the nerve to call us Rednecks! 

Above: "Do your part for the environment! Start 
by crushing Rebels today!" 

Photos on these pages by Will Smith. 


350 Sports 


A Season To Remember 

.ii ■■' ■,"."■■'■,: . ■''■'" ■:.,■■ ■ ' 

1999, The Year of The Dawg 


September 4th: 

Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders 


September 11th: 

Memphis Tigers 



September 18th: 

Oklahoma State Cowboys 



September 25th: 

South Carolina Gamecocks 



October 2nd: 

Vanderbilt Commodores 



October 9th: 

Auburn Tigers 



October 23rd: 

Louisiana State Tigers (Homecoming) 



November 4th: 

Kentucky Wildcats 



November 13th: 

The Alabama Crimsom Tide 



November 20th: 

Arkansas Razorbacks 



November 25th: 

Ole Miss Rebels 

Kicked A*. • 

& 23-20 


Sports 351 

Pom Squad 

Right Top: Its 
all smiles for 
this Pom Squad 

Center: The 
Coliseum has 

memories of 
the Pom 

The MSU Pom Squad preforms for the crowd at The Hump. 

352 Sports 

«o By Will Smith 



Photo By Will Smith 

Photo By Will Smith 

■to B> Will Smith 

All the J.V. Cheerleaders entertain the crowd 
at the Hump. 



Photo Bv Will Smith 


Photo Bv Will Smith 

Photo By Will Smith 

354 Sports 


Photo By Will Smith 

Courtesy Photo 










The Famous Maroon Band plays for the crowd at the Peach 


Photo By Will Smi> 

Photo By Will Smith 

Photo By Will Sn 

One of the key elements to the band is 
always the trumbone. 

Can you hear the beat of the drum at the Peach, 


The sound of the 
trumpet can always be 
|$^ heard throughout the 
Famous Maroon Band. 

Xo By Will smith 

After the Peach 

Bowl, the band 

members needed a 

little time to relax. 

Photo By Will Smith 

' W f* 




The drum line of the 

band makes it way 

into the Georgia 


So what if cowbells aren't allowed in 
the stadium. Even the youngest 
Bulldogs can't resist showing their 
school pride. 

Caught during a slow part of the 
day, many students consider this 
section of Lee Boulevard to be one 
of the busiest areas of campus. Good 
luck driving there after class lets out. 

Oklahoma State came to Starkville 
this year expecting to run away with 
the ball like they did last year. Leave 
it to the Bulldogs to turn the tables 
and take off. 

Photos by Will Smith 








_^ 1 


l!R'l- : ^ 1 



if II '• ill ill ti 1 

■ # ; i ■ ? 1 

,1 1 HI 

.— ^MMl 1 Bk 

■ k 1 1 i i i 


< NM% • Hi) V ■■ * __.^^^ 


| - - 




Photo by Randy Pargman 


Emilie Morrison-Ward, Editor 

The Closing takes a look back at the Horizon that 

we now leave behind. 

' 'Each of us is given a pocketful of time to spend 
however we may. We use what we will. We waste what 
we will. But we can never get back a day." 

— Roger Wilcox 

"Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only 
so many tomorrows/' 

— Michael Landon 



1898 M.VV. Chapman 

1906 J.H. Belford 

1907 H.W. Staleworth 

1908 E.R. Blanton 

1909 VV.P. Craddock 

1910 H.B. Sanders 

1911 F.J. Hubbard 

1912 B.L. Field 

1914 E.F. White 

1915 E.R. Raney 

1916 L.C. Mosley 
1917M.F. Knost 

1918 S.S. Champion 

1919 S.H. Livingston 

1920 J.B. Swift 

1921 G.T. Sargent 

1922 W.T. Catledge 

1923 L.I. Jones 

1924 R.C. Cook 

1925 J.H. Heading 

1926 W.V. Davis 

1927 J.C. Flippin 

1928 LP. Vinzant 

Then and Now 

1929 R. S. Kersh 

1930 Royce McDavid 

1931 C.J. Amber 

1932 C.H. King 

1933 John Satterwhite 

1934 F.F. Guyton 

1935 W.H. Brown 

1936 K.M. Oakley 

1937 J.R. Denton 

1938 W.C Washburn 

1939 R.T. Carlisle 

1940 A.T. Evans 

1941 F.A. Patty 

1942 T.C. Brown 

1943 Burt Gunn & 
Jimmy Moore 

1945 David Cline 

1946 M.S. Sackheim 

1947 J.F. Sanderson 

1948 George Wade 

1949 R. L. Daniels, Jr. 

1950 Sam Simmons 

1951 C.H. Johnson 

1952 Lela Foresman 

1953 Jimmy Montgomery 

1954 Johnny Spruill 

1955 Marion Slaton 

1956 William Beard, Jr. 

1957 William Beard, Jr. 

1958 Wiley Carter 

1959 Hube Dodd 

1960 Andy Bond 

1961 Al Allen 

1962 Al Allen 

1963 Larry Sones 

1964 Jimmy Lipscomb 

1965 Sallie Anne Neblett 

1966 Robert Kennedy & 
Richard Hatchett 

1967 Chester Holomon 

1968 David Hatchett 

1969 Raymond Mosley 

1970 Burton Barnes 

1971 Ronnie Walton 

1972 Haden Hughes 

1973 Ned Walton 

1974 Martha Armstrong 

1975 Mary Sumners 

1976 Carol Crumbley 

1977 Penny Gibson 

1978 Michael Oltremanri 

1979 Adrienne Pakis 

1980 Wesley Clements 

1981 Maria Ciravolo 

1982 Donna Pezzillo 

1983 Mark Nicholson 

1984 John Huntington 

1985 Karen Robinson 

1986 Henry Greene 

1987 Julia Lynn Hicks 

1988 Angie Wright 

1989 John Wood 

1990 Lori Parsons 

1991 Laura Weihing 

1992 Michael Hobby 

1993 Charity Scott ' 
1994Stephanie Alligood 

1995 Kevin Lewis 

1996 Lori Holloway 

1997 Martha Thomas 

1998 Samantha Williamson 

1999 Laura Ellen Thornton 

2000 Emilie Morrison-Ward 


he names 
listed here 
reflect the 
Editors of the 
Reveille from 
1898 to the 

The Mississippi A.&M. and Mississippi State University Time Line 

The Mississippi Agricultural College owes it existence to an act of the General Government, approvec! 
July 2, 1862. This act provided that there should be granted to the several States an amount of public lane 
in quantity equal to thirty thousand acres for each Senator and Representative in Congress. 

The Legislature of Mississippi accepted this grant and the College was established by an Act of th<! 
Legislature approved February 28th, 1878. A board of trustees was selected and they proceeded to conside : 
the matter of location for the College, but owing to the great yellow fever epidemic that year, the selectiorj 
was not made till the following winter. Sealed proposals for the erection of buildings were invited, and Mrj 
CM. Rubush of Vaiden, Mississippi, was awarded the contract. Mr. Alfred Zucker, of Vicksburg 
Mississippi, was the architect. 

Work was begun on the academic building in the latter part of July, 1879, and the doors were firs! 
opened for the reception of students on October 6th, 1880. During the first month two hundred student;! 
matriculated, and by the close of the first session this number reached three hundred and fifty-four. 

The first board of trustees of that institution took the oath of office before Justice J. A. P. Campbell, of th< 
Supreme Court of the State, at Jackson, April 11th, 1878, and 
General Stephen D. Lee was selected president of the College 
by the board on April 2, 1880. The first catalogue shows that 
the first faculty was made up of a president, three professors, 
three acting professors, a commandant and four assistants in 
the Preparatory Department. Since that time the number of 
departments has increased to thirteen. 

The College has been blessed in having General S.D. Lee as 
its president since its organization. The other departments 
have undergone changes. 

Taken from the 1898 Reveille (Volume 1) 

The Reveille would like to take this opportunity to 
explain the numbering of this year's volume. Several 
years ago the numbering system was accidentally 
changed advancing the volume number by one. If we 
were to follow this system, this year's book would be 
Volume 96. To correct this problem we have 
determined the correct volume number of this year's 
book, which in truth is Volume 95, however, we did 
not catch this mistake until after page 1 had been 

We would also like to thank everyone who helped 
make this closing possible: 

The Reflector Staff, the Library's Special Collections 
Staff, Russ Ward and Marcus Jones for the idea, and 
to anyone that we have mistakenly left out. 

360 Closing 



The first Reveille ever printed was published in 1898. The following is an Editorial in that book. 

In presenting this, the first volume of REVEILLE, we, the editors, make no claims for the 
literary merit or finish. A short session and an utter inexperience in such work would have 
precluded such task even if we had ever thought of such a thing. 

The most we can hope for is that it will arouse a greater love and respect for our college, and, 
as we go into the world, make a pleasant memory of the days we have spend more or less 
profitably under the shadow of these old college walls. 

We have made an attempt to secure late photographs of all the alumni, but in 
some cases being unable to do this, we have used old photographs taken during 
the time they were students here. Even then we have been unable to secure a 

To all of those who are yet interested enough to take a copy of the book we 
hope that this glimpse of their alma mater as it now is will prove a pleasant 
memory and not as distasteful as the morning bugle call is to the sleepy cadet. 

1878-Mississippi A.&M. founded 1880-First class welcomed 1898 

Photographs of previous Reveille's photographs by Emilie Morrison 




g ^ng^mg f^^ 

In this edition of the "Reveille" we have again taken up the work left off in 1898. 

We have long felt the need of a more complete summary of the College year than we could get through our 
college magazine; something which we, in after years, could turn and be reminded of the College as it was 
when we were students. We therefore determined to make an effort to get together and complete such 
material as would best serve this purpose. 

Dear readers, do not be too severe in your criticism; remember that there must be a beginning somewhere, 
though it be ever so small and that it takes practice to make perfect. 

Taken from page 9 of the 1906 Re veille( Volume II) 

No Reveilles were published from the time 
of the first volume in 1898 until 1906. We are 
unsure of why there was an abrupt stop in 
their production. All that we do know is that a 
staff was put together for the 1906 year and 
that year the second volume of the Reveille 
was published. 

1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 

Recommendations for Punishment from Past to Present 

Tampering with lights, thereby putting them out 5 extras 

Not turning on heat when told to do so Special Report 

Breaking themometer in Physical Laboratory 1 extra 

On wrong part of campus after "taps" 4 extras 

Playing tennis during recitation hours 3 extras 

Destroying valuable wood at woodshop 3 extras 

Chewing tobacco in section room 3 extras 

Wilfully wasting drawing paper 1 extra 

Missing an angle of 0.001 of a degree 1 extra 

Using "wishy-washy" language during chapel exercises. . . 8 confinements 

Mistreating bugs 1 confinement 

Pulling up young cotton 2 confinements 

Taking more than his share of strawberries 6 extras 

Taken from page 145 of the 1907 Reveille 

Greenwich Observatory, January 8 — (Special Cabelgram.) — 
Professor Roger Walenstur Schuwaloff, of the Department of 
Astrology, has made the astounding prediction that, from all data 
that he has compiled, it would seem that the sun, around which 
all the heavenly bodies revolve is gradually losing its energy and 
shriveling up. He says that in six months from now the sun will 
be a mere speck in the heavens and cannot be seen with the 
naked eye. 

Taken from page 149 of the 1908 Reveille 

Professor J.C. Hardy, the honored subject of 
this review was born December 24, 1864, in 
Newton, Newton County, Mississippi. His 
patriotic ancestors, of Scotch-English blood, 
were amond the early settlers of the country 
and were prominent in the colonial epoch of 
our national history. In April, 1900, he was 
elected President of the Agricultural and 
Mechanical College to succeed Ex-Governor 
J.M. Stone, and, under his able management 
and administration, the College has grown 
rapidly in all of its departments, its field of 
usefulness has been enlarged, and its 
development has been marked in all lines of 
educational extenstion. 

Taken from page 13 of the 1909 Reveille 

362 Closing 



The spring of 1909 saw the first intercollegiate basket-ball 
team at Mississippi A.&M. Despite the fact that this was our 
first season, we gave a good account of ourselves. Dr. Werner 
developed a good team and laid the foundation of good teams 
in the future. Considering the late date of organization, the 
manager arranged severl good series, Tulane, LSU, Mississippi 
College being played on the trip. 

Taken from page 215 ofth 1910 Reveille 


Dedication: As a tribute to their character and as an 
expression of our sympathy, we dedicate this volume of 
Private 13 to our members who were unable to 
graduate. — Senior Class 

The Baseball Season of 1911 was something that will always 
go down in the annals of this College, for it was during this 
year that we really branched out and played some of the 
leading Colleges in the South. 

Taken from page 190 of the 1912 Reveille. 

1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 

The different clubs of our College, as anyone 
can see by glancing at this book, play a very 
important part in the social life of students. 
The purposes of these organizations are 
many and varied, there being dancing, 
feasting, hunting, social and county clubs. 

Taken from page 216 of the 1911 

Marching Son 
March, March on down the field, 
A.&M. will never yield; 
Break through old Oxford's line, 

Her strength to defy; 
Well give a long cheer for A.&M men, 
We're here to win again; 
Mississippi's men may fight to the end, 

But we will win. 

'Rah! 'Rah! 'Rah! 

We want to know 

From the 1916 Reveille page 256 


Prof. Critz flirts with all 


the new preps? 

Joe Rowan asks so many 


Mr. Dyer didn't have a 

winning football team? 


many Picayune coupons it 
took to get Prof. Lloyd's 



size wig Prof. McKay 
would wear? 


the student body is so 
anxious to turn in Reveille 




is a cow? 

your fist goes when you 

open your hand? 

Ole Miss would give to 

beat A.&M.? 

After leaving Panama, Balboa 
sailed up the Tombigbee River and 
discovered Philadelphia. As he 
walked up the street with a loaf of 
bread under each arm, Betsy Ross 
stuck her head out of the window 
and said: "Give me liberty, or give 
me death." Balboa siad: "I cannot tell 
a lie; I am on my way to the Boston 
Tea Party." There he met Christopher 
Columbus, the duck that discovered 
Starkville, and has been sorry ever 
since. He turned his feet southward 
and camped for the night near 
Artesia, in the wilderness. Proceeding 
to New Orleans he purchased a 
package of Doublemint Gum. This is 
known as the Louisiana Purchase. 
Froom page 274 of the 1918 

1920-1 929 whwhe 

Student Battalion Ceremonies: 

The battalion must fall in for inspection, and no cadet is 

allowed to fall out with the officers. 

A shave is required. Only active service privates hide behind 


Bow-legged cadets need not bring their knees together at 

attention. What the Lord has put asunder; let no man join 

together. — Taken from page 310 of the 1920 Reveille. 

The Engineering School is at present the largest in the College; it 
comprises of three divisions — Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical. The 
men in these different divisions are, after the two-year basic course 
which is the same for all Engineers, given instruction in their 
individual branches of the profession. This instruction is intended to 
give the student a thorough understanding of the basic theories of 
his subject, and give him as much practical instruction in the 
laboratory and in the field as circumstances and equipment will 

Taken from page 13 of the 1928 Reveille 

•§ nimiiiimum i 


1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 

The Chief Advantages Are: 

A healthy location within reach of 

every part of the State. 

A large faculty of expert teachers. 

A democratic atmosphere and 

simple scale of living. 

A wholesome interest in Athletics 

and other student activities. 

Training in oratory and debate in 

class-room and literary societies. 

Library of 100,000 volumes. 

Taken from page 15 of the 
1922 Reveille 

New Buildings: Cafeteria, Power 
Plant, Engineering Building, 
Biology Building 

A Few Things We Could Applaud 

• a 15-minute interval between 

• a standard time at the College, 

• a decent meal on Sunday night, 

• Interclass competition, 

• a swimming pool, with 
swimming course part of 

• a campus cafe open until 1 1 
o'clock p.m. 

Taken from page 313 of the 
1927 Reveille 

College Entrance Examinations for 

Alabama: What make is your 
car — and are you positive you are 
not from New York? 
Arkansas: Any hot women coming 
from your home town this year? 
University of Mississippi: What 
Agricultural and Mechanical College 
is the sorriest hole in the world? 
Auburn: Who is your bootlegger? 
Georgia Tech: Who has the best 
football team in the world? 
Texas: Whose eyes are upon you? 
Mississippi A.&M.: Can't you reach 
your ankles, Freshman? 

Taken from the 1929 Reveille 

364 Closing 

braMMsiiMa^ 1 930-1 939 

The Mississippi State M Club is composed of athletes who have 
made a letter in one or more of the major sports sponsored by the 
college. The M Club acts as host to all former lettermen of the school 
on Homecoming Day, and pays special tribute to those who first 
carried the school colors on the gridiron. 

The group is noted for its initiations and its annual Barn Dance, 
usually one of the best affairs of the year. The purpose of the 
organization is to promote clean sportsmanship in all forms of 

Taken from page 200 of the 1939 Reveille 

Novmeber 21, 1939 

Bully, beloved English bulldog mascot of the Mississippi State 
athletic teams, was buried beneath the gridiron turf of Scott Field on 
Tuesday's cold and cloudy afternoon as more than 2,500 students 
and citizens of Starkville and State College joined in singing "Tention 
Maroon and White", State's fighting song. 

Seldom, if ever, has a dog been given such an elaborate burial. 
Killed when run over by a bus Sunday afternoon, Bully was 
embalmed and his body lay in state in a campus building until noon 
today. The glass-top casket was surrounded by more than a dozen 
wreaths of beautiful flowers. — Taken from The First Hundred Years 

,'=] ' 1 

. i 

L": - 




1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 



With their Alma Mater's blessing, 

Like halo placed upon their brow, 
With glory never lessening, 

Neophytes once but masters now, 
In regiment everlasting, 

Before the World they march review, 
Showing in their splendor passing 

The power to strive and to do. 
Faithful to themselves and virtue; 

Bern to accomplish and to sway, 
They cannot belie their nature 

They cannot their honour betray. 
Facing staunchly their tomorrow 

In a field of new endeavor, 
Proven true by joy and sorrow, 

Seniors now — but men forever 
Member '30 

To the Scrubs 

By Ben F. Hilbun 
My hat's off to the smashing "Back" 
Who rips through the line with a mighty crash, 
Wiggling and twisting to the last white line 
Leaving spectators with shivering spines. 

My hat's off to the big line men 
Standing like oaks 'gainst stiffest winds, 
Knocking 'em back for a splendid loss, 
Telling 'em plainly just who's boss. 

My hat's off to the whole blamed bunch 
When they do their best and deliver the punch. 
A vic'try's a vic'try, but its a sorry sight 
Unless its won by a helluva fight. 

But I kneel at the feet of the battling Scrub, 
Who takes all the knocks and is called a "dub". 
He fights like a Spartan year after year 
With darn little praise and darn few cheers. 

But I know of a lad, and a little lad, too, 
Who saw four years of Scrubbing through, 

And the flickering rays of hope were dim 
As he visualized and coveted "M". 

He got his chance when the day seemed 


A mighty small man at a mighty big post, 

But when he saw those big "Backs" 

started by 

He showed 'em a nice little place to lie. 

His body was small, but he had the guts 

And he fought 'em boys, till they bit the 


They drove like devils at the midget of 

the line, 

But he stayed in the game and never 

called "Time!" 

If I could write the proudest name 
In football's mystic hall of fame, 
I'll tell you, boys, and this is so, 
The name of the scrub would in there go. 
Taken from the 1932 Reveille 

1 940-1 949 ^bhiiedm& 

In early November of this past school year a dark pall of 
tragedy descended on the campus at State. Our mascot, Bully, 
was struck down by a bus on College Drive. Bully was in the 
midst of his fifth year of service as the mascot. Most of us 
doubt that there was ever an uglier, lazier dog alive, nor one 
that was better fed, but we all know despite his appearance 
and his appetite, there was never a better-natured nor better- 

loved dog alive. 

Taken from the 1940 Reveille 

The memory of those sons of Mississippi State who did 
not return to play their parts in her rise to unexcelled 
heights, we humbly and respectfully dedicated this 1947 
REVEILLE. Mississippi State carries on as they would 
have her do, growing daily in spirit and truth, but their 
names shall ever be emblazoned in her memory. 
Taken from page 6 of the 1947 Reveille 

No Reveille 

published in 

World War II 

1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 

Symbolic to State in 

everyway — high-spirited, fighting 

to the end, and loyal is Bully. 

In all athletic events Bully is 
State's loudest and strongest 
booster. An enthusiastic bark from 
him is the incentive needed to 
drive our team to victory. 

Without Bully there would be no 
State spirit! 

Taken from the 1943 Reveille 

Some wise man once said that the 
three swiftest ways of 
communication are telegraph, 
telephone, and tell-a-woman. News 
really travels fast these days. Yes 
boys, we now have a girls' dorm at 
State. It looks as if the old State has 
gone forever, and that the female of 
the species has finally broken her 
way into the once male domain. Just 
in case you aren't aware of the fact, 
Magruder Hall, once the dormitory 
of broken windows, pin-up pictures, 
and very little studying, is being 
occupied by an array of skirts, 
sweaters, and beautiful faces. 

Taken from page 3 of the 1945 

William F. Hand 

He was the one to whom all turned 
with hope and confidence when 
grievous problems developed. His 
uncanny ability to explore, evaluate, and 
find a solution to perplexing situations 
was recognized and appreciated by all 
who had the honor and priviledge of 
working with him. 

The richness of Dr. Hand's 
contributions to his students for the last 
55 years cannot be evaluated. Truly the 
candles of his influence have been 
lighted for a thousand years. They shall 
be passed from life to life and from 
generation to generation while the 
wings of Destiny continue to beat above 
his silent house of clay. 

excerpted from the eulogy by Fred 
T. Mitchell, President 

366 Closing 



Major Snedden was assistant professor of Air Science and Tactics. 
Before his assigment at State College last year he was an airplane 
commander flying B-29 and B-50 bombers with the Second Bomb 
Group, Chatham Air Force Base, Georgia. His military career began 
in the Pennsylvania National Guard in 1934. Since 1946 he has 
served as enlisted crew-chief and bombardier. He was graduated as a 
pilot from flying school in 1943. He was rated as a senior pilot with 
over 3,600 hours of flying time in a variety of conventional and jet- 
type aircraft. Major Snedden was 35 years old. 
Taken from the 1952 Reveille 

This year a landmark that had been the home of thousands 
of Mississippi boys disappeared from the Mississippi State 
University Campus. 

Old Main dormitory was destroyed by an early morning 
fire. Since its first students huddled by private firesides in the 
winter of 1880, it had been reported to be the largest college 
dormitory under one roof in the United States. 
Taken from page 209 of the 1959 Reveille 




* ^ 



1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 

»f : 

Shortly after Christmas, following a 
trend for that month, Managing Editor 
Lamar Pace joined the Navy; Van 
Bristow joined the Marine Corps, 
because as Van put it, "Somebody's got 
to be a hero in this fracas;" and the new 
Sports Editor Terry Swalm received the 
notification of recall to active duty with 
the Navy. 

In the resulting reshuffling of the 
staff, Guy Chittom was moved up to the 
position of Managing Editor, Billy 
Robbins moved from the News Desk to 
take over the Sports Editor's job, and 
Van's younger brother, Jerry, took over 
the cartooning duties. Swalm remained 
as columnist until he went to the Navy. 

Taken from page 114 of the 1951 

Evidence of State's expansion is 
establishment of two new liberal 
schools. . .the School of Liberal Arts 
and the School of Forestry. 

The liberal arts are designed to 
train young men and women to find 
themselves, both as individuals and 
as members of society. 

Practical illustrations for technical 
forestry instructions are found in the 
college's intenseively managed forest 
of 8,000 acres only a few miles from 

Taken from page 14 of the 1958 

Legislation action in 1878 provided 
for the establishing of Mississippi 
Agricultural and Mechanical College. 
. .Last year similar legislation made 
the same school the new Mississippi 
State University. . And so it is, as the 
old makes way for the new and in 
turn the new looks toward the future. 
May we enter into this new era with 
dogmatic determination to advance 
even further along progressive lines. . 
.Keeping in mind these very wise 
words from Alexander Pope, "Be not 
the last by which the new is tried, 
nor the first to lay the old aside." 

Taken from page 9 of the 1959 



The newly organized Women's Student Government Association 
of Mississippi State University is the executive governing body of the 
women students. Its purpose is to promote and condition for the 
intellectual and social life of women students, to bind the women 
students in a stronger union, to enforce such regulations of 
University as do not fall exclusively within the provisions of the 
administration, and to maintain the highest standard of honor in 
every phase of University life. 

Taken from page 298 in the 1960 Reveille 

The important question is not "Why is there news?" but "Why is 
there a REFLECTOR?". The student newspaper exists as the 
conscience of the university community. It has a duty to present 
information about what is happening and why it is happening. The 
staff works tirelessly towards this end. For our efforts we are not 
asking for appreciation, but when we see REFLECTOR'S decorated 
with kitty litter, lining bird cages, or swatting flies, our hearts feel 
warmed because we realize that our work is not in vain for the 
students are putting our product to a good use. Who knows. . . . 
maybe those cats can read. 

Taken from page 203 of the 1969 Reveille 

1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 

Sporting a brand new Sugar Bowl 
trophy and a nine game winning 
streak, the State basketballers started 
the new year with a thrilling 51-48 
win over Auburn. Behind 17-5 early 
in the first half, State rallied, came 
out in a 31-30 half time lead, and 
finally clinched their first SEC with 6 
seconds to go in the game. Prospects 
for another SEC crown looked dim 
for the State hardwood men as a hot 
Vanderbilt team defeated them 100- 
86 on the Commodores' home court. 
Returning home for a postponed 
game with Alabama, the Bulldog's 
picked up their second conference 
victory, 67-40. 

Taken from page 292 of the 1962 


Taken from page 2 of the 1964 

Knoxville, Tenn., Oct. 5 — Shoeless Ode 
Burrell fled 23 yards through the 
Tennessee Volunteers as the second 
quarter was getting underway and that 
hippity-hopping gallop for the 
touchdown was all Mississippi State 
needed for a 7-0 victory. Indeed that 
was all the battling Bulldogs could 
manage though completely dominating 
the first half as three later scoring 
opportunities were missed. 

Taken from page 269 of 1964 

Occasionally it's loneliness: the student 
caged in a gradually dissolving wall of self 
within which he is almost utterly 
abandoned. In this serene state he considers, 
introspects, assimilates. He projects; he 
reverges into the chaos of society, better able 
to cope with the inevitable cries for these 
moments of self examination. He has learned 
emotional honesty, integrity. As the wall 
diminishes, he becomes a creative individual, 
a contribution of his univeristy to the world. 

Taken from page 20 of the 1967 Reveille 
It was a proud day for Coach Paul Gregory 
when he was presented with his second SEC 
championship trophy. The Bulldogs brought 
home the honors after fighting down to the 
last day of the season, which culminated in 
an exciting playoff series with the Volunteers 
of Tennessee. 

Taken from page 59 of the 1967 Reveille 

368 Closing 


One official change was the name of the campus post office: State 
College, MS, became Mississippi State, MS. The Reflector crusaded to 
allow students to use checks to purchase football tickets in a stadium 
that, for students, is infested with splinters while the non-students 
get aluminum seats. No one attempted to close the Reflector in 1972- 
3 but many thought it might be nice. Joe Palmer, MSU Union's 
barber for 32 years, retired from cutting hair and declared the "long 
hair" problem was getting worse. 

Taken from page 94 in the 1973 Reveille 


One quote could be heard campus-wide; "two all beef patties, special 
sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a seasame seed 
bun." — McDonald's was here at last! 

Taken from page 422 of the 1975 Reveille 
Did you know the Flower Mart was once a fountain? According to 
Gaddis Hunt, Union Director from 1969-1975, that spot was a 
fountain for five years. Hunt said the well located area was used as a 
garbage can and could not be kept clean so it was enclosed in glass. 
About four years ago, the Flower Mart, a branch of University Horist 
moved into it. 

Taken from page 431 of the 1977 Reveille 



p '""i 



1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 



During this year man first walked on the 
moon. The feat of Apollo 11 has been 
compared with the voyage of Columbus 
to America. Indeed, the implications of 
such an advanced technology are 
staggering. But in the same year there 
has been tragic irony in man's inability 
to temper nature and his own wild 
carelessnes here on Earth. Hurricane 
Camille ripped through the Mississippi 
Gulf Coast killing hundreds and costing 
millions of dollars of damage. 

Taken from page 33 of the 1970 

They came in unprecedented numbers. 
The female had entered the 
Establishment at M.S.U. 

Taken from page 34 of the 1970 

It all began when they tried to make a 
land-grant institution out of Ole Miss. In 
1871, the University of Mississippi set 
up a school of Agriculture and 
Mechanical Arts under a distinguished 
scientist, Eugene Hilgard. The only 
problem was students: five in 1873, 
three in 1874; and few if any of these 
were in agriculture. In 1876 the whole 
effort, which was already being called 
"the side show established at Oxford," 
collapsed; and that is where the future 
Mississippi State University would save 
the day. 

Taken from page 5 of the 1978 
Reveille (story by John Bettersworth) 

Drizzling rain did not halt the 
unveiling ceremonies for the first 
piece of modern sculpture on campus. 
However, immediate response from 
the student population concerning 
the artwork which has been placed in 
front of Allen Hall, was rather dismal. 
Pranksters late one evening placed 
"For Sale" signs around it. Many 
students said that they would have 
appreciated the contemporary piece 
much more if it had been made of 
bronze or gold rather than the rusty 
metal. (Yes, it is the same piece that 
now resides in front of the Union.) 

Taken from page 25 of the 1979 

Information in ( ) was added this 
year for clarification 

Closing 369 

1 980-1 989 \bmiiii idms 

The 1988 Mississippi State Track team concluded this final year 
under Coach Bob Kitchens with a bang! The squad had four All- 
Americans from the men's team: Sidney Braddy, Lorenzo Daniel, 
Ricky Huell, and Keith Laurant. All, with the exception of Daniel, 
who will be returning for the 1989 season. Falilatu Ogunkoya from 
the women's team also earned All-American status for her superb 
performance last year. 

The 1989 track team will be under the leadership of new head coach 
Al Schmidt, formerly of Florida State University. Coach Schmidt is 
expecting much success from the '89 Dawgs. 
Taken from page 178 of the 1989 Reveille 


The second annual Super Saturday, held in late April, proved to be 
successful. Activities included an outdoor luncheon, a concert by Ray 
Stevens, a crafts fair, and a MSU football game and baseball double 

A record crowd of 10,382 attended the double header against 
Florida. The Maroon-White football game saw a crowd of 10,030 
with the Maroon team winning 13-7. The newly renovated Noble 
Field got its first professional baseball game when the Jackson Mets 
and the World Famous San Diego Chicken played the Tulsa Drillers 
on May 6. 

Taken from page 20 of the 1988 Reveille. 

Photos by Emilic 

1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 

Fashions changed little from 1982 

— there were brief glimpses of mini 
skirts, harem pants, and other trendy 
items, but the classics reigned. Dressy 
styles for women focused on tailored 
looks in silk, cotton, and other natural 
fabrics. Men wore suits, both two and 
three piece, of wool and wool blends. 

Campus wear was a mix of prep, 
western, and athletic wear. Madras 

— the essential fabric — was sported 
by women and men as shirts, shorts, 
trousers, and jackets. Women favored 
bows at the neck, khaki, and lower 
heeled shoes. Khaki, accompanied by 
penny loafers or top siders, was also 
necessary for men. 

Taken from page 22 of the 1983 

How Not to Pick Up a Girl in 25 Words or 

There are various situations in the life of a 
female which she would like to obliterate 
completely from her consciousness. The 
majority of these situations most likely 
concern sticky encounters with the opposite 
sex. Here's how NOT to pick up a girl: 
"Let's go into the bedroom and watch TV." 
"Don't you think better lying down?" 
"Wouldn't you like a backrub?" 
"We don't have to do anything, we can just 
hold each other." 

"1 bet under all those clothes you have a 
really beautiful body." 
"Are you sure you're comfortable over 

"Don't you think its awfully bright in here? 
(said as the room is plunged into total 
"You don't mind if I get comfortable do 

Headlines 1983 

January 3 — The Center for Disease Control 

recommended that Times Beach, Missouri be 

evacuated due to the threat of Dioxin 


February 4 — The music industry, as well as 

the public, was shocked at the untimely 

death of singer Karen Carpenter. 

March 24 — The test-tube twins born in the 

United States to Todd and Nancy Tilton, 

April 4 — The space shuttle Challenger was 

launched for the first time. 

May 6— -Hitler diaries proved to be forged. 

June 29 — Joe Delaney, pro football running 

back, drowned while trying to rescue two 


Taken from pages 59 and 60 of the 1984 


Taken from page 48 of the 1981 Reveille 

370 Closing 

msMMSssi 1 990-2000 

Everywhere we have turned in recent years there has been some 
kind of construction on our campus, and this year has been no 
exception. There have been several new additions to campus and 
renovations to some buildings. Among the new additions to our 
campus are the Sanderson Athletic Complex, The Jumbotron, the 
Horticulture Greenhouses, and the Swalm Chemical Engineering 
Building. Renovations taking place on campus have included Perry 
Hall Cafeteria, Hand Chemical Lab, Garner Hall, and McArthur 
Hall.— Taken from page 62 of the 1998 Reveille. 

October 14, 1995 was a night many Mississippi State 
basketball fans would not soon forget. It was the night 
Midnight Madness returned. The first midnight basketball 
practice was welcomed by close to 8,500 basketball-hungry 
fans in Humphrey Coliseum and by a national television 
audience courtesy of ESPN 2. — Taken from page 57 of the 
1996 Reveille 

This page concludes the Closing of this the 95th volume of the 
Reveille. Through this closing we have presented to you a timeline of 
events and tidbits of information that were found in previous Reveilles. 
In most cases, page numbers have been provided so that you may look 
back to the full story or see other information from those 
periods of time. In conclusion, we take our timeline and 
divert it back to the "Horizon line" that continues 
throughout the course of the book. It is as this point that 
time catches up with us and meets the Horizon. It is our 
sincere hope that we have brought to you 
a very brief but interesting history of this 
campus, with the possibility that some 
information is new and enjoyable. A full 
collection of Reveilles is 
currently in the Mitchell 
Memorial Library in the 
Special Collections section 
on the third floor. 

Many people and 
tents shared the 
brld spotlight dur- 
ig the 80's. The 
pagan White 
puse, the restora- 
bn of The Statue of 
perty, and the Con- 

< nation's bicentennial, helped bring about 
le rebirth of national spirit. Sandra Day 
(Connor made history as the first female 
'S. Supreme Court Justice. Jesse Jackson be- 
jme the first active black candidate for Pres- 
ent. The marriage of Prince Charles and 
Jdy Di captured hearts around the world. 

he the comedic side, Bill Cosby tickled our funny bone, Garfield 
Kame the world's favorite lovable, but hungry cat, and E.T. became 
e first alien to touch America's heart. — Taken from page 47 of the 
f90 Reveille 

Closing 371 


I /I / ith the new millennium on hand, the horizon for the Mississippi State Bulldogs is in clear view. The 
y y Bulldogs, still in dismay over the Outback Bowl scandal, held their heads high for the match up 
between Clemson and themselves at the Peach Bowl. The streets of Atlanta were paved in 

maroon and white as a crowd of thousands 

joined their fellow Bulldogs in a victory against 

Clemson. Jackie Sherrell and his Dawgs had 

done the job they said they could do. In the first 

two quarters of the game, the defense was tight 

and the Dawgs were on a roll. However, neither 

of the two teams were able to score. By the end 

of the game, the Dawgs had once again pulled 

away with a victory to strengthen their season to 

ten and two. Give'm Hell Jackie, Give'm Hell! 


Top: Celebration over a Peach Bowl Victory by the 


Right: The fans celebrate the bowl victory with the 

MSU players. 

Photo By Will Smilh 

kxo By Will Smilh 

Photo By Will Smith 

Peach Bowl 373 



Right: Some fans show their 

support for the bulldogs by 

coming to Atlanta. 

Top: Bully and friends help to prep the crowd for the 

Peach Bowl. 



374 Peach Bowl 

[Top: Miss. State player number nine looks for some to pass 
to as Clemson closes in. st^MM%Ja 

Ghent pdotog/iapife (ksmyt to be 


^ cM you* 

aUUtic, mb 
$mmh<j need*! 

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Mrar, Joey 244 

Abbott, Leslie 114, 243 

\bercrombie, Cambre 262 

\bernathy, Ty 110 

\braham, Jim 341 

\brams, Brandone . . 159, 213, 265, 


\brams, John 200 

\bu-Al-Feilat, Eyad 219 

Wallister, Katie 143 

Wierno, Mark 192 

Warns, Amanda 114 

Warns, Brandon 114 

Warns, Brooke 143 

\dams, Dana 22 1 , 26 1 

Warns, Jennifer 33, 1 14, 159, 

262, 264 

Warns, Ramond 240 

Warns, Tracy 192 

Wcock, Velvet .114 

Wler, Jennifer 192 

\gee, Jereme 171 

Vgent, Nowell 207 

\gostinelli, Clare 266 

yison, Jaqulyn D 228 

Ubrecht, Whitney 114 

Udana, Maylen 200 

ydridge, Ben ... 33, 114,203,230 

Udridge, Heather 143,231 

Uewine, Rhonda 1 14, 224 

Uexander, Janet 114 

\lexander, Mandi 171 

Alexander, Melanie 185 

Uexander, Patrick 114 

Alexander, Reynaud 318 

Uexander, Sidney 114 

\lexander, Tomeka 114 

Uford, Dr. B 243 

Vlford, Jarrod 1 59 

\lford. Melanie 33, 114, 228 

Ulen, Blakely ... 33, 212, 228, 266 

Ulen, Ebonye-Rosa 171, 214 

Mien, Hank 171 

Ulen, Lashawdna 171 

Ulen, Matt . . 33, 48, 92, 1 14, 203, 

254, 262 

Ulen, Matthew 1 59 

yiison, Betsy 267 

Wilson, Jay 219 

Uphonso, Issac 219 

Ured, Casey 143 

Usworth, Joseph 159 

Umenkirch, Robert 48 

Unos, Bernadette 265, 267 

Unos, William 236 

Unos., Bernadette 262 

Uiderico, Carmen 110 

Usderson, Autumn 114, 336 

\nderson, Bryant 231 

Uiderson, Charlie 341 

Uiderson, David 171 

Uiderson, Erica 159 

Uiderson, Erin 185 

Uiderson, George 110 

Uiderson, Jennifer 159 

Uiderson, Katie 320 

Uiderson, Kevin 192 

Anderson, Lasherish 185 

Uiderson, Laura 171 

Uiderson, Megan 294 

Uiderson, Narshunda 143 

Uiderson, Shalonda 143 

Uiderson, Tanekia 171 

Uiderson, Ted 1 14, 219, 224 

Person, Tiffany 143, 212 

Uidol, Anastasia ... 110, 220, 222 

Andrea, January 223 

Andrews, Angie 171 

Andrews, Antoinette 143 

Andrews, Libba 203 

Angelo, Jamie 143 

Anger, Stacey 214 

April, Carmen 1 59 

Arafat, Dalia 1 59 

Aranas, Alfred 221 

Archer, Rashunda 114 

Arender, Allen 33, 114 

Arentson, Kristen 159, 266 

Ariyaratne, Diyath 114 

Armijos, Bernardo 114 

Armstrong, Bryan 225 

Armstrong, Christopher 143 

Armstrong, Douglas 171,207 

Armstrong, Matt 171 

Arnizaut, Ana 110 

Arnold, Todd 171 

Arnoult, Cameron 143 

Arps, Celeste 114 

Arrington, Andrew 236 

Arrington, Antonio 171 

Arriola, Rina 159 

Arthur, Thomas 200 

Ashcom, Holly 171 

Ashford, Machanta 171 

Ashley, Jonathan 171 

Ashmore, Cortney 171 

Ashworth, Daniel 232 

Asterman, Luke ! . 217 

Atchley, Joshua 1 59 

Athow, Rebecca 171, 264 

Atkinson, Curtis 143 

Atkinson, Donnie 114 

Atkinson, Karen 114 

Atkinson, Melissa 159 

Atkinson, Pamela 171 

Ault, Sayler 200, 263 

Aultman, Kasie 114 

Aultman, Shellie 143, 227 

Ausborn, Jennifer ... 114, 204, 217 

Aust, Mindy 159,217, 231 

Austin, Charity 114, 260 

Austin, Elizabeth 159 

Austin, Page 214, 263 

Austin, Paxton 231 

Autry, John 143 

Avent, Christy 114 

Avent, Julie 171 

Averett, Jeffrey 114 

Aviles, Kim 192 

Ayers, Kendrick 1 59 

Aziz, Maryam 143, 260 


Baddley, Harper 192 

Baddley, Lindsey 159 

Baggett, Aimee 114 

Baggett, Trinity 115 

Bagley, Caroline 265, 267 

Bailey, Calvin 115 

Bailey, Calvin 226 

Bailey, Carmen 115 

Bailey, Dr. A 247 

Bailey, Eris 143, 246 

Bailey, Joseph 115 

Bailey, Kyra 143 

Bailey, Mandy 212 

Bailey, Mary 115,204 

Bailey, Reta 171 

Bailey, Sara 22, 25, 33, 115 

Bailey, Susan 225 

Bain, Andy 192 

Bain, Ginnie 320 

Baird, Allison 262 

Baker, Kary 59 

Baker, Mandy 1 59 

Baker, Marcus 223 

Baker, Rita 143 

Baker, Stephen 171 

Baker, Tiphany 171 

Baker, Vest 264 

Balash, Erica 115 

Balducci, Alan 171 

Baldwin, Beth 22, 1 7 1 

Ball, David 115 

Ball, Melissa 115 

Ball, Randy 115 

Ballard, Brooke 115,218 

Ballard, Drew 171 

Ballard, Jennifer 143, 228 

Ballay, Matthieu 317 

Balmut, Matthew 143 

Banes, Leslie 115 

Bankhead, Autumn 143 

Banks, Angela 200 

Banks, Sandy 143 

Banks, Tara 115 

Bantz, Greg 257 

Baravik, Jeff 192 

Barden, Alicia 143, 253 

Barefoot, Tracy 115 

Barksdale, Emily 200, 228 

Barksdale, Joyce 1 59 

Barnaby-Pope, Lekisha 171 

Barnes, Blair 143, 266 

Barnes, Brandon 341 

Barnes, Brian 171 

Barnes, Corey 22 1 , 263 

Barnes, Courtney 115 

Barnes, Hayley 228 

Barnes, Joy 204 

Barnes, Kiley 231 

Barnes, Richard 115, 219 

Barnes, Stephanie 171 

Barnett, Christy 1 59 

Barnett, David 115 

Barnett, Laura 159 

Baron, Marco 316, 317 

Barrom, Cayce 294 

Barron, Jason 115, 225 

Barron, Melissa 143 

Barron, Stephanie 115 

Barry, Kenya 110 

Barry, Tabatha 143 

Bartlam, Scarlett 115 

Barton, Clayton 192 

Basenko, Evelina 115 

Baskin, Marcus 1 59 

Bass, Smith; C 262 

Bass, Stanley 115 

Bass, Stephen 1 10 

Bates, Corrie 192 

Bates, Cynthia 159 

Bates, Emily 33 

Bates, Martha 115 

Battaya, Alicia 143 

Battaya, Stacy 260 

Bauer, Daniel 228 

Bauer, Gavin 115 

Baugh, Joseph 171 

Baughman, Brittany 192 

Baum, Else 1 10 

Baxter, John 1 72 

Bay, Megan 320 

Bayon, Jeremy 316, 317 

Bazyari, Simine 228 

Beach, Chris 159 

Beach, Todd 115 

Beal, Anetia 185 

Bealer, Tamara 1 59 

Bean, Robert 348, 350 

Bean, William 172 

Beard, Jennifer 29, 159, 267 

Bearden, Joe 244 

Bearden, Sabrina 1 59 

Beasley, Brian 192 

Beasnett, Christa 115 

Beason, Mark 115 

Beauchamp, Todd 33, 230 

Beaugez, Jim 256 

Beazley, Alison 143 

Beck, Ashley 239 

Beck, Lee 143,221,267 

Beckham, Miranda 1 59, 243 

Becnel, Lauren 260 

Beddhu, Karthik 110 

Beddingfield, Allen 185 

Bedwell, Robert 115 

Beede, Annemarie 1 59, 247 

Behel, Daryl 115 

Beith, Danielle 143 

Belk, Jimmy 115 

Bell, Adam 115 

Bell, Allison 60 

Bell, Felicia 1 59 

Bell, James 244 

Bell, Leslie 1 72 

Bell, Mark 144 

Bell, Peray 224 

Bell, Percy 115 

Bell, Tremon 144 

Bell Miller, Dr. P 220 

Benjamin, Katherine 1 44 

Bennamon, Brenda 185 

Bennamon, Shirley 185 

Bennet, Naomi 200 

Bennett, A. W 46 

Bennett, Jonathan 1 44 

Benson, Jason 1 72 

Benson, Tracy 115 

Benton, Brad 144, 236 

Bercaw, Daniel 160, 244, 256 

Bercaw, Jennifer 115 

Bergin, Karen 160 

Bergin, Patrick 144, 228, 255 

Bergin, Sharon 225 

Berry, Erin 144,212 

Berry, Kathy 185 

Berry, Renee 192 

Berry, Ryan 144 

Berry, Sarah 116 

Berry, Tasha 209 

Berry, Wade 116 

Berry, Wesley * 116 

Berry, Windy 160 

Bertasi, Ana 217,246 

Bertasi, Frances . - 192 

Berteau, Ben 1 16 

Bester, Crystal 1 16, 294 

Betbeze, Caroline 192 

Betts, Kenny 230 

Betts, Lashanda . . . 160 

Bevis, Kristy 172, 260 

Bhupatiraju, Subba 110 

Bialas, Kristin 172 

Biedlefeld, Gloria 185 

Bielefeld, Lori 270 

Biffle, Brook 172 

Biggers, Michelle 144, 264 

Biggs, Stephen 1 44 

Biley, Crystel 144 

Binion, Nicholas 172 

Bishop, Jennifer .... 212,262,266 

Bishop, Kristi 116 

Bishop, Matthew 172 

Bishop, Randy 185 

Bishop, Tanya 144 

Black, Betsy 160 

Black, Detrick 172 

Black, Dorian 213 

Black, Elissa 116 

Black, Jason 160 

Black, Katrina 225 

ick, Lauren 

Black, Leigh A loO 

Blackburn, Orlando 1 1 

Blackledge, Marilyn 1 85 

Blackmon, Ethel 116 

BlackweU, Beau 144 

Blackwell, Cody 185 

Blackwell Emily 67, 144, 262 

Blair, Abby 246 

Blair, Julia 192 

Blair, Kellie 05, 144, 233 

Blake, Elise 172 

Blake, Elizabeth 144 

Blakely,Jeff 144 

Blanche, Brooks 236 

Blanche, Kathryn 200 

Blankenship, Adam 266 

Blanks, Kimberly 160 

Bleakney, Amanda 212, 239 

Bledsoe, Justin 116 

edsoe, LaKitha 116 

soe, Latoya 1 16 

essitt, Anna 231, 246 

Blessitt, Brewer 246 

Bliss, Brooke 264 

Bloodworth, Ashley 144, 203 

Boackle, Mark 172 

Boehner, Amanda 1 92 

Boerner, Micheal 54 

Bogard, Corey , 116 

Bolden, Denyette 172 

Bolen, Austin 219 

Bolton, Clay 221, 290 

Bombich, Mark 116 

Bonds, Rick 144, 267 

Booker, Joanna 246 

Booker, Nasheba 160 

Boone, Amanda 144, 225 

Boone, Eric 263 

Boone, Greg 116 

Boone, Jeanie 110 

Boone, Thomas 1 72 

Boothe, Kristen .... 144, 212, 228, 


Boroujerdi, Ommid 116 

Borowski, Connie 227 

Bost, Milaine 200 

Bostick, Brandy 192 

Boswell, Alyssa 205, 214 

Boswell, Julie 172 

Boswell, Tyrus 328, 329 

Bounds, Bo 255 

Bounds, Eric 116,292 

Bounds, Marsha * 185 

Boundy, Brian 33, 1 16 

Boundy. Bry 233, 267 

Boundy, Bryan 262 

Boureff, Ralph 236 

Bourne, Kenisha 1 16, 228 

Bowdry, Metra 33, 1 16 

Bowen, Vonda 185 

Bowers, Alicia 144 

Bowers, Bonnie 1 60 

Bowers, Shelli 231,246 

Bowlin, Will 144, 236 

Bowling, Kathryn 160 

Bowlings, Katie 263 

Boxx, Susan 116 

Boyd, Ben 116 

Boyd, Dr. Mike 231 

Boyd, Garry 116 

Boyd, Nikki 212 

Boykin, Stephanie 227 

Bradberry, Kim 172, 264 

Bradbum, Mike 246 

Braddock, Melissa 116, 243 

Braddock, Ryan 116 

Bradford, David 110 

Bradford, Shavon 200 

Bradley, J.W 231 

378 Index 

Bradley, Kristen .... 160, 239, 260 

Bradley, Susan 260 

Bradshaw, Shelley 185 

Brady, Amber 266 

Brady, JhaNae 144 

Bragg, Steven 247 

Brammer, William 116 

Branch, Kellye 1 72 

Branch, Mandy 212 

Brand, Ashley 144 

Brand, David 217 

Brandon, Eugene 116 

Brandon, Katie 225 

Branner, Kim 23, 51, 200, 267 

Branner, Neely 58 

Brannon, Elizabeth 160 

Brantley, Erick 185 

Brashara, Kori 260 

Brashier, Andy 160 

Breithaupt, Tracey 231 

Brewer, John 116 

Brewer, Leroy 1 72 

Brewer, Melissa 172 

Brlce, Jeff 232 

Bridges, Chad 116 

Bridges, Ellelean 172 

Bridges, Janice 185 

Bridges, Scotty 64 

Bridwell, Bonnie 116 

Briggs, Mary 200, 228, 243 

Bright, LaTrisha 172 

Bright, Shane 116 

Brimer, Amanda 160 

Brinkman, Erin 192 

Briscoe, Parn 144 

Briscer, Jason 62,116 

Britain, Sandra 172 

Britt, Steve 246 

Britt, Tiffany 185 

Brizzolara, Jennifer 144, 204 

Brmuchl, Matt 172 

Brock, Tanner 341, 342 

Brock, Tera 1 44 

Brogdon, Joe 160 

Brooks, Adam 1 72 

Brooks, David 172 

Brooks, Kristie 172, 200 

Brooks, Tiklsha 185 

Broom, Amanda 160 

Broome, Kate 172,264 

Broussard, Nichelle .-. 204 

Brow, Deborah 185 

Brown, Brandon 263 

Brown, Cecelia 160 

Brown, Chanikki 1 72 

Brown, Erica 213 

Brown, Eulis . ., J?t3^ 

Brown, Evelyn 1 72 

Brown, Karyn 116, 227 

Brown, Kassi 160 

Brown, Kathryn 1 72 

Brown, Krystalyn 1 72 

Brown, Lakeisha 1 72 

Brown, Larry 225 

Brown, LaTasha 116 

Brown, Mary E 160, 261, 262, 


Brown, Melissa 160 

Brown, Sandra 1 72 

Brown, Shamara 289 

Brown, Shane 202 

Brown, Shaundra 1 10, 214 

Brown, Sheila 1 60 

Brown, Sonya 116 

Brown, Turkessa .... 33, 117, 223, 


Brown, Wesley 1 60 

Brownell, Audra 117 

Brugmann, Bonnie . . 160, 246, 267 
Brumfield, Monica 305 

Brunlett, Christopher 200 

Bmntlett, Sean 117 

Bryan, Allen 1 17 

Bryan, Christine 246 

Bryan, Tim 33, 117 

Bryant, Amanda 1 1 7, 23 1 , 246 

Bryant, Clarence 117 

Bryant, Elizabeth 144 

Bryant, Eric 117, 395 

Bryant, Jeff 117 

Bryant, Jenn 117 

Bryant, John 203 

Bryant, Lesia 1 10, 200 

Bryant, Lisa 262 

Bryant, Richard 110 

Bryson, Steve 262 

Buchanan, Jody 23 1 

Buchanan, Lamar 160 

Buchanan, Matthew 117 

Buchann, Jimmy 185 

Buchannan, Amanda 264 

Buchtel, Laura 263 

Buck, Jessica 240 

Buckhalter, Deidre 144 

Buckhaults, Jennifer 117 

Buckley, Jason 206 

Bufford, Tiffany 160 

Bufkto, Gregory 144, 228 

Buford, Melissa 117 

Buhner, Pamela 144 

Buie, Andrea 160 

Buie, Shemeca 144 

Buisson, Cherie 192 

Bullard, Neal 185 

Bullard, Rebecca 160, 264 

Bullock, Amie 117 

Bullock, Andrea 233 

Bullock, Craig 317 

Bumpus, Sterlin 117 

Bunn, Keri • • -^niii rffS 

Bunyard, Kelly 200 

Burden, Leslie 265, 267 

Burdlck, Heather 192 

Burdine. Robin 220, 224 

Burell, Dana 26, 29 

Burge, Charles 117 

Burkes, Robin 110 

Burkett, Joseph 117 

Burkett, Kim 117 

Burkett, Richard 172 

Burkley, Jason 341 

Burks, Stephen 172 

Burnett, Manda 211 

Burnett, Marquis 144 

Burney, Lindsey 160 

Burnham, Kellie 233 

Burnham, Matthew .110, 222, 236 

Burns, Callie 172 

Burns, Thomas 117 

Burnside, Bonnie 117 

Bumside, Julia 33,117 

Burris, Courtney 262 

Burt, Allison 144 

Burt, Ashley 160, 243 

Burt, Jason 144, 231 

Burton, Charlean 1 72 

Burton, Kathedra 172,260 

Burton, Lamarcus 117 

Burton, Rusty 117 

Burton, Tamara 1 60 

Busby, Christy 117 

Busby, Dennis 225 

Buscaglia, Horacio 236 

Buse, Jeff 117 

Bush, Amy 1 60 

Bushby, Chris 336, 337 

Butler, Brooke 144 

Butler, Clementine 1 44 

Butler, Craig 1 44 

Butler, Debra 1 1 7, 306 

Butler, Hunter 26: 

Butler, Lakesha 16( 

Butler, Marie 160,26: 

Butler, Mary K 20- 

Butler, Stephanie 192,22! 

Butler, Tiffany 17: 

Butler, Veronica 1 6( 

Butner, Angela 1 1 : 

Butts, Guincy 21. 

Bynum, Kevin 1 1 ; 

Byrd, Dean E IK 

Byrd, Melanie 1 1: 

Byrne, Daniel 11 ; 

Byrton, Charlean 20( 


Cade, Mirae 211, 212 

Cadle, Catherine 17: ! 

Cadle, Cathy 2o< 

Cafferata, jeannie 18' j 

Caine, Rodney 24( . 

Calderon, Isa 18i 

Caldwell, Bryce 17; 

Caldwell, D.J 20? 

Caldwell, Dontrae 1 15 

Caldwell Jr., Darrell 1 1 

Calhoun, Elizabeth 22i 

Call, Jennifer 14^ 

Call, Jonathan 11/ 

Calloway, Charity mi 

Calmes, Kimberly j ; . 

Calvert, Kayla lit 

Calvert, Marcus 

Calvin, LaKimbie M 

Cambs, Karen Jm 

Camenisch, Andrew 11! 

Cameron, Kristy 1 73, 2^ 

Cameron, Rachel 192 

Campbell, Chelsy 11 7, 253 

Campbell, Emily 1 If 

Campbell, John 118 

Campbell, Maxine 118 

Campbell, Michael 172 

Campbell, Raven 22( 

Campbell, Ray 11? 

Campbell, Shannon 1/tf 

Campbell, Shannon 262 ' 

Campbell, Victoria 11? 

Cancienne, Michael 202 

Cannada, Scott Mi 

Cannon, Jana ■ 

Cannon, Stephen n 

Cannon, Stewart « 

Capaldo, Chris 192 

Cappleman, Chris 112 

Cappleman, Cortney 1 73, 26c 

Card, Angela 21 c 

Carden, Heather 231 

Carimi, Bobby 173, 266 : 

Carlisle, Megan 11C. 

Carmeans III, George R 241 

Carnathan, Lauren 173, 

Caroll, Ryan 341 

Carpenter, Dewey 1 92 

Carpenter, Martha C 214 

Carpenter, Will 8 

Carr, Catherine 145 

Carr, Cathy 218 

Carr, Elizabeth 228 

Carr, Eushekia 145,230,245; 

262, 265, 26/ j 

Carr, Lizzy 26c 

Carr, Reginald 145, 227: 

Carr, Rhonda 27C 

Carr, TJ 231 

Carr, Tamikia . . 145, 230, 245, 262j 


Jarraro, Katie 160, 323 

SrroiL Austin 262 

■Broil, Julia 145 

prroll Kenneth 185 

irroll. Phil 118 

itruth, Bill 185 

Larson, Kim 231 

barter, Allison 34, 118,253 

barter, Anna 173 

sarter, Brandon 192 

barter, Go-Treasureer; T 220 

barter, Dean 207 

barter, Deon 207 

barter, Geoffrey 118 

Ifter, Geoffrey E 219 

barter, Lakesha 145 

patter, Raina 1 73 

larter, Rhonda 173 

barter, Teisha 118 

■pr.Telischa 160,212 

iter, Teneisha 200, 212 

krter, Thomas 160 

inter, Trena 185 

barter, Yolanda 207 

larter., Brad 227 

Irtwright, Jeffrey 118, 227 

Caruso, Shannon 118 

larver, Amy , 118 

larver, Beth 1 45 

Jasano, Justin 118 

lase, Jim 341 

Jase, Leigh 1 10 

lase, Ryan 1 92 

bey, Rachel 118,219,224 

lash. Jeremy 145 

lash, Taaka 173 

lassagne, Michelle 212. 218 

.Andy 118.233 

3le, Daniel 118 

■.Heath 200 

e, Tara 145 

IBllo, Emilio 145 

athey, Torhonda 1 73, 200 

atledge, Tyrone 173, 213 

laton, Joel 185 

latt, Jimmy 145 

avin, Jonathon v 145 

ayson, Candice 145, 246 

.ambers, Torrie 118, 213 

lin, Joe 207 

L y 192 

ong 110,219 

hancellor, John 

handler, Blair 255 

handler, Jermaine 292 

handler, Kelly 118 

handler, Sophia 110 

haney, Don 110 

haney, Ruth 186 

(hang, Ming-Hsu 236 

Chang, Nancy M 228 

pang., Rachel 236 

jlhapman, Belinda 192 

Chapman, Daniel 160 

Chapman, Sara 193 

'.hap man, Travis 341, 343 

Chappelear, Cameron 160 

tharles, Cole 145 

Chase, Candace 161 

Chassaniol, Mary R 118, 231 

havers, Cody 118 

Cheah, Voon-Pin 118 

then, Sophie 118 

hen, Yi-Chen 236 

Iheropovich, Zane 193 

Chesney, Lisa 51, 145, 200 

Qiesnutt, Dr. Rod 227 

Chestnut, Jacqueline 110, 225 

Chila, Greg 257 

Childers, Brandi 118 

Childers, Kelly 241 

Childers, Kenny 241 

Childress, Julia 161 

Childress, Leslie 118 

Childs, Brian 118 

Childs, David 145,255 

Childs, Hope 161 

Childs, Marie 118 

Chin, FuhT 118 

Chin-Kleine, Lauren 193 

Chiniche, Stephanie 260 

Questman, Jennifer 118 

Chrislip, Bryan 118 

Christian, Jermell 212 

Christian, Seth 1 73 

Christiansen, Jason 118, 228 

Chumbly, Kyle 243 

Clampit, Brandie 119 

Clark, Amanda 119 

Clark, Amy 161 

Clark, Eric "Krash" 64 

Clark, Jennifer 145 

ClarkJeriA 227 

Clark, Jessica 263 

Clark, Lacey 34 

Clark, Lacey . . . 228, 245, 254, 262, 


Clark, Linda 220 

Clark, Regena 271 

Clark, Scott 260, 341 

Clark, Tracy 119,336 

Clay, Derek 173 

Clay, Stephan . . 186 

Clay, Stephen 270, 271 

Clayton, Joscylyn 119 

Clayton, Joy 186, 270 

Clayton, Lauren 214 

Clayton, Sean 145 

Clem, Kelli , . . /jjjjk. 186 

Clement, Amy 214,265 

Clemmer, Chelcie 161, 231 

Clemmer, Kathryn 173 

Cleveland, April 161 

Cleveland, Brit 145 

Cleveland, Cedric 173 

Cleveland, Charles 173 

Cleveland, Tres 34 

dine. Keith 119 

Clinton, Eugene «. . . . 350 

Clopton, Kristy 193 

Clynch, Barney 1 1 9 

Coates, Andy 145 

Coats, Twyla i 1 9 

Cobb, Amanda ! 73 

Cobb, Ashley 221 

Cochet, Collins 221 

Cockrell, Amanda 110 

Coghlan, Misty 231 

Coker, Adam 145 

Coker, Chad 161, 236 

Coldwell, Dontrae 224 

Cole, Alicia 173 

Cole, David 48, 119 

Cole, Katie 239 

Cole, Kimberly 119 

Cole, Leigh 145 

Cole, Mareshia 247, 289 

Cole, Natalie 161 

Cole, Wendy 173 

Coleman, Allen 145 

Coleman, Carol 119, 225 

Coleman, Charles 186 

Coleman, Derrick 207, 208 

Coleman, Gene 186, 270 

Coleman, Kelly 145 

Coleman, Lena 161 

Coleman, Leroy 186 

Coleman, Natasha 318 

Coleman, Sarah 161 


Coleman, Sheila •., . . 145 

Collier, Amy . ., \. , . 145 

Collier, Fred 318 

Collier, Orynda 213 

Collins, Antoine 145 

Collins, Atoya 289 

Collins, Beth 262 

Collins, Christina 173 

Collins, Christy 119,204 

Collins, Lance 119,209,243 

Collins, Shawn 247 

Collins, Stewart 244 

Collums, Joey 341 

Colston, Deirdre 119 

Combs, Karen . , 271 

Compton, Brian , 341 

Concannon, Angela 193 

Conerly, Cori 161 

Conerly, Pamela 1 73 

Conger, Elisabeth «... 1 6 1 

Conley, Kay 1 93 

Conn, April 145 

Conner!, Matt 119 

Conner, Dorothy ..... ,-. „-. ... 1 6 1 

Conner, Nacole 1 73 

Connor, Audrey 161 

Conrad, Jason 1 86 

Cook, Jessica 119 

Cook, John ....119 

Cook, Kimberly 161 

Cook, Laura 236 

Cook, Mistie ...119 

Cook, Ricky .'.,.186 

Cook, Vanessa 119 

Cook, William ...145 

Cooke, Shawn 1 19 

Cooksey, Steven 186* 

Cooly, Randy 236 

Cooper, Cely 161 

Cooper, Evlondo 202 

Cooper, Tammie 173 . 

Cope, Elizabeth 145, 294 

Copeland, Trena 1 73 

Coppenbarger, Clare 1 19, 218 

Corby, Frances 225 

Cork, Doncelll 173 

Cork, Rhoshunda 119 

Cork, Roshunda 200 

Corker, Samantha 320 

Corley, Stephen 161 

Ooftez, Lacey 173,264 

Cosby, Sean 161 

Couch, David 161 

Coughlrn, R. . . . ; 236 

Counce, Kristi 145 

Couvillion, Linda N 226 

Covington, Casey 145 

Coward, Lindsay 1 73 

Cowart, Kristi . . « 145, 

Cox, Amy C 54 

Cox, Ashley 242 

Cox, Colby 161 

Cox, Dave 207, 208 

Cox, Marlina 186 

Cox, Nikki 289 

Cox, Shemeeka 186 

Cox., Colby 266 

Craft, Leah 1 86 

Craft, Stephanie 193 

Craig, Ashley 145,239 

Craig, Haaga 173 

Crain, Aimee . . 161,218, 265, 267 

Crater, Chloe 212 

Craven, Andrea 161 

Craven, Anthony 145 

Crawford, Ashley 26, 173, 265 

Crawford, Carl 58 

Crawford, Nikki 145 

Crawford, Ramona 145 

Crawley, Wes 262 

Crayton, Maria 

Creagh, Mavis 

Crear, Malina 

Crenshaw, Joll 145 

Crenshaw, Jonas 

Crenshaw, Maria 161 

Cresswell, James 173 

Cresswell, Shelley 34, 1 19 

Cresswell, Shelly 226 

Crestmen, Jennifer 262 

Crigler, Elite 145,233,265 

Crocker, Nathan 257 

Crocker, Nicole 119 

Croft, MAJ 208 

Crosby, Barry 146 

Crosby, Catee , ... 161,259 

Cross, John 34, 119, 230 

Crowe, Michelle ......... 119,20 

Crum, Jennifer ..,/..,■.■ 119 

Crump, LeKreshla 173 

Crump, Tony ...... 1 19, 263 

Crumpton, John 1 

Crusoe, Doris 119 

Cruthird, Allison ... 119, 202, 228 

Cullinane, John 119 

Cullinane, Tim 244 

Culotta, Sarah 173 

Culpepper, James 161 

Culpepper, Rachelle 1 19 

Culpepper, Vanessa 161 

Culwell, Cassandra 146 

Cumberland, Rusty 186, 271 

Cumrnings, John 161 

Cummings, Scott 119 

Cumrnings, Zachary 1 20 

Cummins, Brett 120, 253 

Cunningham, Jacob .„ 193 

Cunningham, Laura . ."'. 120 

Cunningham, Perneatha 120 

Cunningham, Rachel 193 

Cunningham, William 120 

Cuny, Kimberly 120 

Curbo, Carl 173 

Curry, Chris 341 

Curb's, Craig 161 

Curtis, Craig 262 

Curtis, Trent 120, 240 

Curto, Laura 110 

Cutrer, Carla 146, 239, 260 

Cyr, Melissa 1 46 

Czelvsniak, CPT 208 


Dabbs, Trent 146 

Dabney, Derico 292 

Dacus, Chad 236 

Daho.John 120,219,230 

Daho, Joseph 173, 265,267 

Dale, Maggie 186 

Dalrymple, Sarah 173 

Daly, Josh 173 

Dance, Alicia 294 

Dane, Matthew 1 74, 264 

Daniel, William 146 

Daniels, Aaron 292 

Daniels, Ellen D 228, 262 

Daniels, Lametrius 161 

Daniels, Marcus 174, 216 

Daniels, Rosann 161 

Darby, Marlena 146, 200 

Dare, Martin 232 

Darnell, Ashley 146 

Darnell, Jay 214, 228, 265 

Darnell, Laura 146 

Darwin, Melissa 120, 200 

DavenDort. loshua 120 

Davidson, Barbara 186 

Davidson, Deibrina 161 

Davidson, Delena 180 

Davidson, Jennifer 1 74 

Davidson, Kerri 120, 243 

Davidson, Matthew 146 

Davidson, Suzanna 204 

Davis, Angela 1 20 

Davis, Audrey 1 6 1 

Davis, Brenetta 161 

Davis, Bridget 161 

Davis, Carey 34, 120, 203, 230 

Davis, Carrie 227 

Davis, Cassie 1 74 

Davis, Chris 263 

Davis, Dorsett 348 

Davis, Felder 120 

Davis, George 240 

Davis, Henry 161 

Davis, Hiiarie 231,246 

Davis, Jacqui 220 

Davis, James 207 

Davis, Jason 120 

Davis, leffery 1 74 

Davis, Jill 120 

Davis, Jonathan 120, 202 

Davis, Lashonda 1 20 

Davis, Latonya 1 46, 1 86 

Davis, Latosha 1 74 

Davis, Micah 1 74 

Davis, Myesha . . 34, 120, 203, 243, 


Davis, Robin 146 

Davis, Shirley 186 

Davis, Valerie 1 46 

Dawson, Dana 161 

Daxton, Allen 174 

Day, Christopher 120 

Dean, Amberly 18, 20, 28, 203 

Dean, Gwendolyn 110 

Dean, Latoya 1 74 

Dear, Carolyn 120 

Deard, Bubba 240 

Dearing, Tommy . . . 186 

DeBarge, Chance 95, 221 

DeBarge, Derek 146 

Dedwylder, Jason . . . 245, 262, 263 

Deer, Melissa 260 

Deese, Farrah 34, 120, 230 

Del Santo, Jenny 174 

Delaware, Raymonda 289 

DeLoach, Seth 146 

DeLoach, Yolanda , . 161 

Delongchamp, Andrew 244 

Dement, Pamela 186 

Demoran, Lauren 34, 203 

Dempsey, Angela 146 

Dendy, Heather 1 20 

Denham, Shellie 120 

Dennery, Nicole 146 

Dennett, Matthew 120 

Denson, Jonathan 161 

Dent, Alison 1 20 

Dent, Alissa 120 

Derden, Leighann 146 

Deshmukh, Neeraj 219 

DeVille, Chris 146 

Dew, Christopher 161 

Dewberry, Deirdre 120 

DeWeese, David 1 62 

DeWeese, Nichole 1 86 

Diamond, Joelle 120 

Diaz, Andres 1 46 

Diaz, Hector 120 

Dicharry, Michelle J 228 

Dickerson, Jonathan 193 

Dickerson, Kadie 1 46 

Diehl, Dr. S 220 

Dier, Joe 34 1 

Dietz. Allison 200, 262 

380 Index 

Dill, Erin 162, 202, 214, 264 

Dillard, Angela 162 

Dillard, Jeff 341 

Dillavou, Beth 200 

Dillavou, Elizabeth 120 

DDlenkoffer, Beth 120 

Dillon, Sandy 212,289 

Dilworth, Geoffrey 120 

Dimick, James 120 

DiMuzio, Melanie 323 

Dion, Paul 146 

Dite, Chris 120 

Dixon, Jennifer 174 

Dixon, Lawrence 146 

Dixon, Paul 121 

Dixon, Steven 162 

Dixson, Ben 267 

Dobbins, Krissa 320 

Dochety, John 121 

Dodd.Matt 174 

Doleac, Catherine 294 

Dollar, Daniel 146 

Dollar, Leslie 146 

Donald, Anne 260 

Donald, Brooks ....203 

Donald, Patrick 200 

Donald, Ryan 207, 208 

Dongarra, Vincent 146 

Donohoe, Pat 224 

Donovan, Kevin 341 

Dooley, Drew 193 

Dooley, Vera 162 

Doroh, Rachel 200 

Dotson, Kimberly 146, 246 

Dowdle, Annan 121 

Dowe, Steven 341 

Drake, Lashaunda 162 

Drake, Lauren 228 

Drane, Walt 162 

Drane, Walt 236 

Draper, Will 252 

Dreher, Jennifer B 225, 320 

Drenman, John 240 

Driscoll, John 186 

Droese, Scott 186 

Duck, Raquel -.., ,...289 

Duckworth, Leah ... 121,228,266 

Dufour, Catherine 174 

Duke, Emily 34, 1 10, 200 

Duke, Ryan /. ..;.'/' ,'. . .219 

Dukes, Kiley 121 

Dunaway, Danah 193 

Dunaway, Micheal ,$ 236 

Dunbar, Nonquette 162 

Duncan, Mareie . . ».•» 121 

Duncan, Ray ... /f . : 231 

Duncan, Richard 219 

Dunn, Joe L. 348 

Dunnam, Rob ..... 146,228,243 

Dunsford, Harold 236 

Dupont, Jessica 1 74, 395 

Durr, Joshua 174 

Durrell, Elmer 292 

Durrell, Greg 247, 292 

Dutton, Jessica . . . . jHf . 231, 246 

Dye, Jenny ';* 121 

Dyer, Ryan Hb, 200 

Dyess, Leah 162 

Dykes, Jennifer 218 

Dykes, Melody 146 

Dykes, Michael 121 


Eakes, Laura 1 74 

Eakes, Matt 186 

Earhart, Angie 212 

Earles, Shawn 121 

Earnest, Jamie 121 

Easley, Benjamin 1 74 

Easley, Brian 207,208 

Easley, Christopher 1 62 

Easley, Jake 146, 217 

Easley, John 110,225 

Easley, Patrick 225 

Eason, Amanda 162, 221 

Easterling, Crystal 146 

Easterling, Jada 218, 228, 294 

Easterling, Jathaniel 121 

Easterling, Jefferson 121 

Eatmon, James 292 

Eddins, Mary 121 

Eddleman, Amy 174, 265 

Eddleman, Kirk 34 

Edmondson, Stephanie ... 121, 203, 
230, 264 

Edwards, Brandt 174 

Edwards, Brian 231 

Edwards, Jenny 162 

Edwards, Jill 146 

Edwards, Scott 236 

Egerson, Teresha 174, 213 

Eichelberger, Taneha Ill 

Eison, James 1 74 

Elam, Emily 186 

Elam, Lashundra 146 

Elliott, Aldon 121 

Elliott, Jamie 121 

Ellis, Almon 146 

Ellis, Anna-Hayes 220 

Ellis, Anthony 146 

Ellis, Archie 121 

Ellis, Donna 162 

Ellis, Jonathan 146 

Ellis, Kristen 214,267 

Ellis, Kristy Ill 

Ellis, Tony 243 

Ellison, Charlotte 174,246 

Ellison, John 146 

Elmore, Chris 121 

Elton, Mark 162 

Ely,Kelley 121 

Emerlne, Derek 217 

Engberg, Brad 162 

England, Parker 203 

English, Brock 146 

English, Phillip 121 

Enzor, Jonathon 121 

Epperso%Michael 193 

Epting, Brooks 121 

Ervin, Jason 121 

Ervin, Natheon 146 

Eskridge, LaMeeka 162 

Estel, Justin .... B M ^ r ^J^^^Bk 

Esters, Meranda 162 

Estes, Charles Ill 

Estes, Meranda 243 

Etheridge, Allen 236 

Ethridge, Alison 121 

Ethridge, Jason 186 

Eubanks, Eric 162 

Eubanks, Phillip 174 

Evans, Kermlt 247 

Evans, Lakenya 2 1 3 

Evans, Romonica 1 86 

Evans, Rosalind 1 86 

Evans, Sara 162 

Evans, Sharronda 121 

Evens, Harrell . . . .7TT?' 231 

Everett, Matt 246 

Everett, Susan 48 

Everitt, Ed 147,221,228 

Ewing, Natasha 121 

Exten, Leah 174, 214 

Ezekwe, Ifem 162 

Ezell, Kerri 34, 121 

Fahrner, Matt 147, 

Fairbanks, Adrienne 

Fairburn, Matthew 

Falrchlld, E 

Faircbild, Jason 

Fairley, Coesha 

Fairman, Lawanda 

Famularo, Kelly 

Fanning, Sharon 

Farbman,Joel 121, 

Farmer, Janet 

Farmer, Kelly 

Farooql, Imran 

Farooqi, Mohammad 

Farrar, Tim 207, 

Farrell, Maureen 

Farrell, Ryan 

Farren, Kevin 

Fatima, Aizzah 

Faulk, Fred 

Faulkner, Josh 

Faulkner, Patricia 

Fawler, Shaunda 

Fawley, Laura 

Fazel, Robert 

Featherston, Jessica 

Felder, Robin 56, 

Ferguson, Angle 

Ferguson, Chad 

Ferguson, Eustace 

Ferguson, Gerald 207, 

Ferguson, John A 

Ferrell, Cecil 121, 

Ferrell, Mauren 

Ferrell, Ryan 

Ferrell, Taylor 

Fesmire, Emily 1 62, 

Fesmire, Kristin 

Fields, Christy 

Fields, Loni 

Fields, Rex 

Fields, Stephen 

Fillingim, Todd 

Findley, Bill 

Finn, Heather 

Fiorillo, Becky 

Fisackerly, Will 

Fisher, Cory 

Fisher, Matt 

Fisher, Ryan 

Fisher, Swayze 

Fitts, Marni 162, 

Fleming, Kristy 

Flemming, James 

Flemming, Kacie 
Fletcher, Brandy 
Flores, Angel . . 
Flores, Nicolas . 

Flowers, Brian 

Flowers, Christin 

Flowers, Cuwanda 

Flowers, Hull; K 

Flowers, Kelly 

Rowers, Napricia 

Rowers, Secretary; K. . .„, 

Flowers, Sophia f. 

Floyd, Daniel 

Royd, Henry 

Hoyd, Kennetra 147, 

Fogarty, Kyle 122, 

Folk, Carta 

Follet, Dr. R 

Follett, Randy 

Fones, Don 

Ford, Amy 

Ford, Anna 122. 200. 




















































14 , 


















Ford, Jack 317 

Ford, Shelley 122 

Forehand, Sherri 186 

Forrest, Leanne 1 74 

Forrester. Anne M 265, 267 

Former. BJ 232 

Former, Billy 1 74 

Foster, Johnathan ... 122,225,262 

Foster, Kirn 34, 228 

foster, Kimberly 122 

Foster, Melanie 162, 266 

Foster, Scott 236 

Foster, Shannon 193 

Fouche, Brad 122 

Fowler, Brandon I . . 23 1 

Fowler, Chad 122 

Fowler, Dawn 256 

ier, Heath 244 

;er, Lewis 162 

Fowler, Shatmda 122 

Fox, Carl 122 

Fox, Michelle 1 74 

Fox, William R 45 

Foxworth, Russell 147 

Foy. jenny 193 

rraiser, Tommy 122 

: rank, Courtney 336 

: ranke, Sarah 162 

franklin, Kwayera 213 

fcnks, Maggie 122, 204 

fraser, Eric 147,211 

laser, Matthew 122 

pwley, Courtnev-Dariielle 1 74 

-rawner, Wayne 1 74 

itayser, Brittney 1 74 

Frazier, Alisha 186 

Frazier, xMelanie 174 

; redenthal, John 236 

Frederick, Richard 147 

-rederiksen, Mattew 122 

-ree. Elizabeth 175 

: reed, Mark 341 

rreedman, Sara M 40 

Freeman, Leanne Ill 

: reeman, Thea 162 

-reeman, Tiersha 209, 243 

French, Todd 56 

iench, William Ill 

Ifeudenthal, John Ill 

Mey, Latresa 162 

Frfsby, Robert 122 

: rith, Jason 122 

Fry, Bryan 219 

Fulgham, David 122 

: ulgham, Patrice 122 

: uiler, Jeffrey 225 

tiller, Laura J 219 

nilper, Emily 246 

iilton, Davis 320 

tilton, Julie 162 

nilton, Marcia 193 

-ulton, Rob I . 122 

: ulton, Stephen 262 

|-uqua, Lisa 175 

Furnace, Miranda 186, 271 


2-addie, Mark 186 

2-aines, Lisa 186 

Sales, Sharolyn 236 

2-aljour, Chris 162 

2-alloway, Brandt 262, 290 

Palloway, Sally 266 

2-amblin, Jeff 162 

pamblin, Rachel 67, 230 

pammel, Steven 1 22 

Canapathiraju, Aravind 219 

Ganas, Gretchen ... 147, 217, 246 

Ganaway, Mary L 1 22 

Gandica, Isabel Ill 

Gandy, April 162 

Gant, Beaver 187 

Gantz, Julia 162, 261, 264 

Gao, Guangzhong 219 

Gardener, Josh 246 

Gardiner, Mary 122,243 

Gardner, James 187 

Gardner, Josh 23 1 

Gareau, Stephen Ill 

Garland, Becky 320 

Garlington, Jamie 122 

Gamer, Cager 341 

Garner, Matt 1 75 

Garner, Samuel 122,244 

Garrett, Amanda 122 

Garrett, Clinton 122 

Garrett, Jamie 231 

Garrett, Pat 193 

Garrison, Laruel 204 

Garrison, Shanna Ill 

Garvey, Michael 122 

Gaskin, Amanda Ill 

Gaskin, Ashley 147 

Gassaway, Jim 244 

Gasser, Andrea 225 

Gaston, Detrick 147 

Gates, Lattice 1 75 

Gates, March 212 

Gates, Michelle 225, 336 

Gatlin, William Ill 

Gatta, Anthony 228 

Gattas, Mary ........... 239 

Gayden, Cynthia 306 

Geary, Amie 239 

Geater, Lauri 193 

Gee, Lanier 1 75, 263 

Geninjohn 147,265 

Geno, Laurie 122 

George, Cedric 224 

George, Dave 122 

George, David 243, 263 

George, Gabriel 147 

Georgen, Stanford 122 

Germany, Crystal 187 

Germany, Crystal 271 

Gerrig, Andrew 175, 264 

Ghafoor, Shahvad 187 

Ghoens, Stephanie .. 175,246 

Gholston, Alisha 147 

Gholston, Robert 122 

Ghoston, Jessica .... 233, 265, 267, 


Giachelli, Tony .......> 266 

Giallourakis, Nick 290 

Gianakos, Krilecia 147, 214 

Giarrusso, Olivia 147 

Gibbons, {Catherine 175 

Gibbs, Natalie 187 

Gibson, Britt 231 

Gibson, Kyle 175 

Gibson, Leigh A 336 

Gibson, Rod 344, 349 

Gibson, Sara C 232 

Gill, Alice 26, 29 

Gill, Christal 122 

Gilleylen, Crystal 175 

Gfflis^Matt 162 

Gillis,iita . . /. 387 

Gillom, Gina 122,243 

Gilmore, Brynia ,j,' 1 22 

Ginter, Matt 340, 341 ! * 

Giompoletti, Jason ... 35, 203, 206, 


Gitter^Mindy , 147,226 

Given, Ryan 123 

Gjerrfag, Madeleine 313 

Glass, Thomas f'. •; . , . ../, 123 

Glasscock, Dorinne 175 

Glenn, Darla 162 

Giover,,Chris :■':.. . . . /.J. 147 

Goar, Jason 219 

Godbold, Kate 175 

Godwin, Michael, , 123 

Goff, Candace 26, 28 

Goines, Fay 187 

Goldberg, Michael . , . ./. .257 

Goldberg, Rick ,*.;. 231 

Goldman, Brandie 123 

Goldman, Justin ..... „# .„.. .... 147 

Goldsmith, Conriie 123, 336 

Goldsmith, Tina ........ 147,294 

Gong,. Scott 162 

Gonzales, Amy 236 

Gonzalez, Robin < 204 

Goode, Kristen 147, 226 

Goodin.Josh ., 123 

Goodman, Lee 320 

Goodwin, Nicky, 175 

Goodwin, Summer 123 

Goolsby, Jason 162, 214, 265, 


Gordon, Michael K 323 

Gordon, Stephanie 175 

Goree, Jason 213 

Goree, Telisha 147 

Goskowski, Garey 163 

Goslin, Carissa 212 

Goss, Robert 163 

Goss, Vivian 147 

Gossaway, Bryan 202 

Goudelock, Jason 147 

Gough, Paige 193 

Grace, Courtnay J 175 

Graddy, Heather/ 246 

Grado, Stephen 259 

Grady, William Ill 

Graffre, Kenneth 187 

Grafton, Chuck 255 

Grafton, William 123 

Graham, Ben 123 

Graham, Kathleen 193 

Graham, LaToya 330 

Graham, Melissa Ill 

Graham, Reginald .147 

Graham, Richard 187 

Graham, Stephen 123 

Graham, Zack 147 

Grandone, Matt 267 

Granger, George 123 

Granhoim, Karl 225 

Grantham, Billy Ill 

Grantham, Jermy 236 

Grantham, LeaAnn Ill 

Grau, Amanda 163 

Graves, Jennifer S. . . 221, 228, 239, 


Graves, Mary E 163 

Graves, Peter Ill 

Graves, SyMa 123, 223 

Graves, William H 46 

Gray, Anna .. 28,30,31, 123,233 

Gray, Crashana 123 

Gray, James 123 

Gray, Jennifer 239 

Gray, Lori 200;; 

Gray, Michael 123 

Gray, Micheal 244 

Gray, Quia 212 

Grayson, Anthony > x . . 123 

Grayson, Judy 187 

Green, Aimee , .^ 123 

Green, Becky !; 212 

Green, Claire 175, 265 

Green, Jenny 175 

Green, Jenny R. 265, 267 

Green, Ktaberly 123, 203, 212, 


Green, Leslie 147 

Green, Marshalia 260 

-Green, Melissa 175 

Green, Steven 1 47 

Green, Toroski 123 

Greene, Aimee 200 

Greene, Diane 1 46 

Greene, Kimberly 193 

Greene, Mason , 316, 317 

Greene, Stacy N. 228 

Greenwood, Dana 147 

Greenwood, Marion 175 

Greer, Jeff . 147 

Greer, Kristen 163 

Greer, Michael 123 

Gregg, Rachel ....... 35, 123, 226 

Gregory, Melinda 123, 243 

Gremmels, Dustin 175 

Gressett, Ray .. . .v 187 

Griffen-Cohen, Sharon 270 

Griffin, Emily .... 147,267 

Griffin, Mandy t : '. ... 123 

Griffin, Roy 123 

Griffin, Scott 244 

Griffin, Sharon 187 

Griffin, Sherell 123 

Griffin, Spencer 147 

Griffin, Thomas 123 

Griggs, Quintrelle 225 

Grimes, Jamie 14#-- 

Grimes, Randy 1 87 

Grims, Toshunda ............ 1 48 

Grindle, Terrell , 90 

Grisham, Amanda 148 

Grisham, David 148 

Grisham, Rocco 148 

Grogan, Ashley 232 

Groom, Rachel 233, 265 

Gross, Sam 236 

Groves, Marie 236 

Grubbs, Ellis 214 

Guckert, Natalie 163, 204 

Guerreiro, Miguel Ill 

Guest, Tasha 163 

Guha, Arundhuti 123 

Guichard, Sylvain 317 

Guilzoh, Jessica 220 

Guimbellot, lennifer 123, 217, 

230, 253 

Gumus, Ayse 236 

Gunter, Matthew 123 

Guth, Brad , 148 

Guyton, Cozette 148 

Guyton, Mary K. . 22, 23, 163, 266 


Haas, Dawson 231 

Haber, Karin 1 75 

Hachett, Rosalind 289 

Hagood, Amber 193 

Hairston, Teresa 123 

Hairston, Tolita 123 

Halbach, Erik 193 

Hale, Kristen 163, 246, 264 

Haley, Roderick 1 75 

Hall, Candace 175 

Hall, Emily 175 

Hall, Hollie 175 

Hall, Hollis 187 

Hall, Kristen 175 

Hall, Lauren ...320 

Hall, Nathan 320 

Hall, Sara 187 

Hall, Stacie 35, 123, 230 

Hall, Stephanie 241 

Index 381 

amaker, Janna 219 

Hamaker, Jonathan , . .219 

Hamby, Karen 148, 247 

Hamff, Brian 252, 255 

Hamilton, Hymiar lo3 

Hamilton, Jason 148, 225 

Hamilton, Tang 320, 329 

Hamman, Josh 52 

Hammer, Joshua 1 03 

Hammond, Brian 148,213 

Hammond, Tim 193 

Hancock, Bob 193 

Hancock, Heather 175 

cock, Karen 60 

d, Kevin 231 

d, Melanie 175,205,267 

kins, Hank 175 

ins, Kimberly 163, 266 

s, Matthew 1 75 

s, Sally 163 

Hannaford, Leigh A 1 75 

Hannah, Ashley .... 175, 214, 261, 
206, 294 

Hannigan, Mr. T 202 

Hanseli, Marina 123 

Manser, Jennifer 175 

;ser, Jessica 175 

:Son, Jody 193 

que, Nadia S 200, 203 

■bin, Seth 123 

■crow, Aaron 202 

Harden, Angie 241 

'den, John 163 

'den, Kristy 260 

,rden, Ton! 175 

Harder, Wade 175 

Hardy. Allison 231 

Hardy, Arkisha 1 24 

Hardy, John 148 

Hardy, John D 203, 262, 263, 


Hardy, Robert 264 

Harkins, Daniel 148 

Harmon, Dietrich 148 

Harmon, Shannon 124 

Harner, Jennifer 124 

Harper, Camille 163 

Harper, Donna 175 

Harper, Jodie 1 63, 264 

Harper, Kate 264 

Harper, Lakisha 1 24 

Harper, Laura 239 

Harper, Sha 193 

Harrell, Cheryl 124 

Harrell, Joseph 1 75 

Harrell, Martin 163 

Harried, Dexter 163 

Harrigill, Amanda 148, 226 

Harrington, Gary 1 24 

Harris, Alexa 175 

Harris, Andrew 175 

Harris, Angela 306, 331 

Harris, Anika 163 

Harris, Brian 187 

Harris, Deborah 1 24 

Harris, Delana 263 

Harris, Emily 294 

Harris, James 1 76 

Harris, Josh 22 1 

Harris, Kelvin 1 76 

Harris, Kristen 163 

Harris, LaRosa 2 1 2, 2 1 3, 223 

Harris, Latrina 1 24 

Harris, Marray 1 24 

Harris, Melissa 124, 262 

Harris, Michelle 35, 124, 294 

Harris, Ruth 1 24 

Harris, Sara 163 

Harrison, B.J 227 

Harrison, Bradley 1 76 

382 Index 

Harrison, Dawn 163 

Harrison, Lori 163 

Harrison, Sebron ... 163,262,263 

Harrison, Tavita 163, 213 

Hart, Benjamin 1 48 

Hartfieid, Cora B 124 

Hartfield, Meade 228 

Hartley, Melanie . . . 204, 217, 224 

Hartley, Olivia 163 

Harwell, Angel 1 63 

Haskins, David 1 76 

Hastings, LaKenji 35, 223 

Hastings, Melissa 148 

Hastings, Shirley W 45 

Hataway, Rob . . , 124 

Hataway, Robert 219 

Hatcher, Nathan 163 

Hatchett, Amy 193 

Hatfield, Jeremy 163 

Hathcock, Lee 1 24 

Hathcock, Levi 148 

Hatton, Samuel 124 

Hauer, Karen 246 

Havard, Ann 148 

Havens, Mary 148 

Hawkins, Audra 35, 218, 243 

Hawkins, Delita 124 

Hawks, April 148 

Hayden, Paige 176 

Hayes, Beverly 124 

Hayes, Joshua 148 

Hayes, Natalie , 148 

Haynes, Denise 148 

Hays, Angela 148 

Hazard, Matt 176,262 

Hazelbaker, Andy .163 

Hazelwood, Jenny 323 

Hazelwood, Michael 202 

Heafner, Ryan 163 

Healey, Daniel ..317 

Heard, Jacob 163 

Heard, Mills 124 

Hearn, Melinda 124, 203 

Hearns, Thelma . . . . ,- 187 

Heath, Erin 124 

Heath, Jonathan 1 24 

Heath, Tonya 35 

Heather Jackson, photo e 252 

Hedberg, Brent 1 76 

Hedgpeth, Kevin 187 

Hehnke, Jenny 336 

Heilbronner, Britton 214 

Hein, Nate 236 

Heinsch, April 193 

Heller, Chris 252, 253, 261 

Hemphill, Jennifer 1 76 

Hemphill, Tockie V 236 

Henderson, Jennifer 163 

Henderson, Jennifer 230 

Henderson, Omar 124 

Henderson, Omer 240 

Henderson, Robert 148 

Henderson, Tiffany 148 

Henderson, Yolandria 300 

Hendricks, Amy 1 76 

Hendrix, April . . . 163 

Hendrix, Devonia 163 

Hendrix, Shelley 1 48 

Heng, BoonL 124 

Henley, Chris 231 

Henley, Wanda 1 24 

Henry, Lynda 320, 321 

Henry, Neely 148 

Henry, Nichole 336 

Hentz, Telena 148 

Herman, Brandon 1 76 

Hernandez, Ema 124 

Hernandez, Krystal 1 48 

Herndon, Bill 193 

Herndon, Brian 124 

Herren, Amanda 193 

Heixen, Kathrine , . 1 63, 2 1 7 

Herrera, Melissa 1 93 

Herrin, William 263 

Herring, Amber 23 1 

Herring, Leslie 35, 124,230 

Herring, Michael 207, 208 

Herrington, Jennifer 1 93 

Herrod, Naronda 1 63 

Herron, Brock 266 

Herron, Brock 290 

Herron, Matthew 124 

Hesser, Casey 221 

Hester, Heather 124 

Hester! Wes 193 

Hibbler, Rachanta 1 76 

Hickman, Amanda 148 

Hickman, LTC 208 

Hickman, Riann 124 

Hicks, Brian 193 

Hicks, Connie 176,266 

Hicks, Michelle 163 

Hicks, Robin 148 

Hidalgo, Pablo Ill 

Hiebert, Alicia 124 

Hight, Susanne 163, 231, 246 

Hilbun, Anne H 163 

Hilbun, Rosanne .228 

Hilbum, Wendy 124 

Hill, Amy 148, 225, 231 

Hill, Cecily 124, 228 

Hill, Jana 148 

Hill, John 125 

Hill, Kathryn 176 

Hill, Kimberly 164 

Hit, Krissie 257 

Hill, Lorenzo 164 

Hill, Maranda 176 

Hill, Michael 176 

Hill, Quanta 187 

Hill, Trisha 125 

Hindman, Gene 125 

Hinton, Alissa 164 

Hinton, Erica 148 

Hoag, Brian 164, 263 

Hobart, Marlee 1 64 

Hobbs, Sara 193 

Hoben, Beth 193 

Hobter, Sarah 221 

Hodge, Brandy 125 

Hodges, Avis 125 

Hodges, Floyd 164, 213 

Hodges, Mary L 176 

Hodges, Mike 207, 208 

Hodges, Stephanie 125 

Hodgins, Amy 187 

Hodo, Julia 148,221 

Hoerner, Randy ..-, 266 

Hoff, Angela 148 

Hoffman, Kirk . .' 176 

Hogan, Inger 148 

Hogan, Travis 267 

Holcomb, Michael 125 

Holden, R. M 236 

Holdiness, Sam . ^"•*. a W*>. . . . 187 

Holditch, Robbie 262 

Holditch, Robby 203 

Holditch, Robby 266 

Holditch, Robby 230, 266 

Holeman, Candy 1 76 

Holifield, Janey 125 

Holifield, Michael 246 

Holland, Kristie 125 

Holland, Michele 125 

Holland, Nicholas 125 

Holley, Andy 1 76 

Holley, Rebecca 125 

Holliday, Jennifer 1 76 

Holliman, Kate 148 

Hollimon, Philip 1 76 

Hollingsworth, Becky 204 

Hollingsworth, Brad 207 

Hollingsworth, Kevin 231 

Hollingsworth, Nikoya 164 

Hollingsworth, Stacy 125 

Hollingsworth, Vanessa 187 

Holloway, Chris 263 

Holloway, Kerri 148 

Holman, Annette 125 

Holman, Isaac 164, 204 

Holmen, Annette 223 

Holmes, Jason 225 

Holmes, Melanie 1 76 

Holmes, VerLena ... 125, 212, 228, 


Holmes, Walter 176; 

Holt, Kirsten 231 ! 

Holter, Sarah 164 j 

Holtz, Lou 88 '• 

Holzaepfel, Kristian 149 

Holzhauer, Jared 149 

Honea, Courtney 125 

Hooks, Kathryn 26 

Hopkins, Bryce 125 

Hopkins, Kameta 164 

Hopkins, Keith 226 

Hopkins, LeAnne 149 

Hopkins, Linda 187] 

Hopkins, Shelley 125; 

Hopper, Tige 35, 230 J 

Hopper, Tigrett 125 

Hornak, Tammy 1931 

Home, Kelly 125! 

Horton, Courtney 164, 247 

Horton, Jennifer 164 j 

Horton, Mamie 194 

Hosch, Richard 244: 

Hosford, Rebecca 125 

Hoskins, Renisa 125 

Hough, Amanda 176 

Hough, Chris 125 

Houpt, Damon 149 1 

House, Jeni 149,262 

House, Jeni 264 

Housholder, John 1 64 

Housholder, Ragan 176 

Houston, Rhonda 125 

Howard, Angela 35, 125, 306 

Howard, Henry 14 c 

Howard, Jeanne 125 

Howard, Julie 26, 164 

Howard, Paula 164 

Howe, Arin 214 

Howell, Dane M 21 c 

Howell, George 125 

Howell, Jeff ..23c 

Howell, Teresa 217 

Howell, Trinette 187,270 

Howell, William 255 j 

Hubenthal, Misty 323 

Hubert, Scott 187 

Hudson, Brian 125 

Hudson, Calley 17c 

Hudson, Hilute \7t 

Hudson, Jeffrey 203 

Hudson, Jephreda 17c] 

Hudson, Margaret 176, 23ij| 

Hudson, Mary 187 

Huff, Timothy 17c 

Huffman, Andrew 19^ 

Huffman, Gill 16' 

Huffman, Heidi 149, 24C 

Huffman, Madeline 14< 

Huffman, Wendy 12.' 

Hufnagel, Sean 16' 

Huggins, Brian 19' 

Huggins, Dennis 

Hughes, Diajarta 16' 

Hughes, Jennifer 16' 

Hughes, Karen J2i 

ughes, Kodi 1 49 

ughes, Kristan 164 

ughes, Sylvia 125 

ughey, Rebecca 204 

ughey, Tameka 125 

uguley, Jessica 1 64 

ui, Wan 220 

ulett, Hollis 1 64 

uli, Casey 149 

oil, Thomas C 219 

umphreys, Jimmy 125, 240 

umphreys, Matt 35, 203, 230 

umphries, Alicia 125 

smgerford, Betsy 200 

unt, Tonya 187 

anter, Kate 149 

anter, Les 231 

jrsey, katherine 149 

art, Jessica 1 64 

urter, Conrad 317 

jssey, Amanda 125 

ussey, Chris 149 

assey, Steven Ill 

jtcherson, Nicole 187 

iitcheson, Wes 164 

utchins, April 213 

urchins, Kristy 1 64 

atchinson, Johnna 194 

utto, Jeremy 262 

fche, Bart 325 


lparato, Airaee 149 

gram, Amy 1 64, 266 

gram, Chris 126 

gram, Rockell 126 

gram, Sharlee 149 

yy. Bo 207, 208 

jy, David 149 

>v, Marcus 187 

ms, Olivia 21, 126 

lacks, Melanie 126 

Mtinger, William . ..*... . .JEk 

tee, John 149 

lee, Matt 341 

kalu, Yewande 187 

nail, Muhammad 126 

Hihood, Julie 1 76 

% Craig 164,224 

p?, Melody 126 

R John 126 

^LaKeisha 176 

f.Paul 219 

|or, Ehiorobo Ill 


feon, Andy 317 

Scson, Anna . , , 1 64, 264 

:kson, Antonio 327 

ckson, Brandy 187 

bkson, Edward 1 76 

pksom Heather 252, 256 

±son, Jennifer 187 

:kson, Meredith 126 

Hcson, Merideth 230 

tkson, Phillip 126 

pkson, Will 341 

tob, Amy 187 

fob, Shannon 126 

pbs, Yamashita 126 

Igers, Michael 126 

nes, Catina . . 306 

James, Charles 292 

James, David 216 

James, Erica 149,213 

James, Erika 254 

James, Felicia 187 

James, Jonathan 1 94 

James, Marilyn 187 

James, Matt 244 

James, Moses 164 

James, Pat 126, 231 

James, Ramondo 126 

James, Terrance 216 

Jamieson, Lori 1 40 

Jankoski, Jason 176 

January, Andrea 126 

Janzen, Steve 220 

Jarrell, Joseph 149 

Jarrett, Caleeah 18, 20 

Jarrett, Uisha 1 26 

Jefcoat, Debralee 1 76 

Jefcoat, Rebecca 149, 266 

Jefferies, Mandi 220 

Jefferson, Menya 227 

Jefferson, Samuel 224 

Jeffreys, William 164 

Jenkins, Amy 35, 126, 230 

Jenkins, Anita 1 26 

Jenkins, Edna 187 

Jenkins, James 176 

Jenkins, Jennifer 126 

Jenkins, Kendy 265, 267 

Jenkins, Monica j^Hpl ! 200 

Jenkins, Tocarra .... 1 76, 265, 267 

Jennings, James 1 49 

Jennings, Laura 164, 267 

Jennings, Miller 1 76 

Jennings, Yolanda 1 26 

Jernigan, Chawan 140, 213 

Jernigan, Jacob 176, 261 

Jessee, Brandi ,.,...231 

Jodan, Haley '/■,', ..... .226 

John, Lara S 22, 25, 230 

Johnson, Adam 241 

Johnson, Adria 1 26 

Johnson, Adrian . . . ; ,„/. . 126, 243 

Johnson, Adrianne 126 

Johnson, Alicia 204 

Johnson, Aliesha 164, 220 

Johnson, Amber ., 126 

Johnson, Brad 126 

Johnson, Bradley '. 149 

Johnson, Christen 1 76 

Johnson, Cleveland 177 

Johnson, Daniel 126 

Johnson, Harishma 126 

Johnson, Hope 149, 200 

Johnson, J.J 240 

Johnson, James ,....126 

Johnson, Janice 1 77 

Johnson, Jasmine 177 

Johnson, Jill 126,200 

Johnson, Joey 126 

Johnson, Joji 126 

Johnson, Jon 187 

Johnson, Joy 187 

Johnson, Kendrick 164,213 

Johnson, Kim 194 

Johnson, Kywanna 126 

Johnson, Lance 1 77 , 

Johnson, LaShay 126 

Johnson, Ljwrence ...... 207, 208 

Johnson, Leroy 126 

Johnson, Leslie 164 

Johnson, Lutrisha 26,0 

Johnson, Maurice ....**.. 209 

Johnson, Meyona 1 64 

Johnson, Michelle 127 

Johnson, Nicholas 127 

Johnson, Pranati 187 

Johnson, Rodney 149 

Johnson, Sandra /. , . , 

Johnson, Snuckinzney 

Johnson, Shuckizney ..... 164, 

Johnson, Stephanie 

Johnson, Tiffany 

Johnson, Tonoral ' y . 

Johnson, Wade . .*. .*. . 

Johnson, Whitney 

Johnson, Willie 149, 

Johnson ill, Charles A ,. 

Johnston, Brian .,/ •,.'."., 

Johnston, Bryan 

Johnston, Catherine . . 
Johnston, Jennifer .... 
Johnston, Kimberiy *. . . 
Johnston, Michael . . . 
Johnston, Monica .... 
Johnston, Sharon .... 
Johnston, Stephen ,.. . . 
Johnston, Tip . . / '. , . . 

Joiner, Ray 

Jolley, Matt 

Jollit, Matt 



Jones : 


irandon 245, 

Adam , . . , 






Brad 36, 



Courtney , 

Darin . , . , , 

DeMarcus 149, 



Elizabeth ..... 35, 127, 
Emily ........ 35, 127, 

Enrico ,..'., 

Ford . . 

Hank ,.,,..,,...... .-, . 

Jameesa ,,-..: , ... 

Jeffery ...;..**. v ... 



Keith ., 127, 

Kelly ....... 127, 149, 

KenzakJ 213, 

Kevin •. . . . 


Lasandra '■'.. 127, 

Lauren 149, 262, 



Martie 127, 




Natalie ' 

Nikita \ 



Sonya 177, 





Tamara . 
Tamia . . 
Tawana . 
Tiffany . . 
Timothy . 
Trudy . . 


Warren . 
William . 
Willie . . . 

Jordan, Clint 





127, 228, 266, 289 





. . . : 236 





Jordan, Derrick 1 50 

Jordan, Gregg 1 94 

Jordan, Haley 1 50 

Jordan, Jamie 127 

Jordan, Jeff 1 50, 253 

Josefsson, Pla 127,312,313 

Joseph, Jasmin 177 

Jouben, Katie 239 

Joyce, Melissa 1 50 

Joyner, Anthea 194 

'Jue, Cheryl 177 

Jue, Jeffrey 150,267 

Juneau, Craig 243 

Juneau, Jim-Slade 1 50 

Justice, Michael 1 77 

Kaczmarek, Amanda 1 77, 265 

Kalb, Brent 150 

Kaiberkamp, Allyson . . ,--. 177 

Kaminski, Matt 150, 221 

Kanagy, Robert li 

Karaca, Ayse •--,»>• 1 1 1 

Kames, Jennifer , . /. /! 194 

Karr, Alex ,- 150,263 

Karr, Bob 47 

Karr, Sterling 127,267 

Kauffman, Jessica 320 

Kaye, Kristofer 1 50 

Kayes, Timothy 127 

Kays, Adrian , 1 77 

Kazery, Christen .... 177, 214 

KeeLVicki ........ .'<,.. 243 

Kehres, Jacob 165 

Keith, Dr. E ....228 

Keith, Heather 150 

Kelley, Danny ,, . .' 150 

Kelley, Lynn 36, 127 

Kelly, Carla 306 

Kelly, Hillary 177 

Kelly, Janet A 177 

Kelly, Kimberiy 127, 194 

Kelly, Sean 165 

Kelly, Shane 341 

Kelly, Tanisha 1 77 

Keltz, Carol 265 

Kemp, Angie 165 

Kemp, Edward 150 

Kennebrew, Daniel 213 

Kennedy, Foster 262 

Kennedy, Karen 150,231 

Kennedy, Scott 194 

Kennedy, VP; L 290 

Kent, Emily 165,266 

Kergosien, David 194 

Kessler, Kimberiy 165 

Key, Jennifer 165, 265 

Key, Tasha 1 77 

Khong, SiewW 127 

Ki, Chong-thye Ill 

Kieronski, Justin 127 

Kilgone, Tonya 232 

Kilgore, Tonya 127 

Killen, Jonathan 127,227 

Killen, Jonathan 227 

Killensjohn 188 

Kilmek, Lee Ill 

Kilpatrick, Joshua 128 

Kimble, Jennifer .... 165, 265, 267 

Kimbrough, Kendell 128, 336 

Kimbrough, Robert 177 

Kimes, Christopher 128 

Kimmel, Genie 246 

Kindelan, Jennifer .... 22, 165, 266' ^ 

King, Amber 23 1 .. 

King, Dana 150 .- 

King, Daryl 194 

King, Kanitra 128 

King, Kevin 128 

King, Lauren 1 77 

King, Roger 224 

King, Shanae 212 

Kinnard, Denita 1 77 

Kirby, Meredith 188 

Kelly 177,214 

i, Zachory 216, 223, 254 

<, Zackory 150,252 

Patrick .... 150,228,241 

ie 128,253 

vlaryM 214,228 

Knight, Melissa 260 

Knighten, Cordell 150 

Knizleyjeni 231,239,246 

Knizley, Jennifer 177 

lott, Jon 341 

ox, Crystal 128 

erber, Emily 228 

erber, Emily 243 

aroiyn 194 

)aniel 1 77 

Omega 128,306 

3hn 150 

Kroner, Mark 128 

Krupp, GaryG 219 

Kua, Yeow C 1 50 

KuM, Corey 128,204,217 

Kuiper, Leisje 26 

Kumm, Deann 194 

Kuntz, Scott 232 

Kuntz, Shannon 36 

Kwok,Hing 128 

Kyles, Jason 177 

Kynerd, Emily 165 

Kyser, Christopher 36, 128 


s, Andrew 263 

rt, Brian 236 

Lacey, Tiffany 165 

Lacoste, Paul . . . ! 317 

Lacy, Hugh 165 

Ladner, Ben 261 

Ladner, Damon 236, 262 

Ladner, Monte Ill 

Ladner, Nathan 128 

Ladner, Wendell 128 

Ladnier, Theresa 188 

LaGarde, Clare 194 

Lam, See-Kit 219 

Lamb, Jason 128 

Lambert, Amy 177 

Lamberth, Emily 177 

Lamberth, Lance 34 1 

Lampkin, Tiffany ... 177, 265, 267 

Lampton, Amy 1 65 

Lancaster, Cory 128 

Lancaster, Jada 128 

Lancaster, Lea A 128 

Land, Amy 150,228 

Landry, Lauryn 230 

Lane, Catoria 1 50 

Lang, Adrian 128 

Langford, Andrew 1 28 

Langley, Kenny 244 

Langley, Melanie 320, 32 1 

Langston, Lorin 165, 212 

Langton, Lauren 177 

Lark, Ellen 194 

Larke. Brandi 1 77 

Larkin, Gabrielle 289 

Larson, Adam 341 

Lathan, Kimberly 223 

384 Index 

Latimer, Allison 246 

Lauderdale, Leigh A 128 

Laughlin, Justin 128 

Lawhorn, Mecca 165 

Lawrence, Emily 239 

Lawrence, Mark 150 

Lawson, Robbie . ., . 188,271 

Lawson, Robbie 270 

Lay, Amanda 150 

Lea, Jason 177 

Lee, Cassie M 228 

Lee, Charles 48 

Lee, Cbien-Chih Ill 

Lee, Christie 194 

Lee, Christina 212 

Lee, David 150 

Lee, Eric 1 50 

Lee.EunO 177 

Lee, Eunsuh 150 

Lee, Frank 225 

Lee, James 150 

Lee,Jia-Erh 128 

Lee, Jonathan 4, 36, 128, 203, 


Lee, Justin 128 

Lee, Kenny 165 

Lee, Latrease 212, 213 

Lee, Lian 128 

Lee, Nicholas 262, 264 

Lee, Robert 177 

Lee, SFC 208 

Lee, Shelley , .266 

Lee,Tekla 231,246, 

Lee, Tyson 165 

Lefoldt, Andrea 178 

Leggetta, Jackie 188 

LeGoff, Jennifer 150 

Lehman, Keri 150 

Lemly, Jennifer 150, 261 

Lenoir, Dereck 165 

Lentz, Scott 128 

Leonard, Alan 1 50, 341 

Leonard, Julie 1 50 

Leong, Stephen 219 

Lesley, Tara 150, 221, 246 

LeSueur, Travis 1 28 

Levine, Emily 194 

Levy, Geresia 1 78 

Levy, Lacey 178 

Lewis, Charisa 128 

Lewis, Chrisa 243 

Lewis, Courtney 165 

Lewis, Crystal 200 

Lewis, Jan 188,271 

Lewis, Jennifer 247 

Lewis, John 128 

Lewis, Robert 224 

Lewis, William 1 50 

Li, Xiaoyong 224 

Li, Zheng Ill 

Daw, Judy 128,225 

Liaw, WaiK 128 

Libeito, Keith 252, 253 

Liddell, Kaiya 128 

Liew, Yu-Loong 111,219 

Lightner, Stan 240 

Lilly, Tony 188 

Lim, ChinY 219 

Lincoln, Kara 165 

Lincoln, Rodney 240 

Lindsey, Becca 228 

Lindsey, Jessica 231, 246 

Lindsey, Michelle 1 50, 26 1 

Lindsey, Tuesday 1 78 

Link, Ginger 267, 294 

Linson, Hillary 1 50 

Lipsey, Autumn 1 78 

List, Rebekah 194 

Littell, Todd 128 

Little, Reggie 1 94 

Little, Tina 188 

Liu, Jing 236 

Livingston, Clint 1 78 

Livingston, Terri 150 

Lizana, Latresa 178, 265, 267 

Lloyd, Allyson 36, 128,262 

Lloyd, Anissa 165 

Locke, Andrew 214 

Locke, Kathy 200 

Lockhart, Josh 165 

Lodygensky, Bela 313 

Loftin, Brad 244 

Loftin, Bradley 129 

Logan, Jay 341 

Logan, Scott 150 

Loh, Chee-Leong Ill 

Lokits, Jeremy 165 

Loman, Ali 150 

Loman, Ali 206 

Long, Christopher 129 

Long, Cooper 262, 265, 267 

Long, Ginger 151, 226 

Long, Mimi 36, 230 

Long, Natalie B 129 

Long, William 129 

Long, Zhiling 219 

Longino, Jamaal 129 

Longoria, Ritchie 165 

Longoric, Ritchie 246, 264 

Loper, Erin 239 

Loper, Tony 194 

Lopez, Gil 151 

Lopez, Giselle 1 29 

Lorentz, Allison 263 

Lott, A.J 336 

Lott, Chantel 151 

Lott, Sean 178 

Lotterhos, Chris 341 

Lough, Jenni 236 

Louviere, David 129, 243, 262, 


Love, Amanda 178 

Love, Ebony 306 

Love, Kelvin 88, 90 

Love, Thelma 188 

Lovejoy, William 129, 219 

Lovelace, Alan 165 

Lovelace, Beyonka 129 

Lovell, Frank 178 

Loving, Tameka 178 

Lowe, Katy 231 

Lowrey, Adam 151 

Loyd, Cynthia 50 

Lubiani, Leigh A 1 29 

Lucas, Don 241 

Lucas, Monica 213 

Lucius, Bart 1 65 

Lucius, Christy 246 

Lucka, Eric 165 

Luke, Tom 188 

Luker, Elizabeth 129 

Luker, Malcolm 129 

Lumpkin, Brian 129 

Lundgren, Lee 207, 208 

Lusby, Whitney 165,266 

Lusk, Kelli 165, 246 

Lusk, Mandy . . . -. 151 

Luter, Matthew 129 

Luttrell, Bejamin 129 

Lyon, David i^k 2o7 

Lyon, Sally 194 

Lyon, Stephanie 320 


Mabile, Caitlin 

MacDonald, Michelle 

... .178 


Mace, Sacha 194 

Macias, Cesar 165 

Mackey, Kim 266 

Macon, Blake 262, 267 

Madden, Benita 188 

Madden, Katie 178, 264 

Mader, John 129 

Madison, David 213 

Madkin, Wayne 344, 350 

Maffett, Cory 129 

Magee, Lateria 260 

Magee, Takedia 260 

Magee, Torey 200 ' 

Magness, Yancy 178 

Maitra, Arlndam 219 

Makda, Kersten 18, 20 

Malatesta, Jam! 165 

Maldonado, Alex ... 129, 228, 240 

Maley, Tres 203 

Mallard, Kris 236 

Mallette, Kenny 18J| 

Malone, Sarah 165 

Malouf, Chase 262 

Mangum, Claudia 194 

Mann, Amy 320 

Mann, Betsy 165,260 

Mann, Leslie HM 

Mann, Tara 225! 

Manning, Jenny 178 

Manning, Spencer 266 

Manor, Britt 207, 208 

Mansell, Marti 178 

Mantha, Vishwanath 219 

Manuel, Molly 151,247, 

Manuel, Rodney 188 

Manuel, Skip Ill 

Marasca, Jeff 151! 

Marble, Olivia 263] 

Marble, Rob 129, 266( 

Marbut, Stephen 178' 

Marion, Maurica 213 

Markham, Justin 151 

Marlar, Matthew 129 

Marr, Misti 165, 26C 

Marshall, Bobby 221 

Marshall, Emily 178{ 

Marshall, Jason 125! 

Marshall, Karen 178, 267 

Marshall, Kristy 165 ' 

Marszalek, Jeanne 216 

Martin, Andrew 202 

Martin, Anna 221, 262' 

Martin, Chad 26^' 

Martin, Heather 129,217 

Martin, James 1 6t 

Martin, Jana 19^1 

Martin, Johnny 241 

Martin, Karen 1 2 C 1 

Martin, Keva 26^ 

Martin, Kevin 151 ! 

Martin, Laura \2v 

Martin, Shawn 17* 

Martin, Tamela 12 c 

Martin, Travis 12 ( 

Martin, Ty 341, 34: j 

Martin, Warren 231,24(1 

Martin-Haney, Maureen 12 ( ' 

Martindale, Jody 25', 

Martino, Geoffrey 17! 

Maskew, Bridgett 18! 

Maskill, Michael 12* 

Mason, Chad 15 J 

Massey, Christina 1 811 

Massey, Heidi 12i 

Massey, Kelley 12' 

Mathews, Betsey 23< I 

Mathews, Jennifer 129, 20' J 

Mathies, Brittny 1 T>- J 

Mathis, Clemmie 

this, Lonnie 129 

Shis, Natasha 188 

Seson, Rosalind 188 

Shews, Betsy 230, 294 

:thews, John 129 

Shews, Karen Ill 

tthews, Trey 166 

thews, Vanelle 212,289 

thews, Will 178 

uldin, Mary A 203, 262 

upin, Tasha 260 

swell, Angela 166, 216 

swell, Shannon 129 

y, Robin 212 

yes, Temyche 151 

yes, Temyche 250 

ykowski, Jason 262, 266 

yo, Allison 214 

yo, Elisa 271 

yo, Lauren 166 

yo, Steven 151 

zingo, Dennis 188 

Adory, Michael 188 

afee, Stacy 151,207 

Ailister, Carlos 178 

Alpin, SherriU 130 

Anally, Adam 1 30 

Call. Clayton 130 

Call, Coach; B. 212 

Call, Karen ., 188 

Callum, Keri 336 

Candless, William 166 

Cann, Angelia 188 

Cann, Rick 130 

Carson. Emily 178 

Cart, Bridget 36 

Carty, Elizabeth 228 

£arty,John 178 

iCarty, Kashona 188 

sCary, Cecelia 166 

.Gary, Nicole 188 

:Caskitl, Coronda 166 

£aulla, Candace 166 

:Clain, Chris 130 

:Clain, Maris 178,265 

:Clarren, Kelli 312, 313 

£lelland, Mrs. G 208 

midland, MSG 208 

:Closkey, Gordon 1 94 

:Cloud, Stephen 1 78 

:Clure, Lauren 166 

:Collum, Lauren 36 

:Collum, Sarah 204 

:Cormick, Carrie 230, 266 

:Cotry, Keisha 151 

:Cottrell, Jennifer 1 78 

:Coy, Brian 1 30 

:Coy, Karen 223 

:Coy, Laura 1 30 

:Coy, Michael 130 

:Creight, Brandy 36, 1 30 

:Crory, John 194 

:Cully, Eric 263 

:Curdy, Chris 151 

cDade, Benjamin 188 

cDade, Tyler 1 30 

cDaniel, Anna 264 

cDaniel, Brian 250 

cDaniel, Donna 130 

cDonald, Brian 151 

cDonald, Chris 317 

cDonald, Heather 112, 239 

cDonald, Jaime 22, 23 

cDonald, Jamie 1 30 

cDonald, Jerry 188 

cDonald, Julie D 225 

cDonald, Mitch 1 30 

cDonald, Sonya 188 

cDonals, Courtney 246 

cDonough, Maureen ... 166, 264 

McDowell. Angie 194 

McDuffey, Veroncia 1 66 

McDuffey, Veronica 265, 267 

McElhaney, Richard 130 

McGarth, Ryan 34 1 

McGee, Lauren 1 78 

McGee, Lou 166 

McGill, Sara 130 

McGillivray, Peter 36, 130 

McGlothin, Virginia 130 

McGonagill, Jenny 166 

McGowan, Terrence 130 

McGrath, Dr. V 226 

McGrath, Joshua 130 

McGrew, Robert 166 

McGuire, Joshua 166 

McGuire, Kristen 178 

McHale, Jennifer 194 

Mdlwain, Emily 188 

Mclnnis, Robert 130 

Mclntyre, Heather 194 

Mclntyre, Marcus 151 

McKay, Danny 188 

A4cKay, Jenny 130,256 

McKee, Amy 262 

McKee, Jessica 265, 267 ^ 

McKenzie, Brad 151,262 

McKenzie, Mauricka 1 30 

McKenzie, Scott 188 

McKercher, William 1 30 

McKey, Laura 130 

McKinney, Jonathan 178 

McKinnis, Deyonda 1 78 

McKnight, Mimmie .36 

McKnuckle, Sentray 292 

McLain, Nina 166 

McLain, Scott 188 

McLaughlin, Caragh 151 

McLaughlin, Richard 130 

McLeilan, Kimberly .....330 

McLellan, Melissa 260 

McLemore, Mary J. . . 36, 130, 203, 
206, 230 

McLendon, Melisa 1 94 

McLeod, Katie 151,200 

McMahon, Allison 151, 239 

McMahon, Pat 341 

McMillan, Amanda : ... 151 

McMillan, Phyllis 188 

McNair, Dr. Frances 200 

McNeece, Carrie 1 30 

McNeill, Nardaka 213 

McNinch, Jeremy 1 30 

McPhearson, Karen 188 

McQuirter, Jamie 151, 204 

McRae, John M 44 

McRae, Lacey 1 78 

McRaney, Len 1 88 

McRay, Lacey 204 

McRee, Will 219 

McVie, Katie 320, 321 

McWhirter, Christy 130 

McWhorter, Audrey 130 

McWhorter, Deborah 188 

Mc Willie, Anastasia 130 

Meador, Daniel 151 

Meadows, Brandy 151,220 

Meadows, Joanna 130, 225 

Meadows, Michael 194 

Measells, Marc 236 

Meek, Muffin 224 

Medders, Jason ... 36, 95, 99, 130 

Meek, Allyson 1 30 

Meek, Muffin 233 

Meeks, Bailey 236 

Meeks, Raegan 151 

Meggs, Michael 264 

Meigs, Lizbeth 166, 265, 267 

Melder, Daniel 1 78 

Melder, Daniel 216 

Melton, Ike ...... ', 231 

Melton/Jason . . ."'. '.219 

Melton, Joshua' < ... 23 1 

Melton, Kelly . . .'. . . . . ,-, . , . ,-. 131 

Melton, Keri ,. ., 194 

Melton, Lorie . . .» v ..151 

Menafee, Cornel! f ../... 349 

Mercer, H. D 47 

Merlos, R ...........< 178 

Metz, Coach M. ............ .317 

Mlchler, Jon . . . .,. . . , ,., ..^ . ,, 194 

Midcalf, Ebony 151 

Miles, Amanda '"'. ... 15 1 

Milevsky, Alex . , ..151 

Miley, Wallace 112 

Miller, Antonio / „ 265, 267 

Miller, Beth .........204 

Miller, Brandon 1 66 

Miller, Corey 236" 

Miller, Dicenzo 347, 349 

Miller, Elizabeth 231 

Miller, Hilary 131 

Miller, Jason 26, 29, 178 

Miller, Jeffery 225 

Miller, Jessica 151 

Miller, Jonathan 178 

Miller, Karen 243 

Miller, Kasie 188 

Miller, Kendra 166 

Miller, Keri 18, 19 

Miller, Kim 131 

Miller, Lauren 178 

Miller, Matthew 166 

Miller, Myra 166 

Miller, Rashanna 151 

Miller, Ricky 225 

Miller, Sam 213 

Miller, Sarah 231 

Miller, Tonya 112,219 

Milter, Valarie 166 

Miller,, Shelly 232 

Mills, Amanda 151 

Mills, Ashley 207, 208 

Mills, James ....,.../., 13 1 

Mills, Mrs. G 208 

Millwee, Allyson ....... 151,232 

Minis, Chad .262 

Ming, Charles 131,228 

Ming, Laura 153 

Mingo, Julian 244 

Minnis, Donna 236 

Minor, Jared 151 

Minor, Jason 213 

Miranov-Bridges, Marci 1 94 

Mishra, Ritwik 1 12 

Mister, Lamar 209 

Mitchell, Amanda 151 

Mitchell, Casey 194 

Mitchell, David 131 

Mitchell, Jared 246 

Mitchell, Jennifer 131 

Mitchell, Jonathan 194 

Mitchell, Matt 151,233,247 

Mitchell, Michael 131 

Mitchell, Pat 194 

Mitchell, Robin 28, 1 66, 223 

Mobley, Scharlette 1 79 

Mobley, Stephen 194 

Moeschle, Kimberly 151 

Moffett, Laranda 166 

Moncada, Gloria 131 

Monie, Jennifer 188 

Monk, Arlene 189 

Monroe, Austin 203 

Monroy, Cesar 131 

Montague, Mackenzie 1 79 

Montgomery, Angelina 225 

Montgomery, Elizabeth 131 

Montgomery, Frank 131 

Montgomery, George 1 79 

Montgomery, Jill 1 89 

Montgomery, K. 1 89 

Montgomery, Lakicba 166 

Montgomery, Polly 36, 203 

Moody, Antonio 151 

Moore, Alex J 131 

Moore, Alez 224 

Moore, Alison 195 

Moore, Amanda 131 

Moore, Amy 195 

Moore, Andrew 207, 208 

Moore, Anne 1 52 

Moore, Bryan 131 

Moore, Bryan 225 

Moore, Catherine *.■ 131 

Moore, Charles 152 

Moore, Cheryl 213 

Moore, Dana 1 52 

Moore, David 152,203 

Moore, Gemma 112 

Moore, Heather ............. 179 

Moore, Jennifer 131, 152 

Moore, Lacey 214 

Moore, Lydia L 228 

Moore, Mandolyn 131 

Moore, Marcee 1 79 

Moore, Maryann 152 

Moore, Meggan 265, 267 

Moore, Nikki 247 

Moore, Sakondra 179 

Moore, Tiki 131 

Moore, Watteesha 131 

Moorhouse, Kim 189 

Morales, Ronnie 227 

Moran, Micki 131 

Morant, LaManda 152 

Morant, Lapari 152 

Morant, Laura 152 

Moree, Leslie 131,232 

Morgan, Amy 225 

Morgan, Ashley 166 

Morgan, Brooke 1 70 

Morgan, Candice 179 

Morgan, Jennifer 152 

Morgan, Lorrie 189 

Morgan, Margie 260 

Morgan, Mary 195 

Morgan, Matt 207, 244 

Morman, Matt 242 

Morris, Blake 179 

Morris, Jim 195 

Morris, Mathew 166 

Morris, Merideth 262 

Morris, Nathon 227 

Morris, Stephanie 131, 264 

Morris, Veronica 1 79 

Morris, William 195 

Morrison, Christine 260, 262 

Morrison, Leslie 152 

Morrison- Ward, Emilie .... 37, 131, 
392, 396 

Morrow, David 179 

Morse, Taylor 1 79 

Morse, Winston 1 52 

Mortimer, Mary L 220 

Morton, Scott 1 79 

Morton, Timothy 131 

Mosal, Summer 1 79 

Mosley, Brooks 131 

Mosley, Catrina 1 52 

Mosley, Derek 189 

Mosley, Sharon 1 79 

Mosley, Theresa 189 

Moss, Sherry 1 52 

Motamedi, Vahid 230 

Mott, Angel 189 

Moulding, Gene 231 

Moulton, Keesla 236 

Mounger, Emily 323 

Moure, Kerry 1 79 

lucci, Andria 1 79 

Muchenje, Lovejoy 1 70 

Mulhern, Marissa 152, 217 

Mulkana, Adnan 166 

Mullins, Katie 179.231,246 

Muffins, Zach 166 

Mullis, Ellen 243 

Mullis, Marcus 265 

Mumbower, Ryan 1 79 

Murphree, Angelique 1 95 

Murphree, Bethany 131 

Murphi'ee, Brandie lo6 

Murphree, Justin 131 

Murphy, Amy 239 

Murphy, Joy 179,263 

Murphy, Ryan 1 79 

Murphy, Terrell .... 1 52, 200, 292 

Murphy, Tim 112 

Murphy, Tim 247 

Murray, Andrea 18, 20, 212 

Murray, Bridget! 1 89 

Murray, Bridgette 271 

Murray, Michael 131, 189 

Murray, Tim 1 89 

Muselwhite, Julie 1 79 

Musgrove, Lance 231 

Mustiful, Adrienne 131 

Muzquiz Jr, Robert 179, 264 

Mvvaura, Samuel 131 

Myers, Anne N 152 

Myers, Debby 195 

Myers, (Craig 1 95 

Myers, Lindsay 131 

Myers, Nicole 230 

Myles, Megan 1 52 

Myles, Todd 324, 328 


Nabors, Aisha 131 

Nabors, Yawanna 236 

Nabors, Ywanna 220, 263 

Nailjana 112, 231 

Nail, Misty 131 

Nanney, Carmen 131 

Nanney, Nancy 37 

Nash, Benny 106 

Nation, Joy 1 52 

Naughter, Nancy 228, 267 

Neal, Emily 189 

Neal, Mike 189 

Neal, Tilda 305 

Necaise, Jena 1 32 

Necaise, John 189 

Necaise, Stacey 1 79 

Needham, Benjamin 1 32, 228, 

265, 267 

Neely, Kristi 166, 231 

Neely, Melissa 1 66 

Neely, Tammy 132 

Neely, Turkesha 132 

Neely., Turkesha 305 

Neill, Catherine 132 

Nelms, Bethany 214 

Nelson, Angela 166, 239 

Nelson, Cedric 1 52 

Nelson, Jonathan 1 66 

Nelson, Nicole 1 79 

Nelson, Reed 290 

Nelson, Rudd 195 

New, Kris 1 52 

Newbold, Kate 220 

Newbold, Katherine 1 66 

Newcomb, Lyndsey 1 79 

Newell, Donna 1 89 

Newell, Jeffrey 1 32 

Newkirk, Todd 227 

386 Index 

Newman, Casey 132, 320 

Newman, Chantel 16o 

Newman, Jaimie 195 

Newman, Leslie 132, 253 

Newsom, Bobby 152 

Newson, Bobby 205 

Nguyen, Nghia 1 52 

Nicholis, Terrence 132 

Nichols, Alison 179 

Nichols, Anna 132 

Nichols, Frank 1 52 

Nichols, Jennifer 26, 27, 28 

Nicholson, Kim 189 

Nickels, Kevin 236 

Nicolas, Pierre 317 

Nitcavic, Joey 132, 244 

Nixon, James 202 

Nixon, Mark 166 

Nixon, Sally 152 

Noble, Heather 218 

Noble, Jon 1 32 

Noble, Phillip 132 

Noblin, Lena 195 

Noel, Brad 152,245,263 

Nolen, Kimberly 179 

Nordquist, Andrew 152 

Nored, Elizabeth 152 

Norman, Bryan 189 

Norman, Laura 1 79 

Norman, Roderick 1 79 

Norman, Takesha 132 

Norman, Tyler 132 

Norris, Adele 152 

Norris, Patrick 132 

Norris, Toni 1 32 

Norris, Toni 23 1 

Norton, Tracy 152 

Norwood, Leslie 1 66, 2 1 6 

Novarini, Andrew 37, 132 

Nowell, Caroline 132, 227 

Nowell, Ricky 189 

Nugent, Debra 294 

Null, Kapree 152 

Null, Tom 132 

Nunez Rogers, Lorena 152 

Nunnally, Joy 225 

Nunnally, Koy 260 

Nunnery, Rosanne 189 

Nutt, April 1 79 

Nuzzolo, Abby 152 

Nuzzolo, Alfred 152 


O'Brein, Mike 267 

O'Brien, Elizabeth 265 

O'Neal, Alison 37 

O'Neal, Elizabeth 37 

O'Neal, Liz . ...'..- 203 

Oakes, Marissa . . . 132 

Oakley, Daniel .,, 152 

Oaks, Lashona rfi 112 

OBanner, Marquis . . . .' 179 

OBrien, Brad 167 

Obrien, Michael 132 

Odom, Blythe 195 

Odom, Dean 1 32 

Odom, Sandee 236 

ODonnell, Peter . •^■P- -167 

Oerting, Anna 266 

Ogg, Garrett 166 

Ogletree, Krissy 1 79 

Oliver, Celena 1 32 

Oliver, William 132 

Olson, Ashley 1 79 

Olson, Kirstin 320 

Olson, Kristin 320 

Omega;, Chi 294 

ONeal, Alison 132 

Oneal, Sandi 167 

Ong, Dillon 132 

Orange, Victoria .... 132, 209, 243 

Orcutt, Ryan 242 

Orkin, Stan 252 

Orman, Steve 225 

Ormon. Margaret 1 52 

Orozov, Boris 1 89 

Osborne, Ariel 167,213 

Ositis, James 207 

Oswalt, Chandler 1 52 

Ourage, Verneka 152 

Outlaw, Brenecia 152 

Overbagh, Sara 1 79 

Overbaugh, Sara 264 

Overby, Kimberly 152 

Overstreet, Jennifer 204 

Overstreet, Kyle 167 

Owen, Catherine 167 

Owen, Christine 323 

Owen, Michelle 167 

Owen, Sean 1 12 

Owens, Brock 132,247 

Owens, Emily 132 

Owens, Jenny 132 

Owens, Sarah 167 

Owens, Takiela 37, 132, 212 

Owens, Takiela .289 

Oyler, Charlie 132 

Ozbirn, Elisha 153 

O'Neal, Alison 230, 245 

O'Neal, Liz 230 


Pace, David 153, 290 

Pace, Kevin 132 

Pace, Kristy . . . : 1 89 

Pace, Lynsey 1 79 

Pacher, Jason 1 79 

Paczak, Brad 179,263 

Padgett, Koby 167 

Pagan, Melonie 153 

Page, Jennifer 112 

Pagejolene 37, 132, 227 

Page, Keryn 253 

Page, Sylvia 243 

Paglia, Danielle 69, 195 

Paisley, James 133 

Palmer, Heather 37, 228 

Palmer, Michael 167 

Palmer, Nathaniel 1 33 

Palmer, Sbjlye 214 

Panksy, Tomas 195 

Pape, Sheri 167 

Papisan, Johnny 133, 227 

Papisan, Mary 153 

Pare, Jeremie 1 33 

Pargman, Randy 1 53 

Parish, Jessica 153, 231 

Park, Chris 153 

Park, Jae-Heung 133 

Park,Joon 112 

Parke, Deanne 200 

Parker, Amy 133 

"Parker, Ashley 260 

Parker, Brian 167 

Parker, Daryl 195 

Parker, Detanya 189 

Parker, Gary 1 89 

Parker, Greer 1 79 

Parker, Heather 262 

Parker, Jennifer 167 

Parker, Jessica 133 

Parker, Lynn 261 

Parker, Mark 

Parker, Phillip l 

Parker, Timothy 133, 2< 

Parker, William i 

Parkerson, Jason l 

Parkinson, Jennifer 1 

Parks, John ] 

Parks, Lee 3- : 

Parrott, Wade 1 

Partee, Shelton i . 

Partridge, Jennifer 1 

Parvin, Steven p 

Patel, Roshan 2< 

Patel, Vimal I. 

Patel., Roshan 2> 

Patrick, Chuck 2 

Patrick, Jason 1, 

Patrick, Shronda 1; 

Patterson, Adam V 

Patterson, Bethany 1 1 

Patterson, Brandy 2i 

Patterson, Marckell 3. 

Patterson, Sara I 1 

Patton, Dexter 1 

Patton, Julia 20,37, 133,21 


Paulk, Eric 2: 

Paulk, John 1: 

Paulk, Rodney 1: 

Paulk, Ryan 50, 2: 

Pavur, Janelle 1 ' 

Payne, Billy 2' 

Payne, David 

Payne, Doug 1 ' 

Payne, Evely 2( 

Payne, Johnna 153, 2< 

Payne, Lee I 1 

Payne, William 2( 

Payton, Latasha 

Payton, Tasha 2( 

Peacock, David 2- 

Peairs, Stephen L 

Pearson, Alison 1.' 

Pearson, April 1! 

Peavey, Laura 167, 2- 

Pedroli, Maryann L 

Peebles, Benjamin 1 80, 2' 

Pegg, Laura 1 : 

Pelris, Haishan 1 33, 2 

Pellegrino, Alicia .... 37, 203, 2: 

Pennington, Michelle ! 

Penny, Doug 

Penny, Ed 133, 2* 

Penny, Scott 2' 

Penrose, Tim 37, 

Perdue, Adrienne 133, 2'. 

Perera, Emil 

Perkins, John L 

Perkins, Katie I 1 

Perkins, Lauren 1< 

Perozo, Erik 1; 

Perry, Donna 1 ' 

Perry, Eric 2.' 

Perry, Peslie 133, 3< 

Perry, Troy 1 

Person, Dr. B 2. 

Perteet, Igina 153,2' 

Perteet, Igma 2' 

Peterman, Ashley 1 ' 

Peters, Craig V 

Peters, Sara «2j 

Peterson, Adrienne rt\ 

Peterson, Adrienne 2' 

Peterson, Arquela 1 

Peterson, Dexter 1 

Peterson, Jason 1 

Peterson, LaShe 1 

Peterson, Lisa 1 

Peterson, Valencia 1 

Pettiegrew, Arnetra 

'ettit. Joshua 264 

pry, Cherquantas 1 80 

'eyton, Cameron 180 

•helps, Ashley 153,246 

'hi;. Delta X 294 

pips, Adrienne 167, 213 

tffiips, Allison 133 

MUps. Arthretta 167 

'hillips, Blair 167 

'hillips, Hillary 214 

►hillips, lirarai 133,200 

'hillips, Kelly 133 

ips, Nia 180 

ips, Sarah 1 33 

ps, Shane 1 89 

.ps, Sue 313 

ps, Nikki 133 

d, Angela 189 

.Leslie 134 

sett, Paula 189 

ett, Robert 134 

•rce, Melissa 153,228 

rman. Peter 189 

Gail 134 

an, Eric . 1 34 

tel, Annemarie 320 

1, Kevin 153 

Inkerton, Katye 220 

ftalo, David 252 

'itchford. Josh 1 34 

St, Claire 134 

Ittman, Dale 134,224 

Pitrman, Holt 1 95 

Pittman, Mad 153,218,228 

Pittman, Natasha 1 53 

Pittman, S 207 

Pitts, Dee 214 

Pitts, Eddie 153,200 

Pitts, Heather 1 53 

Pitts, John 180 

Piatt, Charleston 320 

Piatt, Mary A 1 53 

Ratten, Laura 167, 233, 266 

Plunkett, Erica 1 34 

Pohl, Kristin 1 34 

Pointe, Chauncey 1 80 

Polk, Dustin 244 

Polk, Scott 341 

Polk,Valle 195 

Pomphrey, Madelyn 204 

Ponder, Buddy 180 

Poole, Amanda 1 34 

Poole, Brian 167 

Poole, Cameron 134 

Poole, Joshua 180 

Poole, Marc 236 

Poole, Mollie 204 

Poole;, Amanda 220 

Poore, Sharon 189 

Pope, LeeAnna 189 

Pope, Margaret 112,226 

Pope, Priscilla 167, 231 

Poppell,Joy 134 

Porter, Avery 1 53 

Porter, Brooke 195 

Porter, Meredith 134, 212, 256 

Portera, Dr. M 40, 48 

Posadas, Benedict K 134 

Posadas, Loraine 153 

5£>sey, Capri 212 

Potson, Demetrice 153 

Pounders, Brian 153 

Pounders, Melissa 167 

Powe, Alexis 180 

Powe, Allison 37, 134,252 

Powe, Wanda 189 

Powell, Ashley 180,260 

Powell, Director; L 265 

Powell, Griffin 207 

Powell, Jason . . 167 

Powell, Laurie 153,262 

Powell, Lucille 134 

Powell, Marsha 153 

Powell, Mike 153 

Powell, Robert 1 34 

Power, Lindsey 22, 23, 25, 37, 


Powers, Benjamin 180 

Powers, Stephan 1 80 

Prasserpakdi, Tramer 236 

Prather, Jason 221, 267 

Prather, Luther 1 53 

Prather, Tammy 241 

Pratt, Deiiick 134 

Prescott, Dawn 24 1 

Prescott, Dennis 48 

Prescott, Shawn 241 

Prescott, Toni 134 

President;, Vice 260 

Presley, Lance 134,230 

Presley, Marques 153 

Presley, Shane 243 

Price, Carrie 1 53 

Price, Eric 167 

Price, Robert 134 

Price, Thomas 134 

Prichett, Kelly 217 

Prisock, Charissa 134 

Pritchett, Kelly 262 

Prosser, Andy * 167, 203 

Prude, Shelenia 134 

Pruett, Drew . 207 

Pruitt, Marlon ...180 

Pucheu, Pam 221 

Puckett, Niles 245, 261, 263 

Punzo, Diana 204 

Purvis, Deborah 1 34 

Purvis, Lena 263 

Purvis, Liston 134 

Purvis, Liston K 219 

Puryear, Luci 260 

Pvillalta, Jose 180 


Quave, Jason 134 

Queen, Adrew 153 

Quernemoen, Patrick . . . 112 

Quick, Joey . 244 

Quinn, Alshunda 153, 294 


Raby, Jason ...180 

Raddiff, Derron . .;, 233,265,267 

Radde, Matt 195 

Raffo, Tommy .,,.,< 341 

Ragsdale, Amanda ,.., 167, 294 

Rahaim, Olivia 236 

Rahim, Mohammed ....'. 134 

Rainer, Brian . . T, . . 1 53 

Raines, Shelle 195 

Rainey, Chris 346 

Rainey, William 180 

Raley, Matthew 154 

Raman, Rajesh 253 

Rambus, Arteria 134 

Ramsey, Anna 134,212 

Ramsey, Hal 225 

Ramsey, Myles 37, 217 

Ramsey, Victoria 112 

Randall, Margaret 180 

Randall, Michael 195 

Randies, Theresa 189 

Randolph, Melissa 167 

Randolph, Melisssa 263 

Rapert, McGee 1 54, 226 

Rappo, Paula 228 

Rasco, Debbie 189 

Rascoe, Stephanie 189 

Ratliff, Brianne 1 80 

Ratliff, Colt .. 231,246 

Ratliff, Marcie . ... 180 

Ratliff, Orlando ; 227 

Ratliff, Orlando . , : 227 

Ratliff, Ryan 180 

Rattananakin, Pompun ,.112 

Rawlings, Leonard 112 

Rawls, Mark . . : . .... 240 

Rawson, James 154 

Ray, Janice ........ ■., 167 

Ray, Leslie ,.....,, 236 

Ray, Lisa ''...... ... ... 189 

Ray, Matonya .*'.- ... 1 80 

Ray, Patrick . . 134 

Ray, Robbie 167, 204 

Ray, Trip ....,«.., 134 

Rayburn, Andrea . . . 167 

Raymond, Jay '..„ 207, 

Razzaghi, Hossein 266 

Redden, Shinnarachia 223 

Reddin-Parker, Suzanne 195 

Redding, Lori ..228 

Reddish, William 265 

Redwine, Tonya „, 1 54 

Reece, Jennifer ,,,„... 1,67 

Reed, Amy 167 

Reed, Billy ..-.,", ..244 

Reed, Christian 180 

Reed, Jason .256 

Reed, Mary ..,.189 

Reed, Matthew 180 

Reed, Russell 290 

Reed, Scott 154,232 

Reeves, Audrey 134 

Reeves, Audrey 221 

Reeves, Brad . . 154, 203, 228, 262, 


Reeves, Callie 180, 395 

Reeves, Jenny . , 154, 203, 245, 262 

Reeves, Kimberly 189 

Reeves, Roger 167 

Regala, Shane 1 34 

Regalado, Gerda * 134 

Regan, Fantessa ...'", 180 

Regan, Joel . 135 

Regnolds, Kenny . . . / 224 

Reid,John 135 

Renaud, William 135 

Renschler, Metta . . . . v 246 

Reves, Thomas 135 

Reynolds, Alicia 154, 226 

Reynolds, Angela 135 

Reynolds, Bernito 189 

Reynolds, Jonathan 167 

Reynolds, Robert 135 

Rhea, Mike 236 

Rhea, Taylor 294 

Rhett, Parker ......221 

Rhoads, Matthew Wm • • 180 

Rhodes, Scott 135, 264 

Rhodus, Lorrie 195 

Rice, Ann 232 

Rice, Ashley 167 

Rice, Christyna 135 

Rice, Lakezia 112 

Richards, David | 1 35 

Richardson, Aimee 218 

Richardson, Annitra 1 54 

Richardson, Bradley 264 

Richardson, Frankie 190 

Richardson, Kim 154 

Richardson, Mike 16, 26, 29 

Richardson, Monique 167 

Richey, Drew 135 

Richey, Drew J 219 

Richey, Kristen 135 

Rickles, Mary 135. 252 

Rickman, Jason 236 

Ricks, Christopher 195 

Ricksgers, Tom 190 

Riddell, HuAJan 231 

Riddel], Shaw 

Rider, Karrie 336, 337 

Ridgeway, Lewis 266 

Ridgway, Julia 37 

Riekert, Meredith 112 

Rieves, LT 208 

Rigby, Quinn 1 54 

Rigby, Zachary 135, 200, 243 

Rigdon, Anna 167 

Rigdon, John 135 

RIggan, Lauren 195 

Riggs, Mark 236 

Riley, Alicia 167,213 

Riley, Kenyetta 135,247 

Riley, Robert 180 

Riley, Sheri 154,239 

Rimmer, Sherika 1 80 

Risher, Brian 190 

Risher, Krisan 135, 200 

Rivera, Celina 180, 214 

Rivers, Brett 230 

Robbins, Chris 231 

Robbins, Dayna 1 54 

Robbins, Nathan 1 35 

Roberson, Chloe 135 

Roberson, Laura 154, 226 

Roberson, Stacy 223 

Roberson, Terri 135 

Roberts, Brittany 195 

Roberts, David 135 

Roberts, Janes 135 

Roberts, Latoya 135 

Roberts, Sarah 320 

Roberts, Van 256 

Roberts, Victoria 135 

Robertson, Bonnie 195 

Robertson, Bradley 1 54 

Robertson, Carey 1 35 

Robertson, Jack 259 

Robertson, Nathan 154 

Robertson, Ryan 167 

Robertson, Susan 180 

Robinette, Charlie 231 

Robinson, Amy 135 

Robinson, Annie 38, 1 35 

Robinson, Anthony 240 

Robinson, Brian 180 

Robinson, Clifton 135 

Robinson, Corie 112 

Robinson, De A 289 

Robinson, Jasmine 1 54 

Robinson, Kelly 246 

Robinson, Lawrence 216, 228 

Robinson, Linda 135 

Robinson, Lithonya 1 54 

Robinson, Matt 222, 236 

Robinson, Rita 190 

Robinson, Roshonda 135 

Robinson, Shalisha 135 

Robinson, Sheriece 1 54 

Robinson, Vicki 180 

Robison, Kelley 204 

Rocconi, Tony 195 

Rock, Jamie 34 1 

Rodden, Tommy 231 

Rodgers, Tracy 1 54 

Rodrigues, Alan 112 

Roekel, Mark V 242 

Rogan, Ashley 135 

Rogers, Aaron 1 54 

Rogers, Aaron 292 

Rogers, Ana 135 

Index 387 

Rogers. Anthony 135 

Rogers, Bill . . .' 52 

Rogers, Chris 213 

Rogers, Jason 135 

Rogers, joe 135 

Rogers, Kary 38, 136, 244 

Rogers, Nikki 225 

Rogers. Raehael 225 

Rogers, Shana 1 36 

Rogers, Tracey 1 36 

Rohman, Chris 225 

Rohmam Jeff 225 

Roland, Doug 266 

Romano. Christina 246 

gela 214 

de 181,231 

yan 203 

Rosamond, Lomax 190 

Rose, Christina 181 

Rose, Christy 207 

Ross, Denton 168 

sundtree, George 244 

idtree, Yontikka 213 

rsh, Donald 1 68 

Rousseau. Brandon 1 54 

Rowan, Lynn 168,231 

Rowell, Kristen 168 

Rowell, Rita 136 

Rowland, William 1 54 

Rowzee, James 1 36 

Royal, Apollos 224 

Royston, Chad 181,261,263 

Rtliff, Brianna 231 

Rubiano, Amanda 168, 221 

Rubin, Kathryn 168 

Ruby, Roy 48 

Rucker, Justin 181 

Rucker, Sarah 168 

Rudolphi, Adam 1 36 

Rudolphi, Ben 154 

Ruff, Charles 168 

Ruffin, Jamilah 190 

Ruiz, David 317 

Runge, Paula J 168, 260, 262 

Rush, Deanna 1 90 

Rushing, Brannon 112 

Rushing, Braxton 1 12 

Rushing, Braxton 259 

Rushing, Jeremy 231 

Rushing, Lakesha 181 

Rushing, Raina 195 

Russell, Alan 165 

Russell, Brandi 38, 136 

Russell, Christy 320 

Russell, jamelle 168, 223 

Russell, Joshua 1 54 

Russell, Paul 231 

Russell, Sarah 195 

Russo, Richard 30, 31, 38, 136, 


Ruth, Dawn 136 

Ruth, Lara 1 54 

Rutter, Alan 106 

Rutter, Chrissie 196 

Rutter, Will 181 

Ruvinsky, Monica 168 

Rzeznik, Johnny 96 


Saal, Frank E 45 

Sabbatini, Risa 246 

Saenz, Carlos 1 36 

Sage, Stephanie 1 68 

Salcedo, Francisco 1 54 

Salley, Laura 1 68 

Sailie, Ayesha 154, 223 

Sanders, Christi 313 

Sanders, Leslie 190 

Sanders, Leslie 271 

Sanders, Michelle 136 

Sanders, Stephanie 112 

Sanders, Tabitha . . 136 

Sanders, Willie 168,213,265 

Sanderson, [Catherine 168 

Sanderson, Katie 257 

Sandidge, Jack 168 

Sandroni, Deva 108 

Sanford, Ben 254, 257 

Sanford, Emily 181, 260 

Sanford, Michael 136 

Sansing, Stephen 262 

Santmyer, Jeana 1 36 

Santos, Robert 154 

Saucier, Sara 168,220 

Saulters, Kate 320 

Saunders, Ryan .... 154, 203, 290 

Savage, Matt 181,393 

Savell, Amanda 190 

Sayle, Bob .... 154,207,208,217 

Scales, Latesha 154 

Scarbrough, Louis 1 90 

Schattner, Thomas 219 

Schier, Milady 225 

Schlagheck, Robyn 336 

Schmerge, Samantha 136 

Schmerge, Scott ...,,... s 136 

Schmidt, Stephanie 246 

Schoknecht, Monica 196 

Schuhmann, Michael 136 

Schulte, Russell 136 

Schultz, Kevin 181 

Schultz, Nathaniel , ... 1 54 

Scianna, Steve 136 

Scioneaux, Damian 136 

Scott, Gary '". f 136 

Scott, Heather * 136 

Scott, Janna 154,225,264 

Scott, Jonathan , 205 

Scott, Lateia f. 228 

Scott, Meagan 168, 263 

Scott, Mesha 212 

Scott, Rahshundra 181 

Scott, Sewindia 181 

Scott, Stephanie 154 

Scott, Taaka ./.'.... 289 

Scott, Veronica j. 181 

Scott, Yakfeshal ....'... 154 

Scruggs, Leanne 218, 266 

Seago, Andrew „ * 262 

Seal, Leo , 136 

Seal, Wallace 136 

Seales, Denise 190 

Seals, Ryan 1 54 

Seawright, Christy 181 

Seeley, Misty 136,204 

Segars, Suzanne 1 54, 226 

Seiler, Emma 260 

Seitz, Marc 181 

Sellers, Dr. T 220 

Selmon, Miranda 213 

Selmon, Stacey 254 

Selmon, Stacie 38, 136 

Sentell, Sandra 181, 265, 294 

Senter, Meshell 294 

Senter, Michelle 1 36 

Seratt, Heather 225 

Sergent, John 266 

Serio, Constance 38 

Serio, Nicki 136 

Servov, Kara 264 

Sessums, Robert 1 54 

Sewell, Jamie 168 

Sewell, Jamie 247 

Sexton, Cary 1 96 

Seymer, Jennifer 1 54 

Shack, Allen 236 

Shackelford, Brad 244 

Shackelford, Robert 168 

Shafer, Harris 168 

Shaffer, Jennifer 112 

Shaikh, Noaman 136 

Shamburger, Kathryn 1 55 

Shannon, Meghan 196 

Shannon, Patrick 240 

Shannon, Ta'Shia .... 38, 136, 263 

Shannon, Terrence 168 

Shapiro, Trudy 196 

Shapley, Chris 38, 228, 230 

Shapley, Richard 38, 136, 203 

Sharp, Beit 231 

Sharp, Breckln 136 

Sharp, Johnathan 225 

Shaw, Angela 168 

Shaw, Brian 136 

Shaw, Missy . . 155, 214, 226, 228, 


Shaw, Molly 264 

Shaw, Shakethia 200 

Shearer, Kandi 181 

Shearer, Kristi 168 

Sheehan.Jill 155 

Sheffield, Mariana 1 55 

Shelby, Allison 168 

Shelstad, Brett 168 

Shelton, Bac 112 

Shelton, Brian 228 

Shelton, Brian 290 

Shelton, Melissa 266 

Shen, Yuzhong 224 

Shepherd, Heather ,196 

Shepherd, Kenny W 97 

Sherman, Anthony 266 

Sherman, Wahnee 222, 236 

Sherrill, Jackie 92, 345 

Sherwood, Jason 136 

Shexnayder, T 207 

Shi, Gensheng 236 

Shields, Keysha 1 36 

Shields, Lawanda 190 

Shindala, Candice 228 

Shiohara, Kei 220 

Shires, Clay 240 

Shires, Justin 137 

Shive, Michael 137 

Shivers, Chris 137 

Shogren, Gordon ... 181, 265, 267 

Sholes, Eric '. 155, 262, 267 

Short, Chara 155, 246 

Short, Christina 168 

Snuff, Jason 181 

Shumaker, Brad 112 

Shumaker, Jason ... 168,231,240 

Shumaker, Samantha 137 

Shumaker, Samantha 226 

Shumpert, Chaka 137 

Shumpert, Kamelia . . 1 55, 265, 267 

Shumpert, Kirk 196 

Shumpert, Susan 155 

Shupe, Jennifer 322, 323 

Shurden, Ron 200 

Sidney, Laura 1 55 

Sierra, Roger 244 

Signa, Mary K. . 181 

Sikes, Rebecca 137 

Simmons, Hannah 155 

Simmons, Jeffery 190 

Simmons, Jennifer 155, 196 

Simmons, Karen 196 

Simmons, Latoya 181 

Simmons, Susan 212 

Simons, Laura 181 

Simpkins, Ralene 205 

Simpson, Abundel 209 

Simpson, Angela 137 

Simpson, Arundel 137 

Simpson, Beth 137 

Simpson, Clinton . 
Simpson, James . . 
Simpson, Jason . . . 
Simpson, Marcia . 
Sims, Marjorie . . . 
Sims, Russell 
Sinay, Lenito 
Sinclair, Stacey . . . 
Sindoni, Maria . . . 
Singletary, Morgan 
Singleterry, Steven 
Singleton, Jessica . 
Singleton, Olivia . . 

Sink, Carrie 

Sisson, Kris 

Sistrunk, Lindsey . 
Sistrunk, Shea . . 
Sithole, Farai . . . 
Sivasingam, Siva . 
Skelton, AU1 .... 
Skelton, Nancy . . 
Skelton, Tommy . 
Skinner, Kelly . . . 
Skinner, Lashonda 
Skinner, Latasha . 
Skipper, Clay . . . 
Skocelas, Eric 

207 1 
. 19C| 
. 168 


1 55 ' 





. ... 181,294 

38, 137,230,241 



.. 214,218,266 




.. 168,213,260 
.. 168, 213, 260j 



Slaton, Ashley 1 55 1 

Sledge, Mary B 200 ' 

Sloan, Wendy 225, 2o0 

Siocum, Jeremy 265, 267 

Slonaker, Kimberly 155 1 

Smart, Brandi 137 


Smedley, Brianne 322, 323 




Alicia 168: 

Amy 196' 

Ann-Margaret 137. 

Art 155 

Ashley 168' 

Becky 294 

Brandie 155,232 

Cam 112 

Cassandra 137 1 

Cedric 137, 24$' 

Cheri 336 

Clay 137 

Daniel 1 55 

David 137 

DeAnna 212 

Elizabeth 155,231 

Eric 225; 

Heather 168,239 

Historian; T 227 

Jamee 213 

Jamie 336 

Jeanne 137 

Jeffrey 219! 

Jennifer 246 

Jessica 137 

Jessica 221 1 

Jonathan 112 

Jondrea 137 

Josh 168; 

Juanita 212, 289 j 

Kellie 168,246; 

Kerrie 264 

Khristy 155 

Kimberly 190,213 

Kirk 137 

Laterry 155 

Leah 181 

Leslie 214 

Lincoln 329 

Lindsey 246 

Mariah 168 ' 

Marques 181' 

Michael 1 37 

Michelle 168, 

Monika 19G., 

>mith, Nancy 196 

smith, Nicole 209 

faith, Phillip 155, 241 

Smith. Rachel 228, 262 

Smith, Ramon 262 

ith, Rebecca 181 

Rebecca A 181 

mith, Schelerria 181 

Bmith, Shernika 155,228 

Smith, Stephen 181 

Smith, Steven 137 

(smith, Tammie 181 

(smith, Tawnya 239 

Smith, Terry 190 

Smith, Tony 137 

Bmith, Travis 227 

Smith, Will 155 

Smith, William 392 

Smitherman, Emily 112 

Smitherman, Katie 168 

smitherman, Suzanne 1 69 

Bmizer, Beth 137 

Snipes, Nikki 1 96 

[Sobley, Jonthan 394 

(Soliz, Kandi 1 55 

Bollie, Dana 137 

Soloman, Shelby 247 

Solomon, Steven 181 

Bomers, Nathan 1 55 

Bones, Laurence 181 

Barrell, John 137 

Soto, Mathieu 317 

Southard, Kathleen 1 55 

Sfcuza, Charlie 112, 224, 236 

Sparks, Darrell 155 

Sparks, Sonny 190 

ppeed, Holley 169 

Spence, Rodman 155 

Spencer, Brandy 137 

Spencer, Devonda 181 

Spencer, Jeremy 155 

Spencer, Melissa 1 37 

Spinazzola, Joe 196 

Spradiing, Melanie .. 155,247,266 

Spring, Christy . .% 155 

Sprouse, Alicia 169 

Spurlin, Jeff 137 

Srain, Jason 230 

SL John, Lara 155 

Stacks, Jessica 169 

Stallings, Frankie 266 

Stallings, Hunter 155 

Stallings, Mary F. 228 

Stailworth, Christopher 181 

Stamper, Adria 138 

Stansbury, Rick 327, 345 

Stanton, Stephanie 155, 200 

Starks, Secretary; M 206 

Stames, Ramona , 155 

Stames, Sarah 181 

Staten, Meah 169 

Staten, Ova 190 

liuble, Emily 181 

Steadman, Christy 138 

Steinhauser, Dawn 323 

Steinwinder, Freddie 169 

Stelzer, Amanda 181 

Stenmark, John 181 

Stephens, David 112 

Stephens, Dudley 1 38 

Stephens, Ernie 155 

Stephens, Jeffrey 138 

Stephens, LaToya 1 38 

Stephenson, Candace .... 138, 262 

Steuber, Katie 181 

Stevens, Blair 169, 264 

Stevens, Hailey 155 

Stevens, Taffy 190 

Stevenson, Candace 264 

Stevenson, Yolanda 306 

Steward, Kimberly . . 169, 230, 264 

Steward, Shaeffer 231 

Stewart, Amy 155 

Stewart, Anna 1 38 

Stewart, Charlie 181 

Stewart, Daniel 182 

Stewart, Ginger 266 

Stewart, Joanna 169 

Stewart, Leonard 138 

Stewart, NaKenya 156 

Stewart, Nikki 221 

Stewart, Sandy 220 

Stewart, Seth 257 

Stewart, Shea 214 

Stewart, Susan 169 

Stewart., NaKenya 227 

Stidham, Holly , 156 

Still, Jamie 156 

Stockdale, Dawson 1 82 

Stockdale, Jason 1 56, 267 

Stockman, Tammy 190 

Stockstili, Jill 38, 138 

Stockton, Sara B 182 

Stokes, Katie 231 

Stokes, Leslie 169 

Stollak, Dr. Matthew 260 

Stone, Doug 232 

Stone, Katerine 236 

Stone, Laura 138, 200 

Stone, Stephanie . . . ...... 1 56 

Storey, Keith . 156 

Storey, Lindsey , . . , 169 

Storm, Marcia 182, 239 

Storment, Jamie ......,'. 138, 231 

Storment, Michael 138 

Storment, Paul T 231 

Stovall, Natalie ... .^ ......... 190 

Stover, Kahili 182 

Strachan, Claire 320 

Strain, Jason 38, 1 38 

Strauch, Rachel "...225 

Strawn, Julie 182 

Strawn, Mandy 138, 230 

Strayham, Stephanie 169 

Street, Bryan 138 

Street, Fredrick 156 

Street, Kari 156,233 

Street, Vikki 169, 306 

Strickland, Barry 69, 196 

Strickland, William 182 

Stringer, Todd 138,244 

Strong, Emily 182 

Strong, Guy 244 

Strong, James 213 

Stroud, Allen 182 

Stroud, Bethany 169 

Stroud, Stephen 182 

Stroup, Jennifer 169 

Stuart, Beth 169 

Stuart, Charles 190 

Stuart, Karly 169, 265 

Stuart, Mitchell 138 

Stubbs, Brice 244 

Stubbs, Nathan 182 

Stuckey, Alan 262 

Studdard, Charles ....... 182 

Stults, Tim \ 1 38 

Sturdivant, Clint 196 

Sullivan, Anisa . ... $ 265, 267 

Sullivan, Jermey 231 

Sullivan, Jill 196 

Sullivan, John 267 

Sullivan, Paige 156, 217, 228 

Sullivan, Rachael 214 

Sullivan, Rachel 1 56 

Sullivan, Sonja 1 38, 267 

Summerlot, John 247, 254 

Summers, Andrew 1 56 

Sumrall, Christie 182 

Sundararaman, Sam 219 

Supatanont, Anawat 236 

Supriya, Satwah 112 

Sutton, Shara 169,214 

Swafford, Candace 246 

Swain, Bradley 1 38 

Swain, Jason 1 56 

Sweet, Will 231 

Sweitzer, Emily 1 38 

Swett, Rachael 156 

Swims, Jennifer ^, , 182 

Swindell, James . . . ...... 1 12 

Swindoll, Alan T. .190 

SwindpU, Bruce ,_, ,182 

Swinney, Adrianne ........... 1 56 

Swopshire, Tavern . . . »,. ; ...... .2.13 

Sykes, Beckey f 196 

Sykes, Glenn ...... .190 

Sylvester, Melissa 1 82 

Sylvester, Sara 156,2/61,264 

SzymansM, Sheila 4 . . .,-, . . 138 


Tabb, Caleb ........ , # . .,. .. 138 

Tackitt, Kevin 156 

Tadlock, Laura ....-.,.'.,.."... 138 

Tadiock, Nathan .............. 169 

Tahai, Mariam . . . T . . . ; . . . ; . . . 138 

TahaLMary .» ........239 

Takac, Robby 96 

Takahashl, Isao ...#-.. .-. 225 

Takeuchi, Yu .... ,, 112 

Talbertjudy ■ 190 

Talley, Bradley ,.,,.,..., 156 

Talley, Ruthie 190 

Tallie, Andrea ., r . 1 82 

Tallie, Undray 207 

Tan, Ellen ......*...:,. 156,246 

Tan, Meng-onn ..... | 1 38 

Tan, Wei ': 138 

Tang, Bo**. ...... ...., 113 

Tang, Soon 1 13 

Tankersley, Candice 294 

Tankson, Jeanetta 236 

Tanner, Kimberly .', . .''. 182 

Tanner, Parrish 196 

Tapp, Shannon 38, 138, 264 

Taquino, Karen 138 

Taquino, Michael 34 1 

Tarazona, Juan . . . '"':', 138 

Tarpley, lissa ....... ,.,....,..,. 1 38 

Tate, Jennifer ...*... .... 156 

Tate, LaToria 1 56 

Tate, Yashica .. 138,228,265,267 
Tauibee, Ashley . /. ..?-., /. ... 138 

Taylor, Allyson .............. ,,138 

Taylor, Bradley .............. 138 

Taylor, Emmie. .....,,-. 113 

Taylor, Jennifer 1 82 

Taylor, Jeremy ......:.. 130, 169 

Taylor, Jill 169 

Taylor, Jonathan .T ... 139 

Taylor, Melissa , ......... 182 

Taylor, Schermonique ........ .212 

Taylor, Sean 182 

Taylor, Shawn 207, 208 

Taylor, Stephanie 113 

Taylor, Teresa 1 69 

Tedder, Jamie 182 

Teh, ChongM 139 

Temple, Gretchen 190 

Temple, Jessie 1 39 

Temple, Terrance 1 56 

Templeton, Mary Q 218 

Templeton, Trey 169 

Terrell, Phillip 209 

Terry, April 247 

Terry, Brian 341 

Terry, Courtney 1 96 

Terry, Jimmy 190 

Terry, Lindsey 1 39 

Terry, Raphael 292 

Teufel, Derrick 23 1 

Tew, Jererny 1 56 

Thiac, Elizabeth 260 

Thorn, CoOn 139, 224 

Thomas, Anthony 266 

Thomas, Barbara 209 

Thomas, Charlotte 139 

Thomas, James 182 

Thomas, Jonathan 169 

Thomas, Jonna, , 207 

Thomas, Kathryn , 220 

Thomas, Kenneth 1 56 

Thomas, LaKenya 1 56, 306 

Thomas, Marie ... 22, 24, 156, 218, 
228, 262, 266 

Thomas, Martha J. 38, 139 

Thomas, Melanie 1 82 

Thomas, Melissa 190 

Thomas, Phillip 1 69 

Thomas, Ralph 190 

Thomas, Regina 1 90 

Thomas, Stephen 263 

Thomas, Tamara 294 

Thomas, Tiffany 182 

Thomas, Tomeka 182 

Thomas., Marie 233 

Thompson, Amber 1 56 

Thompson, Angela 1 82 

Thompson, Carol : 212 

Thompson, Chris 1 82 

Thompson, Courtney 1 69 

Thompson, Grade 1 82 

Thompson, Harold 182 

Thompson, Joshua 139 

Thompson, Tara 243 

Thompson, William 156 

Thorns, Hank 341 

Thorns, Lake 341 

Thoren, Lina 313 

Thome, Jeremy 240 

Thornell, Kathleen ... 38, 139, 204 

Thornton, Brandon 1 69 

Thornton, Kendra 1 39 

Thrash, Jerrie A 22, 24, 182 

Thrash, Marjory 1 90 

| Thrash, Michael 169 

Thrasher, Tara 1 69 

Thumann, Joshua 139, 202 

Thurston, Shannon 139 

Tiep, Christine 156,205 

Tierce, Chad 62 

Tilghman, Brad 231 

Till, Melissa 156 

Tillery, George 1 39 

Tillery, Joel 202 

Tillman, Daniel 230 

Tillman, Elizabeth 156 

Tillman, Joyce 1 39 

Timbes, Chad 59 

Timmermans, Heather 1 96 

Timmis, Jill 221 

Tindall, Gina 243 

Tindoll, Bonny 217 

Ting, Audrey 39, 1 39 

Tinnin, Jill 39 

Tisdale, Brad 200, 228, 266 

Titard, Pierre L 44 

Todd, Donyetta 169 

Todd, Lynn 190 

Todd, Markeith 182, 213 

Todd, Ricky 236 

Tolbert, Andrea 1 69 

Toleston, Aubrey 182 

Tolon, Erica 156 

Tomlinson, Kristen . . 156, 212, 214, 

228. 262 

Tomlinson, Laura 182, 294 

Tommasi, Tony 320 

Torgersen, Kory 1 82 

Tones, Michael 182 

Townsend, Heather 204, 224 

Townsend. Latasha 1 82 

Townsend, Leslie 156, 236 

Tracy, Dan 196 

Trasatti, Phil 257 

Trauth, Ryan 139,244 

Trautniann, Dr. J 220 

Travis, James 1 39 

Frawick, Jonathan 1 56 

Treadwell, Hunt 182 

Trejo, Carlos 113 

Trenkle. Peter 1 56 

Trenor, Jennifer 160 

Trest, Patricia 1 90 

Tretter, Kelli 265 

Tribble, Mary A 156,262 

Trice, Katrinka 139, 209 

Trimble, Michelle 1 39 

Trimble, Myra 139 

Triplett, Deyon 1 56 

Triplett, Holly 190 

Triplett, Shalonda 169 

Trobough, Chris 1 82 

Trochessett, Jami ... 230, 241, 294 

Truelove, Sharron 1 90 

Truster, Kimberly 182 

Tryman, Nyerere 183 

Tseu, Jessica 169 

Tubbs, Ganell 1 56 

Tucker, Donna 1 90 

Tucker, Joel 230 

Tucker, Matthew 183 

Tuggle, Randol 1 39 

Tuggle, Randy 39 

Tullos, Elizabeth 294 

Tulios. James 169 

Tullos, Sarah B 218,265 

Tullos, Sarahbeth 183 

Tullos, Tanya 190 

Tullos, Wendy 246 

Tung, MunW. "Kuala" 113 

Tunstail, Regina 213 

Turnage, Katie 1 5o 

Turner, Chris 1 39 

Turner, Jeramy 217 

Turner, Jessica 169 

Turner, Karla 139 

Turner, Martina 169, 260 

Turner, Mike 190 

Turner, Monnie 183 

Turner, Shronda 191 

Turner, Thomas 139 

Tutor, Nancy 221 


Uharriet, Bart 113 

Ulmer, April 1 96 

Umfress, Jeff 139 

Umfress, Kimberley 1 56 

Umfress, Tracy 1 39 

Underwood, Beth 1 39 

Upshaw, Monette 231 

Uptagrafft, David 169 

Vance, Windham 244 

Vanderlogt, Jeffrey 170 

Vandevender, Emily 183 

Vandevere, Phillip 113 

Vasquez, Jose G 225 

Vassgal, Adam 157 

Vaughn, Bridget 196 

Vaughn, Joanie 266 

Vaughn, Mary L 306 

Velcek, Carolyn 139 

Venus, Wesley 254 

Vetzel, Jamie 23 1 

Vice, Michael 232 

Vice, Shain 1 57 

Vice, Shane 207, 208 

Vickers, Kenneth 241 

Vickery.John 139,219 

Vickery, John D 228 

Vincent, Paul 236 

Vineyard, Kathy 196 

Vinson, Alyson 170 

Virgess, Rachel 214 

Vise, Michael 1 39 

Vital, Andrew 246 

Voider, Matthew 1 57 

Voon, Seng L 1 39 

Vowell, Christy 211 

Vowell, Dustin 139 

Vrazel, Matt 220 

Vries, April d 312,313 



Vanasselberg, Ben 236 

Vance, Eric 1 69 

Wade, Amanda .39,139,221,230 

Wade, Franky 139 

Wade, Kelly 1 57 

Wade, Rebecca 263 

Wade, William " 191 

Wadsworth, Jack 191 

Waggoner, Cameron 157 

Waguespack, Amber 183 

Wahlers, Erin 260 

Walden, Brian 244 

Walden, Michelle 183 

Walker, Chandrea 183 

Walker, Donesha 183 

Walker, Dontae 349 

Walker, Jamanda 1 57 

Walker, Jennifer 170 

Walker, Marcell 191 

Walker, Matthew 140, 341 

Walker, Nancy 1 57 

Walker, Samantha 183 

Walker, Tracy 213 

Walker, William 140 

Wallace, David . . 196 

Wallace, Jason 1 40 

Wallace, Lawanda 140 

Wallace, Sarah 231 

Walley, Michael 157 

Walks, Brandon 140 

Walrod, Heather 170 

Walsh, Courtney 183,204 

Walsh, Lisa 113 

Walters, Christie 191 

Walters, Kevin 196 

Walters, Lorraine 18, 39, 157 

Walters, Russell 140 

Walton, Erin 39, 204 

Walton, Hannah 183 

Walton, John 140 

Walton, Sarah 183 

Wamsley, Elizabeth 140 

Wang, Jianwen 224 

Ward, Bryan 183 

Ward, Cindy 204 

Ward, Enjoli 220 

Ward, Leigh 140 

Ward, Robert 140 

Ward, Russ 183, 394 

Ward, Thiquita 140 

Ward, Trey 290 

Wardiaw, Chris 244 

Wardlaw, Woodman 157 

Ware, Simone 292 

Warren, Amy 1 06 

Warren, Bonnie 157 

Warren, Bonnie 204 

Warren, James 140 

Warren, Matthew 1 70 

Warren, Reggie 140,228 

Warren, Sidney 170 

Washington, Keysha 113 

Washington, Rynetta .... 140, 223 

Wasson, Meleade 191 

Wasuespac, Amber 204 

Wasyluka, Timothy 157, 216 

Waterbury, Jenny 157 

Waters, D. D 264 

Waters, Joel 242 

Waterson, Trey 207, 208 

Watkins, Chad 206 

Watkins, Erica 196 

Watkins, Ginny 191,270,271 

Watkins, Jennifer 140 

Watkins, Kevin 1 70 

Watkins, Tosha 1 57 

Watson, David 196 

Watson, Ethan 230 

Watson, LaQuanta 113 

Watson, Leslie 39 

Watson, Mia 191 

Watson, Mia 270 

Watson, Paige 140 

Watson, Stevie , 236 

Watson, Tracy . .. 157,200 

Watts, William 236 

Weary, Melanie 213 

Weatherford, Amanda 157 

Weathersby, Troy 170 

Weaver, Angela 140 

Weaver, Carrie \ : 236 

Weaver, Stacie 202 

Web, Emmett 257 

Webb, Amy 140 

Webb, Emmett 140 

Webber, Alfunzo .'.... 207 

Webre, Richard 1 83 

Webster, Marcus 157,246 

Weddington, Ignatius 183 

Weeks, Claire 140,246,393 

Weeks, Danny 140 

Weeks, Emily 170 

Weeks, Holley 140 

Weeks, Robert 236 

Weems, Alison 246 

Weems, Lawrence 183 

Weigler, Kali 265 

Weir, Jason 1 70, 207, 208 

Weise, Brian 343 

Welborn, Nate 231 

Welch, Jaime 207 

Welch, Jamie 207, 208 

Welch, Jason 157 

Welch, Shawn 1 57 

Welch, Tashawndra 183 

Wells, Gena ... 157, 227, 263, 306 

Wells, Jessica 320 

Wells, Laurie 140 

Wells, Marcy 39, 203 

Wells, Marcy 230, 241, 262 

Wells, Patrick 157 

Weselius, Katie 231 

West, Dr. C 220 

West, Jade 183,218 

West, Jennifer 170, 191 

West, Sarah 183 

West, Shandre 157 

West, Stephanie 19(: 

West, Terrance 1 7[ 

West., Josh 34 

Westbrooks, Tina 212 

Westerfield, Scott 92, 140, 35C 

Westfall, Stacey 322 

Wheeler, Kersten 221 

Wheeler, LaToya 1 1 2 j 

Wheelock, Alex 14C 

Whetstone, Emily 1 57 1| 

Whipple, Holly 1401 

Whipple, Josh 14(':' 

Whisenhunt, Lauren 183' 

Whisenhunt, Mary 140 

Whitaker, Chris 157; 

Whitaker, Emily 140 1 

Whitaker, Jonathan 170 : 

White, Allison 140, 212 j 

White, Brandi 3201 

White, Elizabeth 170 

White, George 140 

White, Henry 170 

White, James 140 

White, Jeremy 80 

White, Jermey 231 

White, John 231 

White, Karen 113 

White, Kenneth 157 

White, Lindy 191 

White, Liz 170 

White, Matthew 170, 244 

White, Maya 260 

White, Michelle 191 

White, Rachel 157 

White, William 231 

Whitehead, Becky 218 

Whitehead, Greg 267 

Whitehead, Shaveeta 183 

Whiteside, Matthew 236 

Whitfield, Dave 102 

Whitfield, David 157 

Whittington, Kent 191 

Whittington, Rita 243 

Wicks, Candice 140 

Widner, Kenneth 157 

Wiegel, Kathryn 157 

Wiese, Brian 341 

Wiggins, Scott 140 

Wigginton, Sandy 140 

Wigley, Amanda 141,227 

Wijeratne, Ranil 141 

Wilborn, Margaret 183 

Wilborn, Neely 51 

Wilbourn, Christy 170,264 

Wilcox, Amanda 224 

Wilcutt, Jason 34 1 

Wilder, Leanna 196 

Wiley, Betsy 183 

Wiley, David 39, 141 

Wiley, Julie 183 

Wiliams, LaZerick 213 

Wilkerson, April 113,236 

Wilkerson, Kellie 336, 337 

Wilkerson, Shane 196 

Wilkes, Tammy 191 

Wilkes, Wes 170,231 

Wilkins, Kevin 141 

Wilkins, Kevin D 228 

Wilkins, Mike 183 

Wilkinson, Katie 265, 294 

Wilkinson, Kimberly 141 

Willard, Karen 141 

Willcutt, Jim 236 

Williams, Amanda 1 57 

Williams, Angel 141 

Williams, Anthony 183 

Williams, Betty 141,243 

Williams, Brent 141 

Williams, Danisha 170,212 

Williams, Diane 191 

Williams, Dischedia 141 

Williams, Elisha 213 

Williams, Gray 1 70 

Williams, Janet 141 

Williams, Jason 267 

Williams, Jessie 191 

Williams, Kallie 141 

Williams. Kashicki 1 83 

Williams, Katie 1 70 

Williams, Kendall 1 96 

Williams, Laderious 183 

Williams, Lance 141 

Williams, Lawrence 157 

Williams, Lazerick 170 

Williams, Leslie 1 06 

Williams, Marco 209, 305 

Williams, Mark 141 

Williams, Melaniw 289 

Williams, Michael .... 183, 191 

Williams, Michele 236 

Williams, Nathan 183 

Williams, Ricardo 170 

Williams, Sharon 170 

Williams, Shawn 196 

Williams, Tarah 157 

Williams, Terra 157 

Williams, Valarie 220 

Williams, William 170 

Williams, Zerick ...203 

Williamson, Kenny 345 

Williamson, Richard 141 

Williamson, Walter .... 183 

Williers, Daniel 170 

Williford, Robin 170 

Willingham, Phillip 341 

Willis, Chet 236 

Willis, Dwight 1 57 

Willis, Kevin 141 

Willoughby, Charles 113 

Wills, Laterran 157 

Wilson, Betsy 191 

Wilson, Can 183 

Wilson, Cari J 231 

Wilson, Cindy 157 

Wilson, David ... 113, 141,212 

Wilson, Donna M 170 

Wilson, Erica 157 

Wilson, Erica 246 

Wilson, Jacqulyn 141 

Wilson, Jaron 157 

Wilson, Jason 1 70 

Wilson, Maggien 204 

Wilson, SGT 208 

Wilson, Tammie 170 

Wilson, Yola 157,306 

Wilson., WendeE .231 

Wimberly, Jacob 141 

Wimmer, Jessica 141 

Winegarden, Layne 1 83 

Wingert, Judy 236 

Wingo, Daryl 183 

Winningham, Lori 18, 19 

Winston, Brandy 191 

Winston, Russell 240 

Winter, Joshua 141 

Winter, Kevin . 183 

Winterberger, Brad 221 

Winters, Elisha 183 

Winters, Lavem 183 

Winters, Marion 141 

Winters, Shimeka 212, 260, 


Wise, Donny 141 

Wise, Josh 1 70 

Wiseman, Parker 184, 245, 

262, 263 
Wiseman, Rebekah . . . 184, 265, 

Wiseman, Roy 141 

Withers, Tom 158 

Witt, Jeffrey 141 

Witty, Shannon 141 

Wolfe, Melissa 141,260 

Wong, Brent . . .- 184 

Wong, Jeffrey 141 

Wong, Stacey 184 

Wong, Wai-Tat 113 

Wonson. Bret 200, 221 

Wood, Clayton 207, 208 

Wood, Dr. C 243 

Wood.J.D 158 

Wood, Jason 191 

Wood, Kelly 141 

Wood, Keshia 141 

Wood, Kristy 141 

Wood, Mranda . 184, 214, 265 

Wood, Sarah 184,239 

Wood,Tara 18, 19 

Woodard, Kanisha 1 58 

Woodard, Kim 158 

Woodfield, Jennifer 184 

Woods, Andrea 141,232 

Woods, Jason 244 

Woods, Trevino 184 

Woodward, Amy 1 84 

Wooley, Steven 141, 240 

Wooley, Tony , 225 

Wootem, Will 141 

Wooten, Christy 1 58 

Wooten, Eric 141 

Wooten, Joshua 158 

Worlds, Qieta 184 

Worley, Anthony 225 

Wren, Cliff 340, 341, 342 

Wright, Adam 142, 243 

Wright, Anna 184 

Wright, Daron 341 

Wright, Eric 216 

Wright, Katherine 21 

Wright, Kathryn 196 

Wright, Katy 260 

Wright, Nakeisha 265, 267 

Wu, Xiaoiai ....142 

Wu, Yufeng ...219 

Wyatt, Kimberly 212 

Wyatt, Matt 93, 344 

Wyatt, Wesley , .184 

Wynn, Ann , ,142 

Wynne, Alan 184 

Young, Scott 80, 158 

Young, Shawna ........... 170 

Young, Yvonne .,..,,. 1 84 



Yarbrough, Jennifer , .;. ..... 158 

Yarnell, David ,.,..158 

Yarrough, Jason .236 

Yates, Josh , ;/ /. . ,,,,. . . .236 

Yates, Keith 191 

Yates, Nekka .212 

Yeatman, Cherri 142 

Yeow, Shah-Ching ...,.:... 142 

Yielding, Matt .......158 

York, Devon I ....... 1 1 3 

York, Katie ..,♦..,... .,-320 

York, Ken 267 

Young, Amy . .„,. .;*,„ . .,*».-. . .236 

Young, Barbara 191 

Young, Deborah- . . ■* 1 42 

Young, Derek 236 

Young, Funishia 227 

Young, Kimberly . , 184 

Young, M ■ 236 

Young, Margaret 142, 170 

Young, Megan .... 18, 19,218 

Young, No 220 

Young, Oscar 184 

Young, Russell . . 158, 184, 267 

Zabaldano, Joe 207, 208 

Zakaria, Muhammad 113 

Zellner, Eric 170 

Zender, William 142 

Zeno, Arthur 1 42 

Zickus, Chuck 196 

Ziegeler, Sean 219 

Zimmerman, Bo 262 

Zimmerman, Derrick 329 

Zitnik, Kathryn , 220 

Zizak, Katie ....'. 294 

Zuber, Brandi , • 170 

Zuber, Brandi L 200 

Zuniga, Roger .... .> ...... 142 

g 2000 

A time to play 

MSU students were more than happy 
when Old Man Winter dropped more than 
eight inches on the Starkville area 
Thursday (1/27/00) evening. The fluffy 
snow only lasted a short while though, as 
a mixture of rain and sleet Friday 
(1/28/00) turned much of the snow into 
ice. However, the off-day gave students a 
long weekend and some time to enjoy 
making snowmen, having snowball fights, 
and sledding down hills. 

Taken from February 1, 2000 edition of 
the Reflector 

The 2000 

Mississippi State 


Reveille Staff 


Photo by Stan Orkir 

Photo submitted 

Emilie Morrison-Ward, Editor 

"Careers, like rockets, don't always take off on 
schedule. The key is to keep working on the engines." 
-Gary Sinise 

"I do not believe things happen accidentally. I believe 
you earn them." 

-Madeleine Albright 

Thank you to all who helped me "work on my engine." 
PS-By the way, I AM the one on the LEFT! 


William Smith, Photography Editor 

Thanks to everyone at the Reveille for putting up with my 
truancy. It's been hard, but with communication we did it. I 
hope to see everyone next year, if I am here. Thank you 
Mary Ann for putting up with my moodiness. Emilie, you 
have done a good job. Everyone at the Chalet, especially the 
Bliss and Terry and the photo people at Walmart, well. . . 
.they are just the people at Walmart. Stan, thanks to you for 
all your help. Matthew, thanks for being the person you are 
and Karen for keeping Matthew in line. And one more for 
Kenzaki Jones for creating the photogenic "Dog Pound 
Rock." You have made taking pictures easy. 

Claire Weeks, Business Manager 

— My thanks to everyone on staff who chose to put up with me 
this year. Its been a wild ride, THANKS! 

— "Without friends, you're like a book that nobody bothers to 
pick up." 

-Quoted in Pyschology of Women Quarterly 

^u TPi. bj. 


Matt Savage, Organizations Co-Editor 

"Not so fast my friend." 
-Lee Corso 

Thanks mom, dad, Ryan and Jeff, Mrs. Katie Ferrell, 
all my Phikeia brothers, and all the Phis. Thanks guys. 

""fcL"-"'" 1 ":.----^ 

Aii photos these pages 
by Will Smith 

Emily Fesmire, Academics Editor 

"Work like you don't need the money, love like you've 
never been hurt, and dance like nobody's watching." 


Russ Ward, People Editor 

"There was never a night or a problem that could 
defeat sunrise or hope." 
— Bern Williams 

Jonthan Sobley, Sports Co-Editor 

"We are made to persist. That's how we find out who 

we are. 

— Tobias Wolff 

| .;-.;;■■■ ::■■:■- asm 

DeMarcus Jones: 

Its been a whole year since the last book? Seems like I just did one of these! Oh 
well, here goes. . . . 

First, I'd like to thank God the most high for keeping a knucklehead like me 
alive for 20 years. I'd like to thank my people, The Jones and the Walker families 
for being there when I needed them, my old high school friends, Zack, Matt, 
Tameka, Tott, and the rest of the gang. I'd also like to thank my MSU people 
who have helped me when I needed anything, from advice to change for 
laundry. I want to thank Nikki and the RebelDogs at Ole Miss. (Nik, you really 
helped a brotha grow up, even when he didn't want to. Mad love kid. Do your 
thing.) And for those of you who were mad cuz they didn't get a shout out last 
year, here goes. I'd like to thank (your name here). I appreciate everything 
you've ever done for me. Remember when we (random Marcus memory) and I 
(fill in event), that was so (fill in emotion). I thought I'd never stop (verb). Well I 
gotta go so once again (your name here), here's to you. I (fill in emotion) you. 
Happy? : ) Lastly, this book is dedicat- 
ed to my mom. I love you, forever, 
from the cradle to the grave. R.I.P 

Much love, Marcus 4.D.B. S.I.O 

All photos by Will Smith 

Eric Bryant, Organizations Co-Editor 

To my family, my friends, and the many people tht I 
have met this year, thank you! Cherish your memories 
and live your life to the fullest extent! Carpe Diem! 

Jessica Dupont, Student Life Editor 

First, Fd like to thank my family and friends for being 
so supportive during my first year at MSU. Fd 
especially like to thank Ryan for helping me de-stress 
and get through the hectic times. Ryan, to the world 
you might be one person, but to one person you might 
be the world. Also, a big thanks goes out to Emilie and 
Will for being understanding. And last but not least, 
thank you so much Mr. Sean Spayde. Without you, I 
would not be where I am today. I love you! 

Callie Reeves, Limelight Editor 

I would like to thank Emilie for putting up with me 
and for guiding me along the way. Thank you to the 
other staffers for all your help, too. Most importantly, I 
want to thank my Heavenly Father, for I can do 
nothing without Him. 

I 4 4 

Seated left to right: Callie Reeves, Emilie Morrison-Ward, Jessica Dupont 

Standing left to right: Jonathan Sobley, Will Smith, Emily Fesmire, Russ Ward, Matt Savage 

Photo by Will Smith 

The evening that we took this picture is not a night that the staff will soon forget. The patrons at 
the Sanderson Center must have thought that we were crazy or maybe INSANE?! After the hassle 
it took to get us inside the building-can we say "the hand won't scan"- our next difficult task was 
actually taking this picture. Will had the camera set up on the little peninsula-like side of the pool, 
with the rest of us sitting on the far side-opposite the locker rooms. The attempt was for the picture 
to look like we were walking on water. Anyway, the problem was that Will had to set the camera 
with the timer and then RUN to where we were. Will, aren't there "No Running" signs posted 
around the pool? The first time he tried it he didn't make it, but the second time with the added 
support and cheers of not only the rest of the staff, 
but also the lap swimmers, he did make it. And the 

third time and the fourth and the fifth, get the 

picture? Ha-Ha, no pun intended! Well, we finally 
did, but Will still wasn't satisfied, so he had us pose 
leaning over the railing of the second floor, with him 
lying on the ground beneath us screaming for us to 
hold still and LEAN! I've heard of staffs being close 

before, but that one takes the cake Matt, what 

was that nickname again? Okay, so the walking on 
water didn't quite turn out, but playing in the snow- 
come on Will, you could have at least superimposed 
us some jackets and Russ a pair of jeans! Will, thanks 
for a great evening and we're glad that you got your 
chance to play in the snow! 

The 2000 Reveille Staff 

— Who would have imagined that what started out 

as a class in high school could turn into this! My 

thanks to Alison Holt, JC-M Class of '95; if you 

hadn't gotten me started with the Crossroads staff 

back then, I wouldn't be here now. 

— I don't know who was helping me out when we selected 

this year's staff, but thank goodness they were. Claire, we've 

known each other for what now, three years?.. I still 

have to sleep on the top bunk? Will, what's the scientific 
name for a boxelder? Eric, we survived our freshman year- 
midnight rides, SPAM, "picking the car's nose,"- and two 

years working with Organizations anything that I have left 

out? Matt, isn't it amazing the small things that we find that 
we have in common with other people? Remember the day I 
asked you to apply for the staff -on your way to the bathroom! 
Marcus, you're always gonna have to watch me with the 
camera. Jonathan, have you and Claire decided what ya'll are 

going to order? coincidence-I think not! Emily, I forgot to tell you what I won at the Holiday 

Bazaar, a clock. Callie, did we ever get you pictures before 

the night of the deadline? Jessica, I hate to say it but, "The 

Buck Stops Here" and no, I don't feel like a nut, okay that 

one is true-somedays! 

— To Rosanne, did I spell it right, Dr. Keith, Donna, Denise, 

and everyone else who kept me from pulling my hair out, 


— To my parents, especially my dad who must be fighting 

one of life's toughest battles, whether I always show it or 

not, I appreciate everything that you have ever done and 

will do for me. 

— Russ, I'm sorry but I have to save you til last. Since I've 

known you we've cried together, laughed together, and 

loved together. Everyday I thank God that he let me be 

your wife. Here's to what we've been through and for 

everything else that will come our way. 

— Life has a way of shaping you how it wants, no 

matter how hard we try against it. We are what we 

become and we must make the best of it. 

Mississippi State University's 95th Volume of the 
Reveille was printed by Taylor Publishing Company of 
Dallas, Texas, with the use of single, two, and four tone 
color presses. Paper stock is 80 pound number one grade 
enamel. Endsheets are Rainbow Gray Parchment with 
burgundy printing. The original cover and endsheets were 
designed by Emilie Morrison-Ward with the professional 
help of a Taylor artist, and ideas of Russ Ward and Marcus 
Jones. The prominent typestyles throughout the book 
include Athena, Malibu, Muse Script, Times Roman, and 
Weidemann. The "Horizon Line" folio was designed by 
Reveille Staff. The press run of the 2000 Reveille consisted 
of 5000 copies of 400 pages each. 

The majority of photographs were taken by Reveille 
photographers and developed by the Chalet. Thornton 
Photography Studios of New York provided the student l 
pictures of the Graduate Students, Seniors, Juniors, 
Sophomores, and Freshmen. Pictures of Veterinary Students 
were provided by Tom Thompson of the CVM. Meridian 
Campus student pictures were provided by the Meridian 
Campus. Additional photographs were provided by Fred 
Faulk and Media Relations of the Athletic Department. 

The Reveille is managed and produced by the Students of 
Mississippi State University, although the Reveille has no 
affiliation with the journalism or art departments. The 
Reveille is distributed on a first come, first serve basis to full 
time students each spring. No portion of this book may be 
reproduced without the written consent of the Editor and 
the Student Publications Board. 

7k Al^A WAJ2Q 

In the heart of Mississippi, 
Made by none but God's own hand, 
Stately in her natural splendor 
Our Alma Mater proudly stands. 
Mississippi State, we love you; 
Fondest memories cling to thee, 
Life shall bear thy spirit ever; 
Loyal friends we'll always be. 


Maroon and White! Maroon and White! 

Of thee with joy we sing; 

Thy colors bright, our souls delight; 

With praise our voices ring. 

-UAL S"L47£" 

Hail dear old State! 

Fight for that victory today! 

Hit that line and tote that ball. 

Cross the goal before you fall. 

And then we'll yell, yell, yell, yell. 

For dear old State we'll yell like H-E-L-L. 

Fight for Mississippi State. 

Win that game today! 

Photo by Will Smith 

As the light fades over the MSU campus, we are reminded of 
the Horizon that we leave behind. 

In an attempt not to exclude anyone, this page is dedicated to all 
people, alumni, students, faculty, and staff, that passed away during 
the 1999-2000 school year. 


You will always remain in our hearts on a field of Maroon and White.